Losing weight is a solved problem

One frequently reads despairing reports that major weight loss is impossible. If you attempt it, supposedly your metabolism slows right down, making you weak, tired, lethargic, slow, and very very hungry.

I read in far right and manosphere sources anecdotes from people who claim to have lost a great deal of weight. I followed their advice and lost a great deal of weight: The short of it is weigh yourself every morning, paleo (no wheat products, manufactured foods, or sweet drinks), carnivory (adequate protein, lots of animal fat), fasting, and getting your testosterone and estradiol levels correct.

I am not going to repeat the advice on how to lose weight here. Rather, I look at the the connection between successful weight loss, and the rightosphere, and the obesity epidemic, and the endless and rapidly accelerating movement left.

Why is it that there is a connection between the rightosphere and sound advice on losing weight, and the leftosphere and bad advice on losing weight?

Anecdotally, and from my personal experience, low testosterone in men leads to weight gain, high testosterone makes it easier to lose weight. Anecdotally, high testosterone in women leads to weight gain, and makes it hard for them to lose weight. Hence the stereotype of the fat mustachioed lesbian bully from Human Resources berating males for toxic masculinity while groping schoolgirls. In other words, androgyny causes obesity. And leftism promotes androgyny.

A woman who interrupts her boss and who walks down the middle of the corridor, will be prone to getting fat because this raises her testosterone, and the man who scurries out of her way to one side of the corridor will be prone to getting fat, because scurrying out of her way lowers his testosterone, as will the boss who (because no one dares restrain uncivilized female behavior) allows himself to be interrupted in a supposedly helpful and supposedly friendly fashion.

The diet high in fat and meat is demonized because associated with masculinity. Testosterone is made difficult to obtain because masculine. Women routinely get estrogen, but mighty hard for males to get testosterone. Fasting is ignored and deemed harmful because of the connection to old type Christianity.

In this sense, everything that works to lose weight is right wing, and everything that makes us fat is left wing. The obesity epidemic is connected to leftism in much the same ways as the human immunodeficiency virus epidemic is connected to leftism. Leftists want gays to be allowed to make blood donations, fat acceptance, and don’t want us to get testosterone, for much the same reasons.

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  1. Piers says:

    Jim what are your go to meals and recipes?

    • jim says:

      Not sure I have them any more. When I was cooking for myself, I would sous vide a big chunk of meat, then cut off small chunks and fry them in very hot butter, and eat that with some fruit. Sometimes I would slice cheese thin, then eat the slices. Lately, however, my girlfriend cooks complicated things for me, and I don’t know the recipes. Generally some meat with fried mushrooms, fried onions, steamed broccoli, or steamed chocko, plus some fruit, typically papaya, watermelon, and passionfruit. A lot of the time, I light a fire, and she grills a chunk of meat or fish on the fire, and that is the meal, possibly with fruit, but not always with vegetables. Sometimes it is a twice cooked piece of meat, cooked once by sous vide, and a second time by grilling over a wood fire that has burned down to coals, sometimes cooked only once, over a wood fire. Sometimes she fries meat, or eggs and bacon in butter on the stove, as I used to do. And sometimes she does something complicated with meat and veggies, and I am not at all sure what she has done.

  2. Cloudswrest says:

    I just tried some pork rinds for the first time. I noticed our vending machine had them. They were in a single serving bag. They tasted good but I noticed I couldn’t finish the whole bag before I felt full! If it had been a bag of Fritos it would have been long gone and I would still be hungry.

  3. Stephen W says:

    Different people be different. The diet that works for one person may not work for another. Because everyone has different genes especially when they come from different races. Just people from different parts of Europe have genetic adaptions to different foods.

    • jim says:

      Obviously East Asians do fine on rice, and Middle Easterners fine on bread.

      White people, however, are the result of repeated conquests by pastoralists, so we would expect a large proportion of people who do not do well on carbs – I would guess about two thirds of whites have problems with a getting a large proportion of their calories from carbs.

      Middle Eastern grain farmers conquered a Europe occupied by meat eating hunter gatherers, and then were repeatedly conquered by meat eating pastoralists, to produce today’s white population.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Greg Cochran, writing on the Paleo diet, says you should eat what YOUR ancestors ate.

  4. peppermint says:

    WWI happened because Anglosphere leftists hated Russia and Germany.

    WWII, hatred of Germany.

    WWIII, hatred of self.

    We must destroy them before they destroy us along with them.

  5. peppermint says:

    High school men are supposed to naturally start doing exercises to build muscle. For the past decade, doing that has been discouraged, so there are these men who have a 16 year old’s musculature and a 26 year old’s beard.

  6. Person says:

    While I don’t doubt that hormones play a part in weight loss, I don’t believe that they always have such a dominant causal role as you say. For example, I stopped eating meat about five years ago, and have in that time become increasingly likely to step aside to allow others to pass me in corridors and to tolerate interruptions to my speech. There has been no obvious consequence to my weight. If anything, the humility which you characterise as a symptom of low testosterone is correlated with the times in my life when my weight has been the lowest.

    Now, I have never been overweight, and have multiple times verged on being underweight. Nonetheless, I am a counterexample to some of your claims.

