Operation Sovereign Borders

American judges have been expanding the category asylumrefugee to open borders to the world, preparatory for rapid race replacement and white erasure in the US. Illegal immigration is now legal in the US, indeed a fundamental human right (unlike freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms) as it has been for some time in Germany and Sweden.

In response to this, Trump has promised to use the the military to defend our borders against invaders. The world is shocked by this terrible violation of human rights. The military should only be used for good nice kindly humanitarian purposes, such as bombing civilians in Libya to punish them for their disinclination to support a Cathedral sponsored color revolution.

To use the military for selfish purposes, such as keeping hostile and predatory outsiders on the outside, is a clear violation of fundamental human rights recently discovered in the emanation of the penumbra of the umbra of the great and glorious US constitution. The US military should only be used for good and unselfish purposes, such as teaching Afghan schoolgirls how to put a condom on a banana and blowing up people who are insufficiently grateful for the benefits of freedom and democracy bestowed upon them.

If Trump keeps this promise, chances are he is also going to have some wall in time for the mid term elections. If he does not, he will not.

Keeping either or both of these promises is likely to lead to confrontation with the judges, as it violates the inalienable human right of South America and Africa to move to America to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat. 

In 2012, the Australian authorities escalated race replacement and the erasure of white Australia by legalizing illegal immigration through endless expansion of the asylumrefugee loophole, resulting in rapidly escalating flood of boats carrying illegal immigrants to Australia, similar to flood of boats now carrying Africans to Europe through Italy. The Australian labor party did everything possible to stop the boats, short of actually stopping them, and everything possible to discourage illegals from coming to Australia to live on crime, welfare, and voting for the Labor party, short of actually denying them Australian residence, welfare, and votes.

Supposedly this was the awesome power of the judges overruling the Labor Party government by allowing the asylumrefugees residence, welfare, and votes, and perhaps it was, but when power gave the asylum refugees them due process and thus treated them as citizens, rather than invaders, power was signaling to judges that it would rather like them to be made into citizens.

Tony Abbott was elected at the end of 2013 on a platform of stopping illegal immigration by military means. And, unlike Trump, immediately stopped it, turning back the boats,

imprisoning illegals, and punishing people smugglers.

Which, of course, immediately led to lawfare.

and confrontation with the judges.

If the government cannot deny permanent visas to people who illegally set foot in Australia…

and if the government cannot turn back people coming on boats with the intent of setting foot on Australia illegally … then the borders are open.

It became apparent the one hundred and fifty three Tamil asylumrefugees were one were not in fact from Sri Lanka, but from Tamil State in India, making their claim of refugee status absurd.

At the same time as this was happening, an illegal immigrant in Australia was getting due process, and of course, the courts ordered the government to give him a permanent visa. And the government did so.

And those waging lawfare for open borders were gloating. They considered that they had already won, even though their pretext that these were refugees seeking asylum had already been decisively exposed, they did not care, no one cared, it made not the slightest difference to anyone.

The pretext that they were using to open the borders had evaporated, yet they were still completely confident that they had won, that the borders were opening. They were every bit as much full of pious indignant righteous rage at the government denying Tamils from Tamil State entry, as they had been at the government denying Tamils from Sri Lanka entry.

Tamil state is, as it says on the can, an ethno state, thus a claim by an ethnic to be an asylumrefugee pitifully fleeing the ethno state of his own ethnicity is not believable.

But what is believable is that if the the voters are here, you can keep them here until they get to vote, that if they are here, you have the upper hand, and the people they are going to vote against have the losing hand.

This looked awfully like the collapse of the borders in the face of lawfare, like the government cucking out in the face of the awesome power of the judiciary. If a court order can stop the government from deporting people, then they have to go to Australia, and once in Australia, have to be given permanent visas, and once they have permanent visas, welfare and votes. If one illegal immigrant gets a permanent visa by court order on the asylumrefugee excuse, one hundred million black male military age Mohameddans screaming for infidel blood and white pussy can get permanent visas by court order – particularly as their claim to be refugees from each other’s habitual violence is in fact true, unlike the transparently false claim to be a refugee from one’s own peaceful ethnostate.

One might suppose that government cucked out in response to the court order, but it could also be that the court order was a response to it cucking out. Or, more likely, that both reflect power being applied behind the scenes. Or maybe they thought that due process would make it glaringly obvious that these asylumrefugees were not in fact fleeing persecution, having a perfectly good and reasonably well functioning ethnostate in which Tamils were the ruling religion and ethnicity, but that never seemed to matter to the judges before, and it seems unlikely it would matter this time.

If power signals it wants white erasure, then it is in your interest to feed your brothers and your children to the crocodiles, in the hope of being last to be fed to the crocodiles.

It looked like it was all over for white Australians, that they were about to become a permanently outvoted second class minority, hated and despised, permanently blamed for the massive dysfunction of the ruling majority, as South African whites are blamed for the failure of black South Africans, and light skinned Venezuelans blamed for the failure of darker skinned Venezuelans. Lighter skinned Venezuelans are getting Kristallnacht, and white South Africans are getting genocide.

And then Tony Abbot found his balls.

I earlier claimed that Tony Abbot did a Jackson. This claim was not accurate. But as we shall see, it is accurate to say that the courts ruled his actions legal only after he gave them the finger, and demonstrated he was not going to cuck out, and they then quietly reversed, forgot about, or reinterpreted, all their earlier precedents opening the borders.

In the face of a court hearing questioning whether he could imprison or deport the one hundred and fifty seven Tamil Asylum refugees without judicial process, and in the face of a court order prohibiting him from deporting them to Sri Lanka, he proceeded, three days before the originally scheduled date of the hearing, to deport and imprison them in Nauru without judicial process, Nauru being a nominally independent state of the Australian empire, in the same way that Canada and England are nominally independent states of the US empire. Since a supposedly independent state was now imprisoning them, a court order saying that they could not be deported or detained would have no effect.

Which in theory, because Nauru is supposedly independent, is not quite doing a Jackson, but is a signal of intent to do a Jackson in effect. If the court says he cannot imprison or deport, he is likely to say: “Too bad, how sad, they are in Nauru now, and the Nauruans are mistreating them, but alas, I have no authority to tell the Nauruans to let them go. Independent state. Do you doubt it is independent?”

Thus he did not pull a Jackson in the sense of ignoring a specific court order after it had been made. But he did pull a Jackson in that he signaled to the court that if it gave a court order, that court order was going to be ignored.

And the courts, all of them, backed down.

As did the UN, the newsmedia, the professoriat, and the NGOs. Lawfare ended. And to this day, the Australian government can and does detain and/or deport visa runners without the judges interfering. Illegal entry, overstayed visas, and the like result in administrative imprisonment and administrative deportation, without judicial process.There have been no further lawfare dramas legalizing illegality. There was lawfare on anchor babies, children of illegals born in Australia, but that also was rejected.

No longer do those in the country illegally get permanent residence, let along court ordered permanent residence.  After this incident, the high court somehow decided to take a humbler view of its powers.  Maybe that was Abbot signaling in public by shipping them to Nauru, maybe something happened behind the scenes.  But lawfare largely went away, and what little lawfare happened, failed.

The program of white replacement and erasure continues, but considerably more slowly, and no longer by illegal immigration.

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  4. Starman says:

    Looks like the Chinese are following SpaceX’s footsteps into reusable launch vehicles.

    • Starman says:

      Here’s LinkSpace’s account twitter acct:

      • jim says:

        That is a toy rocket. SpaceX and Blue Origins have real rockets. The Chinese reusable rocket uses duct tape extensively as a structural component.

        There are many important fields where China leads the west. This is not yet one of them.

        • Starman says:

          Looks like the Chinese are starting small and cautiously towards building reusable VTLVL rockets. No rocket program is done in China without the Chinese government’s permission.

  5. Piers says:

    Abbott could have been the next Howard and ruled for a long time but the cucks in his party backstabbed him because he appealed to the common people too much and, worse, actually listened to them and gave a shit about them.

    The elites replaced a volunteer lifesaver and firefighter with a mercantile banker who hides his money offshore as a big middle finger to the Australian population. Trumble only survived the subsequent election because there is no viable opposition in Australia.

