The axis of deplorables

Until recently, everyone in power everywhere in the world was culturally aligned with the Blue Empire, or at least reluctant to be openly unaligned.  Every government, every head of government, every government school, every university everywhere, every television station (including Fox), every newspaper (including the Murdoch newspapers).  The Cathedral would from time to time go into high dudgeon because not everyone was as enthusiastic as they would like, but anyone who outright opposed them was low status and powerless.

Universities and their endowments are still converged, and all the mass media and internet giants are converged. Trump has few loyalists among his political appointees in government.  But it is a start.   A start that denies the inevitability of Blue Empire power, a start that tells us that surrender is not the only option.  That Trump had the last laugh over Gay Mulatto gives every man a shot of testosterone.  That Melanie is hot, while Michelle belongs in a zoo, makes every progressive everywhere look and feel bad.

When we successfully do the Dissolution of the Monasteries on the universities, confiscating their endowments, and ending their power as gatekeepers to high status high pay jobs, when we are no longer ruled by the clergy, that will be victory, and the rest will be mopping up operations.  It is a long way from here to there, some very bad things will happen on the way, and there may well be a red terror and a civil war along the route, but in the far distance, we can see hope for victory.  If Trump fails, he will nonetheless have pointed the way for one that will follow.

The best outcome would be that Democrats launch a coup prematurely, leading to civil war prematurely, and lose it, leaving Trump as King, as happened in the Social War of the Roman Republic, when the Populares played their hand too soon and too recklessly. Worst outcome would be that they launch their coup, get away with it, leading to a rapid succession of coups by ever more extreme factions, as in the coups against Czar Nicolas and King Louis XVI, and, as in those coups, we launch the civil war too late, and lose it.  But we have something that they did not have.  We can see the pattern, making it possible to step off that path early rather than late, getting an outcome more like that of Social War of Rome, than the French and Russian Revolutions.  That would buy us time enough for technological progress in gene editing technologies to save the day, assuming we can fix the fertility problem.  The failure of the Roman elite to reproduce led to endless waves of elite replacement, resulting in chaos and instability, so Sulla’s restoration failed to last.  To fix the fertility problem, we have to restrict sexual female choice.  We have to force women to get married, to stay with their husbands, to refrain from sex with anyone other than their husbands, and to obey their husband.   Even if we have gene editing, still takes two to raise a child.  A high IQ species necessarily has a long childhood, which requires cooperate/cooperate equilibrium between husbands and wives, which equilibrium requires substantial external enforcement.  Peoples that allow female sexual choice disappear.  Rome got in trouble despite Sulla’s restoration because its elite kept disappearing, resulting a dangerous degree of social mobility at the top.

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  1. R Daneel says:

    “If Trump fails, he will nonetheless have pointed the way for one that will follow.”

    From American Digest many moons ago:

    “Trump’s campaign is where America is turning to clean house while clinging to vestiges of civilized behavior. It represents an opportunity for renewal on many levels. If it doesn’t work, I fear America is in for much worse than it has already seen. Posted by: ahem February 23, 2016”

    The upshot is if Trump fails the gloves will be off when the #DNCTransProgs come for the guns and speech and they will.

    Avoid crowds.

  2. […] Universities and their endowments are still converged, and all the mass media and internet giants ar… Trump has few loyalists among his political appointees in government. But it is a start. A start that denies the inevitability of Blue Empire power, a start that tells us that surrender is not the only option. That Trump had the last laugh over Gay Mulatto gives every man a shot of testosterone. That Melanie is hot, while Michelle belongs in a zoo, makes every progressive everywhere look and feel bad. […]

  3. TBeholder says:

    Fragility of socialism in action. Once cracks are visible, hilarity is already underway.
    Those most unwilling leave first, but by the end even many froth-on-mouth active supporters will jump the ship. The only unknown is distribution of the critters — how many will turn out to be chameleons, rats, etc. Between #WalkAway and traditions of infiltration, rate of chameleons seems high.

  4. Lix Tetrax says:

    Short version:
    “I am an ignorant bigotted control-obsessed arsehole with revenge fantasies and delusions of grandeur, dropping names and references I don’t understand in order to pretend that I am smart.”

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      It’s bigoted and asshole; English not your first language?

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Short version of yours:
      “Silence, peon! Your prattling annoys your betters!”

  5. BEN MURPHEY says:

    NWO has been in the planning for decades with its goal of destroying sovereign nations ….League of Nations was created after WWI which then became the UN after WWII… They all were formed by the same elites as another form of global control…One of the first to imagine of a modern political union of the continent and NWO globalist was Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, who wrote the Pan-Europa manifesto in 1923 and founded the Pan-Europa Movement. His ideas influenced his contemporaries, among which then Prime Minister of France Aristide Briand. In 8 September 1929, the later gave a famous speech in favor of a European Union before the assembly of the League of Nations, ancestor of the United Nations. If you never heard of the Kalergi Plan I suggest you study up on it…Research Richard Kalergi and the Kalergi Plan…He was the founding father of the EU (European Union), Pan Europa and Practical Idealism.. In 1923 Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote his Kalergi Plan (Pan Europa Manifesto) to form a European Union and get rid of the white race through the Multiculturalism of Europe…The untold history fails to ever show that Hitler understood perfectly what these NWO globalists were attempting to do and interestingly it wasn’t till two years later in 1925 that Hitler wrote his Mein Kampf as a guide for the preservation of the German culture from the agendas of the Internationalists led NWO Globalists planners,…,Richard Kalergi described his dreams for a One World Government with its foundations in the creation of European Union (previously termed as United States of Europe by by Victor Hugo during a speech at the International Peace Congress held in Paris in 1849.) Richard Kalergi stated that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians, Africans and others Middle Eastern Ancient Egyptians to replace the current ethnic culture of European peoples and … The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with Africans and Asians…hoping that the European Union project would go on to become the blueprint for a society run entirely by the global elite over a completely powerless multicultural population. He wrote that he wished to see the end of national sovereignty and self-determination and he believed that nationalism, and indeed the very concept of nations, could be demolished through multi-culturalism. He wrote that a society that was racially and ethnically diverse was one which was easily controllable by the political elite. According to Kalegri, a diverse and multicultural people were easy to control as they had no common identity to rally behind in the event of a political crisis. In addition to that, a diverse population would be easy to conquer by the means of divide and rule. The newly arrived immigrants would be pitted against the native people with both sides believing that they were a persecuted minority languishing under a system of law that was rigged against their favor over the years. The current established European Union has gradually eroded aspects of national sovereignty for nation states, often making national law subordinate to that decided by unelected figures at the head of the international organization. There has also been a concerted attempt to chip away at nationalist sentiments and nation-orientated social projects by such policy decisions as freedom of movement and Angela Merkel’s open door policy towards Syrian refugees designed to slowly change Germany’s culture. While Kalergi’s text might seem to be a relic of a more authoritarian and intellectually warped era, it is notable that his plan is alive and well and he is still celebrated and honored among key members of the European Union today. The Kalergi prize, otherwise known as the Charlemagne Prize, was created in his honor to be awarded to European figures that have helped to promote his plan. Among those awarded this prize in recent years are Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy (the former Prime Minister of Belgium and first President of the European Council) and Pope Francis, Bill Clinton. Hnery Kissinger, Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron, Pope Francis. The fact that Kalergi Plan is still apparently alive in the elites minds of many prominent Europeans lies at the obvious antipathy towards the president-elect Donald Trump by European leaders. Trump called them out and exposed their globalist agendas. And they don’t like it. In 1923 Kalergi hoped that the United States would be the next region to fall under the One World Government……Kalergi Plan is currently the formed European Union which is in full swing of flooding Europe with refugees, and Immigrants from Asia, Middle east and Africa to fulfill the Kalegri Plans multiculturalism agenda to gain full control of its people…..THE PLAN IS UNFOLDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES…AND AMERICA IS ON THE SAME PATH WITH CANADA AND AUSTRALIA….ALL PREDOMINATE WHITE WESTERN COUNTRIES ARE BEING TRANSFORMED BY THE COMMUNIST/GLOBALISTS….. …

  6. Jaim Klein says:

    Interesting insight of the cause of Roman decadence. Old Patrician clans died off, and there was no mechanism to repopulate the elite. The government of Rome was based on the Patrician class and the plebe, both of which failed to produce replacement. The power fell into the hands of the non-Roman Pretorian Guard. BTW, what is the ethnic composition of the American armed forces? Seems to me – Hispanic.