    On the other hand, what you have said in previous posts about saturated fat has been interesting to me, and I often think of it when I am choosing what to eat. I now find myself seeking out full-fat dairy products, as I find them more satisfying and less deceiving than the low-fat (and often high-sugar) alternatives. For this, I thank you.

    • Person says:

      Actually, I’ve just realised that, as the times when my weight has been the lowest have also been the times when my weight has been the furthest from healthy, I actually stand as a corroboration of your claim that humility/femininity in males produces an unhealthy weight, just on the other side of healthy.

      Do you think that the underweight side of the spectrum has any differences to the overweight side? I’m curious about your views on this. Why, for example, do some males (who have no genetic or other conditions which would prevent them from having a healthy body) become overweight under conditions of duress or pathology, while others become underweight?

      • Person says:

        Am I just a feminine man? I am high in orderliness, which is a statistically more female trait. High in neuroticism, which is probably the same. Orderliness tends to produce a strong tendency towards disgust, such as disgust with one’s flabby stomach. Not sure why the ratio of anorexic males to females is about 1:8, though, when the orderliness ratio is nowhere near that drastic.

        • Person says:

          Why am I so comfortable sitting with my legs crossed in a slanted, feminine way? Why do I so often speak so gently? Why am I frequently excessively polite and apologetic? Why do I fantasise about being a domestic cleaner and why do I enjoy cooking and serving food to people? Why? Why?

          • Person says:

            Apologies, Jim. I’m very troubled, you see. This is not the right place for these things to be aired, I’m sure, but you see I volunteered in a charity shop today, and all of the other staff and volunteers were female, and I felt very odd for the first forty minutes or so, and even wondered whether I was being “shit-tested”, or subjected to confusing and irritating behaviour because I was male, but then I thought that I shouldn’t allow that sort of paranoia to distort my thinking and my good nature, and relaxed a bit, but still felt weird the whole time, as though I was some sort of substitute, or fake, like I was a fake woman or something… I feel like this fairly often, Jim…I’m not sure what’s up with me. I’m really not. I have thought about transitioning, but it just seems too awful and distorted and perverse. I don’t want to be shunned, or ugly, which I would probably be if I tried to make my male face look female…I don’t care much for elaborate beauty rituals, either…it’s more the role and position of a female that I seem to crave…servitude, submission, having no power, but simply having to cater to men’s desires….that seems like a good life…is that wrong, Jim? Is there something wrong…there must be…I’m confused, Jim. Maybe you can help? Maybe I could be your slave…but of course, you wouldn’t want that, as I am not genetically female, it would be abhorrent, grotesque…alack, what solution is there…

            • Person says:

              They asked me to steam the clothes, Jim, which were all female clothes, many of them very beautiful to my eyes and made of lovely, silky, soft material. I found myself admiring them in a distant, almost rueful way…one dress was shiny and pink, like a ball gown…I felt compelled to comment, to express my besottal in some way, so I commented. I said “This dress looks like something out of Cinderella….” (no response from the girl I said it to) “It looks like something Cinderella would wear.” — by which I meant “I wish I could wear this dress and be beautiful, but of course that is just a fantasy, like the fairy tale of Cinderella … I want to be Cinderella” … but of course it came out weird and a little awkward, and the girl just said “Oh yeah, it does actually” in a half-hearted way….I feel my life borders on the tragic, Jim, and it is not with recklessness that I make that statement…I really do. But perhaps all of our lives are tragic, and I oughtn’t make a fuss, as we all have these inner torments… but, do we? Or am I unusual? I feel unusual at times like this, Jim, but I’m not sure. I don’t believe that I am exaggerating anything. In fact, I feel compelled to express this…this writing is as far from contrived as I am capable of … perhaps it seems absurd and fake, and ill-thought out… I odn’t know, Jim. I don’t know at all. Perhaps nnone of this even matters.

              • Person says:

                This may all just be a symptom of some other malady, like autism or schizophrenia or something…

                I really don’t know, Jim………….I feel that everything I do is fake. Everything.

                • Person says:

                  I just want somebody to tell me what to do, to punish me when I fail and to reward me when I succeed. That’s all I want.

            • Koanic says:

              Best ad for eating meat ever.

              Eat meat, take Tongkat Ali, lift weights, do MMA, shoot guns. Become the master in a world of slaves. Supply and demand.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          Because being thin is amazingly important to a woman’s sexual value and isn’t for men.

          • Person says:

            But why do I want to do things which would enhance my sexual value if I were a woman, when I’m not a woman. That’s the thing, you see. I think as if I’m a woman. I have thoughts and desires that would be appropriate if I were a woman, but I’m not a woman.

            • peppermint says:

              because you’re under 30 and you’ve been told that it’s high status to try to act like a woman

              • jim says:

                Trouble is, women are higher status than males, and so telling males that they should act like women and they will be high status is a believable lie.

                But it is a lie.

            • Carlylean Restorationist says:

              Your satire probably masks a sincere concern.

              Don’t worry, because it’s not all about men and women: being thin is a status symbol for other reasons too.
              In the modern world it takes work to plan meals and workout routines and spend time with personal trainers and so on, as well as a lot of money.
              It’s not possible to do all of that if you’re working 50 hours in menial jobs, so there’s one kind of status symbol: I’m a man of leisure who has the time to devote to his body.

