Gamers are a demographic interested in certain topics who buy stuff.  Thus, magazines and websites staffed by professional journalists are created to carry articles that interest those people and ads selling stuff that they are likely to buy.

Gamer journalists are, being journalists, extremely politically correct, and make it their mission to morally improve their audience and make them as holy as their extremely holy selves.

Gamers are anonymous, therefore free to be politically incorrect.  Further, they are customers, hence game developers really have to give them what they want, rather than what the politically correct think the gamers should receive.  Thus games tend to be full of stereotypes.

World of Warcraft’s Africa (Stranglethorn vale) contained a Great Zimbabwe that was ugly, primitive, and long been abandoned by the simple minded cannibal savages native to the area.  Who, by the way, cannot speak very well, because they are pretty much mentally subnormal.

The Warcraft religion of light was ninth century Christianity with the serial numbers filed off, and all its leading figures were noble, heroic, kindly, and, apart from the tendency to bash evildoers with big hammers, Christian.  Which not only depicted Christianity in a good light, but implicitly depicted present day unmanly Christianity in a bad light.

The storyline of Archeage is a war between whites and east Asians, and much of the game play is piracy, with much of the piracy featuring conflicts between whites and east Asians.  White male avatars are depicted as way better than anyone else, even though this game was written and the art drawn by east Asians.  (And, by the way, the Mongols are catboys)

All white males in Archeage are incredibly heroic and manly, and the white females are a bit on the manly side also, though with gigantic breasts.  All east Asian males in Archeage have a girly appearance, and are substantially less heroic and manly.  All the east Asian females have an extremely girly appearance and behavior.  (You will probably want to play white if you want a cool avatar, and play east Asian if you want to look at the hottest chicks, unless of course you especially like truly colossal breasts, in which case the white chicks are hotter.) If you were to ignore the breasts (which is impossible) the white females would be about as female in appearance as the east Asian males, though white female NPCs are considerably braver and more warlike than east Asian NPCs.

Naturally each journalist sought to be holier than each of the others, thus each sought to deride, despise, and denigrate his audience more than each of the others.

This caused loss of audience, whereupon the game companies started applying large amounts of money to channels that the gamers had created to talk to each other, the money bypassing the journalists as the audience already had.

This caused a truly apocalyptic outpouring of hatred by the journalists against their audience.  Or, as they depict it, an outpouring of hatred by their audience.

And that apocalyptic outpouring of hatred by journalists against those who pay their bills, is gamergate.

They always hated their audience.  But it was only when the game companies started making payouts to non journalistic channels that they went raving mad.






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  2. Zach says:

    I know the game community like my chode. Oh wait, that doesn’t even make sense. I’ve never seen my chode! Doh!

    There is something DISTRUBING as hell going on in that community. Currently, there is an initiative to make games with FEMALE CHARACTERS! To what? To appease cthulhu, what else?

    Besides, so many cunts play video games!

    I am really deep in that industry, and let me tell you… that industry is fagged out from top to bottom – if fagged out means the gentle introduction was correct. And it is.

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  4. dnf says:

    The beautiful thing about games is that you can circumvent the leftist narrative and creat your own.

    Take this video from Ubisoft Watch Dogs for example(Ubisoft is one of the most progressive game makers out there):

    The protagonist of the game is using a spying device to kill minorities, gays, muslims, furries,etc… It made a lot of butthurtt in proggie land.

  5. Red says:

    I played World of Warcraft for a few years after it came out. I still remember how manly the game felt. The women were sexy, the men strong and powerful and the game revolved around fighting for your faction against the other. The lore was interesting and generally without the normal PC tropes. Most of the women who played the game stuck to playing support/healing classes like priests and druids. Early on the game was mostly about finding people of the other faction to repeatably kill and dominate. You’d capture entire areas for your side by harassing and killing the other side until they left the zone. I engaged in raids on opposing city factions with large groups of people that included such tactics as feints, misdirection, overwhelming firepower, and feigned retreats. The game was a small tribe warfare simulator set in a fantasy realm.

    I noticed the game going down hill almost soon as it became wildly popular. First they removed provocative armor and dances, and boob jiggles from the female characters, then the lore became about racism(They hired a women to do all the lore), and finally the factionalism became lets all get along and not fight each other. The final straw for me was the removal the dominance system. You could no longer beat someone of the opposing faction and then keep them down for extended period. Instead people could easily and safely fly away whenever they encounter a fight. Instead of being able to control an area(and be counter attacked by the other side) you couldn’t really get people to fight anymore. They were too busy gathering resources to bother with combat. Ironic from a game called Warcraft.

    Warcraft was my first experience where I could identify the concept that women ruin everything they’re given power over.

    • Liss says:

      “The lore was interesting and generally without the normal PC tropes.”

      I wholeheartedly agree with this, just imagine if Warcraft lore included several female characters both as combatants and important leaders or factions that are the essence of multiculturalism and have several different species and cultures in them or the closest thing to blacks people being enslaved by white humans or an entire game that was about uniting radically different groups of people or…etc.

      “Most of the women who played the game stuck to playing support/healing classes like priests and druids.”

      This might be meaningful if the healing classes along with tanking classes weren’t the lifeblood of just about every MMORPG out there by the virtue of being the hardest members of a group to find.

      “Early on the game was mostly about finding people of the other faction to repeatably kill and dominate.”

      It was about that because the end-game content was horrible/non-existent and people had nothing to do. The moment end-game content became decent the game shifted from PvP to PvE, which probably had something to do with the fact that it designed to primarily be a PvE game.

