Black Privilege

No Limit Nigga

Martin Trayvon

This is a picture of No Limit Nigga.  If he does not much resemble the massively photoshopped image of Martin Trayvon you see everywhere, he nonetheless is a good match to the pre photoshopped image.

The knockout game

You have doubtless heard of the knockout game, where a black suckerpunches some random white in the street.

Is the knockout game happening everywhere all the time and the press and police are politely ignoring it, or is it a very rare occurrence, and evil white racists are making a big deal out of this very rare event?

A congresswomen just got hit, so, if happening to a congresswoman, happening to very large numbers of ordinary people, but only reported when Jews or politicians get attacked.

A girl, Phoebe Connolly, punched in the head, apparently as part of the knockout game, promptly gave a speech piously calling for more generous welfare for the blacks who attacked her.  If some white guy at work sent her flowers, she would have called in HR to have him fired. Girls like attention from high status males, even if it takes the form of a punch in the face, don’t like attention from low status males.  Also bears shit in the woods.

No Limit Nigga exercising the rights of blacks over whites:

In October 2012 Martin Trayvon was suspended for writing obscene graffiti on a door at his high school. During a search of his backpack, security officers found 12 pieces of women’s jewelry recently stolen from a house near the school and a screwdriver they thought had likely been used as a burglary tool.

Because No Limit Nigga was black, he was let off, and the property was not returned to the rightful owner.  If he had been white, would surely have gone to jail, and the property would have been returned.

Trayvon was enraged to be profiled by George Zimmerman because he felt entitled to rob and beat people up – and the reason he felt entitled, the reason millions of indignant and outraged people feel he was entitled, was because he was entitled to rob and beat people up.

In the arguments that immediately followed the shooting, those supporting No Limit Nigga, and condemning George Zimmerman held that George Zimmerman was white. (He was not.) That he looked white. (He does not look white.  He looks Mestizo) And that he provoked Martin Trayvon.

But that is not an argument that George Zimmerman attacked Martin Trayvon.  It is an argument that Martin Trayvon was entitled to attack George Zimmerman, that he had a right to beat the crap out out George Zimmerman without George Zimmerman defending himself. If they actually believed that George Zimmerman attacked No Limit Nigga, they would not talk about provocation.  And if they believed that No Limit Nigga had no right to beat whites up, they would not talk about whiteness.

They claimed that they believe that Zimmerman attacked No Limit Nigga, but their arguments only make sense as arguments that Zimmerman was uppity, only make sense as arguments that Zimmerman disrespected Trayvon by not letting himself be beat up, only makes sense as an argument that Zimmerman “attacked” by fighting back.

Which is why Phoebe Connolly has the hots for the guys that punched her in the face, while her contempt and derision for the white males around her has left her an aging spinster heading fast towards becoming a cat lady.  It is really our fault, not her fault, it really is the fault of white males.  Of course women are not turned on by men who submit.  They want winners, we are losing.  We should no more complain about that than women should complain that men want women who are young and slim.

In the ancestral environment, the guys who get punched in the face would not be able to provide a safe environment to raise children, and in our modern environment, the guys who get punched in the face also have trouble providing a safe environment in which to raise children.

If all men (and women) are created equal, then obviously female underperformance and black underperformance must be because the evil and astonishingly powerful white males are keeping them down.  White Privilege!

Therefore, harsh measures are needed to punish these evil white males, to end White Privilege

Strangely, the harsh measures fail to work.

Obviously therefore, harsher measures are required. Rinse and repeat, without end.

The battle of the sexes is limited by the propensity to fraternize with the enemy, but race war has no limit.

A normal war can be ended by surrender, but a war for social justice can never end short of genocide, because there can never be social justice.

For this process after umpteen repetitions, observe those parts of black Africa where the Tutsi are ruled by their inferiors.  As a result of the UN and international pursuit of equality and social justice, we see arson, mass rape and mass murder, and large numbers of Tutsi women murdered by vaginally impaling them with large objects, while the world piously and virtuously averts its eyes, and cannot bring itself to mention who is doing the impaling, and who is being impaled.  And yet even as the impalings proceed, the Tutsis are still superior.

What must be done?

Impale with bigger objects.  Only thus can the problem of Tutsi privilege be finally and permanently solved so that Black Africans can live together in the wonderful peace and harmony that existed before the evil white colonialists divided them from each other.  Progressives the world over feel a warm glow of virtue, which might be disturbed if the details of what they are doing in the Congo was examined too closely.