  7. peppermint says:

    You’re a girl. All the cute boys are going to college, so you need to go to college too…

    …but the amazing thing is the number of cute Boomer girls who are now ugly useless bloated bags of skin.

    Millennial girls don’t say they’re more focused, but they are.

  8. Viking says:

    Yeah millennial faggot I presume. You guys have this problem though,
    I actually have a chopper rating among my other ratings, while you only have flown in video games. I actually have an arsenal and wealth and am prepared,and am trained and you only have larped soldiering.

    Might i suggest instead of whining from moms basement about how you’re incel because chads and sluts, and how the damn boomers squandered the tendies resources, you actually learn something and create some wealth and power so you will be of some use other than memes.I mean the memes are great and all but if shit get real which it likely will you will be dead weight.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      The tall tree is the first to be knocked down. The useless gets left behind. The winning strategy is to be in the middle of the pack. However if you want things done you stay in the middle and encourage others to go forward to be knocked down when things seem in flux so you can see when it is safe to go forward.

      Which is to say if someone talks the good fight, there is always the strong suspicion they are playing you like a chump. Yeah, yeah, coordination problem. You want people to follow you out of the trenches, you need to either show skin in the game or a way for them to advance without exposing themselves.

      • vxxc says:

        Well ORGANIZE into small groups.
        As I used to say on Twitter before I stopped wasting my time.

        Armies don’t build squads. Squads build armies.

      • viking says:

        sam sam pick up thy musket man

    • peppermint says:

      Understanding progresses in stages. Your generation did squander the tendies and now everyone knows it. So we can talk about what went wrong that made your generation squander our tendies, how to fix it, and even how and why you managed to resist the left from apparent powerlessness so effectively that the only thing they could think of in the end was total ethnic replacement by importing genetic waste into our houses and workplaces.

      Reagan won, Perot almost won, Newt Gingrich won, GWB won, napster is illegal but sharing music with friends broadly accepted and raw mp3s instead of drm that lets Schlomo know who is listening to what when,

    • alf says:

      “Farmers have trouble finding replacement. Almost half the agrarian companies are in hands of 55+.
      About 60% of them have no replacement, says ABN AMRO in a report. Young people have less interest to lead the family company. The young farmers who want to do this, encounter a lot of financial difficulties.”

      Does not mention why young people have less interest: because their parents told them staying in the family business is low status and sent them all off to big city colleges to study for big city jobs with big ass debts.

      Also does not mention why young farmers who DO try encounter financial difficulties: because insane amount of red tape, cost disease and socialist policies, enabled in large part by the boomer generation. It is very hard to make it without an ‘in’, and the whole university hammers into students that having an ‘in’ is patriarchal, evil and cheating.

      There’s this old boomer farmer who has a shed full of man toys, including a WW2 vehicle he keeps in perfect condition. All his boomer children have small sheds, and all their boomer children (the few) have even smaller, or no sheds. Guy has no self reflection on the state of his family whatsoever. Which is par for the course for your generation.

      Meming is nice, because memes is where we win, a lot of the time.

      • Yara says:

        The water is rising, yes.

        But why cannot farmer fathers find farmer sons to whom to pass their farms? Because farmer sons, unlike farmer fathers, will not reproduce, or will not reproduce with a woman of sufficiently low genetic load to not elicit in them a feeling of visceral repulsion indicating existential dread.

        Amish farmer sons seem not to be experiencing such problems. How quaint.

        • jim says:

          Amish keep their daughters under control.

          And a key part of keeping them under control is that they send them to Amish school, rather than the official government whore school where starting at age nine, they learn the joys of sodomy, how to put a condom on a banana, and they get inoculated against a sexually transmitted disease, which inoculation has the minor and insignificant side effect of drastically reducing fertility, and frequently causing infertility, particularly when given to very young girls. But, hey, who cares about that provided that we protect girls from any adverse consequences caused by screwing around.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >squandered the tendies resources
      Hah! Well posted, friend.
      Glen, take note: if you’re going to use memes, this is how you do it.

  9. viking says:

    You put the cart before the horse jim. War is what restores women to proper role, and culture to health and therefore genetics to health. War make women (and faggots) understand what limited use they are.War Swims Right. War is what restores or creates safe spaces for civilization and order, and war readiness is what maintains it. Unfortunately this is a tough balance since success breeds faggotry and empire both of which cause collapse ;leftism being the symptoms of collapse.
    (((nrx))) faggotry about how nothing can be done because it once failed, you rightly point out is faggotry. Past failures are what teaches us where to sidestep the nextime. Never again empire and colonialization, you need more land kill every last nigger on it then pour bleach on their dna.
    Never again women with political rights. Never again imported mercenaries,labor or slaves.Never again political rights to non co ethnics.Never again men without skin in the game with political rights (all men must serve tempers empire building) Never again fiat debt,only net net taxpayers of property and family who are male over 21 can vote. and only vote on [through referendum or representative] their own paid taxes; Never again can one man vote to spend another’s taxes, be it a non net net taxpayer voting himself the public purse, or a net net taxpayer or his representative seeking to spend the theoretical taxes he has not yet paid or theoretical taxes of his or his neighbors progeny, that’s not skin in the game.

    • viking says:

      Theres a lot of ways to fight a war we and the others contestants are already using many many ways, in the end war often will devolve to killing bodies so to not begin to prepare for that type of war is stupid.every man jack of us should be ready for that type of war to the best of our ability. additionally everyone should be developing other ways of fighting wars. some hollywood writer wrote Strzoks little a few good men speech and he memorized his lines and planned how to manipulate an opportunity to deliver it it was effective warfare.Herr Trump shot one up Mays ass actually half a dozen about the only thing he surprisingly didn’t do was tell the reporter he was predicting she wouldn’t survive the month.That was effective warfare. between this sort of talk warfare and wmds theres a lot that can be done. Cody Wilson has done some interesting stuff but the hatreon project needs to get done a bank needs to be bought out or built up and the web needs to be secured probably by nationalizing or utility-izing aspects of speech communication and anonymity remain open then maybe no hot war but the left is moving very fast on those already won in europe.

      • Yara says:

        womp womp, faggot

      • jim says:

        In the end war matters, and likely war is coming. But war is the worst solution, and the outcomes of war are usually very bad even for the winners.

        If we can get what we want without war, that would be the best solution. But war may be the least bad solution we can actually achieve.

    • Calsdad says:


      War only “swims right” temporarily.

