Courts predictably rule Trump’s election platform illegal

The judicial order is clearly illegal, being an exercise of executive, not judicial, authority, as it was in Australia. In Australia Tony Abbott ignored the courts, and found loyalists to enforce his will. Courts then went quiet, no drama ensued, and the precedent that the executive gets to make executive decisions is now respected in Australia, for the moment, despite the fact that Tony Abbott has been replaced by someone obviously weak kneed.

Upon being successfully defied, the Australian courts acted guilty, rather than outraged, eventually accepting their loss of status, and have made no attempt to reclaim the inflated status that they previously enjoyed and successfully claimed. They have been successfully humbled, and remain humbled.

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  2. Brit says:

    I am delaying starting a mortgage in England because of the possibility that I might move to Trumpenreich in a few years. Presumably if this all works out we are going to see the left set up shop in a new power center (Europe), and a brain drain westwards

    • jim says:

      In the next few days, the future of the Trumpenreich will become apparent. I am optimistic, but the progs are striking back.

      Early days yet. The progs expect him to cuck out. Maybe he will. The confrontation between Trump and the permanent government has not yet begun, and there is no guarantee that he has the will for victory.

    • pdimov says:

      The power center of the left is the State Department and I don’t see it moving to Europe, although who knows.

  3. Jack Highlands says:

    The more I think about this, the more I realize the judiciary has been the biggest hurdle all along.

    The Donald trumped GOPe policy and GOPe cucks by adopting the Sailer strategy – he knew they’d lost touch with the base. He trumped GOPe money by being rich and smart. He trumped the (((MSM narrative))) by appearing at a moment in history when they’d confined themselves to an echo chamber. By spending 30 years apprenticing for the job of media lion-tamer, he beat them down for a billion+ in free media. He trumped the Dems by hard, smart work: he saw what they could not, that their fringe coalition is unraveling.

    But the Trojan Horse judiciary- there is no such smart knotsmanship there. He must simply take his sword and slash it (though the cut may not be obvious right away). This will be raw power in action and it will change the country forever.

    He has a choice here: take this long stride toward Empire, or wait on the far shore. But if the latter, they will grind him down and he’ll lose.

    • jim says:

      Trump is going to have to defeat the Judiciary, as Tony Abbot did.

      Tony Abbot spent a long time dithering like Hamlet until the Judiciary totally backed him into a corner and gave him absolutely no alternative. Maybe the same thing is going to happen with Trump.

    • Eli says:

      Can he act as he wishes, already? On one hand, the judiciary is still a respected institution and he has not purged the executive. So it seems, when that is done and only when there is enough events to show the public how much the system is stacked against him that he can act decisively and ignore their directives.

      On the other hand, if he senses a strong support in the lower ranks, and if he worries that by not acting he undermines their support, he might have to act in spite of huge risks.

      Curiously enough, the Constituion grants him the power of pardoning criminals. He even has the power to future-pardon. Hence he can issue use de facto immunity to himself and people who follow his lead.

      • Cavalier says:

        When the illusion falls away, men hang from ropes, muh constitution be damned.

        • Eli says:

          To make the illusion fall away clearly he needs to grant immunity to his loyalists to implement his will. Otherwise, illusion will remain reality.

          • Cavalier says:

            You misunderstand. I mean to say that if he “future-pardons” himself and his loyalists, and loses, he and they will hang, muh constitutionality be damned, for iron, cold iron, is master of men all.

  4. Jack Highlands says:

    Jim, all of us dissidents, Alt, Grey and Trumpian alike, have known for a long time that the entire Judicial Branch has become a Trojan Horse for The Temple to sneak its agenda in without bothering to consult the people.

    Trump and his potentates know they must deal decisively with this issue, and there is no better time for a first opportunity than with this Bush-appointed cryptoprog, Robart.

    Time is essential – no ‘grinding excessive slow’ right now. He will bring everything to bear to ram this appeal through quickly. Problem is the whole legal system is now set up to not only be a Trojan Horse, but one that can grind to a halt anytime Odysseus throws sand down into the wheels.

    he Tr

    • Cavalier says:

      If appealing, treating judicial ruling as writ of law, as power superior to his own. Someone will be sovereign. If Trump obeys the order of that federal judge, he is treating the judiciary as sovereign. If Trump “rams the appeal through”, quickly or not, he is playing in their sandbox. If Trump does not rout the judiciary, does not flip over the sandbox, does not strip that judge of rank and title and send him packing, nothing he does will matter.

      • jim says:

        If he appeals to the supreme court and wins, a Pyrrhic victory, but there will plenty more confrontations to come, so plenty of opportunities for a real victory.

        If he appeals to the supreme court, loses, and ignores them, a YUGE victory.

        if he appeals to the supreme court, loses and accepts it, then he is, like Reagan, just another speed bump in front of the progressive steamroller.

        We shall see.

  5. IDentifiable Friend says:

    Thank God, let those justices be Putin their proper place.

  6. TheBigH says:

    Why is Trump accepting the ruling?

    • jim says:

      Trump, vivat rex, is appealing the ruling. Tony Abbott exhausted all legal channels and bent over backwards to comply, before finally just ignoring the courts. Could be that he has decided to walk in Tony Abbott’s path. I hope that this is the case.

      If he appeals, and behind the back door, threatens to do the courts what Tony Abbot did, they will likely rule in his favor, like the “switch in time that saved nine”.

  7. Cavalier says:

    It’s almost like one shouldn’t challenge the guy with the guns and the will to use them.

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