Fake News

mark @markantro catches CNN staging a fake Muslim protest against terror. Hat tip Heartiste. Everyone in the reactosphere has posted this already, and I am posting it last, but I will give you a text summary of the video.

CNN positions the cameras pointing at a fake memorial of to those killed by terrorism, which “memorial” was supposedly created by the “Muslim protesters”, though initially we see only CNN camera crew around the “memorial”. Then they move the “Muslim protesters” into position after the fake memorial has been set up, giving them stage directions, positioning them, and posing them, in a way that makes it perfectly obvious they are actors who can be relied upon to take direction.

First the “memorial” is positioned by CNN staff who are not dressed as Muslim mothers. Then a CNN employee, not dressed as Muslim mother, holds a sign where the “Muslim mother” with the cute child is going to stand holding her sign. Then the child actor is positioned adjacent to the supposed memorial, because all the viewers will always look at the child actor first, and then, after the child actor and his supposed mother are positioned, all the other actors are positioned by the CNN movie director relative to the “memorial” and the child actor.

And then the official news starts about this heartwarming display of solidarity by Muslim mothers.

CNN says these are real protesters, not actors, despite the fact that they seen on video taking direction like competent actors.

OK. So is the “memorial” a real memorial despite the fact we saw that it had already been set up by CNN camera crew with not a “Muslim mother” in sight? If the memorial is fake, then the heartwarming mother and child are fake. The typical British Muslim is a military age male, and he is a refugee alright – taking refuge from the draft, frequently a refugee from a draft that would have conscripted him to fight a slightly different brand of Islamic terror, which draft he is dodging because he supports that other brand and does not want to fight against it.

Fact is if you are a Muslim, and you are not murdering innocents and raping children, not necessarily with your own hands, but in the sense of actively aiding and supporting those who do murder innocents and rape children, then you are a bad Muslim. And the vast majority of Muslims are at least passably good Muslims. Poster girl principle applies: If there was a significant minority of Muslims who do not support terror then CNN would not be reduced to faking it.

Islam is a warlike political movement. It is at war with us. We must conquer or surrender. And with our current leadership, surrender is starting to look not so bad.

Repeating once again: For well over a thousand years many kingdoms, nations, peoples, cultures, religions, tribes, and armed religions, have sought to coexist with Islam. None have succeeded. We will not be the first. In the end, we have to convert, or pogrom them, or they will pogrom us. Those are the choices. And surrender will not stop the pogroms, as each Muslim faction will complain that the other Muslim factions are insufficiently holy. Surrender, and we will become Bangladesh and Beirut. Surrender will cure our demographic death spiral, but will result in the decline of western science and technology, as it resulted in the decline of Indian science and technology. (The Damascus steel that so impressed the crusaders was Indian steel, created by the Aryan Indian castes, and soon Damascus steel swords became heirlooms, as the art of making them was lost.) A world without western science and technology cannot support the current world population, though China may well preserve our technology and economic system, and continue making minor improvements. Islam is the solution we do not want.

Our rulers plan to bring in four hundred million black male military age Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy for their votes, to live on crime and welfare, and proceed to delude themselves about the long term consequences of this policy, which long term consequences are becoming apparent as we see supporters of Islamic terror elected to high office in London.


That CNN finds it necessary to fake Muslim opposition to terror tells us that there is only one solution. Islam must be expelled and/or suppressed. If Muslim states of a different faction find it necessary to expel Qataris back to Qatar, we need to similarly expel Muslims.

If Qataris are too dangerous to Muslims of a different faction to be allowed to stay in certain Muslim lands, Muslims are too dangerous to us to be allowed to stay in Christian lands. Expelling Muslims is supposedly unthinkably wicked, but Muslims are always expelling each other, usually for obvious and excellent reasons, and no one blinks an eye. When whites were expelled from Detroit, by bands of black thugs led by community organizers closely affiliated with the Democratic party, did anyone care?

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  1. BigCheese says:

    2ed video of the incident:


  2. Cavalier says:

    You can have NGOs importing Moslems by the tens of millions and CNN telling Moslem actors what to do, or you can have Islam as a legitimate threat, but you cannot have both.

    • peppermint says:

      The older Bomb Brother took a pretty White girl as his wife. That’s how Islam is a threat to us, and especially to the Generation Zyklon men.

