It begins

A huge flood of blacks from subsaharan Africa is pouring into Europe, since stopping them has very recently been made illegal, and when they arrive, they are guaranteed free food and housing, and the welfare state and feminist laws has left white pussy readily available, undefended, and defenseless.   What man in his right mind will protect a slut (assuming she wants to be protected, which is unlikely)?

A necessary consequence is that whites are going to be eliminated from Europe – probably not any time very soon, but now it begins:

Boris Palmer, the Green Party mayor of Tübingen, told Welt newspaper the town was struggling to find accommodation for migrants.

“The Police Law has clear rules. If there is a threat of homelessness in a city, vacant houses can be seized for accommodation,” Mr Palmer said.

And if they are not vacant now, they will be soon after a bunch of blacks move in next door.

These guys were sleeping in mud and thatch huts before they came, if they were not sleeping in the long grass. Now they get a house some white man built. And when they turn that house into a burned out ruin, after the fashion of Detroit, built by whites, burned by blacks, they will complain of racism and systematic discrimination because whites still have nicer stuff than they do, so they need to take more white stuff and wreck it also.

Blacks are like locusts. They take the stuff that white people built, for example the American inner city, destroy it, and then move on to take something else. They cannot be stopped because the state apparatus forbids white collective self defense, while encouraging black collective rioting, encouraging collective attacks on random isolated whites motivated by black hatred of whites and black sense of collective identity. This raises the cost of housing for white people to unaffordable levels, preventing family formation.

Whites move out from their houses because of state sponsored collective black violence, as is happening now in Baltimore and Ferguson, and blacks move in to houses white people built.

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  1. Stephen W says:

    I don’t know what its like elsewhere but in New Zealand the media is really hammering coverage of this crisis. For over a week the first 3 articles of the news are all about the the refugees with a very refugee sympathetic narrative and then an article about lefties campaigning for the NZ refugee quota to be increased.

    If the Syrians put half as much effort into fighting I.S. as they do invading Europe I.S. would be crushed in no time. I.S. are a bunch of inept fools, they only succeed because their opponents are cowards.

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  5. Glenfilthie says:

    Oh I dunno Jimmy.

    As we have seen with the Germans countless times – they can go from rubber boots and tractors to jackboots and Messerschmits in five minutes flat. Racist, hatey groups are flourishing and people are getting fed up with blacks, moslems and other human sewage – pretty much everywhere.

    Slovakia told the EU to shove it when they tried to force some refugees and vibrant migrants on them. The gov’t or the people will eventually throw the blacks out or seal the borders one way or another.

  6. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Let’s call it what it is: ethnic cleansing. All governments perpetuating a genocide never allow its victims the ability to organise themselves against said genocidal governments. Allowing any resistance would necessarily make this criminal activity more difficult and could be considered a risk that those at the levers of power cannot afford.


  7. Anon says:

    Out of curiosity, exactly what is Russia’s immigration policy?

    I used to think that if Trump were elected the best thing that could happen is that his blustering about immigration policy wasn’t a publicity stunt and that he actually attempts to take it seriously, and the worst thing that could happen that he would be status quo. But I agree that the state apparatus must be demolished before any significant change can take effect. Democracy is a suicide pact with stupidity and I know too many supposedly rational and otherwise level-headed white men in real life who still don’t understand what is happening to America in terms of racial demographic change and white replacement.

    Israel is a parasite and many things can be said about the Jews but if anything they are not stupid. They benefit from a closed border and a robust military, all on America’s dime, and it won’t be long before the host organism is sapped.

  8. Bruce says:

    “Blacks are like locusts”

    Somehow the word “hustlers” always come to mind.

  9. vxxc2014 says:

    People are talking about finding backbone, waking up…etc.

    Do they really think the media, academics, courts are going to bless off on such when they’re the ones who trumpet and preach their annihilation?

    • reakcionar says:

      I am constantly surprised by this way of thinking – a lot of intelligent, smart and well read people still hold the position that we only need to win these elections, only pass this law, only grow a pair and start talking, and that the whole scheme will then magically stop.