      After the war is over and all of the alpha men have been deposited into holes in the ground – the twentieth century is pretty clear on what happens next: the society as a whole goes full retard to the left and goes socialist.

      So the long term effect of war is NOT restoring women to the “proper role” – it’s rather to give them more power and the feminization of the society and culture as a result. Furthermore : the history of WW2 in particular blows your theory out of the water: women were taken out of their “traditional” roles and put into all sorts of previously male dominated positions – which they were then not really willing to give up on even when the war was over.

      People who argue that war is the way to make it all “right” again – are simply not paying attention.

      War is a good part of what got us here – it is NOT the solution.

      Restoration of a “traditional” society rests on having strong men doing manly things on a daily basis to set the example for all of those around them. It does not rest on taking those men – and depositing their dead bodies into holes in the ground and/or having the ones who survive being put back into society mentally and physically broken – so they serve as a negative example of what a “man” should be.

      • Sameul Skinner says:

        “which they were then not really willing to give up on even when the war was over.”

        Female labor force participation was 25.2% in 1940, peaked at 29.2% (1944/5) and dropped to 27.8% in 1946. Please let the myth die.

      • viking says:

        yes war is the beginning it opens up the space for other civilizational projects and yes that process often attempts to neuter the martial class because the non martial cant compete with that foundational level of civilization. theres pros and cons in this conundrum, the thing to remember is you cant actually do away with the martial because it is the foundation it is the court of last resort.and if you forget that your enemies wont. ways to keep the civilization developing and the martial developing have to be found civilization is a constant arriving or its collapsing, white civilizations in particular are super fragile because they are minimally martial and to the extent they remain martial they have tried to solve the tension by faggot control of military which leads to empire colony slavery immigration. instead of building nations in sand niger country we should instead declare yearly that we are simply going to wipe out a people in an area we decided was least useful to us and are doing it just to stay in shape.war should never be over because war is never over you are kidding yourself to think every one has decided forever you cant be isnt war that empowers women it is those that rise up in the space that war clears and who then begin doping that white thing of optimizing everything to the th degree eventually they decide they could get more utility out of women which is sort of tru but at what price. its like slavery you can get more utility out of a nigger but at what cost. Men who serve go on to do manly things and understand women of are of limited but crucial use ie mothers and wives. There is a problem in the rising civilization knowledge become ubiquitous and men would like wives who are more interesting this varies by class of mens knowledge but is true across class as all men rise in civilization, maintaining a martial civilization maintains a manly space where men can get more of that need for intellectual peers from each other but it cant completely replace the desire for a wife and daughter and mother one can talk to, we had class adjusted systems to edify them the highest were tutored in womanly arts but it was wanting so we came up with educating them and this has its risks. A case can be made the right culture/civilization could educate them and still not emancipate them.a case could be made to re engineer them genetically as stepford wives

    • jim says:

      > War is what restores women to proper role, and culture to health

      Did not work last time. Hitler was a leftist. Did not fully restore the pre Weimar role of women, nor the pre Weimar status of the fighting man.

      The US reacted to Hitler’s election by abruptly ending first wave feminism, and it remained ended until 1963, but that was a policy decision, or perhaps the way fashion rolled among leftists. It was not a direct result of war- perhaps it was a direct result of ideological competition between leftists, or perhaps it was the state positioning its people for the coming war.

      • vxxc says:

        No Jim – The Priesthood stayed home and stayed in power and the Veterans – most of whom were absolutely not dead – trusted the wrong people.
        Of course it was the era of The Atom Bomb and the new and amazing COMPUTER.

        That’s not the case now.
        As you said terrible things will probably happen.
        It will require violence.

        And War does swim Right.

        • Calsdad says:

          In the US – and only the US – you are correct: we had mostly not dead veterans return home.

          That was however not true for countries like Germany and Britain and the USSR. Of all the countries going full retard in the current day – Germany is right up there at the top of the list. The fact that the women of the country seem to be fine with inviting in hordes from Africa – has been linked to the dearth of strong men over and over and over again.

          Britain lost what amounts to an entire generation of young men during WW1. There’s been a number of books published that point out that after WW1 was over – you had a generation of women that were “free radicals” (a term I saw recently on Chateau Heartiste) – who resorted to lesbian relationships and a “career” to satisfy themselves. It’s pretty hard to take out an entire generation of YOUNG men – and not have it affect the society, seeing as how male/female birth ratios are roughly equal and the effect of that distortion which happened pretty early on in the human life cycle then ripples thru the whole society until those left behind women are dead and gone.

          My point here is : I see an awful of lot of looking at the symptoms -and not a whole lot of looking at the potential root causes.

          Western societies decided to blow the living shit out of each other TWICE in the first half of the 20th century.

          You can’t tell me that doesn’t have some very serious long term cultural and societal effects.

          And the retard still apparently runs strong on the subject – seeing as how we’ve got people who think we ought to do a repeat.

      • viking says:

        I bet if hitler hadn’t been beaten by the jews and their running dog cucks things would be a hell of a lot better today, Im not natsoc but I bet that aspect would have waned and other aspects waxed. But that’s just me Id rather be ruled by germans than jews My knowledge of natsoc was women were making babies and homes.and hitler was a economic socialist probably in reaction to jewish capitalism and i bet once jews gone german capitalism would have been fine as it was it was corporatism. As I have said the transition from serfdom to industrialization had to be addressed and socialism was almost a forgone experiment, apes are both capitalist and socialist. And both have created problems for culture that need to be recognized, nat socs were trying to address this tension, maybe not the answer but one of the few who have understood the problem.capitalism is destructive to culture, there is no reason to allow this its not a either or choice you can have both if ordered correctly.Jews do not want whites to have culture so jews like to pretend when larping right that its com or cap of course communism also destroys culture so when larping left they claim cap will destroy culture. jews are only for jews and white cultures are anathema to jew parasitism.since simply stating these facts always leads to being labeled things im not Ill just say what I would aim for.

        First use HBD to understand better white ape socialist and capitalist instincts and how those have been triggered through out history. Truth is always our friend.

        Next we on the right understand a lot of what capitalism does that we like, but we do need to at least amongst ourselves develop a right critique of capitalism, my thinking is we will conclude its a great tool but should be subordinated to culture,and that its robustly adaptive enough that will be fine.

        Re socialist instincts i think we will find white apes have them stronger but are also differently than other apes and that we can mostly use capitalist solution to satisfy these instincts because we are highly productive enough, and and must address these or they will be pwnd by enemies.

        The culture needed to do all this is more or less our past but we must update whats learned. the left is never going to give this up voluntarily. jews and traitor cucks are never going to just give up what they have won, and they understand the stakes and are working like crazy to shut down speech communication anonymity and install total surveillance. if you do not kill them before they finish you are dead. How to kill them and whether a risk of developing some weapons ourselves is worth a short delay is possible, killing them is not going to be that hard but also not that easy but if a war is lost then it will be impossible, because all will be forced to a side. so its important to be sure of victory before beginning.But frankly that attitude of all nrx is utter faggotry and denial of the need for winning a real war and very soon. Arguing about whether women should be fucked at 8 vs 13 when one ought to be working out how to take control of the web and build assassin drones is beyond imbecilic.

    • vxxc says:

      Amen Viking!

  10. lalit says:

    Jim, why is a long childhood even required? I’m a Circuit designer and 90% of what I learnt in school and College was useless. I could have done what I am doing at age 15. All one needs to design circuits is some mathematics up to the Sophomore level in high school and some heuristics, all of which are either known to or can be taught to any competent high school student. I’ve barely met any Engineer who designs from first principles coming from Physics. They mostly use Rules of Thumb, heuristics of best practices handed down from experience.

