Rick Perry (Bush III) replaces governor Romneycare

Governor Romneycare was the establishment’s favored candidate for president, anointed as front runner, to make Obamanism bipartisan. It has, however, become obvious that his campaign is dead on arrival (strange for a supposed front runner) so the establishment has now anointed Rick Perry, a politician indistinguishable from Bush, as its preferred candidate, shortly to be proclaimed front runner.

Governor Rick Perry provided subsidized tuition, and indeed subsidized everything, to illegal aliens, importing not workers, but welfare voters, which is the Democrat program of replacing the old people, with their irritating habits of independence, with a new people, who can be trusted to be suitably dependent. It is illegal for an illegal alien in Texas to work, but he has a right to remain in Texas, and a right to welfare, creating incentives for the kind of immigrant who can be relied upon to vote for the destruction of America when he gets naturalized, as he has a right to be after remaining in the US collecting welfare for a sufficient length of time.

For America to remain America, it has to be legal for illegal immigrants to work, but illegal for them to receive welfare. That or build an iron curtain. Otherwise, the original Americans will become second class citizens to a dependent underclass that is affirmative actioned to supremacy over them, as the former British have become.

Governor Rick Perry also stands on both sides of government healthcare issue, just as Bush did.

the Mexican and U.S. sides of the border compose one region, and we must address health care problems throughout that region

Rick Perry, like George Bush, stands for the replacement of America and Americans, welfarism, and government health care. His actual policies are far to the left of the policies and program that he presents to republican voters. He is a two faced candidate, presenting a left wing face to the establishment, to power, and a right wing face to the voters.

In the 2008 election, John McCain was the Republican presidential candidate. He won the Republican nomination thanks to abrupt and frequently retrospective rule changes in his favor, but subsequently lost the election because Republicans would not vote for him. The dead-in-the-water showing of Governor Romneycare suggests they won’t vote for Rick Perry (Bush the third) either, even if the alternative is Obama.

Despite massive and obvious lack of enthusiasm for Rick Perry (the establishment loathes him because he is not quite as far left as Obama, and the Republicans loathe him because he is third coming of Bush) he may well “win” the nomination, which is to say, be given the nomination by the Republican establishment over the outraged screams of republican voters as John McCain was.

What if they gave an election, and nobody came? Republicans would not vote for John McCain. They are not going to vote for Rick Perry.

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  1. Bill says:

    I predict Rick Perry will not be the nominee. He was Al Gore’s campaign chair in Texas. He is pro-immigration. These are pills too big to swallow in contemporary GOP politics.

    • observor says:

      worrisome data Bill, yet it still reads like puritanical, whining, libertarians.

    • jim says:

      The press and the party establishment loves him, though they love Obama more. With John McCain, they got their way, despite considerable resistance from Republican rank and file. Perry can credibly promise not to damage the economy nearly as much as Obama. The trouble is, he is nonetheless part of the government that wants to elect a new people.

  2. Brittanicus says:

    In foreign nations including Mexico, anybody who is apprehended without the right papers are subject to a felony offense. AMERICAN CITIZENS SHOULD ASK THIS QUESTION OF US? Doesn’t it seem strange that illegal immigration in to the United States is a civil offense? Contact your Senator and Congressman-women and demand as a voter, that entry into this sovereign nation be classed as a felony. Common sense says that foreign nationals will ideally not take the chance of this serious offense and stay in their own country. To me this has been an intentional act by either political party to push their own agendas, in allowing nationals to enter without any recourse that might place them in prison, instead of a short stay at a detention facility before deportation.

    Entering this country lacking papers is a violation of federal criminal statutes and individuals who do it can be imprisoned for several months, until deported. Years of U.S. administrations habitually prefer to avoid the court expenditures of prosecution by letting nationals depart voluntarily. As for people protesting, if their fingerprints are by now in a federal database, it can be compared with those taken in State through local levels. Then if that person is already in the agencies data-base, then they are there because they’ve spent their day in immigration court and have an order to be deported, or have returned after being deported. For those returnees, the criminal system offers zero-tolerance policies and should be imprisoned. Nationwide there are more than 600,000 immigration fugitives–people who have already had due process and have been ordered deported, but remained after the judge’s order.