      Roissy’s been writing about Donald Trump almost as a messiah lately, as if the whole Hivemind will bow down to his alpha+ attitude once he gets the chair. Surprisingly naive, but still people can’t resist it.

  10. vxxc2014 says:

    “They cannot be stopped because the state apparatus forbids white collective self defense,”

    Then change the state and destroy that apparatus.

    Mind you it’s more the extra-state Quangocrats [quasi-NGO’s] that have their hands on the levers of power, the state merely responds to it’s masters. This could suggest a course of action to those minded to defend themselves.

    By the way it’s one thing to forbid it’s another to actually enforce any prohibition, in particular when there is no belief by the enforcers and there are definite costs involved.

    If you’re not going to defend yourselves then you are always hopeless anywhere.

  11. Jehu says:

    Europe is going to have real nazis before long in large quantities. This is because if the only party you can actually trust to fight for your demographic hegemony and not play as the ‘Washington Generals’ is the old school National Socialist party, the resounding response will eventually be ‘Hail Victory’. They’ll probably bring back a lot of the collaterals of the Nazi party as well, simply as a means of proving that they’re NOT the Washington Generals. All of this would have been fairly easy to prevent, but I’m pretty sure it’s baked into the cake for Europe now. Probably the scapegoats will even be the same.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      I agree with you. There is a tendency for resistance to ideology to make it stronger. Somewhat like how a muscle becomes stronger when resistance is applied to it.

      I’m skeptical though because i’ve read from the MSM that some EU countries have strong “nazi” parties. I tend to believe the opposite of whatever the MSM says so there’s probably no imminent threat of national socialists taking over anything.

    • jim says:

      Europe is going to have real nazis before long in large quantities.

      Nah. The masses are cattle, and will calmly go to their slaughter.

      To change the minds of the masses, need to change the scriptwriters on the idiot box. That happens after taking power, not before.

      • C7 says:

        “The masses are cattle…”

        Not sure about that. Weimar was pretty far submerged, but the tide changed quickly. The blind elites are playing with fire, and the youth aren’t paying attention any longer to the script. Desperate men do desperate things.

    • scientism says:

      Unless there are powerful people who want to support the growth of a Nazi party and help it into power, as happened in Weimar Germany, then there will be no national revolution.

  12. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Roll out the heavy artillery!

    It’s time to use live ammo and bio-weapons on these animals.

    If Europeans themselves are too pussified to do it, White men from abroad should be allowed to get the job done.


    • Dr. Faust says:

      Maybe just scored earth, burn the empty houses down or make them uninhabitable. They’re going to be that way soon anyway.

    • fnd says:

      lol you guys used to be their masters…

      Now you are afraid of them.

    • Corvinus says:

      Laguna, as a bankster, unfortunately you will be the first in line in that situation after your beloved beard has been shaved off.

  13. Mark Citadel says:

    And Russia looks on with a smile. Europe is transforming itself into Yugoslavia, and how praytell will Yugoslavia resist a pounding war march from the east. Within 30 years, they will have enthroned a Tsar, and formalized relations between the state and the Holy Orthodox Church.

    It will be so easy. Who will the native whites turn to? Their ‘democratic leaders’? Those who enable the rape of their daughters and the humiliation of their children? I think not.

    By this mass importation, the elite are shooting themselves in the face. They will lose the loyalty of the natives that they have enjoyed for so long, and will certainly not find loyalty from the immigrants, who when they have reached a sufficient capacity will no longer have any use for weaselly white politicians.

    Everything is coming to a glorious head! War and chaos are at hand, and with this comes the death of Modernity. The riding of the tiger is soon to end.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      If Russia returns the Tsar to power and legitimizes Church authority it would be difficult for NRX not to support it. Moving there would be an option if possible. Maybe I should learn russian. The worse would be I could read some great novels in their original language.

      • Corvinus says:

        Before you guys wet your “kaftan”, Putin is making this measure of the return of the Tsar SYMBOLIC.

