Seeking war with Russia

I have been reading the rationales for actions and policies likely to lead to nuclear war with Russia, and they are incoherent, absurd, and make no sense. They are obviously post hoc rationalizations. The person posting wants war, and looks for justifications until he finds something that is socially acceptable and that he can pretend makes sense. They use Argumentum Ad Baculum (we need to blow up Russia or I will call you a ignoramus and a nazi and destroy your career), Argumentum ad Misericordiam (the guys we sent to destroy Aleppo and murder the Alawites are being bombed), Argumentum ad Ignorantiam (you cannot prove the Russian are not attacking our democracy), Argumentum ad Verecundiam (the CIA says so), Argumentum ad Hominem (Trump is stupid, hateful, and rapes women, therefore we need to go to war with Russia), and Non Sequitur (Hitler caused World War II by invading Poland, therefore we should go to war with Russia over the Ukraine).

Obviously, these people want war for some reason unspeakable and unthinkable even to themselves

Remember when Pussy Riot trashed a Russian Orthodox Cathedral, and the Russian government treated them like thieves and whores?

US government, professorial, and mainstream media reaction was that Pussy Riot is high status, and Christians are low status, therefore Christians should stop offending Pussy Riot, rather than that Pussy Riot should stop offending Christians – pretty much the same reaction as when left wingers riot to shut down right wingers.

Well if Russia treats people like Pussy Riot and the European University as low status, maybe they are low status, and if Pussy Riot and the European University are low status, then the people making arguments likely to lead to nuclear war with Russia are also low status, since they are the same sorts as Pussy Riot and the European University. Nuclear war with Russia would erase this threat to their status – assuming that US nuclear weapons are still mostly functional, which they believe but which I do not believe.


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  1. Super says:

    You faggots disagree with a war against Russia probably b/c the leftists want to fight Russia. I thought it was an agreeable plan to take a giant shit on the Russians who quite frankly pose a Asiatic threat to the West. Perhaps not atm but historically the Russ’ act like Asians (Nietzsxhe makes explicit remakes about this) and not like Europeans. Theres no good reason to believe in them now. Why add to the self deception simply bc a handful of liberals dont like Russia. It’s a sign of good taste and luxury that one can entertain the same idea as an oponent.

    War with the Russians is an inevitability. Better to strike at a weak Russia sooner than later).

  2. pdimov says:

    Trump 2016 is pro-Russia -> Trump is a moron, nuclear war now
    Romney 2012 anti-Russia -> Romney is a moron, normalize relations now

    Don’t look for reason where there’s none, the left only cares about winning domestically.

    As for the specific people who hate Russia, have you tried controlling for ethnicity? (“On certain other websites, you’d be seeing a lot of triple-parentheses printed in the text right now, but at our august Social Matter, we expect our readers to imagine the parentheses themselves.”)

    • viking says:

      the left realizes its unsustainable, but also that they are close to a technical prowess that would make collapses, thus sustainability, irrelevant. controlling the world prolongs the collapse until they can reliably put a boot on the face literally forever.Rivals could get lucky and prevent progress some how so they must be crushed. The left may tell themselves they only do it for the people but thats a lie they tell themselves they do it for the power and the money. They murder a rob destroy civilization and die with billions and absolute power yet claim they are trying to help the people.A moron 5 year old could see they are not helping. socialracism is a propaganda tool to help them acomplish their goal and it eases their conscience

    • peppermint says:

      Normalize relations was what most Democrats wanted in 2008 and 2012, but that was before Russia spoiled their Ukraine coup and, more seriously, prevented the inevitable in Syria.

  3. Candide III says:

    > Argumentum ad Hominem (Trump is stupid, hateful, and rapes women
    That’s Argumentum ad Personam. Argumentum ad Hominem would be “Trump says he wants to be friends with Russia, why doesn’t he invest there?”. Almost everybody calls character attacks “ad hominem”, but I’ll rather go with Schopengauer:

    A last trick is to become personal, insulting, rude, as soon as you perceive that your opponent has the upper hand, and that you are going to come off worst. It consists in passing from the subject of dispute, as from a lost game, to the disputant himself, and in some way attacking his person. It may be called the argumentum ad personam, to distinguish it from the argumentum ad hominem, which passes from the objective discussion of the subject pure and simple to the statements or admissions which your opponent has made in regard to it. But in becoming personal you leave the subject altogether, and turn your attack to his person, by remarks of an offensive and spiteful character.