              It’s also a status symbol in that stupid people will automatically drift towards soft, slobby forms and even outright obesity, which suggests that someone who’s correctly identified a problem and taken often difficult steps to correct it is cognitively superior.

              There’s also the obvious status symbol of ranking as an 8+ instead of a 2-, and the obvious status signal of having more in common with celebrities and cultural leaders and less in common with ghetto/trailer park losers.

              Certainly these indicators are stronger for women, and men have stronger ones at their disposal to outweigh them (cars, posh well fitting suits and so on), but don’t worry: desiring a high status appearance doesn’t automatically make you a sissy.

              • peppermint says:

                > work to plan meals and workout routines and spend time with personal trainers and so on, as well as a lot of money.

                Person is between 20 and 30 and could use cannabis to consider and adjust his behavior but should consider just claiming to be a womyn and taking an affirmative action job. I should have done that too instead of openly going hard right. He could also eat eggs and bacon and lift to build muscle and become physically attractive towards women.

                The enemy is currently extremely paranoid regarding the fact that every White man is a potential saboteur ever since Charlottesvile made them explicitly and irrevocably anti-White, as planned (the secondary objective was to prove that Nazis are as self-sacrificing as Christcucks).

                All of that being behind us, there is 0 reason for a young man who can pass as a soyboy to act like he is one of us outside, unless he wants to build muscle, wear boots and jeans, get a woman through raw charm, and already has a good job that he won’t lose immediately by making himself look like a nazi instead of a faggot.

            • jim says:

              Check your hormone levels. I predict you will find your testosterone levels are reasonably ok, but your estradiol levels are too high, and your luteinizing hormone levels are too low.

              I also predict that if you can get your testosterone levels considerably higher (despite the fact that they are probably not all that low to start with), while keeping your estradiol and luteinizing hormone levels in the recommended range, you will be fine. Estradiol needs to be in the range 20 to 30 pg/ml. Higher or lower levels in males are associated with major increases in death rate, mental disturbance, and sexual dysfunction.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            No, the other way around. Women can get away with being fatsos, if the fat is in the right places(nudge, nudge…).

            This is called BBW, chubby, thick etc. etc.

            Men, on the other hand, have to be ripped with a sixpack.

            • peppermint says:

              No. Fat women are not attractive to the men they want. The fact that a free pussy can always find a dick is irrelevant.

              Misshapen men, skinny, fat, skinnyfat, if they have a rare full time well paying job, they can get a high quality woman. A woman with any job, any IQ, if misshapen, will not be of interest to a man ready to take a wife, period, end of story. Exception if she was his bff since they were in high school. Maybe.

            • Carlylean Restorationist says:

              I’m arguably more triggered by the repurposing of the word ‘thick’ than I am of the repurposing of the word ‘liberal’.
              A thick bitch is a chick with an IQ below 90 who doesn’t compensate by being promiscuous.

              I’m half joking.

              Anyhow another little (admittedly anecdotal) piece of the puzzle: I jogged to the gym and back today, for the first time in four months. The weather’s not been good and I’ve had other reasons which don’t matter for this point.

              Anyhow, for the whole of that four months, I very rarely skipped a day at the gym, and every time I was at the gym I was doing cross-trainer as well as exercise bike work to compensate for the lack of running. I’m not an athlete but I’m not a slacker, so the level of resistance on the cross-trainer was adequate.

              I jogged there today for the first time in four months: I didn’t run, and I stopped halfway. It was not the level of cardio output that I was doing four months ago.

              Nevertheless by the time I got home after jogging back, I was drenched in sweat and felt highly physically exhausted.

              My point? A sub-par 20-minute bout of jogging (not running) is more physically demanding than 40 minutes on the cross-trainer at an adequate difficulty level.

              My conclusion? In my opinion, the benefits of organised cardio training may be exaggerated and you may, if I’m right, be better off just going running.

              (Note that I’m not talking about resistance machines for weight training: solely cardio training. My weights are probably about as good from resistance machines as they are from free weights and bands, but I haven’t tested that enough to comment.)

              Does this idea (of the gym being over-rated for cardio) resonate with anyone else?

              • John Sterne says:

                There is nothing like running- except running in the mountains in bad weather and carry a load but apart from running enhancements theres nothing close to it and the worst part of the lie is the whole point is can you you run run away from your enemy run after your enemy catch your prey whatever to train to run by not running is absurd. particularly when theres nothing so simple as running all you need is to take off dead of winter and hurricane all you need is shorts and sneakers and a shirt in five minutes youre sweating like its springtime. people who run less than 5 miles a day and claim to be in shape are just full of fucking shit

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  You’re so right. I did a little search last night for web results matching “cardio over-rated”, and not one mentioned that cardio MACHINES and so on are over-rated: the main result was several people claimed cardio per se was over-rated lol

                  We live in weird times, but it’s certainly no surprise that such a mainstream-supported activity as going to the gym turns out to be largely based on lies.