        “I am sure that a return of the descendants of the last Russian ruler to the historic homeland will contribute towards smoothing of political contradictions left since the October Revolution, and will become a symbol of the revival of the spiritual power of Russian people. The Royal family descendants might play an important symbolic role in Russian society. Like in many European countries, Romanovs might become a symbol of preserving traditions and national culture.”

        You really think Putin is going to cede his authority to some damn monarch?

        • R7_Rocket says:

          Putin is the Tsar in all but name.

          • mukatsuku says:

            What is the Kremlin then? Chopped liver?

            The Kremlin has ruled Russia for decades if not centuries. It is a stable sovereign.

            Or, it is at least as likely to be accurate to say “The Kremlin rules Russia” as it is to say “Putin rules Russia.”

            Harvard/US State Dept. briefly ruled Russia in the ’90s. The Kremlin resumed control rather easily, leading to the butthurt expressed by the NYTimes ever since.

        • Mark Citadel says:

          Putin will likely have retired by this time, and no the Romanov’s are not going to return. There will be a new monarchical dynasty

          • Corvinus says:

            “There will be a new monarchical dynasty.”

            Yes, as a figurehead.

            Grand Duchess Maria Romanova, 2-21-2013–If I were a private person I could return to Russia at any moment. However, as head of the Russian Imperial House I am entrusted with the task of its preservation as a historical institution. In civilized countries, dynasty heads were only able to return to their homelands after the states had clearly defined their legal status.

            As proven by France, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Afghanistan and many other countries whose royal houses had been banished and later returned, a legal status of a NON-RULING DYNASTY is absolutely compatible with a republican political system and does not go against the local constitutions and laws.

            I am not putting forward any political claims at all, nor am I trying to reclaim any of my ancestral property. I do not expect any preferential treatment either. However, I am justified in my hopes that the reintegration of the imperial dynasty in modern Russia’s contemporary life will be as successful as in other European countries.

            Moreover, I expect a law to be passed to protect the Russian Imperial House as an object of historical and cultural heritage in accordance with the article 44 of the Russian constitution. I have no doubts that all legal issues will sooner or later be resolved and eventually we will come back to Russia for good.

          • peppermint says:

            …and they had better be true monarchs, or they will kill “their” people in power struggles with the real rulers, like the traitor queen of England

            ditto for the Orthodox Church

        • Mackus says:

          At some point Putin might decide there is no further point in pandering to the west with the democratic nonsense, and don the Crown.

      • reakcionar says:

        It seems to me that some people in the Dark Enlightment/NRx who live in USA or UK still hold some pretty romantic illusions about Eastern Europe as a fertile ground for large scale reactionary ideas, because people there are more traditional, manly, sane etc. I have no idea what’s it like in Russia, but here on the Balkans most of young people would sell their patriotism for a new iPhone or status whore themselves so their friends who study on Harvard would think nicely of them, not unlike in the West.

        Perhaps I am wrong, and God willing I am, but what I see is merely a delay in implementing Cathedral policy, not any significant resistance to it. And the other thing is the Internet, that speeds up the sync between Harvard and the backward Balkan village faster than anyone could dream of 20 years ago.

  14. Erebus says:

    I was in Tübingen earlier this month. As far as I can recall, I did not see a single black person, and I noticed only a handful of Turks. I did not see a Mosque, nor were there any ghettoes. It was a small, affluent-seeming University town, of typically Germanic character. For the mayor to make such an odd, inflammatory statement to the press when there appears to be no real crisis in his town is unusual. I think it’s merely Holiness Signalling on the part of this small-time Green Party politician. Which is loathsome. (And a very bad sign.)

    Having said that, I went from the Stuttgart region to the UK, where things seem many times worse. The sprawling Manchester and London suburbs are entirely Black and Pakistani, and are indistinguishable from ugly American ghettoes — or Middle Eastern towns. From my vantage point, the UK seems well and truly fucked, even without further immigration. (But there will be further immigration. The British media is worse than the US media in its desperate promotion of diversity, negro worship, immigration, etc.)