      Generation Zyklon is Generation Zyklon because they can’t get pussy by being the top cuck. They must go full nazi or go home, so even the half-Jews go full nazi.

    • jim says:

      Pretty sure that CNN is telling Muslims that Islam, rightly understood, is actually progressivism, just as it tells Christians that Christianity, rightly understood, is progressivism.

    • lalit says:

      Yo Cav! I tried to get in touch with you earlier, but it failed as I guess you never went back to read the comments on “Enlightenment Debunked”. Here goes another try. Here goes hopefully not nothing. I’ll just verbatim replace my last comment addressed to you.

      Off Topic, my man, but I tried your suggestion for http://endmyopia.org/ in a January post of Jim’s regarding vaccination and your suggestion Godamned works. My power is down from -2.25 to -1.75 in the right eye and from -2.0 to -1.0 in the left. So this works. Yeeha! Woohoo! and all that

      As promised, I am ready to formally convert to this new religion whose God is Gnon and the Avatar is Kek. I am ready to live and die for Kek. While Kek may smirk at those to insult him, I will brook no criticism of Kek. All critics of Kek will be summarily executed following every refinement of Torture.

      Now please indicate, what formalities I must undergo for a formal conversion?

      PS: I’m not Joking!

      • Cavalier says:

        Thanks, I appreciate it, and great news on your eyes. I haven’t yet fully matured into bearded, chakra-beaded cult leader, but there’s plenty of time.

        • lalit says:

          What is Chakra-Bearded?

          Whis is Kek-Worship is a Cult? Kek-Worship is 100% scientific and 100% pious at the same time. Islam is a Cult, Christainity is a Cult, Judaism is a Cult, Hinduism is a Cult. Kek-Worship is the Truth! How can anyone make a Cult out of the Truth? Clearly the Prophet has a sense of humor. Plenty of Lulz to be had as we execute non believers I say. How dare those Cretins disbelieve Kek!

          And why refer to yourself as a cult-Leader, much less a Bearded or Chakra-Bearded one whatever that means. The word you are looking for is Prophet. The last one, I may add. Anyone claiming to be Prophet after this will be beg to be beheaded after the inquisition gets through with him, I say!

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Of course you can have both.

      Just have to have decision makers with bad incentives. They’re importing a legitimate threat because it’s career death to point out that the threat is legitimate because that has implications that undermine the regime.

      CNN directs fake Muslim protests for peace because someone at CNN sees the mayhem and says “need some good optics to counter the false perception” so some underlings go create the fake good optics hoping to rise up in the organization.

      • Cavalier says:

        Then why is there ever only one party line, and why does that line change everywhere, simultaneously, instantaneously?

        More importantly, whence cometh the money?

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Were the Huns, Visigoths, and Vandals, legitimate threats to the Roman Empire?

  3. EdensThaw says:


    “DOJ ends Holder-era ‘slush fund’ payouts to outside groups”

    There goes funding for BLM, antifa and the other Prog Shock Troops.

    In it to win it.

  4. Brit says:

    Jim are there any reactosphere blogs which you prefer? Perhaps you could tell us the ones which you like to keep on top of

    • Garr says:

      Spandrell (Bloody Shovels) is the only other good reactosphere blog; everyone else is a faggy frat-boy or philosophastical driveller who hasn’t actually read the shit he cites. Greg Cochran (Westhunter) is the guy who knows everything (a scary Jew who can kick everyone’s ass, of course); Scott Alexander (SlateStarCodex) knows most of the in-between-the-cracks sub-everything-whatever that Greg Cochran doesn’t know about sciency neurological/psychoexperimental stuff, but he doesn’t know shit about human life (he’s a Jew too but soft, not scary). B (Jim’s best friend) knows everything and pretends to believe in OrthJudaism in order to situate his superhuman awesomeness within a cool story (he’s a Jewish superhero), but I don’t know what his website is. Oh — forgot about Lion of the Blogosphere — he’s a nice kid but doesn’t know anything. Jewish too, ha ha. So other than Jim there’s only one good non-Jewish website. The others all suck.

      • Garr says:

        Forgot about Zman. He’s a nice old guy. He only pissed me off once, and wasn’t that mean about my rude remark. And he and B got into a cool conversation, kind of like Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man.

      • Brit says:

        It does seem that way! I’m glad to have my opinion confirmed. I thought there might have been other good blogs I was missing.

