What the climategate files reveal.

The killer directory in the climategate files is not the email directory, but the documents directory, for the documents directory reveals how the graphs of doom were generated.  One should only employ the emails directory to illuminate what is documented in the documents directory.

The Climategate files reveal that the graphs of doom are irreproducible, for Harry was unable to reproduce them, except by means at best extremely dubious, “So what the hell did Tim do?!!” at worst frankly fraudulent.  “Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline!!”

The documents directory reveals that data issuing from the Warming alarmists is fake, for it was Harry’s job to produce or reproduce these graphs of doom, and he describes in alarming detail how the graphs of doom were manufactured.   Every graph generated from the programs and data of the documents directory  of Climategate files is at worst a lie, at best fabricated without concern for truth, and proves the falsity of those graphs of doom that Harry was required to reproduce, for he was unable to reproduce any of them by legitimate means.

The Climategate files reveal that the method of anthropogenic warmist alarmism is that “scientists” construct a consensus, and then they examine data and papers for conformity with the consensus.  Data that fails to conform to theory is rejected, then hidden or deleted. Papers that fail to conform are rejected. They then direct some menial postgrad student, first Tim, then later Harry, to produce graphs that show the result that they have already determined that the graphs will show.

What the climategate papers reveal is religion, not science, for when we read Harry’s comments and code, it is apparent that his job is not to find what the data shows, but to force the data to show a result that has been predetermined.

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