    The more the foreign nationals demonstrate, the more they are reviled. Americans have no value for the millions who have contempt for our laws. There is no such thing as law-abiding illegal migrant or immigrant? They are an illegal alien and should be treated as such. These people arrived here illegally and then by law, we are forced to financially pamper them. They then work with forged or stolen ID’s, drive without licenses or insurance and behind Americas back, collect different welfare assistance. Those who do play the tax system rules who apply for a tax IRS ITIN number in the majority of cases as low income earners, they receive the whole amount returned in tax rebates.

    S-Comm or Secure Communities is only enforced after a foreigner is arrested and his fingerprints are checked. If he has been arrested before for re-entry or a criminal activity, it means he/she have committed a further violation. Another very efficient tool is the E-Verify program that is an aid for businesses to verify a person’s right to work status. Not perfected yet, but it is being continually upgraded by Homeland Security and the Social Security administration, with the possibility of cross-referencing nationwide drivers license photographs in the near future.
    As I have been afraid to admit, a national ID card would be a ruthless deterrent, to close every loophole of illegal immigration. No non-counterfeit ID card—No Drivers License, No insurance, No Free Health Care, No Education and for certain NO welfare or public services. In other words No Nothing! In addition it will make the Mexican Consulates “Matricula Consular,” ID card for illegal aliens—OBSOLETE. This document is supposedly an official identity card issued by the Mexican government, which it wanted to be officially recognized within the United States. An ID card could be also issued to seasonal labor, which contains an expiring date. In addition, farmers must pay for the education and health care of the farm workers family, instead of adding it to the taxpayer’s burden—that we financially carry now. Like developed nations every foreign national must register with a immigration agency, so they can be tracked in our country.
    In 2005, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3 percent of the 30,000 persons called for jury duty from voter registration rolls in one state, the U.S. district court revealed were non-citizens. Although this number may not seem like many, just 3 percent of registered voters would have been more than adequate to provide the winning presiden¬tial vote margin in Florida in 2000. Florida is not exclusive. Thousands of non-citizens are registered to vote in different states and tens if not hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions in total possibly at hand on the voter rolls countrywide. These types of numbers are significant as n municipal elections the fallout could often be determined by only a handful of votes, and even general elections have likely been compromised within the margin of the number of non-citizens–ille¬gally registered to vote. Those who ignore the consequences of non-citizen registration, using fraudulent “Absentee Ballots” and voting either are deliberately blind to this severe problem or may essentially support this form of illegal voting.

    Election officials have a sworn duty not only to enforce those laws, but also to execute the registra¬tion and election processes, not allowing those laws to be bypassed or disregarded. As the 2012 presidential election is perhaps of historical significance, we as citizens must safeguard our Constitutional right, to ensure no non-citizens change this avenue towards the presidency through fraudulent means. There are many facts to be found, not Liberal lies at NumbersUSA, FAIR, and Judicial Watch.
    Only Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has a zero-tolerance policy, if she becomes the President of these United States as graded by NumbersUSA. Herman Cain, would come in second as he like Bachmann, would cut off all public welfare and ensure the borders are protected with the military. Both would eliminate AMNESTY and only highly skilled workers would be welcome in this nation. NO more Immigration Reforms, No Sanctuary Cities and States, No Dream Acts. I dare you to go home and protests in your streets, where you were born?
    Join the TEA PARTY membership that has become a huge pressure group of tens of millions of equally minded Americans from all ethnic and secular backgrounds, political parties, no matter what the unsympathetic activists conclude? The TEA PARTY members contribute to a focused viewpoint of limiting government, personal freedoms, personal responsibility, “fair” free international trade treaties and above all else consigning control to the States and the people. The TEA PARTY has the initiative to enact a “FLAT TAX LAW” instead of the corruption that favors many, who pay no tax at all. The TEA PARTY is about reforming all political parties and being in charge of the primary principles of our Constitution, once again retaining the foundation of which this sovereign nation has stood for 225 years. As it is, Senator Harry Reid, a dye hard Liberal says, “The Tea Party will pass?” The fool has no conception that the Tea Party–IS–the American people.

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