    Here’s hoping Western Europe finds its backbone. If it doesn’t, it will doubtless fall within a handful of generations.

    • jim says:

      I think it’s merely Holiness Signalling on the part of this small-time Green Party politician.

      Loads of black voters. He is going to import them. There may be no blacks and Muslims now, but that is a problem he plans to fix.

  15. Kudzu Bob says:

    A necessary consequence is that whites are going to be eliminated from Europe

    Perhaps Whites will be eliminated. Or perhaps in the approaching chaos they will be the ones who do the eliminating. My money’s on the latter outcome.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey says:

      By God I hope you’re right.

    • R7_Rocket says:

      Perhaps Whites will be eliminated. Or perhaps in the approaching chaos they will be the ones who do the eliminating. My money’s on the latter outcome.

      Whites are the best warrior/adventurer race. I’m making the same bet as you. Especially if they get another Alexander.

      • Kudzu Bob says:

        The elimination doesn’t necessarily have to be the violent kind. Gradually denying them work and welfare will cause many non-Whites to leave. On top of that offer them one-time cash incentives to leave Europe, and do some sort of biometric hocus-pocus to prevent cheating. If they still make a fuss then use high-tech non-lethal crowd control devices like Active Denial on them, and dump their singed assess on the nearest North African beach without so much as a Euro.

        • peppermint says:

          The state of the art in non-lethal crowd control has always been and will always be firehoses.

          They get everyone wet, so they need to go home and change their clothes, and on the way everyone makes fun of them for being wet in public.

          They are perfectly capable of knocking people down if they’re trying to stand there.

          They don’t actually do any lasting damage beyond that done by knocking people down, though, if it’s cold out, they can be very uncomfortable.

          As the most effective, safest crowd control option in existence, they are next to illegal: they were used by racists during the snivel rights era.

          • Kudzu Bob says:

            If Whites ever become sufficiently racially aware, then resorting to fire hoses and what have you won’t seem like such a big deal.

            But my main point is that removing non-Whites from White lands does necessarily require mass bloodshed of the kind envisaged by William Pierce et al. Greg Johnson’s notion of a “slow cleanse” that takes place over a period of years or even decades strikes me as a sensible one.

            Of course, the worse the race problem becomes, the more difficult it will become to implement such measured and humane approaches.

          • peppermint says:

            my generation doesn’t have jobs. The boomers did and talked about religion and other faggy nonsense all day long. When you don’t have a job, or you have a shitty job with no prospects for a career, the snivel rights act doesn’t mean as much to you, but the fact that Tyrone and Paco have Section 8 apartments and food stamps does.

            Being humane doesn’t matter as much anymore either. Women like inhumane men better anyway.

            William Luther Pierce wrote that shitty violence porn book The Turner Diaries at the behest of Revilo Oliver, a bizarre lapse of judgment from a great historian. Oliver had earlier made an attempt at writing a similar novel. His non-fiction writings are the highest quality of historical analysis the world has ever seen, but, neither he nor William Luther Pierce were novelists, though Hunter was decent, and I wish I lived in a world where Hunter could be made into a movie and I could pan it as excessively violent.

            The Turner Diaries has done us White supremacists a great deal of harm since it presents violent removal of watermelon and matzo and I guess taco and kebab also as the only way forward, or, at least, the White supremacist approved solution, when pretty much every White supremacist argues for segregation for watermelon and deportation for matzo, taco, and kebab.

          • Kudzu Bob says:

            Meant to write “But my main point is that removing non-Whites from White lands does *not* necessarily require mass bloodshed of the kind envisaged by William Pierce et al.”

          • Sterling says:

            There is also the possibility of using family planning. IUD technology has made significant advances over the last few decades. As soon as a Dindette turns 12 or 13 they get an IUD installed. They are safe and effective for about 10 years. This would make a significant cut into the TRF of the diverse populations.

  16. NRx_N00B says:

    In Cathedralspeak, this is about “Humanity’s Collective Ownership of the Earth and Immigration”. Since they continue to outgrow their carrying capacity they’re entitled to their share of whitey’s. Hence, since the just-world is a fallacy, “It’s time to fork over that Lebensraum, Fritz!”