                  Even resistance machines where you think “there’s no way I could do this just with free weights” – those simple rubber band things you can get are just as good. I now do overhead lat pull-downs with a band and it works just as well. In fact if you’re fairly alert to your body’s responses, it’s better for targeting all those minor muscles that get left out of the cookie-cutter machine workout.

                  I’ll go further actually: a lot of the injuries that people get from the gym are largely the result of failing to work the smaller support muscles.

                  Bah humbug modernity right!

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  At risk of being a conspiratorial shitlord, it’s worth noting that (at least in Europe) there’s a massive emphasis on supporting “people with disabilities” (especially mental disabilities).

                  It’s not inconceivable that the gym might deliberately lower the bar (no pun intended) to make folks feelz better.

                • pdimov says:

                  >claimed cardio per se was over-rated lol

                  Not far from the truth; everything commonly called “cardio” is overrated.

                • peppermint says:

                  Everything the left promotes is a pact with Satan, all the way down to sloth through repetitive exercises designed to ruin joints while ignoring the reflexes and agility needed to not fall over and break a hip.

              • pdimov says:

                Climbing stairs (or mountains) > running on level terrain > “cardio” ~= 0

            • Piers says:

              Bullshit on both counts

              Fat women get losers or men desperate to stick their dick in any hole.

              I used to have a 6 pack. I am now 55 pounds heavier and carry too much around the waist thanks to travelling a lot for work and eating too much takeaway but I lift a lot of weights and have increased my muscle mass significantly.

              Women never cared about a six pack but big shoulders and arms interest them a lot and not one has ever cared about me being a bit overweight.

              Watch who women fuck, not who they say they like.

      • jim says:

        Underweight is not a problem I have ever encountered. I know nothing of it.

  7. […] Everything that works to lose weight is right wing, and everything that makes us fat is left wing. In this sense, The obesity epidemic is connected to leftism in much the same ways as the human immunodeficiency virus epidemic is connected to leftism. Leftists want gays to be allowed to make blood donations, fact acceptance, and don’t want us to get testosterone, for much the same reasons. […]

  8. Art says:

    “the mainstream “scientific” view is that major weight loss never happens”
    Not inconsistent with my theory. If obesity is caused by misery, as long as you remain in that state of mind, all your attempts are likely to fail, even if some succeed temporarily. Once that state of mind changes, loosing weight becomes easy. Same with opiates. To those who are chronically depressed giving them up is too hard. To those who are not, a few days of sickness is not a big deal.

    • peppermint says:

      So here’s the experiment: find someone whomst’ve already tried other wait loss plans and give them butter coffee and beef jerky for breakfaat and spinach and salmon for diner. See what happens when they eat pro team breakfast and with a fork knife and plate instead of shovel bowl. Switch out their soda pop coke for a nice glass of whole milk.

      It’s possible to gey weight loss on raw potatoes, but how can it be natural and possible for a lady without her bf watching her?

      This is a huge shift for Westerners to make, and neo-nazis will be resented for being at the center of it, but without this cultural change and without neo-nazis the West will die of heart attack diabeetus aids.

  9. Art says:

    Are you sure it is the choice of specific diet that did the trick?
    The way I see it, both “obesity epidemic” and “opiate epidemic” are the symptoms of the same underlying problem – the epidemic of misery.
    That’s what is causing much of the opiate addiction and compulsive eating, except that unlike the opiates, overeating only exccaserbates the misery.
    I understand you had significant life changes within the past couple of years. Could that be the real reason you are able to loose weight, and
    could it be that under those circumstances any reasonable effort would have succeeded?

    • jim says:

      Maybe, that is the problem with anecdotal evidence. On the other hand the mainstream “scientific” view is that major weight loss never happens. What I am seeing is that anyone who seriously follows reactionary orthodoxy on weight loss returns to healthy weight, or not far from it, and the only question is how hard is it to follow that orthodoxy. (Almost all diets work, but no one can ever follow them)

      And my experience was that it was not, and is not, easy, but it is not unreasonably difficult.

      • Art says:

        “And my experience was that it was not, and is not, easy, but it is not unreasonably difficult.”

        Not easy relative to what? You have been mentioning trying to lose weight since you started posting on usenet.

        • peppermint says:

          Elephants poop out most of what they eat because grass is nutrient poor.

          Humans will eat as much as they need to to get the fat, protein, micronutrients they need.

          Give them fat and protein up front and watch how calmly they ignore extra carbs.

  10. Josh says:

    Intermitent Fasting improves HGH levels, reduces inflamation, helps a shit ton with appetite, and naturally reduces caloric intake. The simplest and most popular form is the 16/8 protocol where you get your eating done in an 8 hour window daily, and generally once a week you’ll skip lunch and only eat one meal during the day.

    A more hardcore take on it is always eating only once daily. There is also the 44 hour fast once weekly, which has something like a 500% increase in HGH.

    • Ichabod Crane says:

      That’s exactly what I am doing now: one meal a day (only breakfast; 23-hour water fast) and then a full 2-day water fast every couple of weeks. Coupled with weight lifting, I lost 20 kg in 3 months and took 10 cm of my waist. And, as a middle-aged guy, I feel more energetic and look more muscular now than I have in decades. Definitely recommend IF and keto. Does take will power, but the results are amazing.

