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Warmism and the old Gods of Mexico

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Warmism is an updated and rebranded version of the old Mexican religion, demon worship. The priests announce that unless human sacrifices are made, the sun will cease to rise.

And, guess what, this gives the priests a whole lot of influence over which people get sacrificed to sun god, and which people do not. Thus we find the priests of global warming involved in all sorts of highly lucrative schemes whereby carbon indulgences are sold, and subsidies handed out, with the result that certain priests of global warming get a whole lot of money, for example the carbon indulgences sold by Carbonscape.

The demons were worshiped through cannibalism, sodomy, and transvestism.  (That is how you can tell that they were demons, rather than angels or saints.)  While we no longer have literal cannibalism, the food to fuel program has similar results, and we still have sodomy and transvestism as priestly acts demonstrating priestly holiness, as for example in Earth Worship conducted by Less Wrong.

Certain Indian nations were somewhat ticked off that the Aztecs were always sacrificing them, and they were not sacrificing Aztecs, and therefore took advantage of Cortez’s invasion to revolt against the Aztecs. Whereupon it became apparent that their priests were secretly in cahoots with the Aztec priests to facilitate Aztec domination of their people and Aztec cannibalism of their people – that the Gods would make announcements through the temples of the revolting tribes that were planned and coordinated in the Aztec capital. In other words, the old Gods of Mexico made their proclamations via peer review.

Conservatives find their balls

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

As a general rule, the left deploys any means necessary, routinely engaging in treason, criminal acts, and barefaced lies, as for example the latest business about Islamic rape war on Swedes. And the cuckservatives roll over and let them get away with it. The left does this stuff because they can, and routinely do, get away with it.

However, the committee on Science, Space and Technology is now insisting on investigating the latest act of Global Warming deception by the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, demanding papers that the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration is highly unlikely to release, because these papers would likely be proof of crimes by civil servants. You cannot prosecute a scientist for being one eyed about what he is determined to believe is true, but you most definitely can prosecute a civil servant for willfully deceiving the government.

Hat tip Watt’s up

Trump has a pile of prosecutions he can apply for breaches of national security, and now we are seeing potential prosecutions for fraudulent warmism. If he applies these (and you know Trump – would he not) the permanent government is going to be brought to heel.

On purging Milo

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

If Milo was purged for being a Jewish coal burning gay, that would be one thing, but being purged having sex with an older man at the age of fourteen is a different thing. Gay sex is disgusting and self destructive regardless of age, and thirty year old women are no more competent to make unsupervised sexual choices than twelve year old girls.

Purging Milo for “pedo” concedes the left position that consent is all that matters, that anything is fine if it is consenting adults that do it.

We should view sex with properly owned women as rape if her guardian does not consent to it (which is what “rape” meant a couple of hundred years ago) and sex with feral women as a form of regrettable but unavoidable predation regardless of whether they consent or not, which predation is best remedied by shotgun marriage or similar, remedied by ensuring that a feral woman comes into the possession of a man who can plausibly be expected to have good intentions towards her and treat her with kindness – if necessary without regard for her undoubtedly foolish opinions on the matter.

And, of course, if a man lies with a male, as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

We should not purge Milo for being a Jewish coal burning gay, for there are far worse on the left, and only after they get helicoptered or thrown from high buildings should we ask Milo to clean up his act. And if we did not purge him for being a Jewish coal burning gay, then we certainly should not purge him for underage sex.

If two people agree to exchange corn for iron, obviously the exchange must make both of them better off or else they would not have agreed to it. So state and society should not interfere in such agreements, and if everyone is free to engage in commercial trade, then state and society is better off. If two people agree to have sex, this is a very poor indicator that having sex makes both of them better off, because sexual impulses are volcanically powerful and deeply irrational. The converse can also apply. A woman’s decision to cease having sex with the father of her children usually has appallingly bad consequences for everyone, especially her children. A fertile age woman who ceases to have sex with her husband is always motivated by having received semen from a male more alpha than her husband, or excessively realistic fantasies of receiving such semen.