        I agree with you about the drivelers. Consider Curt Doolittle for instance. I’m not going to spend time deciphering his endless novel word definitions, but I know that when he is forced to speak plainly he is barely above a typical commentator on 4chan, suggesting his strange syntax is a smokescreen, designed to make his writing so obscure that no one can be bothered to confirm or deny the truth of what he writes. So he calls himself “the most prolific philosopher of the 21st century” without contributing (as far I know) a single useful conclusion. If he has had a useful thought, perhaps someone will discover it in a century and translate it into plain language for our descendants

        The other big mistake which neoreactionary websites make is having multiple writers on the same blog. I can see no good reason for this. Were I to find a decent post on those websites it would still hardly be worth my time to continue returning, as he would have been one decent writer among many drivelers

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        Where can I see evidence that Greg Cochran is Jewish?

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        One is constantly astounded by the nearly uniform instinctual nepotism shared amongst even the least of jews.

    • peppermint says:

      Daily Stormer, Vox Day, Westhunter, Spandrell. Check those regularly to know everything that’s going on and what to think about it. The time for theorizing is over, NR has run out of theories and there are now named AR figures who will sieze power if Trump doesn’t and the counter-revolution fails. The thing I just posted on my blog transplants the supererogration is impiety meme the Latitudinarian Anglicans had to Nazi atheism, but the thing about men of action like Caerulus Rex and Psycho Sacco is they already know that.

      Boomers and Christianity are dead. Generation Zyklon needs the alt-right to get pussy. Without severe revision, which the left metaconspiracy is incapable of, Generation Zyklon is ours by default. Without severe suppression, that the left would be capable of if not for Trump and the new Alt-Lite media, Richard Spencer, McFeels and Halberstram are going to be in the government when this is over.

      • peppermint says:

        By the way, Psycho Sacco, universally credited with coming up with the White sharia meme (short for White sharia space marine rape gangs wielding flamethrowers with fixed bayonets) explicitly credits it to inspiration from Jim.

        When this is over, Jim is likely to have more theory traced back to him than Moldbug.

        • Alf says:

          Agree. It is interesting that Jim gets no attention from bigger media outlets whatsoever.

          • peppermint says:

            Jim isn’t an activist, and anyone who is serious enough to find out about him ends up sympathizing with us. Even the kikes aren’t serious enough. Their organizations are run by clowns after the competent people retired.

            The activists have been doing a great job picking up on Jim’s arguments. It’s not necessary for Jim to get involved personally.

    • Anonymous says:

      Follow Spandrell, Land, 28Sherman, and Porter (all goyim). The rest of the reactosphere has become quite useless, but some interesting stuff does come up here and there. Check out HBD and Manosphere blogs occasionally. For news and commentary (and humor), read the DailyStormer and the MyPostingCareer forums. Other alt-right sites are a waste of time.

      Oh, and read some damn books. Old books, obscure ones, preferably.

  5. Bane Blumpf says:

    Alright Jim. So what should a 20 something year old be doing to prepare for the happening? How many years do you think until things get much worse in Australia? Should I be arming myself?

    • BigCheese says:

      Training is better arms. When the fighting starts arms won’t be hard to get.

      • Garr says:

        Right, don’t underestimate the importance of arm-development, because (1) the force of a punch is MxVsquared, and mass varies much more than velocity; (2) arm-strength comes directly into play when grappling; (3) big arms help you block punches. But of course developing your “core” should be your priority. Remember, while bench-pressing, to keep your shoulder-blades in and back. Don’t neglect your pulling muscles — these are the muscles of your upper back. I recommend pull-ups with weights dangling from your waist. Don’t worry too much about deep squats — few White men are really capable of doing those correctly, and they’re not very practical. I recommend leg-presses instead. Keep your back arched — this is key to all lifts.

  6. A Portuguese Man says:

    I guess my point is this: we can’t get out of this predicament without cooperation from maometans. It is the stark reality. Because this doesn’t benefit them either.

    And what I see is everything being done to prevent this cooperation. On the contrary, it seems the objective is some sort of war.

    We are not ready for this war. We are far from ready. We – as in, not them – have little to fight for – who’s going to die for divorce, for homo marriage, and that sort of thing? Some of us might be ready to fight for what’s left of our countries, for our history, for the ruins of our civilization. But we don’t even have a faith. And your racism or racialism is not a substitute for that.