    As for several non-technical professions, there is no need for any of them to know anything that is taught beyond 5th grade.

    All this extended childhood, this extended schooling, this is the source of the Preisthood’s power. As Nicholas Taleb says, the way to destroy the power of the priesthood is to enforce contracts that are voluntarily signed by two parties in any apprenticeship. I could have started apprenticing with an actual Circuit Engineer by age 15 and would have been a far better Engineer that way that by going through the University system and wasting my time and money learning from tawkers instead of Doers. And lets not even go into the aggravation that comes from having tawkers in a position of authority over you for 4-6 years in college.

    I had a colleague while I was working in India who incidentally started working as an Engineer at 17, because he had no resources at that time to go to School. He faked his age and degrees, or more precisely, his employer at that time faked it with a few small bribes to some officials in the Rape-public of Endia’s regulatory bodies. He is a far far better Engineer than those who went through the grind of the University system. Yet, his lack of credentials seems to gnaw at him. So he went ahead and got those degrees anyway, going to university Part time. Something completely unnecessary, something which cost time and money, something which he admits, yet he wanted those credentials.

    If this is not a statement of Priestly power, I do not know what is.

    • Anon says:

      A long childhood relative to say a wolf

      Which is a fully functional killing machine after about a year.

      Yeah we know college is useless but raising a kid to age 12-15 is still a long time

    • Yara says:

      Because engineering is carpentry for the smarter variety of man, and the best engineers are very smart indeed, but philistines nearly every one. Physics is more similar to philosophy than to mechanical fare.

      • lalit says:

        Philistines? Pray what is the source of this revelation?

        If you say Engineers are cowards, I will agree with you. They are terrified of HR in general and refuse to make a stand on anything except their own miserable hides. And I wish they stayed silent instead of mouthing Leftie platitudes. So perhaps they are sycophants as well. But Philistines?

        Unless you are claiming that all virtues flow from courage in which case you have an argument. But otherwise, no!

        • Yara says:

          I quite like engineers. The good ones at least. The good ones are some of the most interesting men you’ll ever meet. As far as I’m concerned, there are two primary predictors for engineergoodness: age and computer illiteracy. The old ones completely incompetent with computers are a totally different breed to the young ones deeply invested in software. This, from a young someone with an affinity for software.

          In the Cosmic Character Creator of life, nearly to a man they’re dialed in a bit too high on the old utilitarianism quotient.

          In general, there is a stunning lack of aptitude for music, appreciation for art, or design sense. Perhaps the most salient example is that their websites are aesthetically repulsive (in academia and in private enterprise; for the latter, look no further than McMaster). Hence the “it looks like it was designed by an engineer” meme. (This website is another example: perfectly functional but with a design from a decade and a half ago.)

          Like you said in another post, “engineers” who fail to get their hands dirty aren’t engineers at all, they’re just office-drone LARPers, which is why Musk’s rocket factory is distributed throughout his corporate HQ.

          • lalit says:

            You are in Good company then. Nicholas Taleb has the same opinion as you. You call them Office-Drone Larpers. The old timers in my field call them Simulation-Monkeys. When our product comes back and it fails to do what the simulation says it should have done, our monkeys are completely lost. But somehow these monkeys have excellent relationships with the Massa at HR. Contracting at 3-4X the hourly pay of a regular employee is where it is at if you are an Engineer.

            If you are a good engineer and you are not a contractor, you are a coward or you are stuck in a low-energy comfort zone. No doubt about it.

    • viking says:

      Its a tough problem,theoretically it is to teach one how to think which requires a bit of background into why thats important thus classic education for elites. but of course that was captured and turned into what to think.
      But the problem becomes a problem because its no longer really possible to know how to think and then find truth in anything other than a tiny spec of all that’s going on we just have too much knowledge, so we resort to tricks to try and operate- yeah credentials is one, its usually more like splitting the difference between two credentialled translator wits. very few leftists are in on the evil most are just misinformed but informing them would take decades of schooling, even we on the far right for all our supposed deep dive are larping most of us are just accepting what we read around these parts the way a redneck accepts alex jones, a very few of us have knowledge in some area say Gcochran actually understand population genetics but hes larping on economics.yeah of course Im pretty sure we are pretty right about what we think we know. its just this is a real problem when you want to scale to a civilization. im sure you could code at 15 plenty of 15 year old coders became billionaires. distributed authority can solve it if you can solve the problem of loyalty. elites defecting from the power platform they were delegated has been the problem of advancing civilization.

      • lalit says:

        I humbly submit that the University does not teach you to think. The desire to look deeply into why something works, why something is the way it is, what the deeper principles behind what is being observed are, all this is largely innate. It may be cultivated by the culture in which one is brought up, but I hardly think that a modern University encourages that.

        What a university teaches you is to do what is expedient for the moment. Time and again till it become ingrained. The Semester system hardly permits you to think deeply about Technical concepts or to experiment with those concepts yourself. How can you possibly do that when there a silly assignment due the next morning or a mid-term the next week?

        No, A university teaches you to do what is expedient for the moment. This is hardly the stuff that creates a Newton or a Madhava or a Jacobi or a Ramanujam. Universities? Ptoooie! I spit me off them in the words of a famous Russian playwright.

        Hell, when I used to work in Texas, I met Electricians who were smarter than Electrical Engineers. They would have made fine Engineers because they did not look down on getting their hands dirty. And they were making decent money while getting exercise instead of being boxed up like lab Rats in cubicles. And I could actually have an intellectually stimulating conversation with them. My Fellow engineers used ti infuriate me with their mindless chants of leftist talking points, still do. These days, we have Engineers who think it is low status to go into the Lab. That is a university credentialed Engineer for you. A pox on the University system.

        Yes, there are some very smart Engineers, but I do not agree that they learnt to think in a University. It was innate to them or due to the culture they were brought up in.

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          The syllabus is set by the merciless struggle for supremacy between departments (i.e., budget) and occasionally even by external forces (e.g., requirements for professional accreditation).

          Education is furthermore ever prolonged by forces that do not, strictly speaking, care about students. I think all of us who have done a higher degree know there is a strong element of drudgery in finishing.

          • lalit says:

            Absolutely. And the amount of time I wasted infuriates me. Modern university education is a test of wanton patience. The keyword being wanton.

    • Glenfilthie says:

      We wait with baited breath for The Cellar Dweller Manifesto, boys!

      You go to college to be educated beyond the minimal requirements, kids. You idiots may indeed tear down a rotten culture but there’ll be no place for you in the next one. Just as Romans trained and practiced with heavier wooden weapons to make them faster and stronger with the real ones – so must you train your minds.
      I don’t see that going on with millennials so I am betting the vast majority of you end up as expendable cannon fodder and useful fools. You indulge your vices rather than your virtue, and men that do that get what they give, more often than not

      • alf says:

        You are acting obnoxious. I guess the comment section has gotten under your skin.

        • Glenfilthie says:

          You’re right Alfred, I’m being a bit of a dink. But: hit those books! You can’t work with your hands if you can’t work with your head.

          Sorry again boys just having some cheap shots!

          • lalit says:

            Have you ever worked in an Engineering Firm? Have you seen what most Engineers are like. They mindlessly run simulations from Dawn to Dusk. They have master’s degrees from the top Univs and can neither work with their heads or with their hands.