      • Mikey says:

        Similar results for me. I do cheat a little on the water with coffee with some butter in it.

  11. Mister Grumpus says:

    What kind of fasting? Like straight-up no solid foods for X days at a time?

    • jim says:

      It is generally a good idea to regularly skip breakfast. But I have found this is not enough – better to not eat for sixty four hours – two days and three nights. That will make your pants noticeably looser. If every day you refrain from eating for sixteen hours, this helps a lot. If sometimes you refrain from eating for sixty four hours, this helps rather more.

      Fasting means zero calorie intake: Water and black coffee.

  12. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    It’s definitely true that the attitudes associated with leftism (tolerance without prejudice to conduct, embracing the undesired, indulgence of whims) are factors in obesity on an individual and societal level.
    It’s definitely true that the attitudes associated with rightism (questioning dogma, improving oneself and the world, eschewing comfortable illusions, caring about objective standards) are factors in correcting obesity.

    One should be careful however not to nail one’s colours to a particular diet. I’m 100% sure it’s true that people can lose weight on a paleo diet. I can also truthfully report from anecdotal, personal and deductive evidence that the same can be done on a low fat high carb plant-rich diet.

    There are advantages to both of those approaches and I’m not going to nail MY colours to the plant-based solution. All I’ll say is that it can be effective, as can paleo and no doubt others too.

    The crude reduction of weight loss is basically this: if your values are supportive of embracing the truth and behaving accordingly, it’s possible to lose weight by increasing energy out and decreasing energy in. The exact details of how you do this can vary wildly from person to person: some might say that cardio-vascular exercise alone is wasteful because it doesn’t avail itself of the increased energy requirements of increasing muscle mass for example, yet many people lose a great deal of weight from jogging/running alone.

    In defence of plant-based approaches, what I’ll say in favour of them is this: you can swallow a lot more bites of banana or potato than you can of meat, and for people accustomed to eating large volumes of food, this can be a useful aid to reducing energy input. Indeed a solely plant-based diet makes it more or less impossible to eat enough to prevent weight loss when you’re running and/or weight training.

    Again, I must re-emphasise that I am emphatically not disparaging the paleo diet. The bottom line is whatever works for a particular person, that’s what they should do, and while these approaches may superficially differ wildly, the root factors are always the same: increasing the amount of food energy consumed by your body while decreasing the amount of food energy absorbed by your body.

    The particular approach can take any of a large number of options, but so long as those two principles are adhered to, it has a chance of working.

    It will only work, however, in the context of rightist values. Any leftist who has successfully lost weight and kept it off is being a hypocrite with regards their own personal life. They may advocate unconditional tolerance for other people but in their own case, they cannot possibly be doing that.

    • jim says:

      > I can also truthfully report from anecdotal, personal and deductive evidence that the same can be done on a low fat high carb plant-rich diet.

      Maybe. We are necessarily working off anecdotal evidence, since genuinely scientific studies are in effect illegal.

      How fat are you now, and how much did you lose on a low fat high carb plant-rich diet?

      > It will only work, however, in the context of rightist values. Any leftist who has successfully lost weight and kept it off is being a hypocrite with regards their own personal life.

      Of course.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        >How fat are you now, and how much did you
        >lose on a low fat high carb plant-rich diet?

        June 2015, stopped drinking, instantly lost half a stone.
        Adopted mostly raw, almost entirely vegan diet in about August, which lasted until about January/February 2016 – lost about a stone.
        Reintroduced some animal products (it was never ideological veganism, it was always about maximising bites of food by choosing low calorie foods) and continued to lose weight.

        By Christmas 2016, I’d lost around four stone (56lbs).

        In 2017, the rigour lapsed somewhat and weight loss ceased but things remained stable at 14st7 or so (200-210lbs). There was also a fair bit (though I have no idea precisely how much) of muscle mass gained.

        Lapsed into alcohol use and bad habits around Christmas 2017 and have subsequently gained a stone, so 4 and a bit down, one back up: overall 3 and a half stone lighter than the start, and relative stability for a couple of years so not a ‘yoyo diet’.

        The next step is to reintroduce some rigour by cutting out bad habits (sweets, chocolate and of course eradicating alcohol) and while that’s superficially a dietary matter, it reduces ultimately to a matter of character: do I want to be the person who says “well I shouldn’t but I’m going to” while lamenting the direction of travel?
        No. I want to be the person who says “well I shouldn’t so obviously I won’t because I shouldn’t for a reason and I like rationality”.

        • jim says:

          A mostly raw, mostly vegan diet is almost the opposite of the carnivore diet.

          But it is also a diet with very little bread, pasta, pizza, potatoes, or rice.

          Where did you get most of your carbs?

          My major staples are butter, stuff fried in butter, eggs, bacon, pork, salmon, cheese, particularly brie, and barramundi. And of course butter. What are your major staples?

          • carlylean restorationist says:

            Sorry in advance for shoddy formatting – in gym…ok main staples: banana base (8 – 11) with one fruit (berries, oranges, grapes) or sometimes multiple fruits…c.800-1100kcal

            then at night 3-5 potatoes microwaved with tin of baked beans or peas, 900-1200kcal

            plus running and moderate free weights…

            of yiur diet, the fish appeals, but I know I would consume excess calories on cheese etc.

