Warmism and the old Gods of Mexico

Warmism is an updated and rebranded version of the old Mexican religion, demon worship. The priests announce that unless human sacrifices are made, the sun will cease to rise.

And, guess what, this gives the priests a whole lot of influence over which people get sacrificed to sun god, and which people do not. Thus we find the priests of global warming involved in all sorts of highly lucrative schemes whereby carbon indulgences are sold, and subsidies handed out, with the result that certain priests of global warming get a whole lot of money, for example the carbon indulgences sold by Carbonscape.

The demons were worshiped through cannibalism, sodomy, and transvestism.  (That is how you can tell that they were demons, rather than angels or saints.)  While we no longer have literal cannibalism, the food to fuel program has similar results, and we still have sodomy and transvestism as priestly acts demonstrating priestly holiness, as for example in Earth Worship conducted by Less Wrong.

Certain Indian nations were somewhat ticked off that the Aztecs were always sacrificing them, and they were not sacrificing Aztecs, and therefore took advantage of Cortez’s invasion to revolt against the Aztecs. Whereupon it became apparent that their priests were secretly in cahoots with the Aztec priests to facilitate Aztec domination of their people and Aztec cannibalism of their people – that the Gods would make announcements through the temples of the revolting tribes that were planned and coordinated in the Aztec capital. In other words, the old Gods of Mexico made their proclamations via peer review.

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  2. m says:

    For a supposed master of hiring + firing, Trump has been bad doing so in government:

    – Fires Flynn on a bad pretext, tries hiring Robert Harward who is GC + deep state, then hires McMaster who is also GC + deep state + pro-Islam

    – Doesn’t fire Comey who’s a known piece of shit when he becomes president

    – Hires Kelly at DHS who is GC + deep state + pro-economic immigration instead of Kobach

    – Hires Tillerson who is GC + believes in global warming + not pulling out of climate accords

    – Doesn’t fire most of the top level Obama appointees that are doing lots of the leaks. See : http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/02/18/top-ten-holdover-obama-bureaucrats-president-trump-can-fire-today/

    – Doesn’t fire the Obama acting head AG until she publicly refuses to defend Trump’s immigration ban

    – Doesn’t control Sessions + lets Sessions recuse himself without Trump’s permission

    – Doesn’t get rid of GC Paul Ryan when he could have, now we’ll be getting Obamacare lite

    List can continue…

    • jim says:

      Worrying, but early days yet. Trump specified freedom to provide insurance across state lines, which is an arcane legal barrier against Obamacare light.

      If the final plan does not legalize unrestricted insurance across state lines, then it is Obamacare disguised to look like not Obamacare.

      If the final plan does legalize unrestricted insurance across state lines, then it is free market healthcare disguised to look like Obamacare.

      The current Trump plan is free market healthcare, plus welfare for the unlucky, the chronically sick, and the poor. Obamacare was designed so that the welfare component eats the market component, and if you are on the market component, you are screwed, so everyone gets on the welfare component. So, the question with the Obamacare replacement is: Is the free market component protected from being eaten by the welfare component?

  3. James says:

    It is time for you to publish a book, so that I can buy it. Even if it is just a self-published reprint of all you have posted here, I want it on my shelf for posterity.

  4. Eli says:

    Could you provide some sources regarding the sodomy and transvestism assertion?

  5. Cavalier says:

    >The spending is also out of control, but the mandates are worse, because the mandates are how they force White boys to sit through 1488 hours of Hitler stuffed six million Jews and one clown into the ashtray which is why you have to be nice to Timmy who’s a girl now so he can try to make things awkward with the girls in the girls’ room, and so on

    kek/10, brought a tear of laughter to my eye

  6. peppermint says:

    There’s too much mandates in education. The spending is also out of control, but the mandates are worse, because the mandates are how they force White boys to sit through 1488 hours of Hitler stuffed six million Jews and one clown into the ashtray which is why you have to be nice to Timmy who’s a girl now so he can try to make things awkward with the girls in the girls’ room, and so on. Increasing spending while decreasing mandates is a good plan.

