Losing weight

At my morning weigh in, eighty eight pounds below my maximum, despite having added a lot of muscle.

I used to assume that this was because I no longer have to cook for my sick wife and hand feed her, thus relieved of continual food temptation, and that no doubt is part of it. I still cannot outstare a pizza and a pitcher of mountain dew.

But I notice that the average weight loss among men on added testosterone is thirty six pounds, Jordan Peterson lost fifty pounds on the low carb paleo diet, and that people report similar weight loss from regular fasting, and since I am following all of those at once, I guess my weight loss is absolutely typical of these methods.

So we have medical evidence that testosterone therapy has, on average, a huge effect, and anecdotal evidence of effective diet strategies which also have huge effect.

So, Americans are fat, but weight loss looks like a solved problem.  Every male needs to eat a pound of meat a day, everyone needs to stop eating bread and such, (pizza is my Achilles heel) almost every male needs testosterone therapy, everyone needs to stop eating vegetable oils except for olive oil and coconut oil, everyone needs to eat more butter and eggs, and everyone needs to fast regularly.

Testosterone therapy needs to be accompanied by estradiol monitoring, and an appropriate dose of exemestane to keep estradiol above twenty and below thirty picograms per milliliter.  Anything higher or lower is likely to cause male sexual problems, depression, psychological problems, spiritual problems, impotence, male sexual deviance, and sudden death in males. Low estradiol in males is usually caused by low testosterone, and in males low estradiol should be treated with testosterone, not estrogen. High estrogen in males is usually caused by being too fat. American males suffer simultaneously from obesity and low testosterone, so their estradiol levels are all over the place, about as many with dangerously high levels as with dangerously low, which may explain such weird things as cuck porn.

It also needs to be accompanied by monitoring of luteinizing hormone. Added testosterone can cause your luteinizing hormone to drop resulting in your balls shriveling up, possibly permanently, and male infertility, possibly permanent male infertility. If your luteinizing hormone drops too far, you will need Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to compensate.

If you are fat, and your testosterone levels are artificially raised to healthy normal male levels (six hundred to nine hundred nanograms per deciliter) your estrogen is going to go way too high, likely causing health and sexual problems, and your luteinizing hormone may well go way too low, causing damage to your testicles, quite possibly permanent damage.

But if every male American was put on testosterone therapy, likely the average weight loss would be thirty pounds or so, since most Americans have testosterone levels far below those that used to be normal, (to which the government has responded by redefining “normal” way down to levels so low as to have major and serious health consequences) Most males have hormone levels, low testosterone and out of range estradiol, that are known to be associated with major adverse physical and mental health consequences.

This would go a good way to explaining and curing the obesity epidemic.

Well, it would explain it if we had the explanation of falling testosterone and sperm production levels. My guess is that the cause of falling testosterone levels is not estrogen in the water supply, but spiritual estrogen in the spiritual water supply – that the war on “toxic” masculinity is the equivalent of being continually defeated, degraded, and humiliated, which is well known to lower testosterone, that the war on men, maleness, and masculinity starting in school is making men into fat chicks.  Compare Musk’s rocket scientists with Wernher von Braun.  Just looking at American males and comparing them with males of earlier periods, looks like something has gone massively and horribly wrong with their hormones, that we have a massive epidemic of hormone derangement, which, combined with too much sugar and wheat flour, may well explain our male obesity epidemic.  There is also some hormone derangement going on with our females.

Bread, sugar, and snacking, especially sweet drinks is also a significant part of the problem.  People are not eating home cooked meals any more, which puts them on the opposite of the paleo diet, and since the low carb high saturated fat paleo diet causes major weight loss, likely the frequent snacking on heavily processed food diet causes major weight gain.  Likely the abandonment of the kitchen had a worse effect on women than men.  If you snack on heavily processed food you are snacking on grain derived carbs, soy oil, soy protein, and soy phytoestrogens.  Grain, soy, and low testosterone likely explains a great deal of our problems.