  17. Dave says:

    Slovakia just announced it won’t accept Muslim refugees, and they’re probably not taking many Africans of any faith. Any part of Europe that stays white can later be used as a base to reconquer the rest. Of course the EU nations are American vassal states, but some might switch their allegiance to Russia if it means not being swamped by Negro hordes.

    When it gets them promotions in the Cathedral, whites spout multiculturalism. When it gets them tossed into a pen full of starving vibrants, not so much.

    • jim says:

      When it gets them promotions in the Cathedral, whites spout multiculturalism. When it gets them tossed into a pen full of starving vibrants, not so much.

      South Africans seem to remain strong in their faith, despite large scale ethnic cleansing, the upper stories of tall buildings and the lower depths of deep mines becoming uninhabitable and being abandoned, and goats crapping on the marble floors of abandoned high status buildings.

      • jay says:

        The south africans would have to be fruitful and multiply.

        • Zimriel says:

          The Boers always were fruitful and they always did multiply.

          They were swamped by Africans, who were more fruitful, and by English, who simply migrated in and took over the government. I understand that some wars were involved.

          • With the thoughts you'd be thinkin says:

            The Afrikaners attempts at dealing with these basically made these issues worse, the homeland solution didn’t work, they came eventually to try and bring Coloureds and Indians into the government but it was to late and they couldn’t benefit from White immigration wave in the 50s because it would have marginalised them within South Africa.

            • jim says:

              The Afrikaner program was fine. The problem was that the British conquered the Afrikaners, and the only solution acceptable to the British was suicide.

          • jim says:

            White on white conflict. The British used genocidal terror to bring the Boers to heel. Absent the British, Africa would be turning Boer.

          • With the thoughts you'd be thinkin says:

            Perhaps but after Smuts lost, they tightened immigration from the Commonwealth which at that time was mostly white British with South African Citizenship Act of 1949 and didn’t embrace populate or perish style legislation that the Australians did.

      • Dave says:

        Southern Africa has a climate where blacks can live, albeit in smaller numbers and a lower standard of living, without the assistance of whites. Europe has only to stop feeding its vibrants, and they will be gone before the snow melts.

        • mukatsuku says:

          Yes, they would rather starve than harm a fellow man. See link.

          • Dave says:

            It does not matter if they choose to starve or feast on each other while whites wait patiently in their safe zones. To keep out SJWs, all whites entering a safe zone will be served a plate of roast nigger, and expected to eat it on camera. No excuses, no nibbling, and be sure to compliment the chef. Each video will be uploaded and searchable by real name and place of residence.

          • peppermint says:

            yes, that’s how the Nazis turned politically correct and started imposing Nürnberg Gesetze – style restrictions on marriages between Germans and Polacks, started imposing the German Fraktur script everywhere, and only stopped when a memo called it judenlettern.

            The answer to political correctness is anonymous speech and the elimination of government support for political correctness.

  18. viking says:

    Its strange even a few years ago i was so worried socialism would destroy the world something happened trayvon martin i think i reread the bell curve then all the recent HBD work I couldnt beleive that on some level I had always known all this but de prioritized it, I pondered the implications,of the differences the immigration, the birth rates and the politics and over a year at least a terror sadness crept over me some days I hate them but thats stupid theyre dumb animals at least the ones we worry about, the elites behind this i just cant understand what they can possibly be thinking i find it impossible to believe they are so stupid yet i cant see what they will gain they will die with the rest of us or fight and survive

    • jim says:

      yet i cant see what they will gain they will die with the rest of us or fight and survive

      Reflect on the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge hated intellectuals, especially foreign educated intellectuals, and killed them all – because the Khmer Rouge were foreign educated intellectuals. The Khmer Rouge pretty much wiped out the Khmer Rouge.

      Recollect the Roman Populare party uniting with the Samnites, notwithstanding the clearly stated program of the Samnites to kill every Roman, burn Rome, and throw down its walls.