    There’s too much mandates in healthcare which is how they force White men to subsidize everyone else. Getting rid of mandates while giving it away free to niggers as they always have anyway is a net win.

    Telling niggers that he’s going to create jobs in the inner cities by getting rid of crime is a net win for niggers and for humans.

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      See, this is a point that a lot of the AltRetard fails to get: we have to live with the niggers, so until we can conquer Africa and use our half-breeds as a ruling face, we need to make their lives bearable so they stop making ours unbearable. Crushing their criminal element and protecting them economically from Jews and Asians so they can make a living means they stop attacking Whites and burning down their towns. Prevent Black women from grass hut polygamy and fucking around means black men will leave white women alone and stop raping them. Once they are relatively civilized, they will be our agents of rule over Africa, much as the better class of Hispanics will be over South America.

      Anglo-Russian Master Race Empire.

      The Shadowed Knight

      • peppermint says:

        » we need to make their lives bearable so they stop making ours unbearable

        if we’re nice enough to muzzies, they’ll stop blowing up at us, and they fact they do it means someone isn’t being nice enough and that’s terrible

        but if we’re mean enough to alt-retards, they’ll stop saying mean things that cause people to experience the emotion of sadness, and the fact that they do it means someone isn’t being mean enough and that’s terrible

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        The only way you can get any use out of mudpeople (i have a hard time imagining why you would even want to bother, but im sure some scenario may exist hypothetically) is if you are already predisposed to and understanding of the benefits of just genociding them completely outright.

        If you’re not, your objects will sense this intuitively, and engage in successive special pleading until all of a sudden you find yourself digging into that college fund you set up for the kids you haven’t quite got around to having yet to send money to the center for migrant aid and resettlement because after all only an *alt-righter* would be opposed to that and you certainly wouldn’t want your peers to think you’re an *alt-righter* right?

        • Theshadowedknight says:

          There is the AltRight, which does things like plan to replace the left and destroy them for trying and failing to destroy Whites. Then there is the AltRetard, which wants to worship a kike in a bunker who killed millions of Whites, and think that the real right wing is the left wing of the last century.

          I am loud and proud AltRight. I am going to put the AltRetards in camps with the rest of the leftists the second we stop needing them. Socialism is a cancer on the White race. It is killing us, and it needs chemotherapy.

          The Shadowed Knight

      • pdimov says:

        “we have to live with the niggers”

        Why are the two halves of the false dilemma always “we have to live with them” and “we have to exterminate them”? What’s wrong with leaving them alone in their own countries, on their own continent?

        (Notice how this one weird trick works not just for niggers, but for other races, ethnicities, and nose sizes? Few know this.)

        • Cavalier says:

          Africa is incredibly valuable real estate. It has all manner of precious metals, natural resources, cool geographical features, and a great climate. It’s also massive: http://i.imgur.com/Z93p7VR.jpg

          Tremendous, unbelievable living space—and how much arable farmland is that? Certainly enough to feed the present world population several times over.

          We would have to be insane to leave Africa uncultivated.

          • pdimov says:

            “great climate”

            Great infectious diseases, made greater by antibiotic resistance. But don’t let me stop you; move there if you like, nothing wrong with that.

            • Cavalier says:

              Obviously the mosquitos must be killed, the swamps must be drained, and cities habitable by humans must be erected. Also, few aspire to be primatologists; we can start with the minority in South Africa, but other humans must be imported.

          • Theshadowedknight says:

            Ding, ding! Thank you, Cavalier. If we do not exploit Africa, then China will. Better that we have it than China have it. We will need administrators, and people do well if they are ruled by people like them. Use our Euro-Africans to administer the African continent, and use the spoils to maintain hold over same.