  6. Tom Riddle says:


    In our rhetorical engagements, you have afforded me an opportunity of incalculable value, the chance to hone my abilities to an extraordinary degree, on a whetstone of the highest calibre. I intend to take these and apply them to the highest possible aims.

    Please inform our erstwhile mutual friend, S, that his hammer struck at an opportune time, that I hope he is well, and that I forgive him.

    However, I regret having lost contact with so many smart men. In particular, I am interested in retaining contact with you; if you are similarly inclined (and I humbly think it worth your while), please drop me a line.

    I shall henceforth cease all activity under this and other pseudonyms.

    You Know Who

  7. ilkarnal says:

    Who will try to haul him out of jail? There is no chaos overcoming this country analogous to what happened before the Russian Revolution. The military and secret police are unified and loyal to those paying them. If Trump is hauled off for being a Russia-aligned traitor, there will be grumbling but no storm.

    • jim says:

      Contrary to official history, chaos followed the Russian Revolution, it did not precede it. The supposed chaos before the revolution was rather small rentamobs whom the police allowed to knock over a few beer shops, after the fashion of Ferguson and Detroit.

      Similarly the Bastille was stormed by a tiny rentamob after all the guards but two were withdrawn for their convenience.

      The Russian “revolution” and the French “revolution” were a series of insider coups by very small groups of people who after assuming power found it difficult to rule. So after assuming power, then threatened by chaos, and then found it necessary to murder their kings, as they will then find it necessary to murder Trump and his family.

      • The Bastille had like 7 prisoners, so one could assume not a lot of guards to begin with. But there is also a version where the Bastille is also an armory and the mob went after the guns, which are supposed to be well guarded normally. After all the prisoners were mostly aristocrats the king disliked, except for two who were simply insane, the sans-culottes couldn’t really have a lot of interest in them.

  8. Anonymous 2 says:

    I’m troubled by Mueller’s provocations. He’s operating far beyond the reasonable bounds of his remit and furthermore resorting to extremely questionable methods, such as breaking attorney-client privilege. All to get at an apparent blackmail victim. What is the end game here?

    • John Sterne says:

      ANDREW C. MCCARTHY a former fed prosecutor and neocuck pundit at national review has been doing an excellent job critiquing the entire fiasco its well worth going back to the beginning and catching up to the couple dozen pieces hes done as the facts have come to light he must have a wall full of clippings and bits of string like carrie Mathison off her meds because he hasn’t missed one date or sentence or text of what was said when and then later. hes no trump fan but like any good and true cuck he is appalled at the sacrilege of his rule of law. hes also been tilting at fellow legal scholars also critiquing this and usually getting the best of them all. The end game is to depose trump of course by any means necessary.The question is will they have to resort to something made up or so trivial that it actually triggers a civil war oe a foreign war.

    • jim says:

      Coup. Trump gets arrested, thrown in jail. Eventually he and his family get shot, being too dangerous while alive, because there will be efforts to haul him out of jail.

      This is a creeping coup. The coupists do something illegal and scary. They intimidate their enemies and get away with it, with no consequences. So they do something more illegal and more scary. This escalates till they do not get away with it, or until their enemies are dead, whichever comes first.

      Having made the initial move, they have to keep on moving, because if they retreat, they will wind up being arrested for their previous moves. So the logic of events is that they have to keep escalating, which ends either with them going to jail, or them killing their enemies.

      They do not intend to kill Trump and his family, or even throw him in jail, just remove him from the presidency. The men who overthrew the Czar and the men who overthrew King Louis XVI intended constitutional monarchy, they did not intend to murder their King and everyone vaguely connected to him, but the logic of events ran away with them.

      • BomberCommand says:

        Jim, what’s our timeline here now that things are in motion? Months? Years?

        • jim says:

          As we approach the left singularity, infinite leftism in finite time, it becomes increasingly hard to make predictions.

          I think things blow up around 2026. I also think elections will have ceased to matter some time before 2026.

          There will be increasingly dramatic events next week, next month, and next year. The new abnormal will soon become even more abnormal.

          • At some point before this US Deep State / BlueGov will stop having anything resembling a foreign policy because coordination get lost, everybody is following their own interest and infighting means they cannot really push hard abroad? Meaning, a sudden lack of pressure noticed by the rest of the world which means nationalist revivals become actually possible?

            • peppermint says:

              What is the left? Either virtue signaling or jews. What does the left want? The destruction of all healthy White societies. What is Russia? A place where children don’t have access to propaganda promoting self-mutilation and on-demand access to mutilation, and instead of being kept alive with narcan the heroin is krokodil.

              What is freedom? To a 18c American it’s the state of being protected not by a knight with rights over you but by your friends and neighbors and their weapons. There should never have been a US army. It should have been local national guard armories and a US general staff for planning.

              American freedom was destroyed by (1) foreigners being invited to invade the cities instead of settling the frontier (2) Boomer “internal” immigration that destroyed the social networks that defined freedom (3) taxation as if people weren’t freeholders but tenants of the govt.

              Now freedom means the right to speak freely, carry a weapon for mere personal self defense, and maybe associate freely maybe. This freedom is better defended by an honorable knight than a virtue signaling politician. Thus libertarian monarchism.

              • John Sterne says:

                I realize you grew up educated post collapse but you need to find a stash of old books and learn a bit of history. Boomers did not destroy america you sound like me greatest generation dad ranting about the goddamn hippies. It was long process. certainly goes as far back as the jews mischief starting mid 1800s and of course the swine lincoln and the lot of transcendentalists. one could easily take it to enlightenment in a sense. moldberg has a smaller points about the puritans but that all starts with luther who really was just the luckiest of 15000 years of heretics. and anyway preists are small beer compared to knights so really back to the magna cartas. Or should we look at celtic and nordic societies which franky have a lot of what NRX thinks is lefty, charlemagne opted to be crowned by the pope I would have cut the popes head off instead he cut the heads off 4500 good white men for not adopting the jew heresy. and of course he did this to emulate the romans well actually the turks larping as romans but before that real romans and greeks did a lot of hang wringing over being to right wing and paternal. Truth is whites edge has always been its achilies heel as well, we have managed a very precise balance no other race has been able to do. but its always precarious. if you read enough about the contemporary history of each of those cukish steps to the current year you will be swept up in the logic of the moment, sure at each step there were genuine leftists but there were at least as many probably a vast majority of what would at the time have been conservatives going along with these steps. they didnt have the hindsight, more importantly when looking back we have a tendency to just gloss over 99% of the salient facts that in that time they understood would instantly doom our armchair critiquing. setting free the niggers and all the presidents that had to be set the stage for that was obviously disastrous probably the single thing thats destroyed us.but having hundreds of millions nigger slaves today would be even worse. obviously bringing niggers into america was the mistake. but those brits didnt bring slaves into britain the new world to them was just a plantation not a future home.about 1860 we could have wiped all the other races off the face of the planet and should have but we didnt. the hippies of the 60s did not make this mess they certainly exacerbated it but every generation before going back to at least greece contributed and all of it is a two edged sword.without cuck christianity we wouldnt be who we are.but it no longer serves us.we cant go back to a dungeons and dragons world i wish we could but we cant the enlightenment was a meritocracy improvement on aristocracy. capitalism improved grants of the king democracy was inevitable response to the industrial revolution and the break up of the empires of the aristocracy. It just had to fucking happen. To some extent in some way power had to be shared with those who power needed cooperation from power needed massive armies massive labor forces massive markets it came at a price. power share. the problem isnt the concept itself power like everything else is subject to market/evolution force and democracy mimics those. the problem is niggers and bitches are not useful and need not have been given power. the mob didnt give power to nigger and bitches elites seeking to game the system gave them power elites defected and cheated. thats where you want to look at what went wrong yes (((elites))) was one reason. But moldberg is correct that alite being clever fuckers tend to scheeme and one thing that happens is once the generation that paid the price for civilization is gone maintaining it becomes increasingly difficult. not simply because we forget the cost and fragility but because secondary and tertiary systems become the prime forces of wealth and therefore power faggots come to rule not men because faggots are better at science etc you cant really get around this problem except through culture but that culture is what is actually under attack. its almost as if its intended the nations rise and fall.This is why we should have wiped the rest of humanity of the planet it 1900 at least we would be collapsing into ourselves or so it would seem for a time.