Those who create value tend to be wealthy, those who consume value tend to be poor.  If the government aligns itself with the poor against the wealthy, it winds up meddling with private property, and replacing the decision making process of the owners with its own decision process.

The pursuit of social justice on the basis of property rights, social justice for those who do not own property against those who do own property, leads government to massively violate property rights.

This faces government with an impossibly enormous pile of decisions which have to be made by people who can know very little of the matters they capriciously decide.  Bureaucratic chaos ensues as the amount of red tape explodes, as depicted by Hayek and Ayn Rand.  As the government operates without a budget, as it passes legislation thousands of pages long, which legislation is a set of headers for regulations tens of thousands of pages long, which entirely unworkable regulations are ignored by the regime itself and overridden by decrees casually issued in speeches.

This problem, called by economists the problem of socialist calculation, has been much studied by economists.

The equivalent problem, the problem of social justice between races and the sexes has not been similarly studied.

The the pursuit of social justice between ethnic groups leads to ethnic cleansing and pogroms, because no amount of state persecution of the superior group makes the inferior group any the less inferior. We are seeing increasing amounts of UN sponsored mass rape and ethnic cleansing, most recently in the Congo.

As with social justice between economic classes, the state is attempting to do that which cannot be done.  Disaster necessarily ensues. With race the disaster takes the more direct and visible form of outrageous ethnic violence, while with economic classes, it is rather the government strangling itself in red tape and administrative chaos.

So, how do we have a society in which this does not happen?

What is the cure?

The problem is that leftism is a slippery slope.  Indeed it is a conspiracy for finding slippery slopes, for each slippery slope creates a bunch of permanent government jobs, wherein political activists make a living solving problems that can never be solved.  The Cathedral is aware of the economic critique of leftist hostility to property rights:  Laws and regulations violating property rights mysteriously fail to achieve their objective, which is deemed reason for more laws and regulations, which also mysteriously fail to achieve their objects, till you get the total bureaucratic self strangulation exemplified by the Soviet Union and portrayed in “Atlas Shrugged”.  The Cathedral tries to resist the continual temptation to slide down this slope, not very successfully.

The Cathedral, however, is unaware of the similar slippery slope problem with privilege for inferior groups, and is sliding blindly.

The state provides “equality” for groups that are, on average, not equal.  Problems ensue.  It solves these problems at the expense of the superior group, applying unequal laws that discriminate between the groups, in favor of the inferior and against the superior.  For example it is illegal for a white to insult a black, perfectly legal for a black to insult a white, and this is continually reflected in everyday life.  The law requires everyone to support black and female self esteem, requires everyone to punish and degrade white male self esteem, the latter requirement being highly visible on television.

That white males are legally at the bottom of the totem pole deprives them of structural alpha.  It makes white females less enthusiastic about sex and marriage.

But these laws, rather than remedying the inferiority of the inferior group make its inferiority more obvious, enraging it.  The more the inferior group is privileged, the worse it behaves, the more inferior it is, the more problems ensue, the greater privilege is demanded.

You cannot actually treat unequal groups equally.  For example if we have to restrict young people’s drinking, we have to restrict blacks drinking for similar reasons.  In America an eighteen year old is apt to be arrested for carrying a bottle of beer.  Are you more worried by a white eighteen year old with a bottle of beer or a black thirty year old with a bottle of beer?

Fertile age women should not be allowed to drink in mixed company, except under the supervision of father or husband, not because they pose a risk to others, as hard drinking males do, but because they pose a risk to themselves.  And thus we wind up with laws that say that if man and a women get drunk and have sex, and discover in the morning that they do not much like each other, the man is at fault, is in fact a rapist, unreasonably legally privileging women, and outrageously mistreating men.

We cannot restrain ourselves from giving women special protection.  If we are going to protect them from the consequences of their own actions, which inevitably we always do, we cannot give them a free hand to perform those actions.  If women are allowed to cry rape for decisions made while drunk, they should not be allowed to get drunk unsupervised.

To thrive, blacks need simpler, harsher laws, more vigorously enforced, than whites.  The average black cannot handle the freedom that the average white can handle.  He is apt to destroy himself.  Most middle class blacks had fathers who were apt to frequently hit them hard with a fist or stick or a belt, because lesser discipline makes it hard for blacks to grow up middle class.  In the days of Jim Crow, it was a lot easier for blacks to grow up middle class.