            The Shadowed Knight

            • pdimov says:

              “We will need administrators, and people do well if they are ruled by people like them.”

              Which is why Liberia was much more successful than Rhodesia and South Africa.

              I can’t muster much respect for this “we’ll have to nurture our niggers because we’ll need them to administrate Africa one day” plan, but maybe it’s just me. Either way, to repeat, don’t let me (or history) stop you. Nurture niggers to your heart’s content.

              • Cavalier says:

                I feel confident that our compatriot Mr. Knight supports our plan to make Africa great as England once made America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand great, he just doesn’t quite know how to go about it. Through no fault of his own, he doesn’t yet realize that the white man’s burden is a thing of the past, a dusty relic of times gone by. As such, we shall attempt no more colonization. We shall make no more attempts at uplifting, of “civilizing”, primitive species. We shall make Africa great by first Boering it to death.

                • jim says:

                  Assume that we get the same system as conservative Muslims get: Conservative Muslim fathers in the US keep their daughters virgin and marry them off to older and economically successful conservative Muslim males. This is effectively illegal for Christians, but Muslims get a pass. Assume an official government backed Christianity that allows, and pretty much requires, this system. We will then have rapid eugenic population growth. It will then be possible over time to displace and replace the current African population.

                • pdimov says:

                  You should also add the additional assumption that the eldest son inherits the entire estate.

              • Cavalier says:

                One might even call it our manifest destiny.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          Im all for each race going their own ways in their own spaces.

          I just also like to highlight the inevitability of conflict and that not shying away or seeing the upside of such notions that reach to the furthest remove is the key to avoid cuckdom.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            (Could you re-state that please? Me no unner-stand fancy sentence structure.)

  7. viking says:

    boring speech written stuff, back to 250 anniversary theme odd

  8. viking says:

    ryan ownens mom or wife pointed out – never understood why people allow themselves to be used like this really disgusting and phony anyway shes in tear they milk it for like 5 whole minutes no one want to be first to stop clapping hes clapping loudest and really weirdly when he finally stop they do

    quotes the bible then back to ryan this is getting bizarre the clapping resumes all over againdidnt ryans dad bash trump all week?

    segue to nato but they gots to pay says they already started paying him sounds like bullshit to me. then says we have to be nations says his job is not to represent the world but to represent the us dems wont clap for that

  9. viking says:

    ok its a pretty boring speech same old political BS
    calling out more niggers who are crime victims must have half of dc niggers squirreled away in here. love to see how the teleprompter ebonics the nigger names for trump to pronounce

    not gong to start any wars unless israel insists so just in case will spend more on military then any time in history oink oink goes congress.

    • jim says:

      When Trump started his address to the joint houses of congress by saying “civil rights” my heart sank, because “civil rights” usually means you should let an aids infested transvestite vomit over you, and then you will be forced to lick the vomit up and tell the transvestite ze is stunning and brave.

      But then Trump proceeded to redefine “civil rights” so that instead of meaning hating whites, it means not hating whites.

  10. viking says:

    Moronic ideas about heath saving accounts and tax cfedits to buy free health care calling kemp
    and going to shake down drug companies obama style
    why cant we be friends dems

    paid family leave womens health investment and military go together

    rare disease day shill pointed out -applause for some sick idiot/ throwing up in my mouf a bit yada yada boo hoo boo hoo

    fda is bad regulation is bad thats why rare disease girl suffers

    education is civil right sd no nigger left behind redux this time will be different all we need is more money for school choice and niggers and spics will learn -point to niggers called placenta or something she was stupid but them went to a college where niggers get passed autmatically and an aa job and now she cool see niggers can learn grades are racist

    chicago is a jungle all niggers should have high payng jobs so stop killing cops and we will give yoy free shit niggers

  11. viking says:

    ryan rises dutifully for infrastructure line

    many dems are dressed in all white like col sanders hmmm
    buy american hire american and some 70 s songs played like that one about the cb radios and truckers

    repeal ocare -will drop mandate to pay for it and just give it away free- feel me now nigger?

