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Black Privilege

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

No Limit Nigga

Martin Trayvon

This is a picture of No Limit Nigga.  If he does not much resemble the massively photoshopped image of Martin Trayvon you see everywhere, he nonetheless is a good match to the pre photoshopped image.

The knockout game

You have doubtless heard of the knockout game, where a black suckerpunches some random white in the street.

Is the knockout game happening everywhere all the time and the press and police are politely ignoring it, or is it a very rare occurrence, and evil white racists are making a big deal out of this very rare event? (more…)

Photoshopping Trayvon

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

The mainstream media have applied the magic of photoshop to convert Trayvon Martin from a menacing thug who needed killing to a sweet innocent child.

Photoshop job

Photoshop job

Eyes enlarged to reduce apparent age.  Nose reduced for cuteness.  Chinline on viewer right of image altered to reduce apparent age.  Hairline raised for larger forehead, to reduce apparent age and give a more intelligent and gentle appearance.  Facial hair reduction to reduce apparent age.

Mouth redrawn for gentle instead of menacing expression.

There are photoshop artifacts on the jawline and the mouth of the child image, revealing that the thug is the original image, and the child the photoshopped image.