                • Please learn to press Enter after every like 3 sentence or so, most people won’t read your wall of text because you made it too difficult to do so.

                • peppermint says:

                  You’re right that the dark age started in the 19c. Transcendentalism outcompeted puritanism in academia and then was forced on everyone else because

                  > faggots are better at science

                  The people who hate science the most are pseudoscientists, the people who hate civilization the most are faggots. They can affirmative action themselves into science and do scientific work of a kind. They’re not good at it any more than they’re good at literature and art.

                  The real redpill about science is that it is vastly overbloated in industry size and especially prestige, to the point where there are even too many otherwise good White men involved in it. Science gained prestige during the brother’s wars as something that would outlast the vagaries of national borders as a credit to the race, but will lose all its prestige first for its association with professors and then because national service will be the only thing anyone gets prestige for and military service will be the clearest way to that and military engineering will be what everyone who now styles themselves a scientist will claim.

              • “What is the left? Either virtue signaling or jews”

                Good! The two are not disjunct. Jews have an above-average tendency to virtue-signal, this is why Disraeli defined them as natural priests. Puritan-Anglos too have this tendency. Maybe less, dunno, but do have it.

                ” The destruction of all healthy White societies. ” actually all societies, it is not just whites – MeToo stuff gets carbon-copied in India.

                “What is freedom? ”

                Get Carlylean, freedom = order = truth = justice. Life, limb and property is not a bad approximation, it is freedom in the Libertarian sense, protecting it is order, and justice, and truth, well, it is truth in the sense that instead of immense ideological bullshit if the media talked about who is depriving whom of life, limb, and property, Boers would be on the front page.

                • peppermint says:

                  The word freedom is used in many distinct ways.

                  To an 18 year old woman, freedom is the ability to display the goods and try to get in the pants of a sexy man. A decade later, freedom is having a boyfriend who will marry her and allow her to be a married woman.

                  The idea that freedom is life, liberty, property, to all peoples and persons, is used by professors* to argue that Europeans were never free until the American Experiment, Parliamentary supremacy, the French Revolution, WWI and WWII, and the “Russian” Revolution. This is how they gaslight well meaning Whites into going along with importing their replacements.

                  According to “life, liberty, property” as spoken at the time, Americans objectively lost their freedom when they went from being freeholders to being tenants of the government. Is that good rhetoric? No, because everyone recognizes that property means that which the government will intervene to protect your physical posession of provided you pay the fee.

                  *professors is likely to be the generic term for 20c teachers of all kinds

    • pdimov says:

      One theory is that he wants to be fired, to be a hero and a martyr instead of incompetent.

      • jim says:

        Maybe, could be, but that is not my theory. My theory is that this is a creeping coup, that the logic of events compels ever more dramatic actions, until the deep state arrests Trump, or is arrested by Trump, that the deep state is locked into escalation by the forces of the left singularity.

        And, if the deep state arrests Trump, rapidly accelerating drama will ensue, much as when the deep state arrested King Louis XVI.

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          The deep staters seem to be testing what they can get away with, and it needs to be answered.

          For starters, Sessions (preferably) or Trump should summon Rosenstein and ask him to explain what is going on and provide a very good motivation for why it is relevant and why such methods are permitted. Then either ask Rosenstein to properly limit Mueller’s activities or replace R. with someone who will. This may of course domino into replacing Mueller.

          • Anonymous 2 says:

            I see that I’m sharing this view, more or less, with a surprising number of normies. I suppose I will have to up my game a bit. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see whether this actually was a step too far by the deep staters.

            • peppermint says:

              The definition of a normalfag is someone who not only displays the right signals on demand but also, due to understanding their limits, refuses to entertain ideas that could cause them to display the wrong signals.

              When I was a newfag I shared the opinion with normalfags that gays aren’t as big a security threat as making them blackmailed by default is, but marriage is about family. Turns out gays are inherently a threat and blackmail is only the last politically correct way of talking about that, and normies were just as willing to go along with gaymarriage as with open faggotry in the first place.

              The Mueller investigation is into a transparent hoax, and the payment to the whore who lied either about sleeping with Trump or not is irrelevant to the hoax. The only options on RR and Mueller are that they’re in on a conspiracy to stage a coup, or a sting operation against or distraction for seditionists. The posturing of normalfags is irrelevant.

        • John Sterne says:

          Its certainly true they got caught pants down when trump won and decided to brazen out the obama approved spying rather than face the consequences. Its true they immediately realized this had a synergy with wrecking the president’s agenda mandate. Its true as despite conspiracy details are leaking which requires justification by getting something by any means on him to negotiate truce exit. its true that a cuck majority that wouldn’t even indict the IRS when admitting to using state as partisan weapon is going to indict deep state even if deep state did not have their entire online history.
          But the left knows it cant win a hot war which is why it is very careful not to ruby ridge redux. its men in uniform despite affirmative action are right wing but like most on the right value order and will follow orders as long as they are clearly lawful. the deep state must be able to maintain the criminal racist terrorist meme in any confrontation with the people if they lose control of the propaganda which in the land of the iphone and web is still very easy to do they lose the only violent edge they have.The minute they are baited into attacking non criminal racist terrorists they lose what guns they have. This happens almost instantly and by default in anything they cant contain to a small group of criminal racist terrorists.Washington knew he couldn’t defeat the brit superpower with a rag tag army of less than 10% leftist rebels ,but knew all he had to do was wait until the army did what army’s always do wear out their welcome with the people.
          Now they are working assiduously to (contra Menschus Moldberg) to own all the tech and shut down the free flow of information so they need not worry about fires burning out of control like china doesn’t need to worry about.
          Until the tech (((patchlords))) have patched up the states power leaks they will not do anything that they might possibly lose control of the narrative.All they are going for is peace with honor and no prosecutions.
          So sorry keyboard reactionary faggots if you want power (control your jew lord Mench Moldberg) you’re going to have to do more than type until Davos calls with an unconditional surrender. you’re going to have to fight and probably die for power. I know you faggots have never so much as had your nose bloodied but that’s just how power works theirs always some ledgebrow neanderthal like myself willing to go there, Yeah I know Im so stupid Im a racist and it isn’t fair you are so much smarter than me and your hippie mommy told you how special you were accepting power is your due. The thing is millennials Power is not tendies, its not like that trophy you got for effort at soccer.

          • jim says:

            > But the left knows it cant win a hot war which is why it is very careful not to ruby ridge redux.

            You over estimate the competence, cohesion, and sanity of the left. They are going for a genocidal race war, because they believe that black men and action girls can defeat white men, having watched too many movies that tell them this.

            • John Sterne says:

              lol Jim Im sure some soyboys and feminazis corporals of the cathedral might believe that but jews are running the joint and they know better, so do the actual cuck generals and neocucks strategists its why they are moving to technologically close the doors for another generation or two and let us die off. do you even know any vets? This was the whole problem with (moldbergs) just sit tight whites jew techlords will save us scheme. As I said to moldbug DARPA owns all the tech gets it first and can print money to implement it and print laws to outlaw it, tech is not going to save you unless you stop tach in its tracks now, secure free communication, of course that was over a decade ago. no wonder we haven’t heard from dear leader moldberg since

              • jim says:

                If Jews knew better, they would not have gay parades and women and gays in the Israeli military.

                They have been losing wars since they started this crap, but think that each defeat is a special cases, and not indicative, or not really a defeat.

  9. BTW. Am I in a Twitter bubble, or is this the first case that practically everybody seems to reject the MSM narrative? I am talking about Syria now, it looks like no one believes the chemical stuff and no one wants America to send troops there.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      Things actually have changed. Lots of people know that WWII was rigged against Japan due to the oil embargo, or that 9/11 was a response to the embargo on Iraq. Punitive Russian sanctions aren’t popular at all compared to trade war with China. Iranian nuclear sanctions are, well, a PR dud.