    But you can expect most of them to fight for their families and for their faith. And many more elsewhere to join them.

    And that brings us to another problem: people have spiritual thirst. Religion is a need. And the Catholic Church isn’t there for it. The Protestant sects by their very nature have never been able to do much. So the only ones ready and able to proselytize are the Orthodox Church and Islam.

    We will have a conversion problem way before the demographic one. People underestimate the need for faith.

    • Rod Horner says:

      Catholics have much in common with Islam. Both want to be the one true order of things. I foresee many Church leaders encouraging mass conversion in the future. Orthodoxy may follow a different trajectory, but they are not numerous enough on the continent of Europe to matter there. Protestants are not centralized enough to make such a sweeping shift so expect them to slowly wane as a violently suppressed minority until they are largely a hinterland religion like the Coptic Church in North Africa.

    • peppermint says:

      No one will fight for Boomer culture. Generation Zyklon will fight for Hitler and White sharia.

      They will not fight for only speaking to women when spoken to and offering to lick women’s clits and telling women that they’re betraying feminism by preferring male dominance in bed. They will fight for the right to have a normal relationship with a woman.

  7. A Portuguese Man says:

    You guys theorise too much.

    Like the name says I’m Portuguese. My country was forged out of war against Maometans – that’s how we used to call them. So I have no particular sympathy for them.

    But Islam is just a religion. Religions claim to be truth so it’s expected that they won’t get along very well, because only one can be right. Even Catholicism didn’t go along very well with Orthodoxy, and the problem is one of “mere” authority. It certainly did not go well with Protestantism.

    So it’s very irrelevant whether Islam is a religion of peace – whatever that is – or not. It’s different and that suffices for the problems to appear. Furthermore, the people themselves have no cultural similarities either – like Catholic or Protestant Germans or French had between themselves, which aggravates the problem.

    However, the main issue is that they are already in. They are here (well, here in Europe, thankfully they don’t want to come to Portugal). I think instead of saying all these things about Islam – raping the children, etc – which is, whether you like it or not, pretty shallow and crass (but you’re Americans, so maybe that can’t be avoided) – the point should be made that, even if Islam is a religion of peace – no society can accommodate more than one dominant religion. And only very hardly more than one dominant culture.

    Most muslims will and do understand this. In fact, I’m quite certain that most muslims would rather live under a state with an official religion other than Islam, than live under a state which they perceive as wanting to liquidate their religion like it has done with Christianity – and they know it did.

    • Garr says:

      “pretty shallow and crass (but you’re Americans, so maybe that can’t be avoided)” —
      The average American can beat the crap out of three “Portuguese” (that’s a weird-looking word — I don’t think I’ve seen it in a long, long time. Maybe last on a historical-atlas-page depicting 15th-century explorations?)

      • Garr says:

        I mean three randomly-selected fighting-age and not disabled or otherwise physically impaired “Portuguese” males at once, in a single episode of three-on-one unarmed combat. (My assertion is not merely that somewhere in “Portugal” there are three “Portuguese” people that the average American can defeat one-by-one in distinct episodes that might be ambushes.)

        • Anonymous says:

          You are such a weirdo, Garr. (sure, it takes one to know one)

          Of all the ethnicities worthy of hatred and scorn, the Portuguese really don’t make the top of the list, if they are even on that list. As far as I can tell, they are basically a nation of jubilant, MUSCULAR jokesters.

          I was personally trolled on the internet once by a Portuguese, and I’m glad for the experience – it was a “sick bantz” sort of experience.

          I bet APM gets laid way more than you do.

          You’re just overcompensating for being a mischling by cloaking yourself in dumb Assburger-American bravado. You’re like Ernst Lissauer: “Gott Strafe Portugal!”

          John II of Portugal, and his successor Manuel I at the behest of Ferdinand and Isabella, did nothing wrong.

          • Garr says:

            He said mean stuff about America!
            Who’s APM? Oh, Portuguese Man. Yeah, I haven’t had sex in more than a year, so he probably is getting laid more.
            Yeah, I’m overcompensating. I overcompensate both ways, though! I dream of Jewish cyborgs chain-sawing their way through Muslim mobs.
            I dig Portugal, really. They helped the noble British in the Peninsular War, so they’re cool by me.
            You live in NYC?