My experience of testosterone is that testosterone does not itself directly cause weight loss, but strengthens and frees the will, making it easier to diet, fast, and exercise, that the direct effect of testosterone is primarily spiritual, and that the physical effects are secondary upon the spiritual effects.

I also guess that the decline in testosterone is primarily caused by the spiritual, rather than physical, environment. When I fail a shit test, I can feel my testosterone fall. When I pass a shit test, I can feel it rise. Androgyny makes men and women fat and ugly. When a woman marches down the middle of a corridor, and her male co-worker scuttles to the side of the corridor, her testosterone rises, making her fat and ugly, his testosterone falls, making him fat and ugly.

For a long time the medical profession has been telling us that nothing works for obesity.  They tell is that they try everything, nothing works, and it always fails.  But everything that works has been ignored by the medical profession, because associated with maleness and masculinity.  The campaign against meat started with oppressive government regulation of meat slaughter that raised the price of meat and reduced the availability of meat, which regulatory assault on meat was motivated by a left wing campaign demonizing slaughterhouses.  The left just does not like meat, and looks for reasons to stop it, just as they just don’t like coal and coal mining and look for reasons to stop it.  Too male.  Then followed the food pyramid, based on pseudo science even more transparently and flagrantly bogus than global warming.  Everything that works tends to be associated spiritually and culturally with various maleness and masculinity movements, which is why official science does not like anything that works.


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  4. Oliver Cromwell says:

    Is there any longitudinal study into testosterone levels that tries to hold weight and physical activity levels constant?

    • jim says:

      We are very short of relevant studies of testosterone.

    • jim says:

      My guess, based on my own subjective response to testosterone, is that if exercise levels and food intake remained constant, would not make a whole lot of difference. But exercise levels and food intake are unlikely to remain constant.

  5. Dave says:

    What do you think of Trump’s idea of replacing a portion of food-stamp benefits with a less expensive “harvest box” of basic non-perishable foodstuffs?

    My Russian father-in-law boasted that he grows all the food he needs in a garden of less than 1/4 acre just outside the subarctic zone. When pressed for details, he admitted that he buys bags of flour and sugar at the store with his pension income, so the vegetable garden is just for vitamins.

    Should we ditch the EBT program and give the poor just enough flour to meet their caloric requirements? Maybe add an inexpensive protein supplement to prevent kwashiorkor? They’re welcome to supplement their diets with a part-time job.

    • It is amusing, isn’t it? Like:

      IYI’s: “Poor people are fat because they cannot buy fresh produce, they live in food deserts.”

      Trump: “Whatever, let’s send them fresh produce.”


      BTW your Russian father-in-law pretty sure does not live on flour and vitamins. I think most of that garden is potatoes, cabbage and onions.

      • Mikey says:

        It will have to be canned vegetables as they cannot be expected to go through the work of cooking. It would be very satisfying to hear the screeching about the denial of grape soda, potato chips and pop tarts.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      It doesn’t really matter what they are given so long as they are put on long term birth control as a condition of receiving it. Also goes for the men when it’s possible.

  6. Bane says:

    The low T nowadays is also caused by plastics everywhere.

    Do you think most men should be on testosterone Jim? I’m young 20’s and I’ve heard that it may negatively affect younger guys ability to have kids, etc.

    • jim says:

      Pretty sure this is not so. Lots of people are paranoid about plastics, and it does not seem to do them any good.

      While being paranoid about corn, wheat, and soy obviously does do people good.

      Look at men on paleo and fasting. They look like men. Look at men avoiding plastics: Look like fat chicks.

      I think the problem is primarily spiritual, and secondly corn, wheat, and soy. Jordan Peterson thinks the problem is spiritual, and secondly corn, wheat and soy. I look like a man, I walk like a man. So does he. What do males who think the problem is plastics look like and walk like?

      • You know, if you see meat not just from a nutritionally, but also spiritually male food, a hunter’s food… be aware that neither predatory animals nor actual hunter-gatherers lived on primarily muscle tissue, which is what we consider meat to day. They ate the nutrient-rich, vitaminous offal, the organs, all that. Look at what a lion eats first. Not the thigh. Guts, stomach, liver, heart.