Of course a law that treats blacks differently from whites is going to be unjust to some blacks, but a law that treats someone over eighteen differently to someone under eighteen is going to be unjust to some eighteen year olds.

It is not that laws that treat different groups differently are more efficient.  We do not care about efficiency that much.  The problem is that if we refuse to treat different groups differently, we wind up solving the resulting problems by legally privileging inferior groups over superior groups, treating the superior group unequally before the law, and considerably worse.  Such privilege tends to escalate without limit.  Privileging inferior groups creates problems that result in escalating privilege.  Priviliging superior groups is self limiting.  Naturally the superior group is only privileged to the extent that it is superior.  The inferior group, however, is privileged to make it equal, but its privileges do not make it equal but instead make its inferiority more painfully apparent.

The cure is that our laws and the enforcement of the laws have to reflect race and sex realism.  Which will require a general purge of academia and government employees (especially the judiciary) of those who deny race and sex realism.  We have to reject the proposition that all men were created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights, and get rid of the entire apparatus for making this unreality real, this impossibility possible.

If we do not apply this cure, you are going to find it harder and harder to marry, harder and harder to buy a house where you can raise children, harder and harder to avoid being ethnically cleansed after the fashion of Detroit, harder and harder to have what was once regarded as a normal life.  South Africa foretells a majority minority future.


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  1. C says:

    Hey, just wondering if you can comment on the fact that the twitter handle no_limit_nigga is now being used by a Russian speaker. It appears to be twitters policy to permanently deactivate an account upon request of the family of the deceased. Therefore, it appears likely that this was never Trayvon’s account and the media made a terribly mistake in claiming that it was.

    Care to comment?

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Right, or the family has no idea how to fill out a request to twitter to deactivate the account or has no urge to do so because it doesn’t have any effect on anything to do with their lives.

    • jim says:

      Presumably, since the deceased does not really have a family …

  2. what is it worth

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  5. Zach says:

    Bravo. Nice piece.

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  7. M says:

    This post is a great summation of the problem, Jim. I’m going to send it to some friends.

    The real enemy is not blacks but the white liberal elite. And in a sense the enemy is not really them but the ideas that motivate them. They are not bad people; they’re trying to live up to a high moral standard. It’s that wrong-headed standard that’s killing us. The question is how we get smart white people to see it’s wrong.

    I suspect the answer is simply to combine spreading the word with articles like this, with said smart white people being beaten over the head enough for them to become open to reconsidering their beliefs. The public changed its mind about gun control over the last 50 years. The zeitgeist *can* change.

    Yglesias’ beating did not change his mind, which goes to show how firmly whites can hold on to what they believe is a moral ideal. A high-visibility white leftist like him will probably never change his mind, regardless of how much he personally suffered, because he would tell himself that (a) his suffering was not really representative of the actual situation, and (b) even if it was, it wasn’t the blacks’ fault, and (c) even if it was the blacks’ fault, it would be wrong to act to protect ourselves from them because it would involve immoral racial discrimination.

    Fortunately we don’t need to win over the Yglesiases, we just need to win over a critical mass of the rest of the white male population. 30 or 40 percent ought to be enough if they’re mad enough. And since there is no place for American whites to retreat to – unlike with the white South Africans, who have had Europe and Australia to escape to – we will be motivated to take action for our survival.

    What worries me more than the blacks and Mexicans is the influx of Hindus and Chinese. They are smart enough to be difficult enemies. Fortunately, if things get hot here, they will be inclined to leave for their ethnic homelands (as will the Mexicans), while we won’t have ethnic homelands to go back to (Europe being Islamified and all).

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Yglesias isn’t white.

      • jim says:

        He is half white hispanic and half Jewish. And by white Hispanic, I mean actually white, unlike George Zimmerman. To a black guy, and indeed to most white guys, he looks as white as any man.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          Oh yeah, to a black guy he’s white. Black people have a very binary view of race. I guess Mexicans have claimed some mind space with the ethnic cleansing of Compton so maybe it’s not 100% binary now.

          But there’s no way on earth Yglesias thinks of himself as white and I’m not inclined to be charitable and include him either.

    • Robert in Arabia says:

      They are arrogant self-satisfied pond scum. Aside from the elite, we have the eloi who go to Disney theme parks three times a year. I even encountered such critters who had come to Paris to visit Disneyworld Paris.