            This article about sums up the mental state of modern day Engineers. Simulation monkeys is what the old-timers call them and the old timers are right. Their belief is simulations is no different from an African tribes belief in jungle Voodoo.

            Charles Babbage was once aghast when a parliamentarian asked him the following question about his analytical Engine. “Mr Babbage, if I asked the engine the wrong question, would it still give me the right answer?” The UBS guys who ran the simulations are all University credentialed and did not have the sense to ask even the stupid question that the parliamentarian asked Charles Babbage. This is what happens when you learn fro Tawkers, which is what Univ professors are, instead of Doers

            • Glenfilthie says:

              Spent the better part of 3 decades with them Lalit. Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt. To a point you are absolutely right. Such men are less to me than the mud on my boots. If they give me any static I am on the horn with their bosses and their attitudes get re-adjusted. Their bosses are capable, educated men that CAN run simulations, spot errors and problems, debug them and come up with real world solutions. I get along swimmingly with them.
              It doesn’t negate my point. Boys, you don’t cut corners with your exercise and you sure as hell don’t cut corners on your education. You’re doing exactly what the social engineers want with your anti-intellectualism: you are embracing a slothful, pliable mind. The most accomplished and capable men in the world and in history have had a solid grounding in the arts and humanities too. If you learn the manly arts and virtues, ground yourself properly in the Christian and Stoic principles you won’t have to compete for the attention of sluts, bubble-gummers and tire biters and the phoney chads and jerk boys that chase them. You will find yourself in a league with real women that are warm, intelligent and as capable as you are. Guys like Jim will tell you they don’t exist. The reason he says that is that he will never see one because they won’t give him the time of day; the vast majority of them get taken off a market he can’t compete in.

              If you want to pull your ass out of the muck and mire, you have to pull your head out first.

              • jim says:

                > You will find yourself in a league with real women that are warm, intelligent and as capable as you are.

                I hear the voice of a man who has not had sex for twenty years.

              • jim says:

                > Spent the better part of 3 decades with them Lalit.

                And yet, strangely, you are as ignorant of engineering as you are of women.

                • Glenfilthie says:

                  LOL. You hear a voice of informed and reasoned dissent and you have no answer for it other than insult. I take no offence.

                • jim says:

                  I permit insults as part of rational argument, if there is a halfway plausible excuse that they are part of a rational argument.

                  Insults in place of rational argument are a waste of reader bandwidth.

                • Starman says:

                  “ You hear a voice of informed and reasoned dissent and you have no answer for it other than insult. ”

                  Gamma male detected.

                  Vox Day was right on point when he banned you from his blog.

              • Tom Saunders says:

                There is a message in the fact that all great warriors, both historical and legendary, have in their background first class ‘book larnin” for their era regardless of culture born into.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Zhu Yuanzhang.
                  Jacques Cathelineau.
                  This is clearly not an iron rule. And how much of it is just an artifact of the obvious fact that great generals and conquerors tend to be drawn from the elites, and therefore tend to receive elite educations in their childhoods?

              • Anonymous 2 says:

                “The most accomplished and capable men in the world and in history have had a solid grounding in the arts and humanities too.”

                I do enjoy the classics, arts and some of the humanities. Still, one should be aware that there are many courses that confer negative value, such as those of the looted and salted English departments or the numerous grievance departments.

                History, philosophy, music, arts, and dip your toes in others like law or, perhaps, psychology. But note that in these times such an education is a very expensive indulgence, at perhaps one or two thousand dollars a week in some cases. For the purpose of furthering your mind, you can also study these topics on your own, or go outside the university system in other ways, without much loss.

                • lalit says:

                  Sure, but what they teach in University is not arts, or classics or humanities. What is taught is ideology, pure and simple. The people doing the best work in the arts and humanities today, like Jim, MoldBug or Taleb are all Technical people. Spandrell/Alf are exceptions. Giovanni Dannato at colony of Commodus is a tradesman or at least an aspiring tradesman. At least he has the tradesman mindset. Nicholas Taleb who is really an applied mathematician. These are the people producing the best work spanning sociology, psychology, philosophy, history, classics.

                  Show me one university dweller who has produced work that equals what MoldBug or Taleb produced. Show me one academic who has produced even one academic paper on Social theory or critical history which equals even an average post on the same topics produced by this Blog.

                  Jordan Peterson does not count.

                  It is the same thing among the Hindu right wing
                  1. The Hindu Moldbug, manasataramgini is a biologist
                  2. The Hindu Spandrell is a computer programmer
                  3. The Hindu Alf/Giovanni are Engineers
                  4. The guy critically examining the age of Indian civilization is an Electrical Engineer
                  4. The guy examining Hindu naval history is an applied mathematician

                  No one is saying that the Arts, history, classics, music are not important. You could not keep Jim away from it with wild horses. The point is that the University is no place to learn all that.

                • Glenfilthie says:

                  Yes and no.

                  To get your grounding out of a book, somebody has to write it. Somebody has to curate the artifacts, restore the antiquities, and do all the leg work associated with that. There is a legitimate need for the people, and therefore the courses to train them.

                  The problem is that Jim and the fanboys mistake the symptoms and side effects for the disease. The root problem is that college and university have become places to park otherwise employable kids because the economy isn’t big enough to support them.

                  Yes, we need historians, chroniclers, philosophers musicians and artists. But we don’t need millions of them. Historically such posh “jobs” went to the elite and they typically still do.

                  Without a proper grounding in these things you get guys like Jim – he views history clinically and often without context, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. That is why he can’t properly appreciate it or understand it, and also why – if he gets his way, he will probably repeat it and be astonished and dismayed by the result.

                • peppermint says:

                  Glen, if Jim doesn’t know history, post criticism.

                  What do you expect from a university?

                  Universities have books and professors. Anyone has access to any book, except for some rare ones in libraries, any idea, and can email anyone at any time with the Internet.

                  There is no reason for universities to exist and plenty of reason to execute all the professors, maybe give them a month to find real work and execute the ones who can’t if we’re feeling generous.

                • jim says:

                  > There is no reason for universities to exist and plenty of reason to execute all the professors, maybe give them a month to find real work and execute the ones who can’t if we’re feeling generous.

                  Nah, imitate the restoration and the dissolution of the monasteries.

                  The dissolution of the monasteries was a slow process that gave the monks and nuns opportunities to find other lifestyles, and rewarded those lifestyles with marriage and children. The monastic endowments were confiscated, as we will confiscate the university endowments, but monks and abbots were not turned on the streets overnight. We won’t turn the professors, the judges, and the school teachers on the streets overnight, except of course for those that engage in open defiance and resistance, who will be sent to internment camps in Alaska.

                  In the restoration, everyone in a priestly profession, broadly defined, very broadly defined, was fired and asked to reapply for his old job, or a similar job. During the job application he was asked if he would conform – conform to the practices, viewpoint, and belief system of the new regime. Most of these guys are Havel’s Greengrocer. They will just run a word processor search and replace over their old essays, replacing “Two legs bad, four legs good” with “Two legs need to supervise, guide, and care for four legs”, and scarcely notice the change.

                  The dissolution of the monasteries worked, and the restoration worked. Copy what worked.

                  We do need universities – but they should be a tiny fraction of their present size, and they should not be a pre-requirement for a smart person to become a member of the elite.

                • Yara says:

                  >What do you expect from a university?

                  >Universities have books and professors. Anyone has access to any book, except for some rare ones in libraries, any idea, and can email anyone at any time with the Internet.