    now you can keep your dr your plan and your money cant trump trump

    but listen i cant sweaT THE DETAIL IM A BIG IDEA GUY so im calling on congress to handle this

  12. viking says:

    even a bunch of democrats rose in applause for tariffs on rice burners to help harley davidson

    theyre taking advantage

    immigration reform depresses wages canada and aistrailia discern against niggers and let in smart chinks why can we no one applauds

  13. viking says:

    supreme court pick so good,he even immediately contradicted me in public and said i troubled him how great is that

    unemployment and poverty rampant obama bad man nafta china bad i inherited a mess so dont get your hopes up

    nationalist economics is the plan lower corp tax is the means

    and massive tax releif for middle class ryan is smirking

  14. viking says:

    keystone pipline- applause
    american pipe by god
    applaud for TPP muffled
    crushing the cartels treatment programs
    border security muffled applause
    great great wall applause and squeals of pork
    love it or leave it\
    says he will chase isis from mosul back into syria so he can re start ww3

    also will start shit with iran and their allies russia and china because israel says i must

  15. viking says:

    its been a month let me brag i and i alone have made all these corps come back to america
    The stock market the trump bump
    i jewed down lockhead on the f16 and airforce one
    draining the swamp lobby ban applause by those he fucked over on the lobbying jobs
    2 for one regs
    hire freeze
    coal miners daughters

    • Cavalier says:

      I just watched the speech.

      * “We’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare, because Obamacare sucks but everyone deserves healthcare no matter whether they can pay for it or not, which is totally unlike Obamacare because Donald Fucking Trump Is President Nao.”

      * Rare disease survivor, whoo! Graduating from Notre Dame! Admit the genetic failure Darwinian dead-end female to the elite school; bump the healthy white future patriarch.

      * “Now let’s all stare awkwardly at the token ghetto dwelleress dressed up in people clothing. Your tax dollars and scholarship funding were spent to give her a master’s degree in social work.” Wait, there are master’s degrees in social work? Why are there master’s degrees in social work? Where in the world could one possibly get a master’s degree in social work? Who in the world would take seriously a master’s degree in social work?

      I’m insulted, I really am. Even by Trump.

  16. viking says:

    Trump opens on the theme of nigger history month then segues into the work still needed to be done particularly anti semitism.. cuck a doodle doooooooooooooo he has some nigger shills sitting next to his wife.

    says allies will find america is ready to lead

    for too long middle class shrank globalism sucks detroit borders drugs yada yada infrastructure then came the trumpening and he is the one the earthquake announced maga

    rust belt revival veterans infrastructure gleaming niggers made human maga

    • jim says:

      Sure he does – and then proceeds to redefine civil rights so that instead of civil riots being rioting and hating whitey, Civil Rights is not hating whitey. Pretty much the way he did the holocaust.

      You will recall how Daily Stormer loved it when he commemorated the holocaust.

      • viking says:

        well paint me a 80s cuckserve but the only thing I want to hear about civil rights is a total repeal of affirmative action. after immigration nothing is as important

        • jim says:

          It is impolitic to say “total repeal of affirmative action” but “protecting our policemen” is code for a major start on that.

  17. viking says:

    MEXICO CITY — U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly pledged Thursday that America won’t enlist its military to enforce immigration laws and that there will be “no mass deportations.”

    Only hours earlier, President Donald Trump suggested the opposite. “It’s a military operation,” Trump said Thursday at the White House.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      (Nothing scarier than uncertainty.)

    • viking says:

      regarding the leaked DHS paper on how Trumps travel ban is stupid the DHS had this to say

      While DHS was asked to draft a comprehensive report on this issue, the document you’re referencing was commentary from a single intelligence source versus an official, robust document with thorough interagency sourcing. The . . . report does not include data from other intelligence community sources. It is incomplete.