      I don’t think anyone falls for “boat incidents” anymore. The Maine, Lusitania, Gulf of Tonkin, etc. Strategic scale mass wars aren’t supposed to happen because a boat in the middle of nowhere had a convenient accident no one saw. Even before the internet, credentials and sources were becoming more authoritative than scandalous rumors. Propaganda from the world wars is particularly badly aged, except “ironic” admiration for Nazi art.

      Syrian atrocities might be more believable than you think, but at this point the entire Middle East is perceived as hopeless, so there’s no enthusiasm for intervention. If Bush II did any good by accident it was by mixing associations between aggressive foreign policy and the housing bubble. People attribute much of the great recession to war spending instead of the culturally subversive effects of the housing bubble, so they lose their appetite for war.

    • pdimov says:

      Twitter bubble. Unfortunately.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      I’m in the same twitter bubble but I have some hope:


      This was on Fox.

    • peppermint says:

      As they say in tx, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, can’t get fooled again. The function of the antiwar movement in the aughts was to let progressives wash their hands of the affair as they have washed their hands of alcohol, cannabis and prostitution prohibition, elect Carrie, Obama, and other dhimmicrats, while redirecting young men like me away from criticism of Israel and away from the migrant and economic crisis. To that end, the very concept of neoconservatism, essential to understanding the war, was off limits as an anti-Semitic canard.

      Don’t worry about whether anyone but the alt-right will come out and say that no one wants another war and this is transparent Israeli provocation. That just means the alt-right has been ceded the truth. People won’t allow themselves to recognize the alt-right, instead they will recognize Trump and maybe the alt-lite if they’re edgy or just the new Trumpist faction of Republicans that previously would have been called paleocons, and recognize that the left is no longer anti-war, which is just as good as recognizing that the left was always fake anti-war.

      • John Sterne says:

        watching Wild Wild Country i start hating my fellow boomers like you lol. But seriously I think that could (has) more easily happened today. more importantly it seems its just the human condition to a much greater extent than this psychopath really understood.Maybe moldbergs got a point (not that its the calvinists of course) but there may be a religious desire stronger than thought waiting to be pwnd. what was interesting was these people didnt seem like they had undergone much brainwashing at all just madness of crowd shit and a desire to belong and have purpose and free sex etc. and they were very intelligent and able to operate fully in reality at the same time, even 35 years later to still have that doublethink fully engaged while obviously having made a lot of money over the years in reality interactions.

      • Why does Israel want an ISIS controlled Syria instead of a Russian controlled one? I mean, this time I am not saying it is a conspiracy theory seeing teh joos behind everything: this time Netanjahu clearly and unambigously expressed they really really want Assad gone, so this time it is 100% tehjoos. But how is ISIS better for them? Assad won’t send terrorists over their border, ISIS would very much like to. I understand that globalist jews mostly just want to fuck with Russia, but Israelis are localists, they mostly care about what happens in their own ‘hood (like every normal country should) and there is no way ISIS is a better neighbor than Assad.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          They are afraid Assad will work with Iran; Iraq is already a proxy state which puts the possibility of the Iranian military being able to shift to their borders or at least put anti-air defenses next to Israel to nullify Israel’s ability to threaten Iran.

          • Eli says:

            This is even more true now than ever. Hezbollah owns Assad now.

          • Pooch says:

            This is it. Iran is Israel’s biggest threat because of potential nukes. ISIS hates Iran. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

            • jim says:

              Makes sense. Israel wants Isis to rule Syria, because it is worried about Iran, not worried about Isis. Isis wants to conquer Saudi Arabia before it thinks about conquering Israel.

              • Eli says:

                Israel does not want anyone to rule Syria, even if ISIS is a lesser evil than Assad. Perennial civil strife in Syria is the best of all outcomes.

                Kurds are the only friends.

        • jim says:

          Probably they want the last remaining Middle Eastern Christians genocided.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          4D chess? lol

          Look, all I can say to you is this, Mr Dividualist: Jeremy Corbyn was the darling of the Left in the UK until he said maybe there ought to be some evidence before ‘we’ start accusing Russia of poisoning people and throwing out diplomats.
          Then overnight he became a swivel-eyed ANTI-SEMITE. They found a badly-drawn mural he ‘liked’ ten years ago and demanded he denounce members of his party, which he declined to do.

          No longer the darling.

          So the international merchant class DOES care about people being thirsty for conflict with Russia. The question of why is entirely secondary.

        • peppermint says:

          The legendary Tsarist pogroms are as made up as the holy hoax. The jews were butthurt that the Russians weren’t letting them infiltrate the way the Anglo-Americans were, and, invading the Anglo-Americans’ lands, they claimed to be refugees of extreme poisecution.

          The reason for that may be that Russia, on the frontier, needed to have a Russian identity or be conquered amd destroyed by various muds while Western Europe could fight brother wars with each other and the race would continue, and they even had rules like don’t destroy art and architecture. The cancerous induhvidualists of Anglo-America broke those rules when they sank ancient Roman ships, burned Dresden, and murdered millions of German civilians.

          Or it could be as simple as Russia maintaining Russian Orthodoxy instead of creating a right for induhviduals to define their own religion which allowed the jew to claim to simply be of another religion.

          Jews thought they had Russia conquered, but then Stalin purged them. They thought they had Russia conquered again with Yeltsin as a Churchill, but Yeltsin allowed Putin to take power from the Anglo-American-created oligarchs.

          One point from the leftist manifesto from the aughts was that Russia was handed over to ((oligarchs)) by the Anglo-American ((financial elite)) which was identified with the Republican Party and Ronald Reagan. Mentioning neoconservatives wasn’t as much of a taboo on the left as on the right, for this reason: to blame neocons and neolibs, meaning all Republicans except for some libertarians and all Democrats except for the “progressive wing”, for all the suffering in the world. Dividing paleocons from neocons, or talking about the ideas and people too much, was anti-Semitic, but blaming all Republicans for what had become of their party was fine. It’s the same way with the “Russian” Revolution, of course, blaming Russians or the structure of the Russian government or Orthodoxy for not doing enough to prevent the revolootion is fine, talking about names and ideas is potentially anti-Semitic.

          What does a progressive who believed ((Naomi Klein)) and argued that the Somali pirates were a volunteer coast guard protecting Somali territorial waters from illegal fishing and toll evasion think about Russia now that Russia is controlled by Russians for the interests of Russians? Logically, that’s a good thing. In reality, that progressive either thinks Russia ought to be conquered so Russian children can have access to androgen blockers and to make the world safe for human rights democracy and Islamic terrorists, or he is a nazi.

          Another point was that the neocon/neolib Bush wars were for the paleocon goal of taking oil by conquest or to enrich the war profiteers and their bought politicians at the expense of the taxpayer. Obama’s humanitarian interventions, of course, didn’t involve actual invasion, because you need divisions to build but only special forces and bombs to destroy – bombs that enrich the profiteers, of course. Those aughts progressives are now stuck either advocating, not for another Iraq, but for another Vietnam or world war with Russia, or joining nazis in opposing jingoistic aggression.

          Another point was that the trade deals were to enrich the corporations. The aughts progressive must figure out how to oppose Trump for scrapping those trade deals or, again, join nazis in advocating for fair trade.

        • peppermint says:

          They never sold iq to D’s except as inevitable and only to R’s as support our troops we’re at war we were attacked last tuesday free the Iraqis from having to live under an Iraqi government. The uniparty plan is to do the same thing with sy.

          Trump’s plan is to bluster like he’s going to invade, either because He wants to be a half-term president universally hated as having done goofed to be followed by D’s ruining America and, thanks to Him, the rest of the White world, or because He wants to act surprised when inspectors backtrace the sy gas thing and find it was as ISIS/il false flag.

          Consequences will never be the same.

  10. Dan says:

    “The program of white replacement and erasure continues, but considerably more slowly..”

    Glad you added the last line. Tony slowed things but not for long and to little effect. First thing they did was hold a coup and install a cuck in his place. Abbott is persona non grata no.1 in Australia.

    It’s a tough issue for the politicians because the public don’t want the boats, period, so the job of selling the narrative goes to the other organs of the Cathedral – especially the media. Not a day goes by the media don’t remind us how outraged we should be by Manus/Nauru. And the courts have awarded those held there with millions..

