Global Warming Scientists trapped in Antarctic Denial

This expedition to Antarctica is led by global warming scientist Chris Turney, whose company, Carbonscape, sells carbon indulgences. If you sin by emitting carbon, Chris Turner will, for a suitable payment, offset your sin with his carbon offset credits.

In the course of this expedition, they have repeatedly smacked up hard against ice that their ideology said could not possibly be there, and then proceeded to act as if the ice was not there.  And then their ship got stuck.

The Global Warming research expedition, the Spirit of Mawson, aboard the Akademik Shokalskiy, has become stuck in something resembling ice, in high summer of the Antarctic.  The leader of the expedition, however, assures us that the Antarctic ice is melting, so I suppose the material that it is stuck in is denial that has taken the form of white crystals.

Three icebreakers have been sent to rescue them, but were defeated by the thickness of the ice, notwithstanding highly scientific measurements proving that antarctic ice is becoming thinner.  Doubtless Chris Turner is going to offset all that carbon expended by the icebreakers.

The purpose of the expedition was to retrace the Mawson expedition of a hundred years ago, and compare their measurements of the ice and penguins with modern observation.

There is an interesting expedition blog post, return to Mawson’s hut, which dances around the fact that one hundred years ago, when Mawson’s expedition built their base, the base area (Commonwealth Bay) was completely ice free in summer, while now the sea is covered in thick impenetrable ice that looks that it has been there a very long time.  “It felt like we were in the interior of the continent, not at its edge.”  But in Mawson’s day, the hut was at the edge.

It seems that the expedition planned to break their way through the ice to the shore, and blog that they were doing what Mawson did a hundred years ago – a plan that was quite obviously insane.

Reading between the lines of the blog posts, the original plan, of retracing Mawson’s expedition, has proven impossible, because the Antarctic icecap has grown since then, covering the seas that Mawson sailed with permanent ice impenetrable to icebreakers.

But this should have been obvious as soon as they thought to retrace Mawson’s expedition.  They could have figured out it could not be done before they did it. The project was, like most modern science, ideology over eyesight, power speaking to truth.

They just kept recklessly driving the Akademik Shokalskiy into thicker and thicker ice, as if it was an icebreaker.  It is an ice strengthened ship, which is a lightweight icebreaker.  And eventually, could go no further, which had happened before, as in the visit to Mawson’s hut, but one day, found they could not only go no further, but could not turn around and go back either.

They got stuck in the ice because they refused to acknowledge the glaringly obvious fact that Mawson’s route has long been covered by a growing antarctic ice cap, even when the ice was right in their faces, and even when the ship was making terrifying sounds as it unsuccessfully attempted to bust the ice.

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  1. Big arms says:


    Global Warming Scientists trapped in Antarctic Denial

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  5. Al Fin says:

    Helicopters removed the tourists today. The crew stayed on the ship, with plenty of supplies to last out the ice, now that the freeloaders are gone.

    Every year something like this happens in one polar region or another, or both. This year it was both.

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  7. Red says:

    The true believers are really doubling down on global warming these days. Reddit might as well be the thought police with how hard they work to stifle even mild decent on the issue. I guess you really reach the next level of holier than thou when you can deny reality itself.

    • peppermint says:

      Reddit is willing to entertain the possibility that Blacks have different genetics and lower IQs than Whites, which is a mindboggling heresy against Progressivism, and the Enlightenment, and also almost every Christian church.

      They are willing to do so because there are easy scientific arguments, and Redditors were all raised to respect scientific arguments. In the future, the Cathedral will have to include a different Scientific Method in education.

      It is very easy to explain how CO? and other greenhouse gases drive cilmate change. Arrhenius was the first warmist after he did some experiments to determine the absorption frequencies of various gases.

      We need to separate warmism, which is difficult to argue with, and I agree with, from alarmism, which is pretty obviously a watermelon conspiracy.

      • jim says:

        Arrhenius was a lukewarmer. The warming he predicted is small and desirable.

        We need short pithy word for those who claim that carbon is a sin against Gaia. Therefore, let us call them warmists, and call those who agree with Arrhenius, lukewarmers.

        • Handle says:

          I call myself a lukewarmer, and given what they’ve written, I’d say David Friedman, Dr. Roy Spencer and Drs. Lindzen and Choi as well.

          That is, adding 1 part in 10,000 CO2 to the atmosphere over the entirety of all of humanity’s fossil fuel burning and industrial activity for the last century, has probably made it a tiny bit warmer on average than the volatile climate cycles of the non-industrial counterfactual. There is also probably a tiny bit less Arctic ice.

          But – to the extent that anyone can even guess as it, which is by no means clear at all – that this is probably, on net, a good thing because it opens up the vast amount of almost-useful land at high latitudes.

          And even if it were a slightly bad thing, that the benefits from cheap fossil energy extraction, and the extra wealth our posterity will (hopefully) inherit from the extra economic activity we generate from it, is more than worth the trade-off.

          And even if it weren’t a good trade-off, that still doesn’t mean we have any good policy options to improve the situation as opposed to merely displacing emissions to other countries at serious domestic economic self-harm and no offsetting climatological benefit (because the issue is global in nature)

          The entire chain that starts with climate theory and arrives at the conclusion of an urgent need to cut emissions only in developed countries is a long string of weak links.

  8. guest says:

    Richard Fernandez summed it up precisely:

    “Someone asked me whether whether years of freezing weather would dispel a belief in global warming. I said “no”. When people find that the mother-ship doesn’t arrive on the scheduled date, they just wait some more.”

    And now they are actually stuck in ice waiting, that’s hilarious.

    Or like when Greenpeace ran a “Christmas will be canceled” ad, the very same week the lowest temperature ever was recorded in Antarctica at 135.8 degrees below zero.

    Around that time Egypt also saw snowfall, it was a once every century event…
    Atleast i never saw a camel sitting in snow before (picture)!

  9. Thales says:

    Can’t they just rev the diesel engines to increase the local CO2, thus melting the ice? /sarc

  10. Glenfilthie says:

    The human animal never changes. Back in the 50’s and 60’s empty headed fools of faith gave their life savings to holy rolling hucksters that spent it on mansions and yachts.

    So they threw out their faith in the 70’s and took up science instead. Holy crap! There’s an ice age coming!!! Everyone…!!!! PANIC!!!

    Today they give their money to climate clerics like Fat Al Gore and Chris Turner. I wonder if the others on that ship weren’t actually there to take notes on scamming stupid people by giving them a cause?

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