      Its interesting to note they dont say its rubbish that the rouge has been put in front of a firing squad for treason or contradict that its a well known fact that niggers from these seven nations are bad hombres.One has to wonder did the neocucks put one over on trump yet again on his pick for head of DHS

    • peppermint says:

      Trump is not a cuck. Remember how He responded to the smarmy little kike who asked Him about anti-Semitism. He said it was insulting. The lollercaust and anti-Semitism are emotional blackmail – if you’re not the kind of guy who stuffs six million Jews and one clown into the ashtray you’ll do X – and it’s insulting.

      Trump got to the core of the issue and said what I was thinking when I wasn’t even saying what I was thinking, because He has balls of steel and He’s not a cuck.

      • viking says:

        President Donald Trump, who staked his campaign on a hard-line approach to illegal immigration, now says he is open to considering possible legal status for some undocumented immigrants as part of a compromise to overhaul the nation’s immigration system.

        • jim says:

          Usually these “compromises” go only one way. How many times have we done the deal “Amnesty for secure borders” and not received secure borders? I have confidence that Trump’s compromises will go the other way.

          Trump makes deals, not war. That is who he is. That is what he is. Of course he is going to compromise. But he is making deals for Americans, not against them.

          • viking says:

            I dont know Jim so far the high point is watching the lefts tears election night
            I really really hope you all are right but im not seeing it. but its early. what i find depressing is he cant communicate so he cant fight them. watch someone like anne coulter when under attack thats what needed she shreds 4 5 6 at a time crushes them and gets a laugh and hikes her skirt. nigel farage margaret thatcher even reagan. he doesnt have it upstairs he has a decent instinct but cant defend it cant critique his enemies and doesnt know when his advisors are cucking him or schooling him

            • Cavalier says:

              Ann “AIS” Coulter gets all agitated and tries to explain sophisticated(-ish) reasoning to snarky libs slinging mud and mocking her. You think she’s winning, because you agree with what she’s saying, but she isn’t.

              • jim says:

                Ann Coulter is winning. The liberals snark, but they just look stupid and ignorant.

              • peppermint says:

                the way she wins is by demonstrating that it is possible to hold those positions thus driving the Overton window to the right

  18. Jack Highlands says:

    “Certain Indian nations were somewhat ticked off that the Aztecs were always sacrificing them, and they were not sacrificing Aztecs . . .”

    So Aztecs: the Jews of Mesoamerica

  19. Mister Grumpus says:

    (I love you man.)

  20. Alf says:

    Overheard a chick say: Im not going to have children be cause Trump is destroying the environment.

    • Jack Highlands says:

      Ie, a specific instance of “I’m not going to have children because Fuck You Dad.”

      • Gilberto Carlos says:

        Wrong, that means “I’m not going to have kids with a man who listens and obeys a stupid nagging girl”

        • Alfred says:

          In her case its mostly “I am enjoying the attention I get, so why ruin it with children.” She’s 30 but good looking.

          • peppermint says:

            I tell my gf’s sister that if she doesn’t want a man who’s going to ethical polyamory on her and no-fault divorce her she wants a nazi, but good luck finding one who isn’t abrasive, a loser, or both.

            Kids in school are different now too. Lesbianism just isn’t cool anymore.

          • Ron says:

            “30s and good looking”

            So what was her excuse until now?

  21. Ansible says:

    >While we no longer have literal cannibalism

    Yes we do, what do you think they do with aborted babies?


  22. Art says:

    Curious about “Earth Worship conducted by Less Wrong”.
    Do you have a link?

    • jim says:

      Only gossip and rumor.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Are you thinking this

      or something crazier? Or both- it is from 2011, a lot can change in 6 years.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      Alexander talks a few times on his blog about attending solstice ceremonies.

      Kind of ironic that the most edgy Nazis also liked paganism.

