Rick Perry, multiculturalist

On the campaign trail, seeking the republican presidential nomination, he piously bows his head in prayer, he supposedly doubts evolution, but he imposed on Texas schools a course denigrating Christianity and whitewashing Islam.

“Atlas Shrugs” sarcastically describes the course:

While Islam “spreads” and “extends,” presumably in the same way that dew forms on flower petals, Crusaders “wrest political control of the Holy Land form Muslim rulers, damaging the positive relations that had previously existed.” Nowhere is it mentioned that the Crusades were prompted by two crises: (1) the ruthless treatment of Christian pilgrims attempting to see Jerusalem, which was under Muslim control, and (2) Byzantine Emperor Alexius’s plea for European knights to help him take back territory that had just been overrun by an invasion of Muslim Turks.

The course teaches kids that:

The religion that the Prophet Muhammad preached provided his followers an ethical and moral vision for leading a life of righteousness. By the time of his death in 632, loyalty to Muhammad and Islam also provided an important means for forging solidarity among various Arab tribes who had previously been engaged in petty rivalries and wars against each other.

neglecting to mention that Mecca surrendered to Mohammed because Mohammed cut their trade routes by terrorism against trade caravans, neglecting to mention the numerous massacres of Jews committed by Mohammed.

OK, fair enough to leave out all that hurtful stuff done by Mohammed and his followers you think? Then why is it fair enough to include some of the hurtful stuff done by crusaders and colonialists. And why is it fair enough to leave out all the stuff that crusaders and colonialists were reacting to, such as stubborn and persistent Islamic terrorism and slave raiding. Why report the bad stuff that Christians did if you are not going to report the bad stuff that Muslims did?

There needs to be some mention, however polite, of the fact that from the very beginning Islam expanded by war and terrorism, and that the crusaders and colonialists were reacting to this very serious problem.

When Rick Perry pretends to doubt evolution, he reveals that he believes Christians are morons, for a man of his background does not doubt evolution.

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