Stereotypes confirmed

The ever insightful Steve Sailer spotted a German newspaper telling the truth about the English rioters:

Almost all suspects are foreigners, no job, and a sizeable criminal record. About half of the defendants are minors, yet their parents fail to show up in court.

Although England has a massive native underclass, the overwhelming majority of the looting and burning was done by the imported underclass, the new people.

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  1. Lemniscate says:

    If rioting and looting was created by a concentrated white, Labour underclass, then the worst rioting should have been in my home-town, Newcastle. We are only 1.6% black with no concentrated black area, and we were riot free. Compare that to London, Birmingham and Manchester, which all have their concentrated black areas. The black community provided the core of the riots, which were then capitalized on by the rest of the underclass. Not only does importing a black underclass bring you black crime, it appears to make your own race’s underclass more dangerous. The power of diversity!

  2. jim says:

    Since everyone is averting their eyes from the population replacement program, hard to tell.

    The riots started with a reprisal attack on police by Duggan’s gang, which is presumably all black. When police proved weak, the Labor Party constituency went looting. These guys are the looters. London is predominantly replaced, the outlying areas less so. So I would expect that the out of London courts will indeed feature more of the native Labour Party constituency.

  3. Occupant says:

    Observe this rouges gallery hails from a “night at Westminster Magistrates’ Court” [in London].

    My, admittedly distant and incomplete, observation of the riots has been that most of early rioters in London were black, while a veritable Rainbow Coalition of thugs, lowlives, ne’er-do-wells, and other assorted Labour Party constituents scurried out of the woodwork in subsequent cities to ape their social betters in London Town.

    It will be interesting and instructive to see a database of the CCTV images from the nights of Five Finger Discounting (preferably organized by time and location). You can tell a lot about a guy by looking at his (uncovered and therefore exposed) hands.

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