            Whatever works, and at its root, attitude and firm grip on reality is the foundation.

            • peppermint says:

              Heavens no, not extra calories of cheese. But why would you do such a thing? Don’t you hate fat in all its form and love healthiness as you love yourself?

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                No, I’m just a realist about how much of a piggy I am.
                If I eat fat, I eat more calories per bite than when I have a potato with peas, so I do the latter. Then I get a huge plate of food to eat without getting fat.

                I’m sure the case for fat’s very sound, and equally sure that all the years the various élites were demonising it, they were either stupid, evil or both.

                You’re not interacting with an ideological vegan who thinks meat is murder. I’m not even a vegan anymore, and wasn’t for very long – but changes are needed and they’re likely to involve more carbs/fruit&veg and less chocolate (and zero pizza).

                All I can tell you is that the plain cheese&tomato pizzas I’ve eaten from a British supermarket are 2000 calories each and I can easily eat two.

                That’s all there is to it, but if different priorities get the job done for someone else, that’s wonderful. Either way Jim’s correct that the weight thing ultimately reduces to character, and character depends crucially on values.

                • peppermint says:

                  > more calories per bite than when I have a potato with peas
                  You do understand that this is a very delicate pact with Satan, which St. Thomas Aquinas warned against in his forms of gluttony article, right?

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  I did not know that. Thank you, I will read it carefully.

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  Thank you, I think I sort of understand the point you’re making: that wanting to maximise the number of bites is a form of gluttony since it places great value on the pleasure of eating, rather than seeing food in terms of its function.

                  I can see how it might seem that way, and I’m sure there’s truth to it also, however in defence of my defence of a plant-heavy diet, what I’m driving at is that maximising bites is a coping strategy designed to reduce the ill effects of gluttony whilst tempering gluttonous pleasures by reducing the taste effects of the chosen foods.

                  (In other words it’s less fun to eat four baked potatoes and a full tin of baked beans that it is to eat two full 10” pizzas.)

                  I do take your point that the ultimate goal should be to rectify the gluttonous impulse to eat large quantities of food.

                  What I’ll say is that these behaviours are habits of a sort, and small steps will tend to help, so it’s easier to bring about those kinds of positive changes if the food you’re using is less likely to cause harm in the meantime.
                  Sure as an end-goal, perhaps a different food base could work once the impulse to over-eat is conquered.

                  What I’ll also say to defend this is that sticking to rich high fat foods is counter-productive to beating the vice of gluttony precisely because the enjoyment is the root of the excess, so (even temporarily, prosthetically) reducing the pleasure component is likely to help not hinder.

                  Is there a risk it’ll be a patch that masks the problem without addressing it? Yes.

                  So with Augustine in mind, what’s the case for a high fat / meat-rich diet in this context?

          • Mikey says:

            My staples are about the same as yours except steak for barramundi. I went from 230 to 190 in five months with little exercise. I’m six foot three, almost sixty, high t for some reason (800). My big weakness is beer which will set me on a weekend long carb and alcohol binge. Dr. Jason Fung on youtube is pretty good on keto and intermittent fasting. It was your blog that got me started on it. All the expert nutrition advice I have heard my whole life was not only wrong, but opposite wrong.

        • peppermint says:

          The human gi tract shrank once fire was available for cooking. Only niggers and gooks can stomach raw meat.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            Steak tartar is great once in a while.

          • Theshadowedknight says:

            As long as it is frozen long enough to kill off bacteria, it is perfectly fine to eat raw beef. Chicken or pork are a different animal, and I do not eat them raw. Beef, on the other hand is a pleasure to eat raw, on occasion. Salt, pepper, and some sauce or condiment to taste. Embrace the wild, utilize the cold to eat raw meat. It makes a body strong.

      • Alrenous says:

        What the science found is almost any nutritional discipline can lead to significant weight loss in a large chunk of subjects. However, 95%+ revert after a year. They put you though a bunch of hardship and have no lasting impact.

        The meat/fat diet is too right wing for science to test honestly. The reports read like a wonder drug – hunger disappears, weight effortlessly evaporates, the food tastes better instead of of worse.

        However, if we’re eating a bunch of non-food, and switch back to eating food, that’s exactly what one should expect. Duh, your stomach’s ideas on nutrition are the product of millions of years of experience; a nutritionists’ ideas on nutrition are the product of, at best, 40 years of experience – even assuming they’re honest, which they’re obviously not.

        I’m rather firmly convinced the only reason most non-meat is even vaguely appetizing to anyone is due to childhood acculturation. Basically gastric Stockholm syndrome.

  13. ilkarnal says:

    I don’t buy it. IIRC, they tried every combination of carbs, simple sugars, fats, and proteins on mice – couldn’t get them to become obese, even with all sugars and carbs. Then they gave them McDonalds food – voila, they became obese. What’s the difference? The experimentally-controlled macronutrient ratio food didn’t taste great, and McDonalds tastes very very good. Food we’ve evolved to think is unusually high quality triggers an increase in satiation point. It’s not about quantity of macronutrients, it is a whole range of factors which food joints have gradually evolved to take full advantage of.