            • Garr says:

              Correction: actually, the bitch abandoned me in I think late July of last year, so more like 11 and half months, but it sure feels like more than a year. Was just envisioning chain-sawing off her head last night. (Have also employed katana, gasoline subsequently ignited, and I believe a baseball-bat.)

              • Anonymous says:

                >Was just envisioning chain-sawing off her head last night. (Have also employed katana, gasoline subsequently ignited, and I believe a baseball-bat.)

                You have called me, and I quote, “a fierce little fellow.” I mean, if you admit to having harbored an imagination — which had presumably been accompanied by an orgasmic climax — of disfiguring to death an ex by sundry methods (death-by-katana is a rather unorthodox practice), it stands to reason that I’m not the sole “fierce” rageposter here; and rest assured, there is nothing wrong, morally, with cleansing undesirables off the Earth, so let me endorse your sentiments.

                Not willing to divulge much personal info here, but let me just tell you that the reasons why the Fed lurkers monitoring us are laughing their arses off — and aggressively rubbing their own eyes, not believing that what they’re seeing is even humanely possible — are multitudinous. Contact me at gargamelstein123 @ gmail if you want to hear some… stuff.

                • Garr says:

                  No, I don’t get off on imagining killing her; I’m really sad about it. I’m mad at her for abandoning me.
                  I emailed you. Probably a bunch of other people did too, though, so how will you know which one is me? Also, it occurred to me that “Gargamelstein” might be some poor person other than you that you’re just trying to torment.

                • Anonymous says:

                  I’ll answer you in a few hours. I do have a “distinct style.”

            • Anonymous says:

              >I dream of Jewish cyborgs chain-sawing their way through Muslim mobs.

              Hey, if you could replace the actual Jews with android simulacra, this would be a tremendous contribution to the welfare of humanity.

              This is something the Judeophile philosopher Nick Land will have to contend with; that the self-improving intelligence-optimizing AI will be superior to his beloved Jews, and if the robots are to get rid of humanity, then oy-vey it’s annudah shoah. And I’m saying this as someone who deeply appreciates Land; it’s one thing to be a self-hating Jew bent on Judeocide, but it takes truly phenomenal courage, morally and intellectually, to be a self-hating *human* bent on absolute, vicious anthropocide.

              I mean, you could argue that he’s the most radical rightist in the world, so rightist that he wants the most objectively superior worldly being — future AI God-Capitalism aka GNON — to “obviate” humanity.

              Then again, perhaps he really is “an android sent from the future to terminate human security”, which would make him a mere petty supremacist. There’s only a 5% chance that this is the case, but that’s still higher than nothin’, ain’t it?

              >You live in NYC?

              Ask the Feds who are monitoring us where I’m from. Oh, I know you’re here, Feds, and I know that you’re laughing your arses off. I’m laughing too. Let’s all rejoice in this “abstract” kind of feel.

              • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                >it’s one thing to be a self-hating Jew bent on Judeocide, but it takes truly phenomenal courage, morally and intellectually, to be a self-hating *human* bent on absolute, vicious anthropocide.

                On the contrary, it is a much more inflammatory business to make *specific* denouncements, which, worst of all, might also specifically implicate *themselves*, *personally*, distinct and devalidated more significantly in relation to others not so tarred.

                Much easier it is, to retreat to the safety of hazy ecumenical non-discrimination: ‘a pox on all your houses’.

            • A Portuguese Man says:

              Actually, you guys might not know this, but Portugal and Britain (England really) have the oldest military alliance in the world. 600 hundred years or so.

              Still on. Well, formally.

              I hope someone down in the Foreign Office remembers that because on our side, the treacherous scumbags that took residence in our government since we were “blessed” with democracy only see Angela’s fat arse as a cash dispenser. Some will pay later.

              Besides it’s clear that the Brits are on the path of war with the EU, since they can’t stand continental hegemonies. And were stuck with the continentals, which as been catastrophic every single time it happened before.

        • Anonymous says:

          When the race-specific viruses are created, they should be programmed to skip over people with Portuguese ancestry, given that something like 20% of the ‘guese have crypto-kike genes, so there’s a massive collateral damage risk involved here. We need to make sure that the genocidal viruses are indeed *specific*. Unless you don’t mind obliterating tons of ‘guese, but that’s just, like, unnecessarily mean.

