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Testosterone and weight loss

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Exogenous testosterone can cause your testicles to shut down – and possibly shut down permanently. Hence the need to get off testosterone from time to time.

I learned that my sperm production was down – not so low as to render me entirely infertile, but low enough to significantly impact my prospects of having another child.  So, I stopped taking exogenous testosterone on May 14th. By May 27th, had gained ten pounds and my abs were no longer visible. So, on May 27th, adopted the carno ketogenic diet.  Extreme low carb, with an eight hour eating window each day, and longer fasts from time to time. One and half grams of protein per day per kilogram of ideal weight.

I have now lost the weight that I gained, and it feels like my testosterone levels are recovering.  But it was a struggle to lose that weight without exogenous testosterone to strengthen me.  I miss carbs terribly, and now that I can see my abs again, am going to slowly go back to eating a little bit of carbs.   I will retest my testicles in August or September.

I have done weight loss with and without exogenous testosterone.  Weight loss is never easy for me, even with exogenous testosterone, but without exogenous testosterone it is mighty hard.

Losing weight is a solved problem

Monday, April 16th, 2018

One frequently reads despairing reports that major weight loss is impossible. If you attempt it, supposedly your metabolism slows right down, making you weak, tired, lethargic, slow, and very very hungry.

I read in far right and manosphere sources anecdotes from people who claim to have lost a great deal of weight. I followed their advice and lost a great deal of weight: The short of it is weigh yourself every morning, paleo (no wheat products, manufactured foods, or sweet drinks), carnivory (adequate protein, lots of animal fat), fasting, and getting your testosterone and estradiol levels correct.

I am not going to repeat the advice on how to lose weight here. Rather, I look at the the connection between successful weight loss, and the rightosphere, and the obesity epidemic, and the endless and rapidly accelerating movement left.

Why is it that there is a connection between the rightosphere and sound advice on losing weight, and the leftosphere and bad advice on losing weight?

Anecdotally, and from my personal experience, low testosterone in men leads to weight gain, high testosterone makes it easier to lose weight. Anecdotally, high testosterone in women leads to weight gain, and makes it hard for them to lose weight. Hence the stereotype of the fat mustachioed lesbian bully from Human Resources berating males for toxic masculinity while groping schoolgirls. In other words, androgyny causes obesity. And leftism promotes androgyny.

A woman who interrupts her boss and who walks down the middle of the corridor, will be prone to getting fat because this raises her testosterone, and the man who scurries out of her way to one side of the corridor will be prone to getting fat, because scurrying out of her way lowers his testosterone, as will the boss who (because no one dares restrain uncivilized female behavior) allows himself to be interrupted in a supposedly helpful and supposedly friendly fashion.

The diet high in fat and meat is demonized because associated with masculinity. Testosterone is made difficult to obtain because masculine. Women routinely get estrogen, but mighty hard for males to get testosterone. Fasting is ignored and deemed harmful because of the connection to old type Christianity.

In this sense, everything that works to lose weight is right wing, and everything that makes us fat is left wing. The obesity epidemic is connected to leftism in much the same ways as the human immunodeficiency virus epidemic is connected to leftism. Leftists want gays to be allowed to make blood donations, fat acceptance, and don’t want us to get testosterone, for much the same reasons.

Losing weight

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

At my morning weigh in, eighty eight pounds below my maximum, despite having added a lot of muscle.

I used to assume that this was because I no longer have to cook for my sick wife and hand feed her, thus relieved of continual food temptation, and that no doubt is part of it. I still cannot outstare a pizza and a pitcher of mountain dew.

But I notice that the average weight loss among men on added testosterone is thirty six pounds, Jordan Peterson lost fifty pounds on the low carb paleo diet, and that people report similar weight loss from regular fasting, and since I am following all of those at once, I guess my weight loss is absolutely typical of these methods.

So we have medical evidence that testosterone therapy has, on average, a huge effect, and anecdotal evidence of effective diet strategies which also have huge effect.

So, Americans are fat, but weight loss looks like a solved problem.  Every male needs to eat a pound of meat a day, everyone needs to stop eating bread and such, (pizza is my Achilles heel) almost every male needs testosterone therapy, everyone needs to stop eating vegetable oils except for olive oil and coconut oil, everyone needs to eat more butter and eggs, and everyone needs to fast regularly.