        Living on basically muscle tissue meat seems pretty boring to me and all this sounds like a good reason not to do that. OK I suppose liver is something everybody eats, that is a pretty basic thing, but there are other stuff. Maybe chitterlings. German-style sour sauce stomach and lungs. Maybe heart but I don’t know any recipe for it. Blood, as in blood pudding and blood sausages.

    • jim says:

      Look at men today and men from the 1950s. It is obvious that most men need to be on testosterone.

      Spiritual deterioration is causing hormonal abnormality and reduced virility, potency, and fertility, and hormonal abnormality is causing spiritual deterioration in a vicious cycle.

      • Bane says:

        What age would you start you’re son on testosterone?

        • jim says:

          My sons grew up before I knew what I now know. I am attempting to have another child. If he is a boy, I will attempt to provide a spiritual environment in which his hormones develop normally, but in a hostile society, this may well be difficult. I will start monitoring his hormones at puberty, and if something goes wrong, and it is obvious that with most boys these days something is going wrong at puberty, will intervene medically then.

          • The Grim Rapist says:

            What kind of T you on Jim? Pinning Test E or are there now some oral solutions that are worthwhile?

            • jim says:

              Not aware of any oral solutions that are safe. Currently using Axiron, switching to Testogel, planning to switch to testosterone undecanoate when I can.

          • Bane says:

            That would mess up his HPTA, and he would need to be on testosterone for life then.

            • jim says:

              It is entirely obvious that most of the male population of America has their HPTA messed up already. Probably by the spiritual effects of the war on men. Just look at photos of today’s male white teenagers and 1950s male white teenagers. All the moderns have something horribly wrong with them. They are being crushed.

  7. Mikey says:

    I too have had sucess with paleo and intermittent fasting. Lost 25 pounds in two months without significant hunger. Almost no exercise due to knee problem. I did potato hack first,not sure if that helped or not. My T is at high end of “normal” range. Never liked soy products and avoid plastic. Lots of alcohol.

    • jim says:

      There is actual normal, six to nine hundred nanograms per deciliter of total testosterone. And then there is official state “normal”, which is anything that is not so low that it is likely to kill you right away.

      Which normal is your normal?

      Remember that your doctor is required by law to lie to you in order to harm males and make them suffer, because we are ruled by people who hate males and masculinity.

      • Mikey says:

        800, i was taking propecia for ten years. The doctor thought that made it higher. Been hornier since I stopped taking propecia but no test since then. I assumed weight gain was due to low t. When I found out I did not have low T, I started looking for other reasons. Your blog got me started on keto and the jason fung intermittent fasting on youtube. I just eat when hungry. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes not at all for two or three days except coff with butter and mct.

      • eternal anglo says:

        I got tested and my total testosterone is 428 nanograms per deciliter. I am a 21 year old male; I lift iron regularly, and have otherwise been doing my best to follow your advice, apart from the anastrozole, caber and transdermal testosterone. Despite this I have low total T and my morning wood is intermittent and weak. Not to mention I am anxious and twitchy in company and invisible to women (with one anomalous exception). Do you think it is time for exogenous testosterone?

        • jim says:

          Unless you are trying to get a girl pregnant, it is always a good time for exogenous testosterone.

          Everyone in our society is low testosterone. Levels of testosterone and sperm production have been falling since they started measuring it, as our society becomes more and more hostile to men and manliness, as each generation becomes more effeminate than the last.

          You need to take breaks from exogenous testosterone, lest your body become dependent on it and abandon its internal hormone production and regulation. I suggest eight weeks on, twelve weeks off.

          After six days on, you will likely notice a change in your behavior towards women.

          • something says:

            Doesn’t HCG more or less maintain the HPG axis?

          • RedBible says:

            If one was wanting to get a girl pregnant, how long would one need to be off exogenous testosterone to more reliably get her pregnant?