There are lots of good reasons why we should purge Milo. But this is a very bad reason. We are purging him for insufficient progressivism.

Defunding the left

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Reagan talked about defunding the left, but never actually did anything.

As a result of Trump’s threats against Berkeley, they are starting to think that hiring a bunch of thugs to beat people up and cause over a hundred thousand dollars worth of damage may have been a bit excessive.

Meanwhile Trump and congress are working on stripping two billion from NASA global warming propaganda.

NASA put up a bunch of satellites to measure global warming. To their considerable disappointment, these show no significant warming in the past twenty years. To a good approximation, no significant warming since the satellite data became sufficiently accurate as to deny people excuses for “correcting” it. So they returned to the old faithful, “surface temperature measurements” – otherwise known as weather reports. The trouble with weather reports is that from time to time the location of the thermometer, or the time of day when it is read, changes. Also the location is usually directly adjacent to human habitation, which over time tends to have more humans, more cars, and more parking spaces, all of which tends to warm things up. This requires numerous very large “corrections”, which corrections are pulled out of the rectums of NASA’s climate “scientists” – who sound more like cultists than scientists. One of the commenters asks of one such correction:

Did anyone ever figure out how the trends in the interior of Greenland could exceed the trends actually observed at stations*? Since there are no stations in the interior, the trends there must be computed by interpolating from nearby (coastal) stations

According to NASA’s climate data, GISS, calculated from surface stations, the world is getting hotter primarily in places where there are no surface stations.

Of course cutting a few billion from climate change activism is small change compared to the core of the problem, the universities, and I cannot see Trump taking on the universities unless he makes himself King.

But two billion less for climate change activism is the first cut for the left since the cuts that happened in restoration of Charles the second. It is a start.

Further, it is going to scare the vermin into voiding their bowels, since it was the most blatantly propagandistic warming “science” that got the first cut.

The cost disease part 2

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Costs of many important things, in particular education, housing, and healthcare are rising in ways that create artificial first world poverty, the inability to afford a wife and children.

Scott Alexander wrote a superficially thoughtful and well informed examination of these problems, which analysis was made stupid by crimestop.

A lot of high intelligent well informed people responded with explanations of the problem which accurately described parts and details of the problem, but crimestop prevented them from seeing, or at least prevented them from mentioning, the big picture formed by the details they quite accurately describe. Scott has collected these intelligent and detailed responses.

Among the commenters, LukHamilton observes that increased education is likely of negative value to society, and fc123 observes we are spending an awful lot of money educating stupid people in things that are unlikely to be of use to them, but then fail to put two and two together, or if they did put two and two together, they refrain from mentioning it.

The things raising costs are described correctly enough, but are treated as an assemblage of random unrelated facts. Things just supposedly happen to be this way supposedly for no apparent reason, and the fact that we cannot seem to do anything about these things also supposedly has no apparent reason.

Dumping Flynn

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Dumping Flynn looks weak and will encourage the left to go after more scalps. And the people that were after Flynn are seeking war with Russia and Syria. War is easy, peace is hard, for it is always easier to create disorder than maintain order.

But, on the other hand, Flynn was expendable. On studying his career, I find he was a neocon, and an advocate of Coin (counter insurgency warfare). There is no such thing as counter insurgency warfare. There is only warfare. The stronger force wins, the weaker force loses, unless a large outside power (the Soviet Union or the United States State Department) has its thumb on the scales. In warfare, you don’t worry all that much about hearts and minds, for if you have to choose between being loved and being feared, you choose to be feared. If choosing to be loved was a realistic option, it would not be war. It would be social work.

If every time someone shoots at you from a girl’s school, you incinerate the school with girls and teachers inside, people stop shooting at you from girl’s schools. Or, more likely, the girls decide to skip attending school for the duration of the war.