                  >There is no reason for universities to exist and plenty of reason to execute all the professors, maybe give them a month to find real work and execute the ones who can’t if we’re feeling generous.

                  My biggest beef with the universities is that they’ve been overrun by jews, catholics, asians, various specie of muds, faggots, and women.

                  Like, what the hell. All I ever wanted to do was spend a few years of perfect isolated monastic life in a circlejerk with others equally inexplicably interested in useless bullshit like Hume and Heidegger and Infinite Jest.

                  Fuck this gay earth.

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        Engineers do not need bullshit “humanities” classes taught by people who have beliefs that are so monstrously inhuman that they murder people by the hundreds of millions. That is not teaching you to think, as you yourself demonstrate in every comment you make. It is religious instruction for the Satanic priestly class bedeviling the West. It has corrupted your mind, leading you down dead-end intellectual paths that they defined for you. Even if you come out of it opposing them, you oppose them on their terms, which makes you their tool and less that worthless.

        The future belongs to those who show up for it. Your failures mean your line ends with you. When you die, so does the family that lasted for centuries before you. The future is ours, not yours.

        • Glenfilthie says:

          [Stupid insults deleted for lack of information content]

          • Glenfilthie says:

            LOL. Ya know the friggin Z Man just ruined music for me. I still laugh like a loon every time I hear that. Same thing whenever I hear ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ too.

            Sorry Jim – you can of course edit your blog for anything you want, right up to and including talent! But let’s be honest – that was probably the best comment your blog has ever seen.

        • Inquiring Mind says:

          Engineers need those few required “humanities” courses to be reminded that their Math, Physics and Engineering courses teach true knowledge whereas the rest of the university is teaching how to dance with rattles and feathered adornments.

          Those courses reinforce to the engineering student that they are a natural aristocracy, and it motivates them to persevere in classes that are hard work rather than switching majors into courses of study where they could get all A’s without even trying. It also reinforces the lesson that all of the lawyers, business majors, political science, communications and psychology majors who will be ruling over them for the rest of their natural lives are shallow shamans, con artists and witch doctors.

          The sad direction that Engineering is turning, however, is belief in Climate Change, Renewable Energy and other fads promulgated by the witch doctors. Cold, hard engineering truth is being displaced by feelz. This change is directed by the cold, hard government cash that their professors must seek if they want to keep their offices out of the basement broom closet and not be assigned 5 classes a semester with 150 students each.

      • Roberto says:

        Glen’s really filthy and should hit the showers.

        • Starman says:

          Glenfilthie claims his dissent is “informed” and “reasoned”, yet he has demonstrated obvious ignorance on topics such as nuclear fission and women.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        I’ve heard this story before, boomer, and then I learned first hand what a crock of shit the universities are selling.

        Learning is good. Knowledge is good. Universities aren’t about either. They’re about indoctrination and getting a piece of paper that certifies your high social class. University credentialing paid off handsomely in your time, when few people got it, but it doesn’t do much now that every Tom, Dick, and Janeequia gets the diploma. You can’t admit that the situation has changed, because you want to credit your success in life to the “learning” you did at school, not the ridiculous patent of nobility they gave you.
        >College is like training with heavy wooden weapons, but for your mind. Just like the Romans did. So badass!
        Ladies and gentlemen, this is what boomers actually believe.

        • lalit says:

          Well said. Hear hear!

          I attended what is considered the best engineering college in India and what is considered a very good university in the U.S. And I can attest to what you are saying. I have worked with Engineers from Tsingua, the best in China for Engineering. I worked with MIT grads. They were good, some were brilliant, but their opinion of MIT was not what I thought it would be.

          The consensus seems to be that at the very best, these are mere filtering mechanisms rather than mechanisms that actually teach a student. And the way things are these days, they are not even filtering mechanisms as admissions seem to be dependent on factors other than ability.

          That being said, I think MIT is not so bad. The quality they put out in OCW is quite good. They still seem to approach the subject matter with some curiosity. So I would say MIT still does value addition. About the other universities, not so much.

          • jim says:

            Undeniably MIT does value addition. Undeniably most MIT computer science graduates are very good. But an MIT Computer Science degree is no guarantee that the degree holder can pass a fizzbuzz type test, no guarantee of even minimal competence. It is a strong indicator of competence, but far from being a guarantee.

            • lalit says:

              Not even minimal competence? Jim, an anecdote would be interesting.

              I’ve worked with 3 MIT grads during my career. One was brilliant and the other two were competent.

              The UC Berkeley guys were also competent except for one who was terrible.

              The rest of the universities are a mixed bag.

              • jim says:

                Not much to tell. Knew Microsoft com in theory, but unable to use it in practice. But yes, MIT grads are usually competent, and frequently brilliant.

    • jim says:

      Fifteen years is still a long time.

      Yes, Taleb is correct. Make apprenticeship enforceable to destroy the priestly power of the universities. That gets the boot of the priesthood off our necks. Still need loyal and obedient wives who stick around. Solves our present priesthood problem. Does not solve our present woman problem.

      • lalit says:

        Okay, Good point. To teach a kid to do circuit design, I need him to know how to solve linear equations in 2 variables. The rest of it, some trigonometry, some calculus is not really required at the start of the internship.

        1. Not needed to know calculus or differential equations to understand RC decay and RC- charging the way the universities teach it

        2. Not required to know limits with mathematical rigor to understand amplification.

        3. No need to understand all the mathematics that goes in Laplace transforms to understand stability that is needed to stabilize feedback loops. Practising Engineers use the most rudimentary schemes anyway. Being simple, they work the best.

        Okay Jim, an intelligent male can start an internship at the age of 12 or 13 to apprentice as a fully fledged Circuit Designer by the time he is 18. He can productive along the way. He can start of as a Lab Technician or an Electronic Draftsman at the age of 13 and in those roles he can be useful immediately. For a bright 12-13 year old, it will take me 3 months to train as a Draftsman also called a layout Engineer.

        By the time he is 18-19, he is free from debt, has some money in his bank account, has actually learnt from a Doer and not a Tawker, has at least one circuit design under his belt with all the confidence that comes from building something that works. He will be a far far better Engineer than someone out of University.

        So 12-13 it is. That’s the minimum I can do. If you want to go even younger, then I guess you need to reform the School system from the Primary level of education itself. But 12-13 is still far better than the current abomination of 23-24 where a person is deemed to be able to do circuit design only after he has a master’s degree in 80% of the cases. Absurd!

      • Glenfilthie says:

        The power of the university has already collapsed, Jim: if I see a Mickey Mouse degree on a resume, that to me and anyone else in business- is a red flag. I know the owners of such degrees only know how to manufacture grievances and dissent.
        You don’t need to mob up and riot in the streets because socialists are dead men walking already. Ya see Trump at the NATO talks? It was a thing of beauty.
        When leftists take over, they invariably run the enterprise into the dirt. Look at Jordan Peterson- a heretic right in their own court! The cathedral is in flames already and the future is here. I am most interested in how you and your boys proceed from here.

        • lalit says:

          You’re pretty determined not to get it, aren’t you mate?

          It’s not that a university degree guarantees you a high status Job, it does not!

          It’s that the lack of a university degrees guarantees you NOT having a high status job. That’s the problem.

          No one here is upset that the universities are not churning out good engineers. It is just that a good engineer without a university degree cannot get an engineering Job at any of the Firms.

          Are you being dense on purpose? Or do you just love to take the contrarian position on everything?