    “..and no longer by illegal immigration.”

    No, via perfectly legal migration. Average is about 25% annual increases across the states. You think the cash incentive is bad in Europe? Its all kept extremely secret via threat of imprisonment for welfare employees, but word has leaked that refugees are getting huge cash payments, free housing, brand new suv’s (large family + unemployed so they need it) etc..

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      Very few people can pity Australia due to its simple commodity economy. It has no excuse for why its founding population is sterile and cucked. It’s legitimately more dysfunctional than Latin American countries like Argentina, in the demographic sense and long term.

      America and Europe are crippled by credentialism and an extreme demand for ever more education, and ultimately ever fewer children. Even in the absence of open cultural degeneracy, places like Japan prove that sex and family life can be permanently corrupted strictly by perverse economics. Capitalism has no answer for the damage the universities inflict on both the economy and culture. Real estate and education bubbles wipe out entire civilizations and no one has an answer for them.

      Aussie proles should have jumped on the opportunity to harden up and prepare to repopulate the West. They were in the best position to do so. Instead, they go down with the ship for no apparent reason.

      • jim says:

        The destruction of the Japanese family is nothing to do with economics – indeed the destruction of families everywhere is nothing to do with economics:

        War or peace, boom or bust, feast or famine, the effect on family formation is scarcely detectable.

        There is one thing that overwhelmingly and dramatically affects family formation.

        • Legal equality is a bit too vague term, one could argue that for example in the workplace Japan did not go too fast in the direction of equality. I think the divorce rate is a good predictor of the kind of at-home patriarchy.

          “About one in three Japanese marriages end in divorce, four times the rate in the 1950s and double the rate in the 1970s.”

          Why is it a good predictor? Because men rarely want a divorce in a patriarchical society. They can keep misbehaving wives in line and if they are simply ugly or old they can have sex on the side.

          It still happens, eloping with a secretary is a thing – but even that is something sort of a beta move. It is pretty much a giving in to the demands of the girl who wants to become the No. 1, not the No. 2.

          • jim says:

            > one could argue that for example in the workplace Japan did not go too fast in the direction of equality

            Well, I suppose Andrea Dworkin would undoubtedly argue that, but they did go far too far and too fast.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          Northern European cuck states can have surprisingly high fertility rates compared to places like Singapore or South Korea. Government housing is one of the few socialist programs with a proven effective track record. It shouldn’t be lumped in with things like social security or education at all.

  11. Mackus says:

    Interestingly enough, it looks as if right to borders no longer applies even to an Israel. As far as American left cares, that unprincipled exception was revoked.

  12. Anonymous Fake says:

    The problem of education is that the dindus use schools as spawning pools, while conservatives who don’t see them as a replacement for family life see them as preparation for a rich career in exchange for sacrificing one’s youth instead of starting a family earlier. Pro-family, well educated conservatives ironically ultimately reproduce less.

    The insult to injury is that those who do the best in school, like supreme court justices, are all too often idiots who learned to cheat earlier in life than the more talented conservative thinkers they dispossess.

    Between underclass breeders and elite cheaters, middle class educated conservatives find themselves feeling the squeeze. Their problem is that they are obsessed with “leadership” politics instead of either the cities or the schools that actually control society. They haven’t ever presented a plan to reform schooling while making sure that those who went through the existing system are compensated fairly for their merit. Maybe after enough protectionism pwning of free market idiocy they will reconsider merit instead of money.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      What I ultimately mean is that the court system holds so much prestige and respect because of how conservatives view the world. Lawfare has to be stopped culturally because alpha leaders who can temporarily defy the courts just come and go. They aren’t a consistent system.

  13. Herodian says:

    Interesting how all the courts etc backed down after he put his foot down. It’s as if it’s all a grand macro-societal shit test. Feminized leftist open-borer politics are movements looking for a strong leader to smack them down and tell them what to do.

  14. Poochman says:

    One question. How does the white race get completely erased? The invaders are mostly male who will reproduce with white women. So doesn’t the white race get absorbed into the invading race which results in a new race essentially?

    • Eli says:

      The trend all over the secular world, right now, is devolution towards idiocracy. Whether the Idiocracy is achieved via foreign replacement (which is typically done by foreign thugs) or homegrown, local low-IQ, violent, anti-communal thugs is not as material, albeit one can argue that the foreign thugs are often even lower-IQ than the local ones. And yes, uglier. On the other hand, the foreign thugs often exhibit better asabiya, which counts in their favor.

      The devolution towards Idiocracy will only stop after a serious enough incident causes all the surplus causing processes (such as failure of automated, industrial agriculture, clean water and electricity supply) to get interrupted/damaged, with no one there to repair/maintain. Once this happens, it will be Malthusian world all over again, and hence, the strongest/smartest/pro-community men will tend to take control and reproduce, as well as build functional communities.

      So, in other words, you are kinda right.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        As has been noted on these pages previously, it’s entirely possible that the development of advanced technology required large reserves of natural resources that no longer exist. Once the technology’s lost, it may very well be impossible to re-invent the wheel, so to speak.
        The trouble is, a full technological collapse may never happen: so long as there are enough rare people with 120 IQs, the current level of electricity and water supply can be maintained, at least patchily. That means no plausible selection pressure can be brought to bear, and without selection pressure there’s nothing to propel those good men to preeminence.

        Idiocracy in the context of the bell curve may be evolutionarily stable, like homosexuality and schizophrenia.

        • peppermint says:

          so abjectly retarded, only a boomer could possibly believe it

        • jim says:

          I am pretty sure that I, with an adequate supply of moderately skilled laborers, could build all major early Victorian technology from raw materials found in nature not very far from my house.

          Without modern technology, acquiring sufficient raw materials might well be expensive, but given that a technologically superior power can defeat a technologically inferior power, the money will be made available.

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            I’m talking about the future. Assuming the current élite gets its way and the average IQ of the global population shifts leftward just like its politics, the theory goes like this: civilisation collapses bit by bit until nobody can fix the engines anymore. I’ve heard you be broadly supportive of this idea.
            The point is, if eventually the human genepool gets sorted out, according to this theory, it’ll be too late because to *reinvent electricity* requires large amounts of coal/oil/whatever that will no longer be there.

            I’m not necessarily saying I even agree with this theory but that’s the message. My objection to it was that these collapses don’t tend to be sudden and absolute: they can be, but they needn’t be. Again you’ve lent support to this view on these pages: that a ‘collapse’ in the US/EU needn’t mean a return to the Stone Age – it could manifest as a Venezuela/Argentina/Brazil scenario where things just get grubbier and more bland and miserable. Indeed that’s arguably what the decline of the West already looks like, and has for some considerable time.

            The point is, the absence of resources required to restore electricity may be a red herring and in fact electricity never fully goes away in the first place, because the rare specimens that have the intelligence to understand these things will still be plentiful *enough* to keep the lights on: kinda and just.

            In other words, Eli’s ‘idiocracy’ answer to the question of white erasure is open to a little bit of nuance. White erasure may manifest as Mexican light-vs-dark rather than the absolute replacement of Austria with Namibia.

            Anyway it’s all beside the point: the original original poster concern-trolling about white erasure knows full well what we’re talking about.

            • peppermint says:

              You need to play more starcraft. If there’s no vespene on a troll map, terrans can still field antiair and stronger deathballs than zerg or protoss, with strongly limited vespene protoss can have shuttles but terran can have vultures which wreck zealots.

              Only a Boomer would think that a collapse could occur that would result in inability to build back, this was a Boomer fantasy from the 1990s and how the Boomer justifies actions that a reasonable person would understand would be impossible to build back from. The positive aspect of this fantasy was prepping: the idea of knowing how to put things back together after the Zombie Apocalypse, a politically correct description.

              The White American nation shall exist.
              The United States is irrevocably property of the White American nation.
              The White American nation shall enjoy freedom of speech limited by apolitical porn or copyright infringement, the right to bear arms limited by up to 5% ineligible through conviction or feeblemindedness.

            • jim says:

              Yes, white erasure is the US turning into Brazil, and Brazil turning into Venezuela, not Austria turning into Namibia.