The reason the Taliban has defeated the US in Afghanistan is that the US forces are infested with lawyers, the political commissars of the State Department, while the Taliban is not. The Taliban has the close equivalent of lawyers, priests, but their priests are interested in winning, they are warrior priests, while the State Department, the Blue Empire, is more interested in defeating the Pentagon, the Red Empire, than defeating the Taliban. If one side is fighting by police rules, and the other fighting by warrior rules, of course the warriors will defeat the police.

So quite possibly Trump initially chose Flynn as a compromise candidate, to sooth his enemies until his Pentagon powerbase is more secure, and is merely ditching him earlier than planned.

The hard core Trumpist position is that Russia should be allowed to be Russia, rather than being forced to accept progressivism, but Muslims should be smacked around till they stop making war on us. To get the Pentagon behind this position, he needs to do a Grenada – decisively defeat some penny ante bunch of Islamic extremists, preferably in cooperation with Russia. Maybe set up safe zones in Syria with the cooperation of the Russian and Syrian government.

The cost disease

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Some leftists and a PC libertarian have noticed that progress is not progressing: Education, healthcare, and infrastructure is getting much more expensive without improving in quality, and in many respects declining in quality. Doctors no longer make house calls. Education teaches ignorance and stupidity. Infrastructure has brutalist architecture. Naturally they are completely mystified about what is causing it because crimestop makes them stupid.

First world poverty – the inability to afford a wife and children – is as artificial as the Ukraine famine. It is not a natural result of technology. Rather it is a manifestation of ever escalating left wing repression. Parents are forced to pay ever higher prices to send ever fewer children to ever lengthier periods in institutions of left wing propaganda. Used to be that getting a school leaving degree at the age of twelve showed you were a smart hard working kid. Now getting a PhD in intersectional feminist basketweaving at the age of thirty shows you are an idiot.

The ever escalating suppression of jobs forces people to live ever closer to the revolving door between regulators and regulated. Anarcho tyranny destroys housing and prevents the creation of new housing. Credentialism intended to force people to attend ever lengthening lectures on leftism forces people to waste their youth.

Reverse degree inflation, children become profitable once more. Cut regulation, price of housing falls because people can get jobs without having to live next to the regulatory revolving door. Restore marriage 1.0. Marriage then gives you the security to produce children and invest in them.

In a previous post Fixing Housing Healthcare and Education, I address those fixes.

In this post I will also address the  problem of overpriced infrastructure spending.

The rise in education costs is runaway rule by priests. Most education is useless, and gets more useless at the higher levels. If you ask why we are giving more stupid people more useless education even though it costs much more than it used to, then you also have the answer to why it costs more. If you have priests in charge, they will make everyone go to church all the time. Our education system is the state church making everyone go to church and attend religious festivals. It is time for the Dissolution of the Monasteries. We need degree deflation.

Our education system is state church making everyone go to church and attend religious festivals. In other words, degree inflation To deal with this, needs a full on attack on priestly power. We need a revolutionary transfer of power analogous to the dissolution of the monasteries.

After crushing the priestly class, then we can deflate credentials.

The priests need to be subjected to the Bishop, the Bishops to the Archbishop, and the Archbishop to the King. The Dean of a university should be appointed by the board, the Dean should have the power to hire and fire professors, and all academic funding should go through university, which is to say through the dean. If the Pentagon wants a professor at MIT to research something, it should pay MIT, not the professor. I discuss disempowering the priesthood and dissolving the monasteries in Draining the Swamp and in The Cathedral Defined.

The problem with Healthcare is that a system of cross subsidies and transfers results in a non price system, where there is no competition on price and quality. They abolished the free market in order to provide hidden subsidies from men to women, from whites to blacks, and from the rich to the poor, resulting in socialist levels of efficiency. Compare and contrast with Singapore, India, and Thailand that have free market sectors in medicine.

When you regulate healthcare so that the husband of a woman with complications of pregnancy winds up subsidizing the services provided to half a dozen women getting abortions, the result is that both the facility providing pregnancy care, and the facility providing abortions are given regulatory immunity from price competition, resulting in socialist levels of efficiency.