          When B says that we’re not gonna gas anyone, he’s correct. The future is race-specific viruses and instant-DNA-deciphering killer robots. The future is artificially-intelligent, undetectable, self-replicating RACIST nanotechnology that kills non-whites in their sleep. The Jewish strategy is a high-risk, medium-reward one; they “play chicken” on the highway – while riding a bicycle. But I digress.

      • A Portuguese Man says:

        The provocation was deliberate. And the answer was expected.

        The response was thus prepared: the average American wasn’t able to beat the crap out of the Vietnamese, Iraqi or Afghan.

        I apologise though. I do not mean to offend. Just stoke the fire a little bit.

        You guys only know how to fight big which is understandable because you are big. But sometimes you need to fight small. You are also a young nation.

        As for your personal lack of hearing, it doesn’t mean there is no sound.

        We were the last to leave Africa. We fought alone there for 13 years against American and Soviet proxies on the ground and diplomatically agains the world, except for Rhodesia and South Africa. And we were undefeated until we defeated ourselves.

        Across three territories, together roughly the size of Europe, the furthest of which from Europe was 10.000km away. We managed and fought the most successful counter-insurgency campaign in modern history with the less means.

        Allow me to refer you to a book by an American Marine:


        It’s understandable you didn’t hear about it though. At the time your country was more interested in competing with the Communists for being the ‘light of freedom” for all peoples in the world, so it missed the fight for European civilization we were fighting practically alone.

        • A Portuguese Man says:

          Personally, I doubt your assertion about the three Portuguese. But there is no point discussing it. I will concede it.

          It’s in our interest to be underestimated anyway. 😉

        • Garr says:

          Park Slope could destroy Portugal in a war.

        • lalit says:

          “And we were undefeated until we defeated ourselves”

          A defeat is a defeat. Post-truth regarding defeats does not matter. Besides, almost all defeated nations make similar claims. Indians claim that Britain did not conquer them, that they conquered themselves for the Brits. I say it does not matter. A loser is a loser is a loser is a loser.

          • A Portuguese Man says:

            I say that because what happened was that commies managed a coup d’etat and literally ordered our troops to stop fighting back.

            It wasn’t the same as Vietnam.

            But, at the end of the day, you’re right.

    • Rod Horner says:

      Muslims, rightly, view the future of Europe as theirs. It will be their children in the majority. Sunni Islam is the future of every place they’re migrating and they have no history of anything besides dominating everywhere they go that they aren’t utterly destroyed or suppressed.

  8. Theshadowedknight says:

    People surely cared while Detroit was happening, and it happened anyway. When we ethnically cleanse North America and send all the other races back to their homelands, people will complain. Quietly. Then, after it is all said and done, the complaining will stop, because we will have power. We will persecute the race traitors the way they persecute racists now.

    We will not ask for permission. We will command the warriors to cleanse the land. We will command the priests to bless the warriors and their task, and to proclaim the rightness and holiness of the warriors to the people. The people will do as they are told, which is admire and respect the warriors. The greengrocers will put up signs that say, “Whites Only, No Coloreds Allowed,” to replace those that say, “Equal Opportunity Employer.”

    The Shadowed Knight

  9. Stanley Clarke says:

    I wonder if we could look to genetic engineering as a future vehicle for the patriarchy. Simply, we find the right genetic markers to desexualize female, enforcing Jims code at a genetic level. Done properly, in such a way that males are unaffected, it could be a real win. Take their sexual agency and slut genes and re-enforce the loyalty and house frau genes. If not through genetics, then certainly in SOME way science will have to play a part in this cultural course correction …. female genital mutilation is always another, simpler, but far cruder option. I don’t know the history of societies that practiced this but would be interesting research…

    • jim says:

      Trouble with clitoris removal is that you want to discourage them from sex with unapproved men, not sex with their husbands. I would favor blocking andrenarche until shortly before marriage. Blocking andrenarche has the same effect as genital mutilation, but is 100% reversible.

    • peppermint says:

      That is not necessary. White women already are genetically programmed to prefer White sharia. Once the Boomers die, Generation Zyklon rises, and the confused GenXers and Milennials are forced to do what their genes tell them, cuckold rates will drop below what they were before because genetic testing of fetuses will be routine to verify against disease of sub-100 IQ.