      The Nazi error is to assume our enemies are rational and self interested. The situation is worse than that.

    • Joe says:

      What they gain is the deep moral satisfaction of doing what they think is morally right even if it costs them dearly. You can’t underestimate how powerfully people can be motivated by their moral beliefs. Suicide bombers will kill themselves for the (short-lived) moral satisfaction of slaying unbelievers for Allah, for example.

      Unfortunately for the West, we are in the grip of the egalitarian/socialist morality that says that the highest moral value is equality, and that racial equality is the noblest form of equality. All the current Western suicidal policies and behaviors follow logically from that moral view.

      And if that morality is not replaced by another, then the true believers – the leftist/egalitarian elite who rule us – will quite happily and with deep satisfaction see that we are destroyed in the name of what they consider is the highest good.

      What has to happen is that a critical mass of white men have to recognize that Excellence is a higher morality than equality, and that Excellence demands right action in accordance with nature, and that means things like ensuring that your family and your people can flourish and have territory of their own, maintaining most aspects of traditional gender roles, bring understanding of homosexuals without pretending that their sexual disorder is equal to normal sexuality and deserves sanctifying as “marriage”, and so on while still being as respectful and kind towards “others” as is consistent with pursuing excellence for oneself and one’s people. Separate countries for each people rather than Nazi-style conquest and extermination, for example.

      We don’t really need white women to agree; they’ll follow if we lead. And we don’t need all white men to see the light. But we do need a superior alternative to the current egalitarian morality to offer white men or they will reluctantly follow the progressives into the grave for fear of being bad people if they don’t. And if we hold up that superior morality, which I believe is Excellence, then men will instinctively feel that it is good, and be motivated by that, and feel they have moral permission once again to defend themselves and their way of life, and we will be able to sweep away the egalitarians and save the West.

      • jim says:

        And if that morality is not replaced by another, then the true believers – the leftist/egalitarian elite who rule us – will quite happily and with deep satisfaction see that we are destroyed in the name of what they consider is the highest good.

        We are strapped to a suicide bomber.

  19. k says:

    I suspect Eastern Europe and the colder parts of Scandinavia will go mostly unscathed

  20. NRx_N00B says:

    I guess this is what Keith Preston would call “totalitarian humanism”—perhaps a type of reparation for all of “whiteys” evil deeds.

  21. Chris B says:

    It began a while ago. We already have filthy black areas in London, Nottingham, Birmingham etc. There is already an unacceptable number of Nigerians in south London who are criminals, fraudsters and entirely stupid.

    • A Pint Thereof says:

      People outside of Britain seem to think that the Rotherham Rape Gang story was a big deal here in the UK. It wasn’t. The MSM made sure that no political capital could be gained from it, and it passed as quietly as something of that sort could have done.

      Proof of this resides in the fact that the people of Rotherham re-elected to Parliament the Labour candidate, Sarah Champion, who was the sitting MP there during the time the scandal was perpetrated. There is no hope for this country anymore. I don’t see what event or events could shake the people here to take action.

      • jim says:

        I don’t see what event or events could shake the people here to take action.

        Observe South Africa. Ethnic cleansing of whites. The upper stories of high buildings and the lower depths of deep mines become uninhabitable and are abandoned. Goats wander through the marble halls of formerly high status high prestige buildings looking for garbage to eat. And still most South African whites remain progressive.

        The masses believe whatever the idiot box tells them. And the idiot box tells them progressivism. The people, the masses, will never rise, and in all of history, they have never risen. Revolutions made in the name of the people use the people merely as mascots. To save the west, those willing to save the west have to take power and issue a different script to the talking heads on the idiot box.

        • R7_Rocket says:

          Historically, successful revolutions were initiated by “renegade nobles.” As for Suid Afrika, the ANC elite must rely on White Janissaries in the SANDF as well as Pax Americana to stay in power. They relieve pressure by allowing the Afrikaners places of refuge such as Orania.