For healthcare to be efficient, you cannot allow people for whom healthcare is free to go in by the same door and face the same triage nurse as people who pay for their healthcare. If you want people to pay for their healthcare, they had better not see a pile of drug addicts looking for free drugs and vagrants looking for free room and board in the queue ahead of them. And you will only get efficient reasonably priced healthcare if people do in fact pay for it themselves.

Infrastructure is inefficient to the extent that it is provided by socialist means.

If I hire some people to fix my privately owned road, they come in, fix it, are done in no time. Council workers fixing council roads take a little longer. If, however, a road is being done on a federal tourist development grant, being paid for by people far away, well, when the cat is away the mice will play. That road takes a couple of years to do. Socialism is bad for infrastructure costs, especially when Democratic Party Politicians start importing vote banks, and federal socialism is worse for infrastructure costs, even if Republicans are in charge.

Infrastructure costs reflect in varying degrees, socialism, Parkinson’s law, and Democratic Party vote banks: The subway systems tend to become welfare programs for blacks, employing large numbers of blacks for their votes without any real expectation of any useful work. The most egregious examples of outrageous infrastructure costs are Democratic party vote banks, where ever more people with a Democratic Party voter profile are employed to do ever less work.

Educational inflation, (degrees are inflated in the sense that even stupid lazy people get the degree these days, and they are also inflated in that they cost a hell of a lot more) is a reflection of priestly power. Priests need to be disempowered.

Medical inflation is a result of the non market economy, that medical facilities (doctors are mere cogs within a “facility”) do not compete on price and quality.

Housing inflation is a result of regulation, zoning, and ethnic cleansing.

Infrastructure inflation is Parkinsons law: Socialist production always gets more expensive over time – and Democrat politicians hiring Democratic Party voting blocks worsens this natural tendency.

Vox, observing gigantic bureaucracies flailing incompetently, says

By the same token, while we know now that it’s certainly possible to set up a website that works as intended, we also know that on the launch date the Obama administration had not, in fact, built such a website. That embarrassing governance failure undermined the president’s signature policy initiative in serious ways, with crucial long-term repercussions.

But Vox was disinclined to wonder why the website failed.

It failed because women and minorities were in charge of setting it up. They threw ever more enormous amounts of money at it. Nothing worked until they brought in an emergency team that just happened to consist entirely of white males and east Asian males. This closely parallels the fact that Democratic Party administrations whose infrastructure building teams are full of people who profile as Democratic Party voters tend to produce Democratic Party majorities but not to produce very much infrastructure.

The first confrontation between the Trumpenreich and the permanent government.

Monday, February 6th, 2017

If Trump, vivat rex, appeals to the supreme court and wins, a Pyrrhic victory. But do not fear, there will be many more confrontations.

if he appeals to the supreme court, loses and cucks out, then he is, like Reagan, just another speed bump in front of the progressive steamroller.

If he appeals to the supreme court, loses, and ignores them, a huge victory.

When Kevin Rudd attempted to slow the exponentially increasing flood of “refugees” to Australia (most of them not from war torn countries but from India and Bangladesh) the courts aggressively overruled him, expanding their authority. When Tony Abbott actually stopped the flood of “refugees”, the courts aggressively overruled him, further expanding their authority. “Refugees” remained stopped, eventually resulting in courts suddenly and quietly accepting a diminution of their authority to merely judicial matters.

Trump’s confrontation has not started as auspiciously as Tony Abbott’s confrontation, but then Tony Abbot had the benefit of Kevin Rudd in front of him. Kevin Rudd had promised to stop the “refugees” and failed, and then Tony Abbot promised to stop the “refugees” and thus had implicitly promised to ignore the courts, and had a mandate to do so.

So far, Trump is acting more like Kevin Rudd than Tony Abbott, which worries me. But Trump is twice the man that Tony Abbott was, and ten times the man that Kevin Rudd was. So I hope and expect that this will change when the time is right to strike down his enemies.