  4. Brian says:

    I’ve been reading this blog too long to point and sputter when you say something shocking, in passing, that makes me feel like pointing and sputtering, because it’s usually a sign I’m going to have to rethink things.

    So I’ll ask: why do you think our nuclear arsenal is not mostly functional?

    • jim says:

      Our bombs are juiced with tritium in two ways, and we are short of tritium. The first way uses a lot of tritium and we have not got enough. The second way is the device that sprays a burst of neutrons at the bomb at the critical moment when it implodes to maximum density. This device only uses a little tritium, we have enough to keep building these devices, but is rather complicated and has to be replaced every few years, and I am inclined to doubt that a people who find trouble with the technology for the production of tritium and plutonium 238 are still capable of manufacturing that device.

      • Steel T Post says:

        Potemkin deterrence.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        To quote an insider friend of mine, as of 1/2 an hour ago:

        Tritium is plentiful in the water surrounding reactors.
        It’s why that water isn’t allowed to just be dumped.
        Tritium 1/2 life is only 12 years it’s not stable and will not last in nature.

    • viking says:

      they still run on floppy discs?

  5. Dave says:

    Off-topic, but how did animal-rights activists just succeed in shutting down a 98-year-old circus? Did the circus foolishly try to appease SJWs by retiring its iconic elephants, which were obviously the show’s biggest attraction, or was management somehow infiltrated?

    • lalit says:

      Why go that far with infiltration when they are basically the government? This is what they are doing in India to shutdown millenia old pagan festivals which use elephants and bulls a lot. The Judiciary is basically an outpost of the cathedral and bans it for them and gets the police to enforce it. Simple! Why Infiltrate?

    • jim says:

      “Since last May, when the elephants were taken off the show, the downward trend was much more severe than had been anticipated,” Kenneth Feld, chairman and chief executive of Feld Entertainment, said at a news conference at the company’s headquarters. “Over the past eight or nine years there’s been a decline, but when the elephants left the show we did not anticipate the impact that would have.”

      Since any small child could have told them the impact of removing elephants from the circus, what we see here is the management of the circus drinking progressive koolaide. Management was infiltrated by people who said, and believed, “Oh this teensy weensy little concession will not hurt us”

      By the way, I rode an elephant, which was wearing an impressive collection of chains, and the mahout controlling the elephant had a sort of hook pickaxe, and from time to time this elephant would attempt to go its own way, and the mahout would furiously lay into the elephant with his hook and pickaxe as if he was trying to convert the elephant into a pile of steaks, and the elephant would make loud noises, but not be all that inclined to obey.

      Feld, along with his daughter and chief operating officer, Juliette Feld, said roughly 60 animals — including tigers, lions, donkeys, alpacas, kangaroos, dogs and horses — would be affected by the closure of “The Greatest Show on Earth,” and more than 400 employees would lose their jobs.

      They won every court case, the government did not shut them down. They just started to feel guilty because the animal rights activists kept saying bad things about them.

      • Robert says:

        It’s sad that many of the victories of the left are not them being truly victorious but us surrendering. As for me and my house, I will not cede one more fucking inch.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Environmentalism is an extremely popular vice with the un-washed masses, which are indeed the potential consumers of circus entertainment.


  6. Steve Johnson says:

    The left will never forgive Russia for abandoning communism.

    • jim says:

      That is a simpler explanation than mine.

      They were pissed at both Russia and China for abandoning communism, but since the incidents with Pussy Riot and the European University, they have got mightily extra pissed at Russia.

      Which I interpret as their reaction to failure to respect a status hierarchy that places them at the top.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        Same thing though.

        Abandoning communism gives lie to the arc of history. Treating Pussy Riot as low status gives lie to “weird losers are high status” – which leftists really really want to believe.

  7. Alrenous says:

    Technically every fallacy is a special case of non-sequitur. The WWII thing is self-contradiction, “Hitler caused WWII by triggering alliances, therefore we should prevent WWIII by triggering (and/or forming) alliances.”

    • safespaceplaypen says:

      true but technically every non-sequitur is a special care of being retarded

  8. Steel T Post says:

    Mulatto Storm Rising

  9. viking says:

    Look if you kind of admire Putin as i do you cant do that and think he doesnt have six moves ahead of the trump team and the NSACIA. Hes not some nice guy, thats not why we like him. Its time to transition from liking Putin because that sticks it to obama and foggy bottom, to not wanting Putin to take our guy trump and our people for a ride.Respect Putin but hes not our friend until that is proved the only thing proved is he has teaned wuth china to thwart the interests of the american empire. now we may be happy to get rid of the empire but have you thought hard about that? empire has its advantages and disadvantages, but right now we have the debt of an empire, the enemies of an empire etc.Good chance without empire we become isolated glorified canada are you ready for that status?