    These funny diets work either because they restrict things enough that you can’t get anything that tastes as amazing as McDonalds, or just make it so you’re in a rule-space where nobody has figured out to make things that taste that amazing YET.

    In the old days people ate TONS of wheat products. Mountains of wheat products. Svelte as hell. There were advertisements for weight-gain products. The wheat products just didn’t taste that good.

    Agree that you should eat lots of meat – helps with muscle, I suspect helps with overall health, I hear too many anecdotes of vegan/vegetarian health problems that resolve when they resume meat intake.

    Seasoning and competent cooking are the great evils, if you want to lose weight, and the great goods if you want to gain weight. I strongly suspect you could become a fatso off of bacon and eggs and fruit and sumptuous roasts and some kind of meatloaf where the non-meat filler isn’t wheat.

    • Robert Brockman says:

      Well-seasoned and competently cooked high-protein meals burned off 15 pounds in two months no matter how much I ate, provided no carbs and fasting from 8 PM to noon. Bacon, eggs, cheese, extra-tasty chicken recipies, beef, chocolate (99%), the works. Food tasted better too.

      Several of my friends have had more extreme experiences, losing 50-100 lb plus over time. For them at least, it’s the carbs.

      Suspicion: There may be something in the McDonalds other than the carbs that causes the problem.

      Experiment: eat McDonalds burgers *without the buns*. If we are right about the carbs, then maybe just dumping the *bread* from the burgers will help.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        “Experiment: eat McDonalds burgers *without the buns*. If we are right about the carbs, then maybe just dumping the *bread* from the burgers will help.”‘

        See the movie “Fathead” (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1333994/). Guy did just that. Ate fast food sans buns, fries and sugary drinks. Lost weight.

      • Simon says:

        Wheat is fine, unless you react to it. Bread containing modern refined and fortified wheat is poison. As is anything containing refined sugar. Sugar is the evil you must avoid to lose weight. Everything else is window-dressing.

        • peppermint says:

          The problem with bread is restaurants have an incentive to give you more bread and less non-bread and Boomers think a sandwich is two slices of bread, one slice each of cheese and baloney, and a very thin layer of mayo and mustard, except that they skip the cheese or baloney and mayo or mustard, forget to cover it in butter and toast it on a panini press or at least use toast from a toaster, and supplement it with baked potato “chips”.

          The other problem with bread is it’s always a Pareto optimization to replace bread with spaghetti and gnocci and spaghetti with ravioli, and people will eat less carbs if they eat off a plate with a fork and a knife.

          That said, paninis are great and so are croissants. To make a dinner roll take pillsbury chilled croissant dough and roll ham and cheese in it.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      There is something to it. I ate mainly unflavored rice cakes with some extra indian glop on them, along with occasional bread and eggs. No sugary snacks, no extremely tasty food. In summary, this didn’t taste much, and my appetite went down. I lost about 15 pounds in 3 weeks while being fairly strict but without too much torment, so this approach can serve as an alternate route.

      The main problem with keeping up this and other diets is the work lunch or communal meals IMO. Maybe that’s a niche for some food delivery startup.

      • Simon says:

        Rice is a secret to weight loss. Extremely high satiety, nom-allergenic. Mix with protein, spices and cream, had every night, weight loss will occur naturally, with no struggle.

      • jim says:

        I, on the other hand, lost forty kilos eating a wide variety of delicious meals.

        Ready availability of tasty food is a big part of the problem, but I am an old man, I recall that tasty food was available when I was a teenager, yet people were generally not fat.

        Yes, tasty food is a problem, and eliminating nice food makes you considerably less fat. But people have become a hell of a lot fatter over the last thirty years, while food has not become all that much tastier.

        You lost seven kilos eating boring food. Big deal. I lost forty kilos eating delicious elaborately prepared food.

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          Sorry, I didn’t realize it was a contest. How quickly did you lose that weight? I’m not 40 kg overweight myself so it’s difficult to try to repeat. I have tried low-carb diets but have found them difficult to maintain. A bit unfortunate since it seems like a good idea.

          I found that eating boring food also killed my interest in snacking and shrank my stomach, leading to eating smaller portions naturally. Which was good. The weakness might be that the Boredom Diet might not not lead to a weight plateau and is difficult to maintain indefinitely. (I didn’t try.)

          • peppermint says:

            The contest is come up with something healthy that is a lifestyle people will adopt without immediate threat of diabeetus.

            The winner is meat, on a plate, with a fork and knife, with small amounts of starch and vegetables and dipping sauces next to it, just like our ancestors ate before Boomers.

            Diabeetus patients are given lists of foods to eat freely and foods that they need an insulin shot for. Beans and sweet potatoes are on the insulin shot list, carrots and olives are not. Olives are great food and should be in more things.

            And since we’re racist here, skip the soy sauce and use worcestershire sauce in your meatloaf like your great grandma did, skip the curry and add more cheese.