      • Art says:

        From the link above:

        “Last Friday, the NYC Less Wrong community held their first Winter Solstice Celebration. Approximately twenty of us gathered for dinner and a night of ritual. We sang songs, told stories, and recited litanies. The night celebrated ancient astronomers, and the work that humanity has done for the past 5000 years. It paid tribute to the harshness of the universe, respecting it as worthy opponent.”

        Celebrating human achievement and viewing nature “as an opponent” sounds to me like the opposite of Earth Worship.

        • jim says:

          Ask yourself why a group of supposedly intelligent people believe in warmism and feel it is vitally important to protect “the environment”, regardless of the human cost of such protection.

          As Jews worship by eating kosher food, Warmists worship by going through the motions of recycling.

          • viking says:

            Probably for the same reason they believe the rest of leftism.We evolved to make intellectual shortcuts, and theirs tell them leftism is true and good.
            My brothers a biologist and is convinced of warming he says he sees it every day in his own field.I tell him species have been moving over, and or dying off for ever and that the earth has not actually warmed. Hes says he knows scientists would not knowingly fabricate evidence it would undermine the very fabric of their scientist identity. remind hem he told me the word biostitute was used to describe scientists who do just that and that scientists are humans and every human profession from cops to priests has corruption.He simply can not process that he is appealing to authority. Reality is neither he nor I know the truth am not sure the best climate scientists can even know.each must rely on the science of other specialists.
            Since the left has politicized everything, everything is fraught, everything must be politicized to further progress on all fronts. and so opinions are no longer opinions but heresy or not.
            NRX will face this same problem since it too wants an authoritarian culture that brooks no dissent.It may be impossible to avoid this since the more crowded the earth becomes the less we can afford different agendas.
            even if we had ethno states the world is still pretty crowded.The ocam solution about leftism is they believe they are right. Imagine 75 years ago the Rand corp told the pentagon what the future held these good christians could not do what needed to be done and eradicate the third world so instead they decided to manage it.already NRX can not bring themselves to see what needs doing.

            • jim says:

              Argument from authority is refuted by the climategate files. The climategate files reveal an intent to get a particular result by any means necessary. Not quite fraud, but a reckless indifference to evidence and reality. They are not looking for reality, but for evidence to convict mankind of crimes against nature.

              The climategate files should have discredited climate science, and indeed discredited modern science in general, should have led to peer review being profoundly discouraged or vigorously criminalized. Peer review is in practice official science working out a party behind closed doors line and a united front against outsiders.

              • viking says:

                Not quite jim, its quite possible climate change is real but some scientists are willing to lie to convince us dumb rubes brainwashed by big oil.The emails are only one of half a dozen scandals by my count. Sure one would think if the science were so sure they wouldnt have to lie. And thats certainly enough to infer the science is not as settled as they would have it. This is also bolstered by their insistence that the debate is over and over and over; obviously if they have to say it and say it repeatedly its not over.But again it is possible it ought to but over but it isnt and they are frustrated and resorting to thug tactics vilifying the opposition as nazi deniers.Some really smart and sceptical people seem to believe it possibly most scientists though its much more difficult to determine that than one would think. \
                whats clear is men of good character on both sides and it is therefore incumbent on the theorists to refute by scientific means not deceit and politics t o convince enough the controversy settles.
                That said there are excellent reason to think they can not know warming is real. Chaos theory was discovered by Lorenz attempting to model weather on a computer and what he discovered about initial conditions came to be known as the butterfly effect, its fairly absurd yo think you can predict the weather more than a week in advance let alone decades or a century. The biggest forces acting on our weather like our sun or given short shift, the biggest producers of carbon like volcanoes and termites are also ignored.The solutions to the alleged problem are always about state control and the positive effects of alleged warming ignored.why not ok its getting warmer thats going to be really good and in a few places we will build some dikes when the time comes. and in the meantime lets sterilize the third world

                • jim says:

                  The climategate files show that you should have faith in global warming because “scientists would not lie to us”. Some of them are lying some of the time, most of them are cherrypicking the evidence most of the time, and all of them are stretching the truth all of the time, for anyone who does not stretch the truth is likely to lose his job and is not going to get his stuff published or his work funded. So if you cannot trust the scientists, you have to look at the evidence yourself.