              But Venezuela is not a big improvement on Namibia.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                As you’ve remarked before, the future’s Brezhnevian not Beriaian.

                It was a matter of common knowledge in previous decades that of course inevitably humans would soon colonise Mars or at the very least the Moon.
                Until quite recently it was widely accepted that computers would get faster and come to be adopted in ordinary homes and workplaces, yet history has shown that no amount of funding for library computer training can prevent the prevalence of hang files and clipboards among 90IQ people, while computers themselves are now getting slower in every regard except software bloat.

                Ten years from now we’ll wax lyrical about the poxy cars of 2018 that turn themselves off at traffic lights and rat on you to the police: at least they had reliable steering and accurate speedos.

                Thirty years from now people will begin to doubt there ever was a reliable supply of power or water, and the idea of algebra for teenagers in public school will be as quaint and dubious as that of teaching them Latin and Greek.

                • peppermint says:


                  Humans will either colonize the moon and mars, and africa, or humans will go extinct, the decision will occur within the next ten years, and the only people who want to go extinct are oldfags, childless or not, who cling to the bizarre propaganda they were taught by authorities with actual authority.

                  94% of over 55 are spherecucks, while a third of 18-24 are open minded about the shape of the world debate.

                  Computers are fast and are adopted everywhere they make sense. People are starting to understand what social media is.

                  What is a hang file or clipboard?

                  The idea of algebra for teenagers is quaint and dubious period. Anyone who wants to can study algebra on the internet. Anyone who doesn’t want to can be made fun of if it ever comes up.

                  In the 19c our ancestors thought it would be great if more men were educated. What they could do, however, especially with modern labor saving technology, was school everyone and give them degrees.

                  School is a panopticon in which the prisoners, bizarrely called students, are subjected to strict alienation from each other and encouraged to only form relationships with the guards, a rabble of mindless catladies.

                  They don’t clean up after themselves because they are taught to consider any work at all to be beneath them. They are taught that any task that can’t be done in less than an hour is both beneath them and impossible. They are taught disconnections between facts: American History is one thing, completely disconnected from World History and Philosophy, thus the 2A wasn’t written in the context of Aristotle and Machiavelli, but in the context of late 18th century America. They are taught that flirting with women is intrinsically oppressive because women have strong feelings, but they should wait for a woman to say come do sexually explicit things with me, under no influence of drugs.

                  School, and the intellectual, are more over than journalism.

                  You may be one of those oldfags who would rather die than see the deinstitutionalization of the institutions that oppressed you and reinstitutionalization of institutions that were insulted by the institutions that oppressed you, like marriage.

                  There is but dirt and time. Across ages molecules of mud began to catalyze the creation of more molecules like them. In order to invade and consume each other at some point they devised the phospholipid bilayer. Sex and polyploidy allowed the cells to have larger genomes and adopt successful genes. They formed multicellular bodies and some of them gained consciousness becoming knows as animals.

                  Known to us, the apes who went to the frozen north as the glaciers retreated, took wives and farmed, and became cooperative, beautiful, and inquisitive. Now we face a choice: do we extend our reach to the stars above, or do we amount to little more than a layer of plastic shards between the Burgess Shale and a thousand years of mud?

                • Roberto says:

                  >School is a panopticon in which the prisoners, bizarrely called students, are subjected to strict alienation from each other 

                  Very true; also “school” should read “Earth” and “students” should read “citizens.”


                • Thundercock says:

                  >94% of over 55 are spherecucks, while a third of 18-24 are open minded about the shape of the world debate.

                  Say what now?

                  >What is a hang file or clipboard?

                  What’s a computer?

                  >rabble of mindless catladies


                  >Known to us, the apes who went to the frozen north as the glaciers retreated, took wives and farmed, and became cooperative, beautiful, and inquisitive. Now we face a choice: do we extend our reach to the stars above, or do we amount to little more than a layer of plastic shards between the Burgess Shale and a thousand years of mud?



                  Keep it coming.

                • peppermint says:

                  Politicians, scientists, teachers, parents, they only say true things to lend credibility to their lies. No one takes spherecucks at their word anymore.

                • peppermint says:

                  the academic-individualistic concept of plagiarism is regularly subverted by the academics themselves going back before MLK to Einstein and Curie. Today, instead of taking pictures of places we go to pretend to be advancing science, we take pictures of ourselves at places, which is what we always wanted.

                  “Extend our reach to the stars above” is Team Rocket and “layer of plastic shards” is from Half-Life 2 which considered an alien invasion and collaboration government that banned human reproduction and selected the best humans as their soldiers as an allegorical vision of the future.

                  Every repost is a repost of a repost. The concept of plagiarism thus belongs to the namefags, not to attribute the ideas, but to attibute the attitudes, in order to tell the story of how the ideas formed. I will never be a namefag, take memes from everywhere, and hope to see memes I saved get reposted.

                • peppermint says:

                  When comparing infinities from functions of the same variable, consider the leading term of the taylor expansions. This is attributed to L-Hõpitał, whose contribution to the history of ideas was likely restricted to patronage. The I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE crowd has been eternally butthurt despite cheerleading for more insidious plagiarism, including plagiarism which pretends to use the source so very serious people can ignore it, like the dinosaur man Steven J Gould, who bizarrely claims one moment that there were giant reptilian elephants that mysteriously disappeared and were replaced in their ecological niche by elephants before anyone could see them, when everyone knows the maximum size of a cold-blooded egg laying creature is a crocodile or python, and the next that the scientists who determined the cranial capacities of different races in the early 20c were lying and race doesn’t exist. One wonders why, then, he draws a distinction between his three-horned elephants and our two-horned variety.

                • Thundercock says:

                  >Today, instead of taking pictures of places we go to pretend to be advancing science, we take pictures of ourselves at places, which is what we always wanted.

                  10/10, quality kek.

                  >who bizarrely claims one moment that there were giant reptilian elephants that mysteriously disappeared and were replaced in their ecological niche by elephants before anyone could see them, when everyone knows the maximum size of a cold-blooded egg laying creature is a crocodile or python

                  Wasn’t it far hotter then? I don’t think the reptilian elephants compare well to the mammalian elephants in terms of intelligence, either.

                  Nor would it necessarily be that all reptiles across all time were cold-blooded, even though all lizards that managed to survive the onslaught of rodents have trouble regulating their metabolism.

                  Furthermore, externally hatching eggs are a far more advanced and versatile — one might even say civilized — form of birth, as the past existence of large complex long-lived egg-laying creatures implies that once upon a time parental investment was much higher and it was thus not necessary for dino-gazelles to sprint 15 minutes after birth. Or is it good that the balance of power has since shifted decisively in favor of the predator? Hmm.

                  >One wonders why, then, he draws a distinction between his three-horned elephants and our two-horned variety.

                  Guess what? Darwin was a racist.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                I’m drinking tonight, against my better judgement – not heavily but shouldn’t be at all. I was rather triggered yesterday. Relevant? Not particularly but it explains this irrelevant digression:

                Henry Purcell was a loyalist at the time of the ‘Glorious’ Revolution. Shortly after, he wrote an opera on the subject of Diocletian (“Dioclesian”[sic]). Then in the mid ’90s he died after his wife locked him out of the house for coming home drunk and he got pneumonia. Nothing new under the sun, except today there are no reactionary artists.

                “Dioclesian” is however preserved for now on YouTube. It wouldn’t hurt any of us to have a few downloaded works of art in storage for the time not so far away when such things will be banned for their whiteness.

                • peppermint says:

                  Human history has prehistory, ancient times, the classical period of Greco-Roman empires, the middle ages when people forgot that they belonged to a nation and a race, the Age of Discovery, a dark age when people forgot that they belonged to a nation and a race, and we are at the dawn of a Space Age of interplanetary empires

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  I like you peppermint, you’re weird like me.

                  I hope you’re right, and that the period 1970 to 2020 was just a brief taking stock before progress returned to a more visible form.

                  Times like this I’m a bit torn: part of me still wants to visit 1910 Detroit, then 1840 Leipzig, then back to 1685 London to settle down (with a reset button to push every couple of years to keep things nice); the other part wants to tune in to 2250 YouTube channels for ethno-nationalist Martian podcasts.