  10. Mister Grumpus says:

    I love you man!

  11. Woke says:

    Spitballing here, but to what extent is it accurate to characterise Islam as a machine that generates male sexual frustration then converts it to militant conquest? On the first point, we have polygamy guaranteeing some number of surplus males, and also perhaps a “bottom of the socioeconomic hierarchy” effect exacerbated by tribalism and strict patriarchy. On the second point, we have the observation that there’s seemingly three types of Muslim country: ones in the process of Islamification, ones engaging in military conquest of surrounding territories, and ones not engaged in conquest but exporting endless numbers of jihadis. Does this chime? Ties in with the 70 virgins thing obviously, but not sure to what extent it generates surplus males compared to other cultures.

    • jim says:

      If you do not enforce monogamy against women, you wind up with surplus males, who tend to be dangerous and not very useful. So, promise them seventy virgins in the afterlife.

      Progressives complain that Islam oppresses women, but traditional Christianity oppresses them far worse, and it was a damned good thing that it did, for a woman would rather have five minutes of alpha than five years of beta.

      It is not so much that Islam generates male sexual frustration, for the normal and natural outcome is that a majority of hot young chicks go with a minority of high status males, but rather that Islam deals with this predictable and expected frustration by exporting Jihad.

      Traditional Christianity deals with the surplus male problem by rationing out women at one per customer, which is a large part of what makes Christianity a rather peaceable religion, but this requires some fairly drastic and brutal repression of women and harsh control of female sexuality.

      The only way to keep the top eighty percent of women from screwing the top twenty percent of males is to keep them under male supervision from andrenarche to menopause, from when they grow hair on their pussies to when they stop bleeding, and tight male supervision from menarche to age thirty or so, from when they start bleeding to when they stop looking cute.

      • oogenhand says:

        Now you understand why Anglo-Saxon women wanted to have sex with Danish vikings. You admit Christianity turns men into weaklings. Strike two birds with one stone: no feminism and warlike men, by reintroducing polygamy. Four wives is NOT enough!!!

        • BigCheese says:

          >Now you understand why Anglo-Saxon women wanted to have sex with Danish vikings. You admit Christianity turns men into weaklings. Strike two birds with one stone: no feminism and warlike men, by reintroducing polygamy. Four wives is NOT enough!!!

          And yet that’s the same reason that viking accepted Christianity. They’re were tired of their women screwing around on them.

        • peppermint says:

          Polygamy means ugly and horny women can reproduce, so pretty soon you just put bags over all the ugly women because you’re now sand niggers.

          The White sharia equivalent of a burka is the boyfriend’s sweatshirt. Women want to wear that when they’re not with him and a sexy dress when they are, and they want him to tell them to.

          Whites exist because of White sharia. We conquered the world with it and then abandoned it.

      • Johan Schmidt says:

        This is a perfect time to bring up a random lemma that occurred to me on the train to work. Women prefer random violence to predictable violence, because random violence represents a clarification of the male pecking order, and predictable violence represents a possible organised restriction of the free sexual market.

  12. Ironsides says:

    In a way, it must feel like something is missing to these sand critters. They don’t even have to fight a LITTLE in order to win — the kafirs are eagerly calling them to enter the country, then flinging themselves forward in an effort to grovel more grotesquely in submission than their fellows.

    • lalit says:

      The craven behavior of Kaffirs indicates the superiority of Islam and adds to the Glory of Allah for it is Allah who has deluded and perverted the minds of the Kaffirs into behaving thus. If anything this only proves that Islam is true and all else is false.

    • glosoli says:

      kafirs didn’t call them in, we had no say whatsoever.

      The moneylenders did, and their pawns.

      A whole post on fake attacks, and all we can do is hit CNN for fake news. Will I see one alt-right blog write about the fakeness of Manchester, and target the real enemy? No, I doubt it. Ponder on that.

      It’s all fake.

      It’s the 30s all over again, this time the real crooks will misdirect you at the Muslims, while they stand by counting their gold coins.

      • jim says:

        Jews are to blame for lots of things. They bear substantial blame for us letting Muslims in, and substantial blame for us failing to kick the Muslims out. But blaming the Jews for the Two Towers, Manchester, etc, rather than Islam, means you are obsessing over Jews. Those were not Jewish terrorists. Jews don’t do terror. It is not their style.

