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Global warming is not science

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Science is based on experiment and evidence.  The motto of the royal society was “Nullius in verba”, which means “Take no one’s word for it”.  This motto was reinterpreted to accommodate the “evidence” for global warming. Most science journals have condition of publication that authors must comply with any reasonable request by other researchers for materials, methods, or data necessary to verify the conclusion of the article, which condition has not yet been enforced against the global warmers.

Bernanke explains what he is doing wrong

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

In his speech Governor Ben S. Bernanke observed that if inflationary expectations rise, and the Fed fails to raise interest rates correspondingly, this is unstable. He failed to make the reason for this clear, but the reason is that real interest rates are nominal interest minus expected inflation – so a rise in inflationary expectations causes a fall in real interest rates, causing massive real borrowing – as for example the housing boom and flight from money into real things, such as oil, which causes actual inflation, which increases inflationary expectations.

Which is of course exactly what has been happening. Inflationary expectations have escalated, as shown by the price of gold that international value of the US dollar, and Bernanke failed to raise interest rates correspondingly, leading to a vicious cycle, which is still under way as I post this.

We won in Iraq

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Michael Yon declares the war over. He should know. He has been wandering around the place looking it over. But if we have a few more victories like this one, we will have lost, and Islam won. We cannot do Iran what we barely managed to do to Iraq, and still less can we do to Pakistan what we barely accomplished in Iraq. We are losing in Afghanistan, for it is not really a war in Afghanistan any more (that war we won long ago) but rather a war with our “ally” Pakistan.

Bush rolls back oil prices, MSM in denial

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Political correctness is that we should not drill for oil, for more oil will not solve the problem of high and rising fuel prices. Which political correctness the mainstream media firmly endorse.

There are multiple bans on oil drilling. Bush ended one of them, which had no immediate effect on oil drilling, for other bans in place. But it had immediate psychological effect. Oil prices immediate dropped about eighteen dollars, a huge drop, which the press is frantically trying to explain away with any explanation other than the glaringly obvious one.

If the politicians suspended enough bans that drilling actually became legal again, we would therefore see an immediate and considerably bigger drop in the price of oil, even before any actual drilling takes place, for sellers of oil, expecting competition to cut their prices in future, would sell oil right now, to take advantage of present high prices.

The price of oil is absurdly high, because sellers of oil observe that the high price is not leading anyone to go out and get more oil, from which they conclude that oil can only go higher still, so they might as well sit on it.

Not Science

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Recently the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization) dressed itself in the robes of high holy science, and portentously announced that the wrath of Gaea was upon us. Other scientists asked for the details of the evidence, but alas, the highly scientific scientists of the CSIRO found themselves sadly unable to provide the evidence.

Vote Cthulhu for US president

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Or if not Cthulhu, Obama.

When I started writing this, McCain had the the most violently anticapitalist program of any presidential candidate, his cap and trade policy.

Obama, having started out at lunatic left in the primaries, is heading rightwards at high speed, and his “cap and trade” policy had become a mere pigovian carbon tax, making him considerably less anti capitalist than McCain.

McCain, finding himself outflanked, quietly dropped his cap and trade program altogether, bringing him to the right of Obama again, forcing me to rewrite.

The primaries produced two presidential candidates, one alarmingly anti capitalist and left wing, the other alarmingly anti capitalist, even more left wing, and anti american on top of it. I found it hard to believe that ordinary Americans would vote for either one of them.

It looks like they came to the same conclusion, because they both proceeded to head rightwards at high speeds.

But why vote for the lesser evil? Vote Cthulhu

“Governance in the Wilderness”

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

“Governance in the Wilderness” is merely a retranslation of the same Al Quaeda document earlier translated as “the Management of Savagery” or “the Management of Barbarism”

The author concluded that 9/11 was unsuccessful, in that it failed to intimidate Americans, and the American retribution was severe. He correctly predicted that the attempt to set up a new Caliphate in Bahgdad was much premature, and would be defeated, as it was. He recommends large amounts of small scale intimidation, which prescription we see being very successfully applied in the Middle East, France, and England.

American empire is not working

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

I have long argued that the US should focus on destroying its enemies and not attempt to hold ground. Global Guerrillas observes that

it was only when the Army/Marines attempted to hold ground that the US military ran into trouble. These advocates maintain that the US military should never hold ground in the future

Who are “these advocates”?

Britain falls

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

When the Roman empire in the west fell, it was decades, nearly a century, before Romans realized it had fallen. Falling is a process, which is hard to recognize at the time. A recent post in Gates of Vienna leads me to believe that in decades to come, future historians will date the fall of most of old Europe to Islam to 2008, or not long after.

The first step in subjecting Europe to dar al Islam is to establish liberated zones where the writ of the Christian state does not run. This is well under way in France, and is now beginning in England.

When state operatives, such as firemen, show their faces, they get thumped.  And if they want to show their faces without getting thump, they had best accept and enforce law acceptable to Islam. This produces, or in the near future will produce a number of benefits for the Muslims within such a zone. For example they won’t have to pay for electricity, nor pay rent to kaffirs, nor may kaffirs refuse to rent to them merely because of a well founded fear that no rent will be paid and no eviction will be possible. If a Muslim within such a zone commits crimes against kaffirs, police have little enthusiasm for looking into the matter, which situation will in future produce substantial benefits for Muslims at the expense of kaffirs, if it is not doing so already.