          • Glenfilthie says:

            No need to get snippy, Lalit; to me this is just an interesting discussion and that’s it. I daresay I enjoy the role of the contrarian and devil’s advocate a little too much.

            But – you won’t see guys like P-Mint and Shadow building robots that can walk and balance in their garage hobby shops. They haven’t got the foggiest notion of what went on at the CERN supercollider, and you won’t see such men anywhere near such a place. Our esteemed blog host sniffed in disgust and scoffed that he wouldn’t be impressed until robots could ‘fold and sort the laundry’. I didn’t bother responding that robots built the car he drives, and did a better job of it than human hands ever could – and they are a generation old now. The new ones will drive his car, run his house and put likely put him out of work.

            It’s sad. They only see the procession of fools that have been educated beyond their intellects in non-programs like grievance studies and they assume that the universities need to be burnt to the ground and every second prof hung from a lamp post as a warning to the rest. It is the mindset of peasants and thugs. Those kinds of people are very good at destroying things but not that good at building them.

            From what I am seeing here these boys need more education, not less.

            • jim says:

              You are profoundly ignorant of the matters of which you speak. I have actually built and programmed robots, and both of my sons are earning a living in AI hence my contempt for the things that you found impressive.

              Our contempt for the modern universities and modern pseudoscience was earned from within.

              Building a robot that walks around is indeed impressive, but it is a very long way short of a robot that can sort and fold the contents of a laundry basket, and until AI can do that kind of job, not going to have the kind of impact on jobs that you ignorantly imagine.

              You talk of nuclear physics and reveal you know nothing. You talk of robots and reveal you know nothing. You talk of engineering and reveal you know nothing.

              And you talk of women, and reveal you know nothing.

              • Glenfilthie says:

                I have no contempt for you, and concede that I am no expert on robotics or AI. I am a mere hobbyist, and as such I have to question your authority on the subject because what I see does not jive with what you say. Were I a mere idiot I would not be triggering the cognitive dissonance you are obviously experiencing. If you’re interested in a polite conversation, I will continue:

                Last I heard, about 20 years ago, cruise missile technology had advanced to the point where autonomous weapons could successfully differentiate and initiate attacks on enemy assets 65% of the time. Then everything on that went dark. Ever since the guys at the Skunkworks and DARPA and other agencies loudly deny any research is being done in autonomous weapons. Given the nature of the people and work involved I suspect that is a load of hooey.

                They’ve gone beyond bots sorting laundry, Jim, they are working on ones that will be able to discern friend from foe and attack them and neutralize them without human intervention.

                But whatever. On the internet you can be whoever you want to be; and if you want to be an infallible expert on women, global geopolitics, robotics and AI … fill your boots. I’m just here for the show.

                • Starman says:

                  Glenfilthie is a Secret King™️ hobbyist, dontcha know…

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  >Were I a mere idiot I would not be triggering the cognitive dissonance you are obviously experiencing.

                  What’s a fusion bomb buddy?

              • Starman says:


                In the end, a gamma male such as glenfilthie will reveal himself to be a gamma male.

                Glen’s attempt at Secret Engineering King™️ has predictably self combusted.

                Vox Day eventually got tired of the antics of glen and other gammas, and so he banned them from his blog.

            • lalit says:

              Hahahahahaha! You must have worked as HR or as a Project Manager. The stuff you are talking are all HR talking points.

              You’ve never done any coding, have you? I’m a hardware guy and haven’t done a whole lot of coding, but even I know that getting a robot to fold clothes is a lot harder than getting it to build a car from a algorithmic and convergence point of view. Building a car is a problem that has a closed form solution like a 2-body gravitational problem.. Folding clothes does not have a closed form solution much like the 3-body or multi-body gravitational problem in physics.

              Your verbal Jousts with Jim remind me of Sam Harris Vs Nicholas Taleb on Twitter. You know nothing about Science. Much like Sam Harris, What you are preaching is Scientism, not Science, which you would not know if it came and hit you across the face. And You don’t seem to know it, Jim has been giving to you the equivalent of a literary Wedgie.
              You seem to be a Glutton for Punishment.

              • Glenfilthie says:

                I might question your credentials too. I’ve worked with real machinists – the guys that can actually fab up parts for obsolete motorcycles or machines from drawings – vs the millennial tool changers who are only as good as those algorithms and are useless without CNC. And no, contrary to Jim, building a robot that walks, maintains its balance, and can autonomously operate and navigate goes way beyond folding laundry. The same tech that builds (and will shortly drive) your car can easily be made to sort your laundry. That should be intuitively obvious.

                I’m not jousting with anyone. As I’ve said repeatedly, if I were a mere idiot I would not be seeing the obvious cognitive dissonance going on here. Mine is the voice of the devils advocate and informed dissent; and unless you can counter it with logic or sense, you will never be men that are taken seriously.

                I’ve done some low level programming but have no interest in it. If I need that done guys that can do it are a dime a dozen; and they’ll still need guys like me to check their work and trouble shoot, implement and manage it anyways. I am going into semi-retirement now; I’ve done the sales, the project management, the office politics of the HR fatties, affirmative action flunkies etc ad nauseum. My bills are paid, my mistakes were made… and now I am seriously considering a “nuts and bolts” job where I can get away from all that. Being a leader is much harder than posing as one, but it is more rewarding too. Hopefully some of you will get to enjoy that.

                • jim says:

                  > contrary to Jim, building a robot that walks, maintains its balance, and can autonomously operate and navigate goes way beyond folding laundry.

                  You are ignorant about everything you talk about.

                  If we could build a robot that could fold laundry, there would be huge demand. Who wants to buy a robot that can walk?

                  Anyone in a position to half plausibly tell a venture capitalist he might be able to build a robot that could take a random pile of clothes, sort them and fold them, would be showered with money.

                  And indeed, lots of people have told venture capitalists such things. And venture capitalists, not being complete idiots, then ask an expert, and the expert tells them. “That guy is an idiot, a lunatic, or a con man.”

                  With enough time and money I could build a robot that could walk and balance. I could not build a robot that could sort and fold a pile of laundry, no matter how much money I persuaded the venture capitalist to throw at me.

                • Starman says:


                  It’s glen’s Secret Informed Dissent™️!

              • Starman says:

                Aukshually, Lalit, Glenfilthie is a Secret Engineering King™️! He will finally show us his magical antigravity device to show us uneducated morons what a great educated boomer he is.

          • viking says:

            True but the system evolved to instill a cultural loyalty which is a needed thing, that the culture was switched by the jews and the loyalty wedded to the wrong culture is bad. Im an anti credentialist back to the 60s but back in the 60s cultural loyalty was instilled in many ways none of which existed since the jews didnt just target the universities. a self taught kid is great if hes on your side not so much if not

            • lalit says:

              Then aspire to be the sort of Elite which a self taught kid would respect and want to be part of. In other words, be worthy. Be worthy of power. Isn’t that what MoldBug talked about. Isn’t that what Jim keeps repeating himself to the point of going Blue in the face about?

              Any Self taught kid would want to join and respect an Elite which had atleast a few prominent members who were themselves self taught. If a kid is self taught and is good, then for Godssake credential him if he wants it. Give him an honorary degree if he is willing to accept it. Just dont put him through 4-6 years of mental torture.

              It is by the process of credentialing and being a degenerate, contemptible Elite that you are motivating this self taught kid to turn his considerable talents into dethroning you and then bashing your skull in with a club at the end of it.