  6. Phoenicks says:

    Important to note that this donnybrook began after feminist activist Anita Sarkeesian threw a fit. (She manipulated video game footage to serve her propagandist purposes, to which gamers objected. No one knows how much of the ensuing vitriol aimed at Anita Sarkeesian was fabricated by her or her supporters to show how unruly games are.)

    Anita Sarkeesian has been shown, on video, to demonstrate very little knowledge of video games. Though she claims to be a gamer just like you, she is an entryist. She is more interested in politically conquering gaming than discussing gamers. Gamers won’t have it.

    The kerfuffle is akin to a war, a battle to determine if “gamers” and the game industry will align with The Cathedral or not. That journalists already have is not contested.

    • jim says:

      And, proper alignment with the Cathedral means journalists get to be guaranteed gatekeepers, in order to properly enforce the Cathedral will. Thus, proper alignment with Cathedral restores and guarantees their recently disappearing incomes.

  7. vxxc2014 says:

    When you get into the Meds true History it does raise the [O/T] question of was there an actual Hercules? It’s a founding myth recycled again and again throughout the Meds history.

  8. ndf says:

    This weekend i saw Dwayne “the Rock” Hercules movie, which they tried to put on a realistic light saying that all those mythological myths and beasts are lies, and that Hercules is just a master bodybuilder mercenary strategist.

    Oh well it turns out that every myth except of the strong kong fu amazonian women is a lie tough.

    Not much different from games, where SJW’s wants to taint the few realistic simulations or european medieval fantasies with strong womyn or POC’s

  9. Alan J. Perrick says:

    How long before this happens in other industries?

    • vxxc2014 says:

      Mr. Perrick,

      Are you serious?

      Tech was a holdout. The only other holdouts require actual muscle, testosterone, work or danger. And they’ll all be on welfare soon too, she just has to keep voting.

      It won’t happen in Hollywood, because sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia are apparently the hidden coin of the realm. If you don’t mind giving it up as a young boy and you’re cute you’ll be safe from hags I guess.

      The only escapes are actual catamite status or war. I think we should swim right, for war swims right.

      Really with a decent offer I’d go with Left War if it was war [decent offer]. Looking at these freaks if the working man went Red and marched I’d march with him…no worries war is very real and hence swims right like all reality.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:

        _Mostly_rhetorical_ would be the best way to put it V.X.X.C.. Though Hope remains a Christian virtue…

      • jay says:

        With the development of exoskeletons and robotics I fear even war is not safe.

    • jim says:

      All other industries have already been swallowed. Tech remains a holdout.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:

        Mightn’t they re-emerge from the gullet, though, “Jim”?

        Internet has made so much available and _optional_ so it’s not inconceivable. After all, Hollywood has been in the doldrums, why can’t something change and happen there, for example?


  10. B says:

    TL;DR: Wittgenstein won’t help you with the important things, like realizing you’re riding the town bicycle.

    • jim says:

      The town bicycle gets into this story because she wrote a shitty game, which was being pushed by the game journalists, possibly because she was a woman, or possibly because she was the town bicycle.

      • B says:

        The original dude who wrote the extensive cringeworthy documentation of how he fell for the town bicycle, got fucked around on and then lost his shit fell for the town bicycle because she a) had dyed green hair, b) read Wittgenstein, c) told him typical psycho chick stories of her abused childhood on the first date (you know, because they “had such an instant deep connection.”) Apparently, reading Wittgenstein makes you stupider in some key respects than fetal alcohol syndrome. He would have been better off spending that time chugging Natty Lite and doing bicep curls at the gym-if it wouldn’t have put any smart ideas into his head, it would at least not filled it with stupid ones. Guarantee he learned absolutely nothing from the ordeal.

        • jim says:

          Yes, I read that also.

          Leftist A discovers that his girlfriend leftist B is the town bicycle. Issues an epic post to this effect. The people who have been berated for failing to like the town bicycle’s work cast doubt on the story that she was underappreciated because female, and suggest she was favored because the town bicycle.

          The cuckold, leftist A, complains that this is sexist, and no one deserves sexism, even the town bicycle.

          • B says:

            I fail to muster the slightest sympathy for anyone even remotely involved in this story.

        • anonymous says:

          It wasn’t just for the sake of whining. If she was just the town bicycle he could have dusted himself off and walked away. He “outed” her because while she obviously was superficially desirable, she was also a liar and socially destructive to everyone around her. He posted what he learned as a warning to others, at a significant personal cost. He at least deserves recognition for that.

          The true significance of her in this story is subtle. It’s not that she’s a whore, it’s how she proved that you could completely game (no pun intended) the entire indie game dev community with the flimsiest, shittiest of game attempts.And now everyone can see how it was done.

          • B says:

            The funny part is that I am certain that he is just as arrogant a hipster douche after the experience as he was before. It’s like, dude, before you start bragging about Wittgenstein, you might want to focus on the basic skills of life, like identifying psycho sluts (the forced rapport with a victimhood narrative is a basic tell.) I am sure he’s learned nothing whatsoever.

            • jim says:

              He fails to notice, and I presume deletes all comments that mention, that all the people that she screwed were people who could promote her or her employer’s interests.

  11. peppermint says:

    The journalists are calling it an “extinction burst”

    • jim says:

      Because their readership is going extinct?

      • somebody says:

        One can only hope. The less rearers these spineless, wretched, worthless liberal “journalists” have, the better.

        Let them die in fire.

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