Testosterone therapy needs to be accompanied by estradiol monitoring, and an appropriate dose of exemestane to keep estradiol above twenty and below thirty picograms per milliliter.  Anything higher or lower is likely to cause male sexual problems, depression, psychological problems, spiritual problems, impotence, male sexual deviance, and sudden death in males. Low estradiol in males is usually caused by low testosterone, and in males low estradiol should be treated with testosterone, not estrogen. High estrogen in males is usually caused by being too fat. American males suffer simultaneously from obesity and low testosterone, so their estradiol levels are all over the place, about as many with dangerously high levels as with dangerously low, which may explain such weird things as cuck porn.

It also needs to be accompanied by monitoring of luteinizing hormone. Added testosterone can cause your luteinizing hormone to drop resulting in your balls shriveling up, possibly permanently, and male infertility, possibly permanent male infertility. If your luteinizing hormone drops too far, you will need Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to compensate.

If you are fat, and your testosterone levels are artificially raised to healthy normal male levels (six hundred to nine hundred nanograms per deciliter) your estrogen is going to go way too high, likely causing health and sexual problems, and your luteinizing hormone may well go way too low, causing damage to your testicles, quite possibly permanent damage.

But if every male American was put on testosterone therapy, likely the average weight loss would be thirty pounds or so, since most Americans have testosterone levels far below those that used to be normal, (to which the government has responded by redefining “normal” way down to levels so low as to have major and serious health consequences) Most males have hormone levels, low testosterone and out of range estradiol, that are known to be associated with major adverse physical and mental health consequences.

This would go a good way to explaining and curing the obesity epidemic.

Well, it would explain it if we had the explanation of falling testosterone and sperm production levels. My guess is that the cause of falling testosterone levels is not estrogen in the water supply, but spiritual estrogen in the spiritual water supply – that the war on “toxic” masculinity is the equivalent of being continually defeated, degraded, and humiliated, which is well known to lower testosterone, that the war on men, maleness, and masculinity starting in school is making men into fat chicks.  Compare Musk’s rocket scientists with Wernher von Braun.  Just looking at American males and comparing them with males of earlier periods, looks like something has gone massively and horribly wrong with their hormones, that we have a massive epidemic of hormone derangement, which, combined with too much sugar and wheat flour, may well explain our male obesity epidemic.  There is also some hormone derangement going on with our females.

Bread, sugar, and snacking, especially sweet drinks is also a significant part of the problem.  People are not eating home cooked meals any more, which puts them on the opposite of the paleo diet, and since the low carb high saturated fat paleo diet causes major weight loss, likely the frequent snacking on heavily processed food diet causes major weight gain.  Likely the abandonment of the kitchen had a worse effect on women than men.  If you snack on heavily processed food you are snacking on grain derived carbs, soy oil, soy protein, and soy phytoestrogens.  Grain, soy, and low testosterone likely explains a great deal of our problems.

My experience of testosterone is that testosterone does not itself directly cause weight loss, but strengthens and frees the will, making it easier to diet, fast, and exercise, that the direct effect of testosterone is primarily spiritual, and that the physical effects are secondary upon the spiritual effects.

I also guess that the decline in testosterone is primarily caused by the spiritual, rather than physical, environment. When I fail a shit test, I can feel my testosterone fall. When I pass a shit test, I can feel it rise. Androgyny makes men and women fat and ugly. When a woman marches down the middle of a corridor, and her male co-worker scuttles to the side of the corridor, her testosterone rises, making her fat and ugly, his testosterone falls, making him fat and ugly.

For a long time the medical profession has been telling us that nothing works for obesity.  They tell is that they try everything, nothing works, and it always fails.  But everything that works has been ignored by the medical profession, because associated with maleness and masculinity.  The campaign against meat started with oppressive government regulation of meat slaughter that raised the price of meat and reduced the availability of meat, which regulatory assault on meat was motivated by a left wing campaign demonizing slaughterhouses.  The left just does not like meat, and looks for reasons to stop it, just as they just don’t like coal and coal mining and look for reasons to stop it.  Too male.  Then followed the food pyramid, based on pseudo science even more transparently and flagrantly bogus than global warming.  Everything that works tends to be associated spiritually and culturally with various maleness and masculinity movements, which is why official science does not like anything that works.

