George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin

According to George Zimmerman, he turned his back on Trayvon Martin and was walking away, whereupon Trayvon Martin chimped out and attacked him from rear left.  Circumstantial evidence supports this story, (for starters, there is no way a man like George Zimmerman is going to physically attack a man like Trayvon Martin with his fists) and there are no eyewitnesses contradicting it.

According to George Zimmerman and eyewitnesses, Zimmerman wound up on the ground, screaming for help, while Trayvon Martin pinned him down and continued to beat the $%@! out of him.

Imagine you are on the ground, with a big black male on top of you, not the photoshopped cherubic little boy the government media are depicting, but a big black male dressed in gang clothing, and that black is pounding away. What are you going to do?

The reason the media are pushing the story “white man attacks poor little black boy” is because the actual story “black man attacks mestizo” is an wedge cutting the Democratic part coalition apart.

There is no way Zimmerman is going to be convicted for shooting Trayvon Martin – not because he happens to be in right, which these days does not matter in the slightest, but because he is mestizo.  There is no way in hell that mestizos are going to allow themselves to be classified as white when they come under attack by blacks.  Mestizos have the privilege of defending themselves against black attack, a privilege that they vitally need, since they so frequently come under black attack.

You will notice that Republicans are hiding under the bed with the blankets over their heads hoping that this issue will go away.  They should have jumped on a soapbox and set to work hammering the wedge into the Democratic party coalition, by loudly proclaiming the right of self defense, and pointing out that the Democrats are trying to take away the long established right of mestizos to defend themselves against blacks.

Republicans don’t want Republicans to win.  They want progressives to win, though they would mildly prefer them to be Republican progressives.

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  1. PRCalDude says:

    “and that black is pounding away. What are you going to do? ”

    Pull guard, sweep to mount, elbows, collar choke.

  2. Bill says:

    The reaction of Rs to this, especially that of Lowry and the rest of the NRO crowd, is indeed the real story here. What is their plan for relevance, going forward? The need to increase R support among working class whites and Hispanics is becoming pressing, now or at least quite soon. Branding the Ds as the black party can’t be accomplished instantly can it?

    • jim says:

      Well it sure can be established instantly if we persuade mestizos that in conflicts with blacks, they are apt to be demoted to white, that Democrats threaten their right to self defense.

      If mestizos come to believe that when it is NAM versus NAM, the left is the black party, Republicans will win a colossal landslide.

      Not that I am seriously interested in making democracy work, but the interesting thing is that republicans are not interested in making democracy work for non leftists. If, as seems likely, there is riot between mestizos and blacks, they really should be all over like flies on dogshit, rather than hiding under their beds. It is a whopping great wedge in the Democrat coalition, and Republicans are frantically trying to heal the cut by blaming everything on evil white racism.

      It is a wedge issue, an axe right in flesh of the Democrat coalition, splitting blacks and mestizos on the classic republican issue of self defense, and yet republicans are frantically trying to heal the wound instead of pouring salt and vinegar on it.

      Every republican should be saying the words “self defense” in every sentence if they seriously want to win elections rather than making sure that the left wins.

  3. Alrenous says:

    I often suspect that Republibrats are intuitively aware that the Dems are their allies against the demos.

  4. red says:

    One of the most interesting things about this case is how little research the elites did before running with this story. They just saw black kid, white sounding name and ran with it. Compare this with the Jena 6 case where they turned a mob of blacks almost beating a white kid to death into a huge media win all about white racism.

    The Trayvon case on the other hand appears to be a complete cluster fuck for the left and it really shows the incompetence of our current crop of elites. Whites everywhere are openly saying that blacks act like animals and are swapping long hidden stories of such. My own parents who raised me in the most PC environment possible are now openly trashing the blacks they see around them. Another LA roits might have a very different outcome today. It’s now being whispered that it shouldn’t be white vs black, but everyone vs blacks.

    • Zach says:

      I remember a few “beat whitey night” situations at local State Fairs a year or two back. Fact: at least one police person was fired for even mentioning that the attacks may have been racially charged.

      In this case the media acted so irrationally and rushed to judgment so fast I was almost amused.

      The Trayvon incident, itself, holds little importance compared to the bullshit surrounding the Trayvon incident. Routine defense case vs country-wide madness.

      • jim says:

        The media (and most of the Republican establishment) is terrified of mestizo/black split in the Democrat coalition. If mestizos were to start thinking that when it is NAM versus NAM, democrats are the black party, there would scarcely be democrat leftist left in the legislature.

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