                • peppermint says:

                  a dark age is an age where men status signal about their adherence to various superstitions to mask the decline of personal and civic virtue. To see this in action right now visit a global warming article on Slashdot.

                  The current dark age began at least by the early 20c when Wilson, a professor of faggotry, redefined manifest destiny to be about stupid nonsense.

                • pdimov says:

                  “A dark age is an age where men status signal about their adherence to various superstitions to mask the decline of personal and civic virtue.”

                  The quotable peppermint. You need a twitter account.

                • peppermint says:

                  Derp. Jim said many times the dark age dates back to the rejection of Darwin and acceptance of female sexual misbehavior, which came before the Preogressive Era in the US.

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  “The current dark age began at least by the early 20c when Wilson, a professor of faggotry, redefined manifest destiny to be about stupid nonsense.”

                  Which Wilson’s that?

                  Ed Wilson’s book claiming humans are animals and hence genes have an effect on their behaviour was from 1978 and the nearest he’s got to ‘manifest destiny’ was probably “Consilience”, which was a stupid reductionist piece of garbage that’s been embarrassed down the memory hole. His next eccentricity was the one about creation, but I’ve not read it so I can’t comment. The blurb says he’s appealing to religionists to see reason and stop destroying the planet, which is a bit rich I think.

                • Jack in the Box says:

                  Woodrow, probably, he of the fourteen points.

                • peppermint says:

                  The dark age means bad art and science, but it took 100-150 years of dark age to ruin engineering and armies. Science has been plagued with anti-quantum zealots since the 50s, Einstein plagiarized a lot in the beginning of the 20c, Freud started the wholly corrupt and salacious enterprise of psychology at the beginning of the dark age. Sociology became a thing in time for Wilson to be a professor and then president.

                  There are two great 20c authors. Tolkien is known as an ultraCatholic reactionary and Galadriel hid her ring from company. Lovecraft, known as a racist reactionary, married a jew and didn’t reproduce.

                  Perhaps the last thought of the falling nationalist aristocracy was that maybe technology can save our people.

                  If Rome lost the ability to defend itself in 450, then, its art and science should have begun collapsing around 300. Unfortunately, classics education had wholly collapsed by my time.

                • glosoli says:

                  Darwin was just angry at God because his daughter had died, and everything in his ‘theory’ (literally everything) has been totally disproved over the years. It’s a totally wrecked theory.

                  We haven’t even been to our moon, so we’ll never escape this planet, at least most of us won’t. Some of us will escape, but after this life ends, through our faith in God’s wonderful plan for us to be saved.

                  Don’t read this, unless you are curious:


                  Praise be to Jehovah in His magnificent glory.

                • jim says:

                  Darwin was correct, nothing he said has been falsified, almost everything in his books has been amply confirmed. And where they have not yet been confirmed, we are still conducting the research program he outlined.

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  Darwin was right in ways that still surprise us today.

                  Dennett calls Darwin’s dangerous idea a “universal acid” and he’s right.

                  With regards to Darwin and God, two things are worth noting: firstly Darwin was a believer throughout; secondly, Christ exhorted us to embrace REALITY.

                  The primal fall was a curse we brought on ourselves and it makes it ever harder to be in communion with God. Darwin’s ideas are a perfect example: many people feel confused and defaithed by the fact that early religious suppositions about our origins were made in the absence of what turned out to be necessary information.
                  It’s HARD to reconcile reality and religion but that’s because the fall makes it hard. Would any of us go back and undo the fall? No, and that’s a huge part of the curse!

                  If you’re a believer, you have to accept the consequences of the fall and that includes the fact that reality will baffle and humiliate you. To the normie, the calculus is even more baffling than evolution. Heck, irrational numbers like pi are even more baffling still.

                  That’s the curse of the primal fall and a huge part of religious faith is accepting it. Patching over it by denying reality and pretending everything’s as simple as it was in Eden isn’t going to help you for very long.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  Those links are pathetic.

                  Zippy asserts a few times that Darwinism and the neo-Darwinian synthesis have been “falsified by scientific evidence”.

                  The closest he comes to backing up this claim is in a quote in the comments:

                  “Although random mutations influenced the course of evolution, their influence was mainly by loss, alteration, and refinement. One mutation confers resistance to malaria but also makes happy blood cells into the deficient oxygen carriers of sickle cell anemics. Another converts a gorgeous newborn into a cystic fibrosis patient or a victim of early onset diabetes. One mutation causes a flighty red-eyed fruit fly to fail to take wing. Never, however, did that one mutation make a wing, a fruit, a woody stem, or a claw appear.”

                  Except for the last line – which is incorrect – this is all evidence in favor. The sickle cell mutation appeared – and spread – where malaria is prevalent. It has a huge fitness cost in that if you’re homozygotic you die and if you’re heterozygotic and have one copy you produce some abnormal hemoglobin but gain resistance to malaria. The prevalence of the gene is exactly predicted by balancing the cost of the mutation vs the gain in disease resistance. For cystic fibrosis I’ll quote from Cochran & Harpending:

                  “Some recessive genetic diseases that are common in Europe and the Middle East also probably have conferred resistance to some infectious diseases: That list would include cystic fibrosis, alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, familial Mediterranean fever, connexin-26 deafness, and hemochromatosis. All are nonexistent in Amerindians, discounting recent admixture”

                  In other words – all deleterious genetic conditions caused by mutations that nonetheless had benefits in disease resistance that outweighed the cost. In populations without exposure to the same diseases, those mutations aren’t present (presumably because the disadvantage that those genes gave the carriers caused those genes to go to zero).

                  You want to disprove Darwinism? Find a genetic condition that is:

                  1) As harmful as sickle cell
                  2) Isn’t offset with a survival advantage (like sickle cell)
                  3) Is widespread – i.e., greater than the copying error rate – so not something like trisomy 21

                  Good luck. The interesting parts of biology are finding the (2) for every known genetic difference.

                • glosoli says:

                  ‘Never, however, did that one mutation make a wing, a fruit, a woody stem, or a claw appear.”

                  Except for the last line – which is incorrect’.

                  Heh, lots of words on the subject when you think you can offer proof.

                  Nothing but an ‘incorrect’ assertion when you’ve got no proof.

                  Love to see you tackle Fred’s butterfly conundrum, and the design of the eye.
                  But you probably won’t because the flimsy Darwin theory cannot get anywhere near explaining the design involved.

                  Fake science.

                • peppermint says:

                  Funny you should mention eyes. Our eyes are fundamentally structured worse than octopus eyes.

                  What is your political goal in denying evolution? The two reasons no one does that anymore are you can’t even get away with saying marriage is about the family let alone slut-shame as a Biblical literalist these days and Millennials all grew up playing with dinosaur toys before they got pokëmon. Also high speed programmable logic machines that can effectively simulate things millions of times with slightly different parameters are used to select the most successful candidate solutions to a problem and vary those for the next round. For several decades it has been remarked that the final solutions are more efficient than anything a human would design or could understand.

                • glosoli says:

                  Steve Johnson, your inability to defend your beliefs is noted.


                • Steve Johnson says:

                  Your inability to evaluate evidence and argument is noted.

                  The reason that last line is incorrect is because it’s a straw man – he valiantly defeats the argument that:

                  “Never, however, did that one mutation make a wing, a fruit, a woody stem, or a claw appear.”

                  Well no shit – literally no one claims this.

                  All anyone claims is that mutations either pay their cost or get selected out. Mutations can then accumulate but each step has to be a net fitness gain – hence why peppermint pointed out the GIGANTIC flaw in the human eyeball.

                  The challenge is there – find a genetic mutation that’s spread (happens more frequently than copying error – and isn’t caused by an infectious agent) that costs fitness that doesn’t provide a compensating benefit. It’s a testable proposition and you’ve got the entire biome of Earth to find an example and you win. You won’t.

                • jim says:

                  > All anyone claims is that mutations either pay their cost or get selected out. Mutations can then accumulate but each step has to be a net fitness gain – hence why peppermint pointed out the GIGANTIC flaw in the human eyeball.