            From what I’ve looked up there are various “methods” of exogenous testosterone out there. (Injections, Creams, Oral) Do you have any thoughts about which “methods” are better?

            • jim says:

              It takes a considerable time for fertility to recover from testosterone – you are looking at six months, maybe longer, maybe considerably longer.

              Oral does not work, and is dangerous. Your bodies defense systems against exogenous hormones in food are activated, and can result in considerable collateral damage. Your liver is going to reflexively go into battle mode.

              Creams work, but you need quite a bit of cream, and then you have the huge problem that you don’t want your girl exposed to second hand cream, which is the whole point of the exercise.

              Which leaves only self administered injection once a week.

          • BC says:

            Jim, any advice on getting a doctor to prescribe it? I fit the proper range with the tests but my Dr. didn’t want to touch it with a 10 foot pole.

            • BC says:

              Actually let me change that, got any good advice on finding a good doctor? I clearly need a better doctor than the one I’m seeing.

              • Pooch says:

                Find a bodybuilding gym in your area (not a corporate gym) and ask the owner to point you in the right direction. My gym has a bunch business cards of Docs who specialize in it.

              • jim says:

                I have been finding good doctors for a long time, and have observed each good doctor run into tougher and tougher going.

            • jim says:

              Due to general hostility to masculinity and maleness, doctors can get in hot water for prescribing testosterone even when the prescription meets the ever more restrictive medical criteria and he jumps through all the hoops.

              A doctor not only needs to jump through all the hoops, which get tighter each year, he needs to have a friend, usually a girlfriend or mistress, in the bureaucracy, or has to pay a “””consultant””” obscene amounts of money, which consultant spends six days a week, eight hours a day, courting the bureaucracy, and pays obscene amounts of money in definitely-not-bribes in the course of courting the bureaucracy.

              I used to get my testosterone on prescription, but it got ever tougher, and friendly doctors in ever shorter and less friendly supply, and recently I switched to the grey market.

              I most recently got my testosterone and gear from https://www.pharmacomstore.ws

              I have not used testosterone for some time, because trying to get girls pregnant, so I don’t know if they are still operating.

              They accept payment only in bitcoin, to a wallet that seems to be a mixer wallet.

  8. Reziac says:

    Make sure your thyroid is normalized BEFORE you start dinking with testosterone levels. Low T is usually due to low thyroid, which may not be evident to your clinician without a full workup. TSH test alone does not suffice; at the bare minimum do T4 and especially T3 tests. (If you have Hashimoto’s antibodies, also test for hyperparathyroidism.)

    And why is there so much low thyroid nowadays? When did the slow road to obesity start? when soybean oil widely replaced lard, ca. 1960, and now we’ve got flaxseed making things worse. Flax and soy are the #1 and #2 sources of phytoestrogen, which is a thyroid inhibitor (and negatively impacts T as well). A drop of just 5% is enough to cause a host of persistent health problems. (No, sugar is not the root problem, tho low thyroid makes you crave sugar.) Naturally, eating paleo or Atkins, aside from their other benefits, gets you away from phytoestrogens.

    And if you can still see the food — THERE’S NOT ENOUGH BUTTER!!

  9. JoeBob_Walker says:

    The other day I watched the original “The Italian Job” from 1969 with Michael Caine, and he visits his tailor after getting out of prison, who makes a comment that he’s put on a few pounds. Caine replies offhandedly that it’s all the hamburger buns from prison (not the hamburger) that did it. Funny how it was common knowledge just a few short years ago that bread is fattening, not meat and fat.

    • vOrtex says:

      But science tells us that diet is irrelevant.

    • I know a dirt poor body builder who could not afford shakes and used a kilogram of bread every day as a mass gainer. Hardly gained any fat. I am very much against sugar but not so much against bread, at least the French-style, no sugar breads. They tend to be 3% fiber, 14% protein and 83%carbs, which is bad, but it is not sugar like carbs that are digested in a second, it is hard-crust carbs that feel filling and take time to digest. Suppose using 30g for a sandwich, that is 25g carbs plus whatever is in in the butter, ham and cheese, and filling for 4 hours. Not that terribly bad IMHO. Yes, meat better. But I would not demonize it. Confession: I actually really like the crunch of them hard crusts and maybe just rationalizing.

