Vote Cthulhu for US president

Or if not Cthulhu, Obama.

When I started writing this, McCain had the the most violently anticapitalist program of any presidential candidate, his cap and trade policy.

Obama, having started out at lunatic left in the primaries, is heading rightwards at high speed, and his “cap and trade” policy had become a mere pigovian carbon tax, making him considerably less anti capitalist than McCain.

McCain, finding himself outflanked, quietly dropped his cap and trade program altogether, bringing him to the right of Obama again, forcing me to rewrite.

The primaries produced two presidential candidates, one alarmingly anti capitalist and left wing, the other alarmingly anti capitalist, even more left wing, and anti american on top of it. I found it hard to believe that ordinary Americans would vote for either one of them.

It looks like they came to the same conclusion, because they both proceeded to head rightwards at high speeds.

But why vote for the lesser evil? Vote Cthulhu

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  1. Ah, if only Cthulhu had won…

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