Losing the peace to Islam

The liberal theory is that they are going to deal with Islam by getting them to convert from Islam to liberalism.

This has worked against Christianity.  Even the Christian right has converted wholesale away from Christianity to progressivism – they continue to oppose divorce, gay marriage, and abortion, but haveconceded on patriarchy and endorsed a system of family law that legally treats men and women as identical and interchangeable, which means that in practice it treats fathers as expendable, dangerous, and harmful.  Having accepted the legal interchangeability of men and women they have no principled grounds to oppose gay marriage and so forth.  If there are no differences between men and women, if equal in the sense of interchangeable, how can one oppose interchanging them?  If men cannot be made carry children, how can you make women carry them?  And so on and so forth.  Having conceded on patriarchy and unequal marriage, having abandoned biological reality, all else follows, the entire liberal program follows.

So, if it has worked against Christianity, why not Islam?

Liberalism wins against Christianity not by appeal, for it is demonstrably unappealing. Observe that  the more liberal the church, the emptier the pews.  Nor does it succeed by reason, for Christianity has religious beliefs about the next world, which can never be disproven by reason, while liberalism has religious beliefs about this world, which beliefs are quite demonstrably false.  Liberalism wins against Christianity because liberalism is a theocratic religion, and uses the power of the state to inculcate Christian children in liberalism, and to pressure churches to preach liberalism instead of Christianity.  If a Christian church preaches illiberal Christianity, the state will disfavor its leading adherents in a variety of unpleasant ways, up to and including spurious sex abuse charges, state abduction of wives and children, Waco massacre, and so on and so forth, while if the preacher preaches liberal Christianity, he quietly gets all manner of favors,  faith based state initiatives and so on and so forth, so if a preacher wants to get ahead, he gets with the liberal program.

This does not work against Islam, for Islam is also a theocratic religion, and forcibly resists this.  Teach Muslim children liberalism, and someone might cut your throat.  Pressure the mosque, and they will pressure right back.  Howard, the Australian prime minister, attempted a program of state sponsored “moderate Islam”, and as long as his hand was on it, any Muslim preacher that wanted the benefits of state sponsorship sounded at least a little bit “moderate” – but as soon as Howard was removed from power the strings that Howard had attached were swiftly snipped, leaving only state sponsorship of violently illiberal Islam.

So in the US Christians kids are forbidden to participate in collective prayer in school while Muslim kids are compelled to participate in collective prayer in school.  As a result of this and many similar measures throughout the west, Muslim mosque attendance is high and rising, Christian Church attendance is low and falling.

In the West we see many converts to Islam, few converts to Christianity. We particularly see unmarried women in their most fertile years converting to Islam.

One article claimed total Christian converts to Islam in Britain 100,000, (mostly women), with 5,200 converted in the most recent year

Another article claimed total Muslim converts to Christianity in Britain was 3000 – a ratio of thirty to one total converts in favor of Islam.

Sample lists of Muslims in the west converting to Christianity are overwhelmingly male – typically about one woman for every three males, while western converts to Islam are mainly women, mainly women.

Since the converts in one direction are mainly men, and converts in the other direction mainly women, this indicates the ratio in Britain is  near a hundred female converts to Islam, for every female convert from Islam to Christianity.

The liberal program of gender abolition does not seem to appeal to its supposed beneficiaries.  It is often said that in all of history there has never been gay marriage, but the reason that in all of history there has never been gay marriage, is that in all of history, there has never been a society in which marriage and family law treated husbands and wives alike as “spouses”.  The one is as unnatural as the other.  Perhaps gender abolition will work in the future when biotechnology has progressed to the point that children are decanted, rather than born, but it is not working today.

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  2. Aha! I never realized…

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  5. Red says:

    I don’t see liberalism active in trying to convert Islam to liberalism. They’ve employed none of the tactics they used against Christians and infact they seem to treating Islam as a protected and promoted racial group like blacks. As seen recently with the firing of liberal Juan Williams Muslims are higher on the protected scale than blacks are and their general banning of anything that offends Muslims in the UK.

    So whatever their game is with Islam I don’t think it’s clear yet. Hell I’m still not sure what their game with blacks was. All the things they did and promoted still don’t make coherent sense.

    • jim says:

      They think that Muslims will naturally and spontaneously convert because of the obvious truth of liberalism – as Christians supposedly did. Since the helping hand they gave to converting Christians was supposedly entirely unnecessary, had no strong effect, and supposedly did not happen anyway, no need to apply similar helping hand to converting Muslims.

      The liberal program does not make sense as a this worldly program based on the way things are in this world. It makes sense as a religious program, as an other worldly program. Thus, for example, that women are equal to men in the sense of the same and interchangeable makes sense as a belief about people’s immortal souls. When you then apply it to this world, you get hiring quotas for firemen.

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