How to lose weight

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

When a high status person shows status insecurity, you can gain status by insulting him and by desecrating what is holy to him. Smash his icons to steal his status. Eating meat, salt and fat insults our ruling priesthood and our ruling religion, and desecrates what is holy to them.

Real men eat meat and fat, and salt the hell out of it.

The holy campaign against saturated fat never had any scientific basis whatsoever. It was always official science – peer reviewers meeting behind closed doors to tell mere observers what they should observe and poison the scientific literature. It was entirely motivated by instinctive irrational gut hostility against masculinity, just as the holy Global Warming campaign is motivated by gut hostility to technological civilization, hatred of what white people have created. (Also they needed an excuse to stick it to those coal miners in flyover country, and global warming gives them a rationale to make those that they hate and despise suffer.)

When my wife got sick, I was too busy looking after her to sleep with other women, so I stopped bothering about my weight, and since I was cooking and feeding her, there was always food in front of me tempting me, with the result that I developed a striking resemblance to Jabba the Hut. When she died, I set about replacing her, and God, it was brutal – well, it was always brutal, but what with being older and considerably fatter, it was even more brutal. So I set about losing weight on a high fat, moderately low carb, paleo diet, with regular fasting, running, and lifting iron. I now wear size S (small) pants, and size L (large) shirts and jackets. I have lost 38 kilos, and now dating is somewhat less brutal.

My diet is 60% fat by calorie, 20% protein by calorie, 20% carbs by calorie. Switching away from carbs is tough, a full ketogenic diet (75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs) gives you the keto flue until you are fully withdrawn from carbs, but even a moderate carb diet like mine is kind of harsh at first.

Fat makes you full. Carbs make you hungry.

It is not calories in calories out that makes you fat. It is insulin that makes you fat, causes heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc. Type one diabetics don’t get fat except that they take insulin. Snacking, and especially snacking food containing carbs, keeps your insulin continually high, and causes you to become addicted to high insulin.

All addictive foods contain substantial amounts of carbs. They are a manifestation of insulin addiction, and high insulin tolerance. I cannot eat just one potato chip, or one slice of pizza, or drink just one glass of ice cold Mountain Dew. I keep going till it is all gone. But I like pork crackling even more than I like pizza, and yet I can easily eat an appropriate amount of pork crackling, and then stop. It is carbs that cause uncontrollable eating. Even fruit if you eat too much of it. Broccoli with cheese sauce is easier to control. Avocados are easier to control than watermelon. Not that I can entirely give up watermelon, but if I eat too much of it, I will then eat even more of it.

On a moderate carb diet, you need sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. You really need to watch your electrolytes on a full ketogenic diet, but even on a moderately low carb diet it is an issue. Leafy greens help. Broccoli with cheese, Chinese cabbage with butter and chicken broth. Butter fried mushrooms.

Most of my calories come from pork, bacon, butter, lots of butter, eggs, and more butter. I liberally salt my meat, and drink lots of coffee and cold water.

Salt will raise your blood pressure, but only if you have dangerously high levels of insulin, which most Americans do. I salt the hell out of my meat and add fish sauce to everything. My blood pressure has dropped to healthy levels, my cholesterol and lipid profiles, which used to look pretty bad, now look great. To get adequate potassium and suchlike I eat brocolli and cabbage covered in hot melted cheese, mushrooms fried in butter, raw tomatoes, tomatoes cooked in butter, and raw tomatoes covered with my buttery substitute for gravy and mayo.

I also have testosterone replacement therapy, and control my estrogen levels to healthy normal male levels. Since we invented clothing, no one gets enough vitamin D3 any more, so I have 2000 units of Vitamin D3 every morning. And, of course, run, and lift iron. Hate running, don’t run very far, but I run hard for the very short distances that I do run.