  10. >that the war on “toxic” masculinity is the equivalent of being continually defeated, degraded, and humiliated, which is well known to lower testosterone, that the war on men

    Yes this is surely part of it, but I don’t think it explains it all. There are different levels of feminism around the world, and I cannot find data how T levels changed in the past few decades around the world. What I do find is that e.g. Saudis are getting fat, which suggests lower T, and they have no feminism.

    I have a hunch that it may be more prenatal, but I also cannot find data on how digit ratios changed over time. What I can do find is a study that a mothers testosterone level when pregnant is a better predictor of whether their daughter will be lesbian 30 years later than the daughters T levels 30 years later. While no such effect was found for male fetuses – their own T production eclipses what they get from the mama – it does suggest that the brain structure changes by prenatal T can matter more than current T levels.

    Suppose mama is high on estrogen. Since the male fetus produces little of it, the amount he gets from mama could matter.

    • (But observe the cycle: we literally get lesbian daughters out of empowering women, and then those lesbian daughters go on to fight for even more empowerment.)

    • jim says:

      Yes this is surely part of it, but I don’t think it explains it all. There are different levels of feminism around the world, and I cannot find data how T levels changed in the past few decades around the world. What I do find is that e.g. Saudis are getting fat, which suggests lower T, and they have no feminism.

      You are incorrect. Saudis have a huge feminism problem. It is just that no matter how savagely and brutally feminist your culture is, feminists just get angrier and angrier about imaginary patriarchy. When you fail a shit test, women are unappeased, they get angrier and more demanding.

      Feminists are angry with Saudis because feminists victorious. You won’t hear feminists complain about Afghanistan or Timor Leste, which actually are patriarchal.

      For example, far more Saudi girls than boys are attending university, which indicates that their education system is almost as hostile, angry, hateful, degrading, and humiliating to males as ours is.

      If the education system encourages both men and women to perform to the best of their ability, men will be overrepresented in things likely to grant them status and income. They will also be overrepresented in those fields that require exceptional smarts. To reverse this outcome requires some pretty heavy handed smackdown.

    • Mycroft Jones says:

      I have met young Saudi men sent over to the West to rape and pillage in our colleges and universities. They don’t do as much rape and pillaging as you might expect; most of them are fairly low T, and talking to them you get a sense of why. Think of your young East Indian chode boys. Kind of like that. Maybe it isn’t “feminism”, but they are being ground down and having their T depressed also. It is ok, like in China, once they hit 30 or so, it bounces back because societies attitude toward them shifts.

    • vOrtex says:

      The contraceptive pill is exogenous estrogen and progestogen. Maybe taking it permanently alters the prenatal environment.

    • vOrtex says:

      Natural high-estrogen mother as cause of effeminate male doesn’t necessarily make much sense though. Feminine women produce masculine men.

  11. I think the benefit of diets is mostly that they are diets, not specifically what kind. That is also the difficulty with them.

    If I look around the lunch offers around the office I am sitting in: sandwiches from the grocery store, hot dog and pizza on the street, Chinese noodles – none of them would be OK. Perhaps the chicken salad in the grocery store, but it has too little meat.

    Not only we would have to prepare every meal, even the easiest meal preparation: a sandwich, would be out.

    But of course it would be the same difficulty in any kind of diet, be that vegan, macrobiotic, or whatever you name it.

    And all would result in weight loss purely do this consciusness and effort you have to invest into instead of randomly buying hot dogs and making sandwiches.

    I mean, I do agree that a meat + veg diet is best, I am just saying both in the benefit and difficulty the main difference is diet vs. no diet, conscious eating vs. random stuff.

    Right now I don’t feel like not eating random stuff. I mostly control my weight simply by not eating. That is, not eating lunch. Breakfast I have to, due to meds I take.

