Torture the underpants bomber

Fifty eight percent of those polled favor “aggressive interrogation techniques such as waterboarding”  for Umar Farouk.

He should be asked who gave him the bomb, and where they gave him the bomb.  We should then kill everyone in the general vicinity of where the bomb came from.  Not because we cannot afford to lose a few planes and a few passengers every now and then, but because we cannot afford to be successfully coerced by our enemies.

War is hell.  In war, one must kill the innocent.  Those who will not use such means, lose.

It is doubtless more important that the innocent go free than that the guilty be punished.  It is, however, considerably less important than that evil does not gain power over us.

During the Malayan war the British imprisoned everyone who looked Chinese.  That hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children were temporarily imprisoned  by the British saved them from being enslaved for life by the communists.

We are losing this war:  Observe that honor killings go unpunished in Britain.  We are afraid, we are coerced.  I google the British news for honor killings.  The only ones being prosecuted are the kind that would be prosecuted in Saudi Arabia – those where a male Muslim was killed or non family killed the girl – which type of honor killing is rare and unusual compared to the normal case where extreme coercion by family to control the sexual activity of young girls gets out of hand.  So, we see prosecutions for the rare case (male killed), and no prosecutions for the common case (young girl killed by relatives)

You cannot coexist with a religion that simply is not willing to coexist except on the basis of supremacy. If you try to do so, you get what we have been getting.  Getting your cut throat for unkind reference to Islam slides by imperceptible degrees into full blown Sharia law, which gradual transformation we observe in process along the bloody borders of

That is the way Islam conquers.   It not that we cannot afford a few casualties.  It is that we cannot afford the domination.

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