But the trouble is that gravy is wheat based, thus non paleo. And what is meat without lots of salty gravy? Also, on a high fat, moderately low carb diet, I never get enough fiber, so I don’t want to eat any carbs except in the form of fruit and vegetables,

Fats make you full, carbs make you hungry. All highly addictive foods contain substantial carbs, so regular gravy on meat results in uncontrollable overeating.

So this is my substitute for gravy: Take the meat juices. If I don’t have enough meat juices, some broth. Add some whole eggs, a bit of mustard, some vinegar, maybe some strong hot coffee, maybe some steamed garlic, some turmeric, and some chilis. Lots of chilis, lots of fish sauce. Toss in the blender and let the blender whip it till it gets hot. Add butter, till the mix is about fifty percent meat juices, eggs, and chilis, and fifty percent meat fat and butter. Maybe some steamed parsley to make it different from time to time. I never make it the same twice. Keep going till the temperature reaches sixty five centigrade or so to make sure the eggs are pasteurized. Make sure it has enough salt. Always needs more salt than I expect. Slosh liberally over the meat, into coffee, over tomatoes, etc.

It is sort of gravy – hollandaise sauce – mayonnaise – redeye gravy. Hollandaise sauce is hot mayonnaise made with butter rather than vegetable oil. Gravy is meat juice and fat that you mix using flour to make water and oil miscible. Hollandaise and mayonnaise uses eggs and vinegar to make them miscible. Southern redeye gravy uses coffee to make the fat and meat broth miscible. So this is gravy with eggs, vinegar, and perhaps coffee to make the butter, fat and meat juice miscible.

There is something just more manly about eating bacon, roast pork crackling, and suchlike. Perhaps it is irrational to think that, but the same irrationality resulted in the government and the medical profession poisoning Americans. Anything that pisses them off is good. Chicks like badboys, and this is another little bit of badness.

Trump and testosterone

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Testosterone levels and sperm counts have been falling steadily. Young men commonly have levels that once would have been normal in seventy year olds, and “normal” testosterone keeps being redefined downwards, while “normal” estrogen gets redefined upwards.

I have long suspected that this reflects metaphorical estrogen in the metaphorical water supply, rather than literal estrogen in the literal water supply, and the Trumpening hints that this theory is true. Trump’s supporters, critics, and opponents are all acting as if they have had testosterone shots, notably Rubio whose surgical castration seems to have been temporarily and partially reversed.

A Trump presidency is likely to have a big effect on the way American males walk, the way in which they speak, and the amount of kitchen work that they do.

Those were the good old days

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

When La Droit de Seigneur was in effect, an ordinary man could expect to marry a wife that had only slept with one alpha male.

When the Spanish inquisition was operating, they shut down free lance witchfinders.

In 1992, I visited Cuba and remarked how Cubans walked small, walked in little steps, took up little space. I could see the fear pressing them down, squeezing them, making them little.

Today, I see white males walking small, taking small mincing little steps, keeping their hands close to their bodies. The statistics show falling testosterone and falling sperm production, but you don’t need statistics, you can see the that the testosterone has drained out of white males, while blacks walk large, as if they are aristocrats and whites are peasants, and women casually talk over their boss and interrupt him.

Boys are staying home, staying in Mum’s basement. There is no place for them in the world.

Political correctness castrates men

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

A public radio station (Government left wing propaganda station) had its staff testosterone levels tested. They all came out pathologically low, the highest being a gay New York Jew who almost made the official normal range (the official normal range being much lower than the actual normal range) Every one else was less than half the lower limit of the supposed normal range.

In the ensuing conversation, they remarked on how girly and effeminate public radio is.

“Todd had never been seen as especially manly during his life, but thought maybe here, in this group, compared to the rest of us, he might at least stand a chance”

“That at least someone would be girlier than I. If I cannot be the most manly in public radio, where the hell can I be the most manly?”

This suggests that filtering for political correctness is filtering for lack of manliness.

Alternatively filtering against “rape” and “sexual harassment” is filtering against manliness.

Or, and this is my preferred hypothesis, political correctness actually causes lack of manliness, that continually censoring one’s words and thoughts, continual crimestop, has the same effect as continually being defeated, humiliated, and degraded, in reducing testosterone levels, that crimestop lowers your ability to reproduce.

