Michelle Fields interviews the astroturf

The supposedly 99% attempted to occupy the supposedly 1%, the CPAC conference.

But it seems the 99% were a bit hard up for warm bodies.

0 seconds:
Hot reporter chick Michelle Fields:

So what are you guys protesting here for?

First poor black man:

Don’t start with me. I dunno.

Hot reporter chick:

You don’t know what you are protesting?

16 seconds:
third poor black man

I aint got anything nice to say about local one hunerd.

Hot reporter chick:

About what?

Third poor black man:

This whole situation

Hot reporter chick:

Are you getting paid right now?

Third poor black man:

Yeah, we all getting paid for this.

Hot reporter chick:

How much are you all getting paid?

Third poor black man:

It is like sixty dollars per head.

26 seconds:
In background we see an organizer with a shirt marked “Sheet Metal Workers Local 100”, presumably the “Local One hunerd”, the employer that the third black man is upset about.

The third poor black man explains that he is a member of the union, that union members who have been unemployed for a year or so are being paid to protest, a form of assistance that he seems less than enthused by.

50 seconds:
Hot reporter chick:

And do you know what you … what this is?

Third poor black man looks around trying to figure it out.


He Looks around some more

I have no idea

Hot reporter chick

Do you know what this event is … CPAC?

Third poor black man:

Nuh. They just tell me “You want to make sixty bucks, so come on.” So I am here.

1 minute 3 seconds
Hot reporter chick:

All these people are paid?

Third poor black man:


You say *all* these people?

Hot reporter chick:

Yes, all these people

Third poor black man:

Yeah, they are getting paid. Sixty dollars a head, that is it.


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  2. Steve Johnson says:

    The video is of Athens “riots”.

    • jim says:

      When I look at this on several different browsers on several different computers, the correct video (astroturf at CPAC) comes up – though I expect the athens riots were pretty similar.

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