The solution I would really love to see is congress fire the United States Court of Appeals for The Ninth Circuit and institute a new bench of solid Trump judges, as the constitution explicitly provides for. But congress is full of cucks.

Trump is going to exhaust all legal remedies. He will appeal this to the supreme court once his judge gets put on the bench.

As commander-in-chief, Trump can, legally, declare martial law, formally adjourn Congress, send all judges to military prisons, and govern by executive degree. That might be unwise at this time, but a good confrontation with the judiciary with the judiciary acting in a blatantly unlawful manner could bring us a good step closer.

Courts predictably rule Trump’s election platform illegal

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

The judicial order is clearly illegal, being an exercise of executive, not judicial, authority, as it was in Australia. In Australia Tony Abbott ignored the courts, and found loyalists to enforce his will. Courts then went quiet, no drama ensued, and the precedent that the executive gets to make executive decisions is now respected in Australia, for the moment, despite the fact that Tony Abbott has been replaced by someone obviously weak kneed.

Upon being successfully defied, the Australian courts acted guilty, rather than outraged, eventually accepting their loss of status, and have made no attempt to reclaim the inflated status that they previously enjoyed and successfully claimed. They have been successfully humbled, and remain humbled.

After the Flight 93 election

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Comes the hour, comes the man. Trump, vivat rex, is president, and may well take the throne and save America from catastrophe.

But what happened at Berkeley University when Milo attempted to give a talk shows that winning, we can never afford to lose again – if there is danger we might lose, we cannot afford a free and fair election, for the left intends to devour us. The stakes are now too high to allow democratic elections to continue. A single defeat will be absolutely permanent and fatal. Once in power they will utterly crush us, and never give white males a chance to regain power. So we have to do them before they do to us.

They have stopped listening, they will not hear. So, inevitably they fear us, demonize us, and will attack us, are beginning to attack us. Berkeley is Krystalnacht for “racists”. We therefore have to attack them, in a more organized, efficient, systematic, and deadly fashion, to ensure that they will never regain political power.

The attacks in Berkeley were done under the protection of a police no arrest policy and where there is a police no arrest policy, you can be pretty sure that the person issuing those orders to the police, is the same person issuing orders to the rioters, and that destruction and the conflict between police and rioters has been scripted and choreographed, usually by someone who loathes and despises rank and file cops.

You can also be sure that if we did the obvious thing and organized some brownshirts to protect our freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, the original purpose of Hitler’s brownshirts, that no arrest policy would be instantly dropped.

So, if brownshirts are out, then blackshirts. Fortunately Trump, vivat rex, is president

Trump, vivat rex, has threatened Berkeley funding, and his FBI (yes, the FBI is mostly loyal) is examining that no arrest order and examining Berkeley for complicity in organizing the riots.

Imagine if Hillary was president. Then any campus that did have an arrest policy would be getting the black-lives-matter treatment from the justice department, and pretty soon there would be a no-arrest consent agreement to allow antifa to beat people up and set fire to stuff.

Once you have the terrorists out of the cockpit, you do not let more terrorists board the plane on the next stop. If they had won this election, their victory would have been permanent and irreversible. They would have crushed us with physical violence, and brought in a hundred million black male military age Muslim voters to maintain the superficial appearance of democracy. If they win any subsequent election, their victory will also be permanent and irreversible.

The basic theory of democracy is that instead of holding a civil war, every so often you count heads, declare who would have won if you had actually held a civil war, and proceed in a civilized manner, thus avoiding a lot of death and destruction. But if you count women and blacks you are not really doing this. Further, if one side will not listen to the other, and thus inevitably demonizes the other, you are not going to get enough civility for the losers to peacefully acquiesce. The left is not civil enough for us to peacefully acquiesce. Should we hold an election and they win, we just cannot afford to yield power, so best not to hold anything like a fair election.

Politics, they say, is war by other means. With “no platforming” it has become war by familiar means. If they have the power, they will not allow us a platform. We have the power, we dare not allow them a platform.