This would explain the continual and major drop in testosterone levels. It is not literal estrogen in the literal water supply, but metaphorical estrogen in the metaphorical water supply.

Traps, ladyboys, Corporal Klingers, and trannies.

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

A trap is young effeminate gay who likes sex with adult males and disguises himself as a woman to get banged by heterosexual men. To the extent that gays like sex with adult males, they like manly men, and gays are not manly.

A ladyboy is a trap who takes the drastic step of cutting his dick off.

Traps and ladyboys are low status losers, usually thieves and whores. They usually die young of suicide, criminal violence, drug abuse, or weird gay diseases.

Traps and ladyboys transition young, usually while still adolescents.

Another category of transexual, which we are seeing a lot of in the tech industry, is the quota busting transexual – the Corporal Klinger – someone who claims to be a woman to take advantage of hiring quotas. They are typically heterosexual (or as they say, “lesbian”) and look like Fred Flintstone in a dress, as Corporal Klinger did. They are usually competent engineers and usually high status winners. These guys transition shortly after entering the job market. Apart from dangerous levels of progressivism, they are not disruptive of corporate order and hierarchy, unlike actual females.

But the well known trannies are heterosexual men, usually extremely manly men who lived high testosterone lifestyles, extremely heterosexual men, usually high status successful men, and when they got older, middle aged, and then their testosterone levels fell, fell to merely normal levels, then they discovered that they were “really” women. Probably a better cure would have been added testosterone, but they could not get medically prescribed testosterone because their levels were “normal” – meaning normal for regular guys, not normal for those guys, not the levels they had experienced all their lives. After transition, their sex life consists of scaring little girls in the lady’s room. They don’t do anything that normal people would consider constitutes sex. They think they are women, but are merely eunuchs and act accordingly, while the Corporal Klingers act like the normal heterosexual males that they are, and the traps and ladyboys act like gays.

As I grew older my testosterone levels gradually fell, and my estrogen levels gradually rose. I found myself taking a gradually increasing interest in anime girls. Then I had medically prescribed correction of my hormone levels, and after several months with normalized hormone levels, anime girls started to look excessively cartoonish, while real girls looked way hot again. Of course my personal experience is just an anecdote. Could be just randomness. Before drawing any broader conclusions, would need more data. A single case is not necessarily indicative.

I also started to notice that the male protagonist in an anime show acted ridiculously girly, though I am not sure whether this reflects my normalized testosterone levels, or that anime protagonists are acting ever more girly. Probably something of both.

But it is plausible that falling testosterone and rising estrogen alters your brain, turning down the “tap that ass” recognizer, so that normal stimuli are not sufficient to activate the “tap that ass” circuits. Male sexual deviants generally look to me like they have low testosterone.

The government is making it increasingly difficult for doctors to prescribe testosterone. At the same time, no one wants to know if there are health problems related to low testosterone, let alone behavioral problems related to low testosterone. Researching harm done by low testosterone is like researching benefits of global warming. You have to have quite dangerously low levels before you can get treatment.

And since we have an extraordinary epidemic of falling testosterone and rising estrogen …

Just about every male these days has testosterone levels that are deficient by historical standards. Maybe just about every male these days needs medical intervention.

falling testosterone

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

For the past thirty years, testosterone has been falling at about one percent a year.

This is about the same rate of decline as that produced by aging after the age of forty. So a forty year old male today has about the same testosterone levels as a seventy year old male had in 1984. This is a change sufficient to produce a massive decline in interest in sex, and a massive increase in odd sexual deviations.

Environmentalists suggests it is estrogen like compounds in the water supply. I am inclined to believe it is metaphorical estrogen in the metaphorical water supply. Society and the education system has been treating masculinity as an evil pathology, with ever increasing severity. Maybe the problem is that we need to encourage boys to be men, to be manly, to be tough.

The decline of sperm production

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Today’s average male has sperm production and sperm motility considerably lower than when these were first recorded, the data least subject to systematic error being sperm counts from couples tested for infertility where the infertility was subsequently determined to be due to the female.  It has been in decline over the last seventy years.  Testosterone levels have also fallen substantially.  Changes in obesity and other factors do not explain the decline in testosterone. (more…)