    • jim says:

      When the Soviet Empire collapsed, the collapse started in Afghanistan, then affected a bunch of of obscure places I cannot find on the map called somethingstan, thisstan, and thatstan, and then affected places like Hungary and Czechoslovakia, and finally collapsed all the way to Moscow.

  10. viking says:

    It is more likely NSACIA is using PC to bolster geopolitical objective. I would love to think my enemy is so stupid to go to nuclear war over tranny rights but i know I am not so lucky, tranny right activists are NSACIA puppets.
    Russia and China several year ago began strategic alliance they are for all intents and purposes married they share in a way that is not mere trade it joins them. At some point we will understand the faggot nigger commie obama losing the mideast africa and europe was the least destructive thing the moron did. He pushed russia into chinas arms just when he could have ended the russian euro dillemma. Washington is just too stupid to understand the game is over they lost any chance of a hegemonic world order. Or they are convinced the eurasian alliance will attempt to replace them rather than simply assert independence.They could be right however I think the best plan either way is to take them at their word and send the trumpen clown in their acting all clueless and friendly and get all involved in their shit in a really friendly theres enough for everyone way and maybe in 50 years things will change.For those of us opposed to the Cathedral this is probably a good thing except what the fuck do we know what the NSA knows.

  11. Brit says:

    Was just looking at a recently founded sub called /r/impeach_trump. The people behind it are clearly either a funded specialize agency or have at least studied guidelines of how to subvert social media/chans/reddit. They will claim something completely untrue, and call anyone who questions the false fact a Russian spy, or accuse him of being subverted by Russian propaganda, and it is extremely difficult to get the discussion to go back to whether the facts they posted are true. They are experts in “deflection”.

    It’s madness, but it may grow into an extreme level of madness, funded and loosely co-ordinated madness. The question is whether this stuff will fizzle out or be purged out as we get our thousand years of golden Trumpenreich, or if they really do manage to start a war and destroy everything

    • peppermint says:

      » They will claim something completely untrue, and call anyone who questions the false fact a Russian spy, or accuse him of being subverted by Russian propaganda

      no classes are needed to teach this behavior, but a lot of people who go to universities come out like that. That’s pretty much what contemporary Boomer Democrats sound like, except for vacuous appeals to values while subverting them.

    • anonymous says:

      I suspect open war between Russia and the U.S. will fail for now… But can’t tell how good things would be, how long situations (good or tense) would last, or how much disruption happens along the way. :/

  12. Tommy Judea says:

    Would the ides that we hate Russia for being white, patriarchal, and homophobic, hate them so much we want war, really be unthinkable to the products of the modern Western university? After a while girly and girly man hate needs to co-opt its armed forces or admit defeat.

    • Brit says:

      “Russia is anti-homosexuals, boo, they’re the bad guys” is easily said by the average British university student. But they tend to be women and effeminate men, the same people sharing refugee charities and complaining about Aleppo. It is harder to convince the rest of the country to want war, especially the manly men who can do the actual fighting

      • Tommy Judea says:

        Well they can hate them for being religious nationalists then, i.e. For being against the grain of our Western Utopia. I’m afraid the military spokesmen for the troops currently being sent to Eastern Europe are full of the Utopian bs, so i hope you’re only right about the core fighters.

      • Robert says:

        If America goes to war, the soldiers will go to war, it doesn’t matter who it is against. The soldiers are significantly isolated from the population, their loyalty lies firmly with the chain of command.

        • Brit says:

          True. I was thinking of fighting aged men more generally i.e. draftees in a long drawn-out full blown war

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Imagine a troop of professional looters have cased a place and have set about looting it while the owners of the property have been tied up and kept in the basement while the deed is done. Imagine the address of the place is 28 82nd Street.

      Then what happens is a team to install a security and alarm system arrive, because the property’s owners have called them earlier and now is the moment they are due, so the security team is set to install a system that ensures more safety for the residents of the property.

      Then imagine when the installation team does walk up to the front door and ask for entry, the thieves not wanting them to discover their crime in process of being committed tell the security system installers that they have the wrong address, that this sort of mistake is a regular occurance, that they want “_82_28th_Street_, not 28 82nd”. They should go over there where the problem really is, not here where there is nothing out of the ordinary nor nothing suspicious, no nothing at all.


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