    Another difficulty of these diets is booze. Beer is high carb, but even when drinking stuff that has basically no calories outside alcohol itself (Ewan McGregor went from beer to red wine and gin before shooting Trainspotting), alcohol itself works as a quasi-carb and has a lot of calories.

    In my clearly not Puritan culture pretty much everybody who has a beer belly is drinking too much so actually we should likely start there. Yes, I know the US is in general more in favor of eating than drinking. In the US candy is not considered something for women and kids only.

    On the plus side, I am pretty sure every grocery store in the US offers ready made low carb paleo and every minimally classy eatery too, while here the accepted wisdom seems to be that weird people who have any sort of diet should make their own meals. Except vegan, that is everywhere, because women. While people love hating on McD, the truth is that their lettuce instead of bun burger is the only paleo option around me, neither the grocery store, nor the street food vendor, nor the Chinese noodle place figured out anything like that here.

    After getting drinking under control which over here would automatically fix 95% of overweight men the easiest thing is probably still eating random stuff but skipping lunch or breakfast, simply do it on the quantity side, it is less work. And getting the protein from a shake.

    But I agree that the meat and vegs diet is better as it has other stuff in it as well.

    • jim says:

      I see third world fast food that is low carb paleo – crispy pork belly, crispy chicken, skewers of meat and low carb veggies.

      Obviously snacking is likely to make you fat even if paleo fast food was available, but I am sure that for many people, fast food that is primarily corn and soy is causing bigger health problems than paleo fast food would.

      Giving up alcohol made no difference to my obesity, and since I have lost weight I have a more active social life, in which I am socially required to knock back beer, whisky, and brandy in considerable quantities. Giving up alcohol did not seem to help my obesity problems, and now that I am slim, consuming rather large amounts of alcohol from time to time does not seem to make me fat

    • StringsOfCoins says:

      Boil a dozen eggs on the weekend and take them to work with you. Buy a big bag of low salt almonds and pack some for lunch. If you have a sweet tooth go ahead and buy yourself an apple.

    • vOrtex says:

      If you have access to a microwave you can reheat stew in less than 180 seconds.

      • peppermint says:

        now if only there was canned stew with a decent nutritional profile

        and if only stew tasted good

        • vOrtex says:

          Obviously if you eat canned stew it’s going to be shite. You have to make it yourself, hence “reheat”. If you do it right it’s pretty damn tasty. If it isn’t tasty, you’re probably eating and drinking too much HFCS-laden junk. Stop eating fake food and your tastebuds will recalibrate.

          • peppermint says:

            How about you eat a box of dicks soaked in celery brine, and I eat pork jerky made with garlic, ginger, worcestershire sauce, and crushed red pepper

  12. Bane Blumpf says:

    Care to share some more recipes, Jim? Or do you have your women cook for you?
    My thots aren’t much good at cooking, so I’ll have to teach them.

    • jim says:

      I have not been cooking for a over a month. I will return to cooking soon.

    • peppermint says:

      Cooking is amazingly easy. Heat some food up in a pot. The idea that it’s hard is just another form of leftoid credentialism.

      Marinating happens quickly and is aided by garlic, ginger, and acid, ie worcestershire sauce. Put all three, and whatever else you want, on your meat, then heat it up in a pot. Heat it slowly and you get jerky. Heat it too fast and you get it stuck to the pan, but heat it quickly, pull it when it’s done (use a 10$ thermometer), then put your greens and pasta in, and the juices and marinade that you would have had to scrub flavor your greens and pasta.

      Simple. Obvious.

      If schooling started at six months, within a generation liberals would believe that people need to go to school to learn to walk.

      Nurturing sick people is women’s work because women are genuinely good at it in a way that men aren’t. Cooking and driving are women’s work because they’re easy.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        “Nurturing sick people is women’s work because women are genuinely good at it in a way that men aren’t. Cooking and driving are women’s work because they’re easy.”

        Well said.

