Freedom flotilla vs Israeli Defence Forces.

Don’t take a knife to a gunfight.

Israel is blockading Gaza.  Activists attempted to force the blockade with pathetically inadequate weapons.  Perhaps the intent was to suffer some pathetic casualties, that they could then whine about, or perhaps they were just stupid.

If you are going to engage soldiers and marines, you should either take no weapons at all other than moral force, which may not be all that effective, but will not get you killed, or else weapons capable of doing some good.  Hamas tried weapons that should have been capable of doing some good, but the Israeli Defense Forces proved otherwise.  This leaves moral force only.  If you take a knife to a gunfight, as these activists did, the appropriate response is to laugh at them and piss on their graves.

2 Responses to “Freedom flotilla vs Israeli Defence Forces.”

  1. Yap says:

    You are a pathetic idiot who just blog without a brain.
    The Gaza people are desperate and have no means, no support form idiots like you in the US?
    And you whine at their bravery? Why don’t you get your government to supply arms to them to fight?

    • jim says:

      The Gazans get hundreds of millions of dollars a year from western countries who pay them off in the pathetic hope that they will not be attacked

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