        One of Hitler’s big complaints about Jews is that Jewish reviewers tended to praise crap art produced by Jews, and ignore good art produced by true Germans. Which is true. But if Hitler had been able to produce good art, if he had not been a crap artist himself, he would not have gotten so unreasonably bent out of shape over that. It really was not as big a deal as knocking over the two towers.

          • jim says:

            Yes, modern art is shit, and Hitler was far more talented than 99% of modern artists.

            But can we blame the Jews for the fact that modern art is shit? A lot of Jews were shilling for modern art, buying it, selling it, but the production of modern art, and the production of the theories justifying it, came primarily from non Jews. (And half Jews)

            • Cavalier says:

              >But can we blame the Jews for the fact that modern art is shit?


            • Contaminated NEET says:

              >the production of modern art, and the production of the theories justifying it, came primarily from non Jews.

              Not according to Tom Wolfe. Read The Painted Word. I’m surprised he got it published and escaped being burned for heresy.

          • Alf says:

            Whaddya know, Hitler wasn’t all that bad.

        • glosoli says:

          I don’t want to flog a dead horse, but I think 90% of these terror attacks are fake, Manchester was for sure.
          London recently was too probably.

          They’re instilling fear and hatred, and prepping to shut down the free internet as we know it.
          Your blog may soon be branded as extremist and off-limits by UKGov for us Brit visitors.

          • peppermint says:

            Why would the regime fake a terrorist attack? We had normalfags saying altrighty things after these.

            And if they were going to, why wouldn’t they target nazi music instead?

            They would love it if a terrorist would slit some nazi throats and they could signal against the terrorist war and both factions.

          • jim says:

            A Muslim blew himself up in Manchester. No faking that. You think the Jews told him that that the explosives were actually bagels?

            Jews are irritating, and exercise undue influence. Muslims intend to kill and rule. It is a significant difference. Jews don’t do terrorism. It is not their style. When they took Palestine from the Muslims, yes, they engaged in terrorism, but it was obvious it did not come naturally to them. Poisoning minds, yes, blowing up people, no.

            • glosoli says:

              Of course that was faked.
              Just look at the photos of the *bomber* on the beach back in Libya. His 3 mates have shadows on their face from a sun to the right, he has sun coming from the left. Photoshopped.
              The guy probably died years ago in Gunatanamo, or Syria.
              There was no bomb, no lights were damaged, let alone clothing or buildings or people.
              Do your own research, but we’re being duped if we just buy this BS, and I have yet to see a right-wing blog question the narrative we’re being sold, which is worrying.

              @peppermint, I already mentioned one reason why, to shut down the internet.
              Also, they want war in the Middle East and civil wars in the West, that is their distraction to get through the economic shit that lies ahead. Just like WW2 was created by false flags.

              • Cavalier says:

                People believe what they are told to believe, just see 9/11 and Sandy Hook.

              • peppermint says:

                You need to explain why the terrorist attacks didn’t hit Nazis for people who might have been Nazis, so liberals wouldn’t be confused about whose side to take.

              • johnny says:

                I’m from the UK, my sister’s friend was slashed, my sister was with her. the London attack happened, and Manchester happened too. Not saying false flags don’t happen.. but these last two were real. The real question should be why are these people even in my country to do these things? And why are they not being peacefully removed due to their overall bad influence?

          • jim says:

            Trump has changed things. Obama said that the problem was not Islam, nor radical Islam, but “violent extremism”, and sent his guys looking for white male heterosexual Christian violent extremists, making it very clear that finding Muslim extremists would be an extremely bad career move, seeing as how Islam is the religion of peace.

            Trump told them to cut it out, realizing that he and his supporters were being survielled as violent extremists. This has not actually resulted in them cutting it out, but it does cramp their style somewhat.

    • peppermint says:

      All cultures are equally superior to Boomer culture.

      • peppermint says:

        The fact that Worst Generation and pre-Worst Generation Christian culture put up with not just Jews but traitors implies that Islam is objectively superior.

        When people are alternatively chanting “hey hey LBJ, how many kids did you kill today” and “ho ho Ho Chi Minh, Viet Cong are gonna win”, they are enemies. They should have been executed.

        All cultures are equally superior to Boomer culture, including Christianity, but Christianity is inferior to pretty much anything else. White sharia is inevitable, and fortunately superior to everything else.

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