How bloggers saved the world

The Air Vent tells us that China saved the world, which is true, but China saved the world because of what bloggers did.

The enemy plan was to use global warming to roll back science, technology and western civilization.   Copenhagen was to have established a “world climate treaty organization” which would exercise centralized control over all the worlds economies, thereby avoiding that inconvenient embarrassment that ensues whenever socialist economies face comparison with capitalist economies.

Someone released the Climategate files.  I initially believed that this was a hacker from outside, but reading through the files, it is evidently an insider, for each file that I examined is good stuff, which is to say, exceedingly bad stuff.  Each file was being wrongfully and illegally withheld from a freedom of information request, or demonstrates an anti scientific approach and outlook, or both.

Climategate resulted in the removal of Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Australian opposition, the first mainstream politician to fall to bloggers, and his replacement by Tony Abbot, who proceeded to save Australia from trading in carbon indulgences, and to challenge the leader of the Australian government to a double dissolution election over anthropogenic global warming.

This was a bold move when most of the mass media was preaching imminent climate doom.  The polls showed that a double dissolution election held on that issue would be a disaster for the opposition– but polls have been known to change when the people hear two voices instead of one voice.  The government chickened out.

Having won without taking it to the people, Tony Abbot then adopted a blander position similar to that of Sarah Palin – that climate change can be prevented by vague and unspecified means without it costing anybody anything, and the science is not settled.

With Australia, China’s main carbon supplier, out of the picture, it was then difficult to for China to join the treaty.  Without China, there could be no treaty.

The Chinese do not understand democracy and constitutional government, so they reasonably enough blame Rudd, the leader of the Australian government, for the climate skeptic policy of Tony Abbott, leader of the opposition.  After all, they think, surely the government, not the opposition, sets climate policy. With great indignation they pointed out that Rudd is preaching Warmist Alarmism, yet Australia is practicing climate skepticism.   That, at least, is their rebuttal to the Warmist Alarmists. And so, no World Climate Treaty, nor any World Climate Treaty Organization.

So the world is saved for a little longer, and bloggers saved it.  Perhaps the Chinese would have saved it without Abbot’s skeptic policies, but spectacle of Rudd preaching sacrifices to the Chinese that he was unwilling to take to Australian voters, and therefore unable to impose on Australians in the face of Abbot’s opposition, angered them.

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  1. Matt C says:

    I wish there was a similar way for U.S. residents to get saved from the upcoming health care bill.

    I can’t believe people are supporting this accursed thing.