            • Piers says:

              Season your meat and cook everything in tallow and you don’t need the sauce

            • Carlylean Restorationist says:

              Speaking of curry, a little memory of “Eastenders”, the BBC’s flagship propaganda sitcom. (At the end of the show they routinely offer public helplines for related ‘iss-sues’ and they make no secret of the fact their plots are designed like Aesop’s Fables for the modern world…….. except the world depicted is the East End of about 40 years ago, at least: a few integrated blacks and Pakis; everyone speaks English; violent crime is always a matter of rare psychopaths among us; light touch bobbies instead of armed militias; etc. etc.)

              Zainab Masood: “don’t tell anyone but this is your Aunty-ji’s secret for a very delicious curry: a spoonful of sugar!”

              Occasionally they let the truth seep through: the taste overload of modern ‘cooking’ (not limited to Indian food but also all the various Jewish chains, and so on) is to overload on fat, salt and sugar.

              It’s as simple as that. Added flavouring: mostly butter and cane sugar – but in the case of the corporate outlets also the deadly syrups, MSG and hydrogenated oils.

              As always it reduces to “stupid or evil?”: are they stupidly killing us in order to please us to get our money even though it harms us? Or are they deliberately destroying us to serve their sick progressive religion?

              Probably both

            • Carlylean Restorationist says:

              (For what it’s worth, given that they aggressively target black male white female miscegenators in their advertising campaigns even though that ‘target demographic’ is under 1% of the population, the profit motive can almost entirely be ruled out, which leaves ideology and malice.)

        • Piers says:

          I am in my 30s and just old enough to remember when a hamburger was a massive slab of mince, bacon and eggs all cooked in cow fat and with cheese, salad, sauce and a bun almost too small to fit everything. That burger, known in Australia as the workers burger or burger with the lot, was a meal high in fat and protein, low in carbs and low in sugar. Not the healthiest of course, but compared to today’s junk food it is very healthy.

          A burger today is mostly guns with a little piece of mince cooked in vegetable oil, processed cheese with God knows what in it, a piece of lettuce or something and a sauce with high fructose corn syrup. Carbs are now the main component of this burger. Add to this the fact that the burger is now so small and low calorie you need chips cooked in vegetable oil and a big helping of high fructose corn syrup flavoured water to complete the meal.

    • peppermint says:

      > Seasoning and competent cooking are the great evils, if you want to lose weight, and the great goods if you want to gain weight. I strongly suspect you could become a fatso off of bacon and eggs and fruit and sumptuous roasts and some kind of meatloaf where the non-meat filler isn’t wheat.

      I tried exactly that, as much butter coffee and meat and eggs and vegetables as I wanted, no sugar, limited carbs of other kinds. Switched from fried potatoes to fried pork skins, which are, as indicated in the nutrition facts, not a good source of protein.

      Turns out, everything you have been told is an evil lie, McDonalds too, I eat double quarter pounders, tendies, fries, and McGriddles all the time. But recently they decided to stop selling good shakes.

    • Alrenous says:

      Your theory doesn’t apply in my kitchen. Meat tastes like food. Not-meat tastes like not-food. McDonalds includes not-meat and thus tastes like not-food.

      Mice are omnivores leaning toward herbivory. Humans are carnivores that happen to be able to digest plants if absolutely necessary. Even the experiment was accurate, which I sincerely doubt, it’s not a good model.

    • jim says:

      > Seasoning and competent cooking are the great evils,

      I am a good cook. My girlfriend is a good cook. We put a lot of time and effort into making nice meals. And it is carbs that do me in, especially wheat and sugar. If I eat a pizza and mountain dew, I cannot stop eating. Grilled fresh salmon, on the other hand, no problem.

      Pizza and mountain dew is very nice, but so is salmon grilled over the hot coals of a wood fire. One causes me to pig out, the other does not.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        It’s worth noting that in the current mainstream dietary culture it’s normal to classify pizza as a ‘carb source’ food.
        In my universe pizza’s a ‘fat source’ food. The bread’s a problem, for sure: nothing healthy about bread; but the elephant in the room is that it’s entirely covered with melted (ie. concentrated) cheese.

        • jim says:

          Compared to my regular meals, pizza is low fat.

          If you think pizza is high in saturated fat, you are eating a low fat diet.

          I eat pizza, I get hungry, break my diet. If I eat a triple cream brie, no problem.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Pizza is my great weakness!

          • Pooch says:

            What’s your opinion of the fat in milk vs the fat in steak? Equivalent in terms of the benefit for men?

          • Piers says:

            @Pooch Grass fed beef is probably the best for men. Full of protein, iron, essential fatty acids and with the right balance of HDL v LDL

            Meat, as a general rule, is better than cheese which is better than milk BUT given how many animals are poorly farmed (stuffed full of grain and antibiotics) there is a lot of leeway depending on the source of what you are eating

        • peppermint says:

          That’s because you’re stuck in the 90s with 90s diets that 90s women killed themselves trying to follow and ended up using ridiculous amounts of creamy salad dressing to survive on while feeling guilty about the holocaust.

          Super Mario 64 is a good cultural artifact of the 90s.

          Pizza places skimp on toppings because of course they do. Get wings and tendies with your pizza or buy a frozen pizza and coat it in a thick layer of meat yourself.

  14. Chase says:

    Ah, the intersection of Anonymous Conservative and Jim.

  15. some guy says:

    It would certainly do a lot for optics if everyone on the right was in shape contra the fatty masses on the left.

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