Leftist fratricide

The unity of the left in part derives from room at the top, that the ruling elite promised endless expansion – government jobs, and quasi governmental jobs like “diversity training”, “human resources”, and “sensitivity training”, jobs for which one must demonstrate adequate leftism as a entry requirement. As the west moves into financial crisis, there is a marked shortage of additional room at the top. In Britain, the expansion of the state has halted, or considerably slowed, a change misleadingly described as “drastic cuts”. For those Britons expecting natural progression into government jobs and government created jobs, it certainly feels like they have been cut, that they have been abandoned to drop into the underclass. The end of endless expansion is, to them, indeed a “cut”.

So anti establishment leftist Julian Assange exposes the establishment leftists in the state department. Rotund establishment leftist Michael Moore supports Julian Assange, pays his bail, and smirks and rolls his eyes when discussing the ludicrous sex charges against him. Immediately ugly diesel dyke feminists are thrown into a frothing rage by that smirk and eye roll and call Michael Moore a rape enabler.

The unity of the left is expensive, and starting to exceed the capability of states to pay. The left is therefore moving into a crisis analogous to the reformation.  The reformation was a loss of unity in the theocracy which made the age of reason possible.  Today’s theocracy is suffering from a similar weakening.

On the other hand, Roissy, like Unwin, argues that rationalism can only dominate in a patriarchal society, for which proposition Oprah is plausible evidence.

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