Breitbart explains gamergate

Too long, don’t read:

Short of it:

Gamers to press:

You lie about games in return for for money, goodies, and whores.

Press to Gamers:

Misogynists!  How can you say this when we are obviously so much holier than you are?

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  1. Wyrd says:

    Was going to buy the latest edition of D&D table-top books for nostalgia’s sake, but the basic rules PDF dissuaded through its oh-so-progressive section on character gender. I said, “fudge it!” and bought the latest edition of King Arthur Pendragon instead. At least its rules for female knights explicitly acknowledges how legendary such a concept is.

    • Thales says:

      It’s also just a bad game, a desperate and futile appeal to the grognards they lost to Paizo. 4E is peak D&D.

      • Wyrd says:

        The highest-rated reviewer of D&D 5E Player’s Handbook over on Amazon pleasures himself while recounting how multicultural and anti-Medieval European the artwork is. I had no idea prior that D&D had been so infested. Gygax wept.

  2. Jake says:

    There’s a lot of PC bullshit in the gaming press, but no evidence of mass corruption. Zoe Quinn’s indie game is an obscure text adventure made from an already existing program. It is completely irrelevant in the brave new world of AAA gaming blockbusters with larger budgets than Hollywood. What few blogsites covered the game may have had an inappropriate relationship with Quinn, but this recent explosion of Internet outrage has far more to do with entitled gamers’ lingering conspiracy theories than any naive suggestion that gamers in general are allies of reaction or even care much about politics. The last big explosion of gamer outrage was in 2012 when consumers demanded FTC action against EA because they didn’t enjoy Mass Effect 3’s ending.

    BTW, World of Warcraft is made by Americans, not East Asians. The Japanese gaming industry has fallen far behind the West in the past decade.

    • jim says:

      There’s a lot of PC bullshit in the gaming press, but no evidence of mass corruption.

      That Zoe seems be on call for gaming journalists is pretty good evidence of mass corruption.

      BTW, World of Warcraft is made by Americans, not East Asians

      As I said, Archeage is written and illustrated by East Asians, and exaggerates racial differences between whites and East Asians, and stereotypes of whites and East Asians, in a way that is favorable to white males.

    • ndf says:

      PC bullshit IS mass corruption, simply as that. And Mass Effect is the equivalent of what Vox Day call’s pink sci-fi. They try to appease the male demographic with the shooting bits and the peverted demographic on the cutscenes bits. Their publisher is the most PC to date, being located on San Francisco and all… And their best selling games are military shooters and the Sims.

      • Thales says:

        I’ll never forget the kerfuffle over Dragon Age 2, a game which sucked, yet had a tonne of homo-eroticism which was used as a club: if you noticed that DA2 sucked, you were just a homophobe, full stop.

    • peppermint says:

      In ME3, they planned to turn a major character from a previous game into a tranny. Didn’t; did turn some characters into faggots and have lots of dialogue about faggotry. You may be intentionally forgetting details, though; what people were demanding FTC action about was the zero-day 10$ DLC to get a major character.

      Zoe Quinn should be irrelevant, as should Anita Sarkeesian. The only reason they aren’t is the actions of journalists.

      tl;dr go fuck yourself

      • Jake says:

        Minor point, all things considered, especially since Mass Effect has always contained a good deal of progressive propaganda:

        “A fan who wants to see the ending of Mass Effect 3 changed has taken his complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, the agency created to protect consumers.

        His argument is that Bioware did not deliver on the promise of its game saying, “after reading through the list of promises about the ending of the game they made in their advertising campaign and PR interviews, it was clear that the product we got did not live up to any of those claims.”

        He continues by inviting others to file complaints against Electronic Arts with the FTC if they share his sentiments.”

        • peppermint says:

          > gaming press talks about one faggot QQing

          > lol gamers are dumm

          this is exactly Jim’s point

  3. dnf says:

    Jim have you read Quite the red pill guy about gaming articles. Read these links from 2008-2009 and see how well they fit today narrative:

    There is also the “indie” game developer scene, which is also every bit as toxic as the “journalists”. Here he calls them out on their supposedly artistic merits (quite long read, but good enough if you are interested):

    In some forum threads people state that 2007 was the year feminism appeared in gaming sites and blogs(the same year “the big bang theory” was created) and between 2011 they got full steam with bullshit. I think between 2007-2010 they where more interested in push the “games are art” meme to the mainstream. What do you think of that?

    • jim says:

      It is now apparent that the deterioration in game journalism reflects journalists being plied with money, booze, goodies, and whores to promote some games at the expense of others.

      What gets entertaining however, is when these journowhores proclaim their moral, artistic, and aesthetic superiority over their audience, and tell us we must be respectful of the whores who sexually serviced them.

      • dnf says:

        It may be also caused by the way the internet works on monetization. Clickbait is necessary in order to get money from ads and whenever you see clickbait(even in supposedly critical sites), you don’t see meaningful criticism.

        There was also a similar incident where another bitch in tech threatened to accuse a fellow gaming columnist of libel if the eurogamer site didn’t edit an article addressing her. The m.o of gaming journos was similar to today, except with less censure of comments, maybe because she was just getting presents from gamedevs instead of cocks.

      • anonymous says:

        You are wrong, but only on a technicality. Game journalism was never good. The “games are art” crowd are the origin of the politically moralizing journalists we have now, but as Icycalm pointed out, they were full of shit from the very beginning. Before them, game journalism was transparent press release regurgitation and bought reviews. That was better because it at least nobody seriously believed they were anything else. It is worse now because we are expected to submit to their educational syllabus and acknowledge their authority as teacher.

        Icycalm and Erik Kain are the only good game “journalists.” I am sure that some here will disagree on Kain, but at least he is intelligent and does research.

    • spandrell says:

      Good stuff!

    • spandrell says:

      Seems relevant:

      The guy is quite a piece of work.

      I guess the moral of the story is that the gaming industry died when the main audience shifted from children to adults.

      • dnf says:

        Hum, what exactly died in the game industry spandrell? Journalists wants to believe that the misogynistic gamer died, but that is just wishful thinking…

        And yes, icycalm is a notorious asshole, but his insights are truth at least.

      • jim says:

        Everything he says is verifiable. Do not have to trust him to believe him.

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