                  The fossils in the grand canyon are proof of evolution, but no one really cares about evolution except as part of using the immensity of the age of the earth as a club with which to beat Christianity

                  The flaw in the human eyeball is evidence for evolution by natural selection, because there is no way to fix the problem by a series of small changes each of which provides a fitness advantage.

                • glosoli says:

                  ‘…find a genetic mutation that’s spread (happens more frequently than copying error – and isn’t caused by an infectious agent) that costs fitness that doesn’t provide a compensating benefit. It’s a testable proposition and you’ve got the entire biome of Earth to find an example and you win. You won’t.’

                  Here’s one. God said ‘ Do Not Murder’.
                  Sadly, man ignores God and creates ever-more efficient means of murder: nukes, chems, abortions, the list continues to grow, countless genocides. All because man ignores God, and in so doing becomes less human. There is no benefit to the species in designing and using ever-more powerful weapons.

                  Oh, another: God said ‘Do Not Covet’.
                  Sadly, man ignores God, and we see elite globalists stealing everything they can from their fellow men. Funny money, usury, bubbles galore, socialism, communism, all caused by men coveting what someone else has. And wars fought and millions killed just to win more shekels and gold. That doesn’t seem very fit, nor provide any benefit to the species (and eventually the usurers get hoist by their own petard anyway).

                  Now if you want to argue that man today is at his peak, and is evolving toward perfection, please be my guest. Give just one example from the humanity biome today that DOESN’t cost fitness, and you win.

                  It’s so easy for me to win, as humans are so evil and stupid without God! Praise be to Jehovah.

                  @Jim, why do you believe evolutionary scientific theory when you disbelieve all the other quack science. They all have the same goal as you noted, and you fall for it. Sad.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  “Here’s one. God said ‘ Do Not Murder’.
                  Sadly, man ignores God and creates ever-more efficient means of murder: nukes, chems, abortions”

                  Wait – you’re claiming that a mutation of a single gene caused men to start building nuclear weapons? Making a wing out of a single mutation is looking pretty simple compared to that.

                  “There is no benefit to the species in designing and using ever-more powerful weapons.”

                  You don’t even understand the question.

                  I’m wasting time doing this but I’ll seriously answer one of your points

                  “Sadly, man ignores God, and we see elite globalists stealing everything they can from their fellow men. Funny money, usury, bubbles galore, socialism, communism, all caused by men coveting what someone else has. And wars fought and millions killed just to win more shekels and gold. That doesn’t seem very fit, nor provide any benefit to the species (and eventually the usurers get hoist by their own petard anyway).”

                  Screwing your fellow man works really well for the short term or if you can pin the blame on someone else – that it’s a net loss for the species matters not a bit because the species as a whole isn’t what reproduces – individuals do. Some groups tend towards “screw everyone, I’ve got mine” and that works (not great, but it does work) – other groups tend towards cooperation. Cooperating with someone trying to screw you gets you screwed and he gains and you lose. Cooperating with a cooperator and you both gain. Two sleazebags dealing with each other gain but not as much because they both know what the other is thinking.

                  “Now if you want to argue that man today is at his peak, and is evolving toward perfection, please be my guest.”

                  What the fuck makes you think anyone is arguing that of all things?

                  “Give just one example from the humanity biome today that DOESN’t cost fitness, and you win.”

                  People breathe air rather than just suffocating.

                • glosoli says:

                  I’m proving that evolution is a load of old nonsense when applied to (arguably) the most advanced species on the planet, as we routinely decimate our own for no purpose but greed.

                  Tell me another species that celebrates the females butchering millions upon millions of their own babies?

                  What possible explanation can Darwin’s crappy theory have for that? Zilch, nothing.

                  Slowly, surely, as we move away from God, we descend back down to our animal origins: soulless.

                  I guess Darwin covered the soul and sentience did he? No, he couldn’t and you can’t.

                  As for breathing air, I mean surely we’d be better off if we didn’t need to waste our energy breathing? Oxygen into the heart to power us, wow, it’s so unlikely don’t you think? Just like the eye, none of it is the result of accidents, and Darwin;s fanboys can’t ever prove that it was. They just believe it because…….

                  As Fred pointed out in his article, butterflies disprove everything about Darwin, his theory cannot cope with such varied stages of life.

                  Materialists love a few old fossils, that they’ve never seen, and rely of fake science to give them a theory to cling to.

                  All the while, real science, day by day, disproves Darwin.

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      It depends how strongly you want to define ‘completely erased’. If I put a spoonful of sugar in an ocean on an alien world that lacks sugar, it’ll be ‘completely erased’ within a few seconds. If you define ‘completely erased’ absurdly strongly then technically there will still be sugar present on that world a year down the road.

      Similarly after full global race-mixing, ‘the white race’ will technically still be present in that most of the genes that tended to produce specimens identified as part of the white race will be present in the gene pool. This means that technically it’s possible a specimen may still be produced that contains sufficient of those genes to be indistinguishable from ‘a member of the white race’. It’s just vanishingly improbable.

      If you define ‘completely erased’ weakly then the white race is already gone, because there’s basically no place on Earth where an entire population of humans is exchanging only genes associated with the white race.

      Most normal people understand the meaning of everyday words without sperging out however, in which case, in everyday sane normal reasonable language, the disappearance of the white race will be that moment in history when specimens identifiable as white as somewhat rare in all extant populations.

      (I expect you know this perfectly well of course.)

    • peppermint says:

      The goal isn’t necessarily to erase White DNA.

      Jerry-rigging is rigging like Jerry, who doesn’t have Uncle Sam’s logistics but makes it work in ways that look ugly but actually when you think about it works. Nigger-rigging is rigging like Tyrone, who acquires a large number of bicycles, spray paints them pretty, reuses broken brake cables on the rear brake with a little more oil, then sells them to college students and, being a nigger, isn’t expected to do it right so is never sued when theose students get injured riding them.

      Whiteness is high trust societies where men are expected to be honorable, women are expected to be chaste, and not everyone can buy access to anything at any time.

      The left wants to erase Whiteness, out of greed, envy, pride, wrath, sloth, lust, and gluttony.

    • Piers says:

      If you mix cream and shit you get shit, not cream

  15. Mister Grumpus says:

    BTW: “White Erasure”. Nice.

  16. I thought the issue with using the military to secure the border was that the military is trained to shoot the enemy, not apprehend them. https://bearingdrift.com/2018/04/05/donald-trump-pro-military-no-not-really/

    • peppermint says:

      thats concern trolling. A lot of what you believed to be conservative memes were actually journalist concern trolling and the excision of that cancer by calling it cuckoldry was the magnum opus of the troll.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      The piece is by a boomer that owns a vineyard in Loudoun County, Virginia.

      We shouldn’t care if the military is shooting at people on the border. “Cross this line and we shoot you” is a perfectly fine set of rules that encourages people not to cross said line. It works, which is why he is attacking it.

      • peppermint says:

        It’s also the definition of a state. The idea that the president doesn’t have the authority to tell the military to shoot invaders is so abjectly retarded only a schooled mind could come up with it.

        The 20c reads like a joke, except that it goes on entirely too long becoming an unjoke.

        To understand the 20c, know this: its greatest author, JRR Tolkien, wrote Galadriel as a slut who hides her ring from company.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          “greatest author”?

          The rot runs deeper than I thought.

          Broch’s Sleepwalkers trilogy’s no harder to read than LotR but it isn’t about elves and magic powers and cascades of pointless Deus ex Machina reversals.

          • Erik says:

            How can you judge which is harder to read, when you clearly haven’t read LotR? If you had, you would have noticed it isn’t about elves and magic powers and such either.

            It contains elves and wizards, yes. But the elves are tangential to the story, and the wizards are chronically short on magic compared to practically every other fantasy novel.

    • jim says:

      Sounds like a good way to deal with invaders to me. If you don’t want to get shot, don’t invade. Tony Abbott used the military to deal with invaders. No problems ensued – because newsmen were not allowed to see anything that they would declare to be a problem.

  17. EdensThaw says:

    The Wall is already under construction.

  18. Mister Grumpus says:

    You can meet me at the border! It’s going down!
    You can meet me at Reichstag! It’s going down!
    You can meet me on the Twitters! It’s going down!
    Anywhere you go it’s guaranteed to go down!

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