  8. Art says:

    When Phoebe Connolly mentioned after school programs I did not interepert it as a call for more welfare. More likely she wants to keep black kids locked up after school.

  9. ritser says:

    The end result of this will probably be that things go to hell visibly by mid-century and we see say the richest and most brahmin 1/5 of the US fleeing to Canada, Australia or Russia the way the english south africans did South Africa after 1990.

  10. SMERSH says:

    Probably true, but it’s too late for this sort of thing.

    Mistakes were made, blacks went feral and now they’re simply not worth it. With automation and foreign labor on the rise, they’re less worth it than ever and they’re growing less and less worth it every day.

    We would spent far more resources on governing them and bringing them back into line then we would ever gain from including them in our society.

    The solution is simple, humane and less morally compromising than the harsh measures that it would take to reform them.

    Give them their own country (somewhere near where Georgia is currently located) and then cut them loose. Seal the border for a few hundred years and forget about them.

    Otherwise you’re just repeating the same old mistakes. That cotton must have cost a few billion per bale by now.

    • spandrell says:

      Word. Blacks simply aren’t worth the trouble civilizing. If knowledge of HBD spreads that will be the obvious conclusion.

      Seal the border for a few hundred years and forget about them.

      The reopening of the border would make a fine sci-fi novel setting.

      • Red says:

        It’s our elites that need to be shipped to Africa. Blacks are by far the easiest uncivilized population to keep under control. Our elites destroy civilizations faster than than the savages do by themselves.

        • jim says:

          Blacks are race realists. The Ashantee empire knew how to make blacks act civilized.

          Black misbehavior reflects white elite tolerance.

    • Red says:

      Slavery was never about cotton, it was always about status. Nothing inflates a man’s status as much as having slaves. Hiring the Irish to pick cotton was always cheaper overall went you looked at the secondary effects of having blacks in your population.

      • spandrell says:

        Come on. Slavery was about malaria. Nobody else was able of working the southern fields. Why go all the way to Africa where half the buyers themselves would die?

        • fnn says:

          Of course malaria was introduced to the Americas by African slavers. So maybe they were bringing them over as status symbols before they were necessary.

    • maczmo says:

      “The solution is simple, humane and less morally compromising than the harsh measures that it would take to reform them. Give them their own country (somewhere near where Georgia is currently located) and then cut them loose. Seal the border for a few hundred years and forget about them.”

      No SMERSH, the solution is to take a portion of Africa, give that to them as their own country and cut them loose. Then we can just forget about them without having to create and seal borders within our own country.

  11. “The cure is that our laws and the enforcement of the laws have to reflect race and sex realism. Which will require a general purge of academia and government employees (especially the judiciary) of those who deny race and sex realism. We have to reject the proposition that all men were created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights, and get rid of the entire apparatus for making this unreality real, this impossibility possible.”

    As Conor Cruise O’Brien put it, conflicts have outcomes not solutions. Unless someone or group who has enough influence really feels the necessity, it ain’t changing.

    I am sorry Yglesias was assaulted, but it was not hard enough for him to get any sense.

    • jim says:

      Not sorry at all. Yglesias was attacked in a race hate attack that he himself advocated and encouraged, and continues to support and encourage. Whites, he tells us, have it coming, but there is absolutely no tendency for blacks to dish out what we so thoroughly deserve.

      • C’mon. He used it as a teachable moment. Unless it led to lingering, constant pain that either shut him up or taught him a lesson, it helped nothing.

  12. Glenfilthie says:

    Oh boy. There are a lot of stupid people that will be offended by that Jim. But hell, I was talking like that 5 years ago. I got egged by conservatives for doing so too.

    What bothers me is that those dummies now find themselves in a world where it’s okay to act like a nigger but against the law to be called one. I think you nailed it when you noted that they didn’t take black entitlement – we actively gave it to them.

    The Trayvon Martin case should never have made it to court. OJ Simspon should have been jailed over a decade ago. Anyone that claims otherwise is either an idiot or a racist.

    We need to walk the walk, because the niggas aren’t hearing the talk.

    • jim says:

      it’s okay to act like a nigger but against the law to be called one.

      A wonderful epigrammatic summary of black privilege. Did you originate it, or is it common currency?

      Would rephrase to parallel with the definition of anarcho tyranny:

      Everything is illegal, except crime, which is legal

      It is illegal to call someone a nigger, but legal for him to act like one.

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