                  And if you look at the evidence yourself, it shows that there has been very little global warming in the last twenty years, and that climate changes from time to time regardless of what humans do.

              • peppermint says:

                ironically, when they bureaucratized science, it made scientists less heroic, and they love the heroic scientist archetype

                so they are fixated on the glory days of steampunk and ’50s comic books

  23. Cavalier says:

    >Whereupon it became apparent that their priests were secretly in cahoots with the Aztec priests to facilitate Aztec domination of their people and Aztec cannibalism of their people

    How could you possibly have reliable sources for this claim?

    • jim says:

      Bernal Díaz del Castillo reports that the old Gods gave orders to their rebel followers that were in the interests of the Aztecs and contrary to the interests of the rebels and the rebellion, and that these orders were issued in a coordinated fashion, from each temple simultaneously and uniformly. From this I conclude that these orders were peer reviewed.

      Bernal Díaz del Castillo writes as if the demons existed outside the minds of the priests, but I interpret him as if the demons were only real inside the heads of the priesthood.

      • Lalit says:

        But do not the spaniards have an incentive to misrepresent Aztec Society to justify their own domination of the Americas?

        • TheBigH says:

          >But do not the spaniards have an incentive to misrepresent Aztec Society to justify their own domination of the Americas?

          Uh no? The right of conquest is all they needed back then.

        • jim says:

          I have read the Aztec’s myths. They worshiped unambiguously demonic gods. Not all of their gods were demonic, but their main gods were. Their major god was an inversion and parody of Christ. Incarnated as a mortal King, instead of sacrificing himself for his people, he sacrificed his people to himself. He murdered various members of his family. Entering into alliance with another tribe, the King of that tribe gave him a daughter as a wife. He skinned her alive, dressed a boy in her skin, and publicly sodomized the boy, which his priests ritually re-enacted in public at frequent intervals. Large scale religious cannibalism is supported from numerous independent sources, and is kind of obvious from their religious myths.

          • Alrenous says:

            Part of the reason original Christianity was a massive troll: Aztec-like beliefs wouldn’t be out of place in Roman Europe/Asia minor.

          • Alrenous says:

            If Judaism is a religion in exile that will probably die before admitting it found a home…

            Christianity is a religion under seige. And it will die on one hand due to being unable to admit to having achieved peace, and on the other hand for denying that peace, once attained, could possibly be lost.

            • jim says:

              Exile is a part of the Jewish identity that is bad for them and bad for everyone around them, but they are profoundly reluctant to let go of it.

              • Cavalier says:

                71% intermarriage is what you get when you let go of Exile.

                • peppermint says:

                  The way all their daughters end up marrying niggers and rice niggers is they tell them about MLK, the Moses of Racial Equality. Exile will destroy them.

          • Mycroft Jones says:

            Holy crap. When I was visiting an Aztec ruin with the Debian project, I had a strong feeling that certain structures were used for sodomy rituals, and I said as much to some of the men around me. They said how do you know? Now you confirm it.

          • jew613 says:

            Jim, can you recommend a good book about the Aztec myths?

  24. Mike in Boston says:

    Nailed it, Jim! Bravo. I want to see this as a movie cutting back and forth between Tenochtitlan and the Potomac and the same guy wearing a Zegna suit in one era and some suitable feathers-and-skulls getup in another.

  25. Starman says:

    The Original Peer ReviewTM!

  26. Kevin C. says:

    So who will be our Cortez, then?

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Trump? One way or another people are probably not going to care about global warming after 8 years.

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