The extraordinary inanity of nation building

The counter insurgency planners have presented a clever plan on how they propose to counter Afghan insurgency by building an Afghan nation.

When first I saw slides from this presentation, I assumed them to be parody, but no, they are the real thing.  The people planning this war really are this stupid, crazy, and evil.

COIN experts demonstrating their amazing expertise

COIN experts demonstrating their amazing expertise

There are a great pile of slides, and they all look like the above. Hat tip The Austrian Economists.

I did a search for blog posts linking to this amazing pile of essence of evil madness, to find the New York Times treating it with the solemn respect that one would be ruler of all mankind should give another would be ruler of all mankind. Democracy’s Arsenal also displays the semblance of profound respect for this moronic madness, but from his image selection, his tongue is well and truly in his cheek.

The Taliban have a notorious tendency to mistake the customs of their tribe for the word of God, but at least they do not mistake themselves for God.

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