Photoshopping Trayvon

The mainstream media have applied the magic of photoshop to convert Trayvon Martin from a menacing thug who needed killing to a sweet innocent child.

Photoshop job

Photoshop job

Eyes enlarged to reduce apparent age.  Nose reduced for cuteness.  Chinline on viewer right of image altered to reduce apparent age.  Hairline raised for larger forehead, to reduce apparent age and give a more intelligent and gentle appearance.  Facial hair reduction to reduce apparent age.

Mouth redrawn for gentle instead of menacing expression.

There are photoshop artifacts on the jawline and the mouth of the child image, revealing that the thug is the original image, and the child the photoshopped image.


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  1. steve says:

    Ran across this and very good points made in relation to creating an image. This is one way with adjustments of pictures similar to mood music in movies and dressing up for court. White privilege and white supremacy are now being thrown around by the progressives with the same media loaded deck without bringing up how white culture has helped blacks despite slavery and jim crow elevating people from an african third world to the first world of the united states. Media is also not talking about the reality of whites enjoying the good things from what they have created. We can’t have created everything from black labor. Finally the media is not addressing how black privilege is being pushed with entitlement thinking by blacks who are cashing in off their own people.

  2. […] This is a picture of No Limit Nigga.  If he does not much resemble the massively photoshopped image of Martin Trayvon you see everywhere, he nonetheless is a good match to the pre photoshopped image. […]

  3. Karl says:

    They added the light in the background to make his altered skin tone more convincing. Brighter room… brighter skin, amirite?

  4. RS says:

    In a way, the really funny thing is the right edge of the picture. Did they just invent that background from nothing?

    All in all, this photoshop job is definitely pretty astounding. I guess I would be more angry about it if it surprised me at all.

    • jim says:

      Or pasted it in from somewhere else. Notice that the viewer right side of the picture does not agree with the left side of the picture.

  5. RS says:

    The ‘eyeliner’ appearance certainly makes an impression of relative femininity. That’s why women use eyeliner and lipstick — they are just heightening a gender difference that already exists. There is more tone contrast in women between lip and skin, and between edge of eye and the skin.

    Basically, they repainted him relatively Euro-femme.

    • jim says:

      The little downturn they added to the outer edge of his lips gives him the sad child appearance that makes people want to take care of him.

  6. jim says:

    The eyebrow reduction, jawline alteration, and the alteration to the lips were not individually reasonable changes, though the rest of them could be rationalized as “cleaning up” the image.

    Main difference is the apparent age. The little kid could not possibly threaten the life of Zimmerman.

    Another big difference is the very slight down turn added to the outer edge of the lips, which changes the expression from someone who would not think much about killing Zimmerman, or think much of anything at all, to someone who would be horrified by violence.

  7. Alrenous says:

    Also note how all the alterations are individually reasonable. Cleaning up a shadow here and there. It’s just that such judgment calls should be randomly distributed, and instead they all point in a particular direction… They reduced his chin by slightly shrinking the whole picture, it could even be a mistake, were it not part of a pattern.

    He looks menacing? Huh. He just looks dull to me. A desperate, lonely kid attempting to fit in, because, lacking any personality of his own, without social norms he wouldn’t know what to do with his day. The lack of personality is problem one. The other is that black culture is highly self destructive, and got him killed. Proggies seem to be happy with their culture though…

    I wonder if some Proggies intuitively get that he was killed by his culture, and are desperately trying to convince themselves it was Zimmerman because they feel guilty.

    • jim says:

      Nah, they are desperately trying to convince themselves it was white racism, because if it was black aggression against mestizos, their coalition busts open on the republican issue of self defense.

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