          To save the west, those willing to save the west have to take power and issue a different script to the talking heads on the idiot box.

          If The Donald was serious, this looks like he’s the beginning of this process. He does fit the mold of the “renegade noble” and he isn’t the only multi-billionaire who knows that The West is in a crisis.

        • Corvinus says:

          “The masses believe whatever the idiot box tells them.”

          Using your own metric, you are part of the masses, and the idiot box is dictating what you ought to think and do. Bravo, sir, bravo.

          “To save the west, those willing to save the west have to take power and issue a different script to the talking heads on the idiot box.”

          Except neoreactionary is for eggheads and wannabe dictators hellbent on insisting that its tenets will gain widespread traction, contrary to republican thoughts and ideals firmly entrenched in the conscious of the masses.. It is impotent upon delivery.

          • Mark Citadel says:

            “hellbent on insisting that its tenets will gain widespread traction”

            See, even though this point was refuted previously, Corvinus continues to parrot it. WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THE MASSES.

          • jim says:

            You just continue to reassert that we are democrats, indeed Marxists, and piously point out that our program cannot be achieved in a democratic or politically correct manner. We are not democrats, still less are we Marxists, and we believe that democracy is a suicide pact.

          • Mark Citadel says:

            Let me just predict what comes next:

            “You’re impotent! Without the masses you’ll never get anywhere because we will rise up against you, black, white, gay, straight, united against your fascism! Also, what are YOU gonna do Jim! Are YOU going to lead the cavalry charge? I demand to know what YOU are going to do!”

            It’s the same stock response each time.

          • Erik says:

            Mark: You left out the part where he makes disparaging comments about our army.

            Here’s a fun exercise. De-fnord Corvinus’s comments. Any time he appeals to some circumlocution of the inevitable triumph of the will of the people or the like, just replace with “populism”, and similarly strike out the insults.

            “Except neoreactionary is for and wannabe insisting that , contrary to and .”

          • Erik says:

            Blargh, pseudo-HTML parser in comments deletes the < > signs. That was supposed to read:

            “Except neoreactionary is for [slur] and wannabe [slur] insisting that [populism], contrary to [populism] and [populism].”

            But the entirely struck-out version of Corv’s remark is amusing too.

          • peppermint says:

            Civilization became possible when the White race evolved to have enough smart people (the idea leaders) and enough dependable people (the masses) to build civilization.

            Traditionally, the formalized idea leaders (druids, priests) are prohibited from marrying, due to the potential for abuse of office.

            Also traditionally, the idea leaders may have been able to direct the construction of cathedrals and agricultural stuff, but they didn’t really understand game theory and biology the way we do now. Instead, they started making shit up and social signaling, and we ended up here…

            …and if we survive, we’ll still need idea leaders and masses, and us idea leaders can’t, and literally can’t because it’s ingrained in our psychology, forget our duty to the masses to tell them important stuff and get them to vote for Donald Trump.

            Up until very recently, the Christcucks have controlled the discourse, and accusing them of being cucks hasn’t resonated with the masses because the masses have been carefully raised to know that genes don’t exist, so it doesn’t matter whose genes the children you raise have, and that women are exactly the same as men, so if you carry that Gawker jezebel’s bags on your trip with her, she’ll sleep with you eventually.

            But now the masses are becoming aware that genes exist and women are different from men, since the Jewsmedia has forgotten its responsibility to keep misinforming people.

            And men know in their bones that being cucked is a fate worse than death.

          • Mark Citadel says:

            Another of Corvinus’ finest:

            Please, by all means put your faith in a philosophical movement espoused by [slur] who lack the [populism], financial support, and [populism] to ensure that it becomes a [populist] political reality. I believe the word is [slur]

            He also hates Pinochet for taking away ‘Muh freedoms!’

            Pinochet was a [slur] and needed [populism]! hahah

        • Guest says:

          South African whites remain progressive because USA taught Serbians what happens to whites that step out of the line.

          Plus, the USA has savage whites. Italians, Irishmen, Slavs galore. South Africa was full of of Northern European cucks.

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