Rick Perry and the underclassing of America

Rick Perry proposed to give every female child Gardasil vaccine at government expense.

Gardasil protects against a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer in women and male homosexuals. It rarely affects male heterosexuals in advanced countries. The vaccine is expensive, and has dangerous side effects, so should only be given to those that need it: sluts sexually active females and gays. If a girl is planning to ride the cock carousel, then she should definitely take it shortly before she starts.

But the vaccine is only effective for four years. Rick Perry was giving the vaccine to eleven year old girls. Even if an eleven year old is planning to ride the cock carousel, by the time she started doing so, chances are the vaccine would have worn off.

The concern is that everyone should take it, so that those who actually need it do not feel like weirdos. Some children are going start having sex at twelve or thirteen, so let us vaccinate them all so that those having sex do not feel socially excluded.

But they should feel like weirdos, rather than normal children risking their health, and taxpayers paying up, for the sake of wierdo’s feelings.

Vaccinating children against a sexually transmitted disease normalizes the underclass lifestyle. Wasting money on a dangerous and expensive vaccine sends a message: “Everybody has sex starting at age eleven. It is all perfectly normal and government approved. All you twelve year old girls should be screwing your pimp uncles.”

That Perry’s policy favored underclass sexual behavior, is consistent with Perry’s policies favoring non working illegal immigrants. They are both directed at underclassing America.

I cannot object to anyone who comes to America to earn an honest living, but Perry’s policies encourage people to come to America to vote themselves a living, and encourage them to behave the way that people vote themselves a living usually do behave. Taxpayers should not have to pay for, nor be forced to pretend to approve of, the underclass lifestyle.

The state should remain neutral between lifestyles, rather than trying to protect people from disapproval. Piously protecting sexually active twelve year old girls from people thinking unkind thoughts about them violates freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and reveals an hostility to America, a preference for the kind of society that Britain has become, where you will be arrested for calling an ugly horse “gay”, but not for burning down shops in front of police, where everything is policed except crime.

Giving Gardasil to eleven year olds is not a public health measure, but rather state speech to make sexually active children feel better about themselves. State funded and state coerced speech is a violation of freedom of speech. Giving gardasil to sixteen year olds could arguably be a public health measure, but giving it to eleven year olds is primarily a symbolic act, not a practical act. Symbolic acts are speech – taxpayer funded and state supported speech.

People who need Gardasil vaccine should be encouraged to take it. And encouraged to pay for it. If it was cheaper, safer, and longer lasting, there might be an argument for giving it to everyone free for the sake of herd immunity, for the sake of the externalities, but a vaccine that only lasts four years is not going to create herd immunity, particular when you give it to those who are at the least risk.

If it is a public health measure, you want herd immunity, which means you want to vaccinate the at risk population every four years. Gardasil for eleven year olds is a state sponsored speech measure, not a health measure. The primary reservoir of the HP virus is older males having sex with each other. If you are genuinely worried about public health rather than inculcating the correct attitudes in twelve year olds, vaccinate the gays every four years.

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