        • jim says:

          Yes. Men are better cooks than women, but cooking is women’s work because of comparative advantage.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Men even make better nurses for highly technical work. Years ago my 18 month old daughter had some sort of stomach flu and was dehydrated from diarrhea and vomiting. We took her to the ER where they prescribed an IV. The lady nursed were unable to find a vein due to her dehydrated state so they called on their male colleague who promptly and expertly found a vein and installed the IV.

      • Driving as a women’s job? Hm, this is the second time I notice something we eurofags consider quite masculine (first was soccer) is seen as feminine in amerifatland. My wife, mother, mother in law all refuse to drive because they are afraid of aggressive asshole male drivers. Can confirm, am an aggressive asshole male driver. You see it is the manual transmission. Women stall it at red lights and can’t start at green. Men horn and yell vulgarities.

        There is that parallel parking backwards stuff. Necessary in tight old historic cities and that is clearly a no ma’am thing.

        Or backing up into a garage. How do the US soccer moms do it? Leave it on the driveway and hubby will park it in in the evening?

        And if there is no garage then cleaning the snow off the car. Maintenance. Funny warning lights on the dashboard. Replacing summer and winter tires. Checking oil levels. Understanding what the mechanic says and not getting too easily screwed over.

        And the underground garage under our flat. Parking between two concrete columns. Driving out means a really steep incline, a gate, and it immediately leads to the sidewalk with clueless teens with earphones staring at their phones walking through. With a manual car where stopping on an incline means a handbrake, e-brake start afterward (which is the favorite way of failing women at the driving licence exams), either that, or being really good playing with the clutch and gas.

        I can totally understand why wifey is not doing this. Not easy.

        As for why soccer is male here: because a strongly kicked leather ball packs quite a punch. Being clueless and taking it to the thigh, face, nose, hurts. Well on a full sized field not, there is enough room, but we played in cramped sport halls half the size where a full force ball kick at someone’s body 3 meters away… not so girly. Even phaggier boys in my school did not really dare to play soccer as the usual jocky bullies liked to direct strong shots at their faces. It is pretty pathetic when you can score a goal by just shooting the ball at the goalie’s face and he flinches away. So it was considered a quite alpha sport at my school. Betas played basketball. That resulted only like two broken fingers, no big deal. And the girls played badminton. Understandable. Somehow that seems quite sexy.

  13. Mycroft Jones says:

    I have lost weight quickly using the Potato Hack. It works, and is effective. Once I eliminated ENRICHED flour from my diet, all the starchy carbs were fine, no weight gain. For more info on the link between ENRICHED flour and obesity, diabetes, and celiac, google for Duck Dodgers and Richard Nikoley, read the stuff they found when they dug in.

    Just replaced all my pants tonight, lost 4 inches from the waist in 20 days. And it stayed off for several months. Time for another round of the potato diet.

  14. alf says:

    Some minor points of contention.

    I am ectomorph body type, meaning I am skinny and am more at risk of too little weight than too much.

    If I eat too much fat my stool becomes greasy and soft and I feel worse, not better. I suspect my intestines just do not absorb fat as well as non-ectomorphs.

    I tried cutting bread, but was unimpressed by results, perhaps also because I want to stimulate my appetite, not get rid of it. I have quit higher glycemic index carbohydrates with good results (e.g., anything sweet).

    I like Nassim Taleb’s Via Negativity rule, e.g. if possible always detract, not add. So my natural inclination is to not want to add testosterone injections but preferably raise them by natural means. Lifting iron and such.

    • jim says:

      Maybe you are doing the right thing, but worth checking your blood levels of testosterone and estradiol to be sure. Fat malabsorbtion is often related to low testosterone. Also, try home made mayo.

      • alf says:

        I expect that soon enough you will claim cancer to be a consequence of low testosterone.

        I’ve looked up mayonaise recipes and they all include sunflower oil, but I’m guessing better with olive oil?

    • Piers says:

      Ectomorph who gained 50 pounds here. Ditch the bread and eat more potatoes. Its possible your greasy stool is the result of too much dairy rather than too much fat. Just eat like your great grandparents. Meat and veg cooked in butter or tallow and lift weights. Slow and steady.

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