              • viking says:

                Im not against decredentialling i have an eighth grade education and have done well at many things. Im certainly the type of guy in real life young men want to emulate.But spatre me moldbergs become worthy faggotry the way you become worthy to rule is by seizing power by any means possible end of story, the jew moldbergs tells you resistance is futile but dont worry if you dont struggle and listen to smart jews DAVOS will eventually call you and hand you power.The signal you are to await is when techno cap jews demand ownership of whites and their lands thats your que to bow down swear fealty and vassalage and be knighted.So this worth white man is telling you never bend the knee.

                It wasn’t anti ant credentialism I was only pointing out universities were transformed into a dual purpose institution pretty early. Besides transmitting knowledge and the ability to think critically, the other purpose call it vetting/ imprinting was to make sure the people universities empowered had the right loyalties and could be relied upon.similarly the aristocy which also empowered people had ways of also instilling the right loyalties perspectives and ways to stress test.
                I then said the purposes were valid though there might be other or better ways of accomplishing them, though the others we used to use were also destroyed by the jews.But as our knowledge grew and school became a longer process and more ubiquitous it was a obvious place to acculturate and why the jews and their running dog cucks targetted them when they did the long march.
                autodidactism if someone is capable of this then they ought to be capable of doing without the credential just fine. I agree most education is pointless to morbid but dont actually want a bunch of feral teens running around splicing together new skinjobs I want them to understand more than the narrow world they have discovered for themselves. Moldberg was right about reading old books in that regard

                • jim says:

                  Universities have always had as their primary job inculcating people in the official religion, and giving people cultural and scientific knowledge has always been merely their secondary job. Lately, their secondary job has largely been abandoned.

                  It used to be that giving people job skills was entirely irrelevant, since this was done by enforceable apprenticeship.

                  We shall restore the enforceable apprenticeship system and divest universities of the task of giving people job skills, in the process divesting them of the power to accredit people to jobs. We shall give considerably higher, but still secondary, priority to the task of giving people cultural and scientific knowledge, and change the official religion to make it saner, by erasing all doctrines that are potentially falsifiable by the realities of this world.

                  Members of the elite will still be required to adhere to the official religion, as they are now, but the task of checking adherence will not be outsourced to the universities. Instead, people in state jobs and quasi statal jobs will be required to pronounce a catechism and take an oath.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          Sweet Jesus, you’re a walking meme.
          >You’d better go to college, kiddo. Otherwise you’ll end up flipping burgers!
          >Kids with degrees are so entitled. They think they’re too good to flip burgers! I just throw their resumes right in the trash.

          • Glenfilthie says:

            Although you will probably end up flipping burgers or stacking boxes either way – that is not what I said.

            I’ve been watching this train wreck unfold for 30 years now. In the 70’s the church imploded because of the kiddie diddling priests, the holy rollers and fraudsters, the sanctimonious hypocrites, etc. People threw out their faith and I get that… but they threw out their morality as well.

            They embraced science then, and the same process repeated. The result I see is boys like you – bereft of morality, and now your throwing out your intellect the same way your mothers and fathers threw away their morality. As a result you have nothing, and your country is being taken away from you by people that aren’t fit to shine your shoes.

            But who cares, right? You can do MEMES!

            • Roberto says:

              Your daughter’s pussy’s licked by another woman’s mouth.

              • lalit says:


                You have won the comments Section.

                It is not often that Jim gets outdone. But in communicating with Glenfilthie, this one line comment does what a dozen other comments containing a couple score lines could not.

            • Roberto says:

              A short rap song for Glenfilthie

              Your shit’s all retarded and your posts fuckin’ lame
              Last man on this planet who should talk about Game

              Can’t muster no responses to my corky sense of humor
              With Parkinson’s you ain’t no strong – drop dead, you boomer

              You come across as nincompoop whose life – pathetic mess
              Like the dyke who shoves those dildos in your daughter’s blue-haired ass

              Should not have tried your luck doin’ generation warfare
              Now you get your face punched in and cry “not fair!”

              Your time will soon be over and you left no legacy
              We’ll turn you into fertilizer and you’ll see no mercy

              So now the whole world from the north to the south
              Knows that your daughter’s pussy’s licked by another woman’s mouth.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              >throwing out your intellect

              This gets to the heart of the problem: for you, “intellect” and “university diploma” are synonyms. Someone says, “I reject the universities!” and you hear, “I reject learning and knowledge!” Commie professors pwn your mind and soul.

      • Doug Smythe says:

        Priestly power of universities is fine per se- what’s wrong with our universities is that they’re staffed with fake Satanic priests (i.e. Leftists) instead of the genuine article. University needs to be purged, not abolished.

        • jim says:

          We won’t abolish the universities, but they are swollen beyond reason.

          We will strip them of their job gatekeeper function, and replace their task of gatekeeping jobs with an enforceable apprenticeship system.

          Universities are the state priesthood. We need a state priesthood, but we don’t need one this large, nor do we need one that wastes the time of so many young people.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        > Solves our present priesthood problem. Does not solve our present woman problem.

        It’s analogous though. The enlightenment argument against apprenticeship is the same as the one against marriage.

        • jim says:

          On the one hand, a few wives will be victims. On the other hand, fixing that problem, about which the enlightenment was so very concerned, makes it hard for every husband and every wife to reproduce.

          On the one hand, a few apprentices will be victims. On the other hand, fixing that problem, about which the enlightenment was so very concerned, results in massive loss of skills and knowledge every generation.

        • peppermint says:

          Kids sign up for 5-10 years of school plus 10-20 years of student loans. Why not 5-10 years of paid apprentinceship during which your master’s reputation helps you get married?

    • Tom Saunders says:

      A person’s intellect is much more than mere vocation. Lenin didn’t promise a first rate technician; he said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Technical skill is ancillary education and clearly not what he meant.

      • peppermint says:

        Lenin didn’t mean teach the children.

        He meant (1) give him access to other people’s almost adult children who should be starting their apprenticeships and their lives (2) to give them status for doing what he wants.

        He meant the seed will never be uprooted because the bullies he enabled would never forget how happy they were with the status he gave them and the other kids they terrorized would never forget how they learned to get along.

        The fact that people could use the word teach for that kind of interference means people were cucked out of their minds 100 years ago.

        Today there is gum and trash all over the streets, no one calls the cops when a violent crime leaves blood on the street in broad daylight, and in the latest outrage, women pretend not to notice when a man does drugs in the women’s room.

  11. Jonah Kyle says:

    My sock puppets have been working overtime, particularly with the “unexpected” primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Queens, to accelerate he madness amidst the Deep State minions. The puppets have been tweeting the followers of AOC, urging them more and more to start attacking the Dem establishment from the Left, and more importantly, getting the media elements involved in part of this acceleration of attacks. Far from just a local phenomenon, AOC represents the model in how the deplorables can turn the heat on the stove higher so that the frog wakes up from its trance of ever-so-comforting heat rise to immediately jump out of the boiling pot. This is key.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Be careful with your memeing. The Hun once sent a deranged fringe dissident into enemy territory to spread dissent and sow weakness, and it came back to bite him pretty damn hard a few years later.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        Subversion always comes home to roost.

        ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’; works both ways.

  12. Mark Matis says:

    Just remember it is this country’s “Law Enforcement” and its “Legal” system – at ALL levels – who enable this fraud, corruption, treason, and sedition. And they will be the armed thugs smashing your door down when this goes hot.

    Also never forget that they are authorized to lie to you with impunity.


      Word. That is why I do not get nutted up when ANTIFA and the rest of the dreck take to the streets and commence to do battle with “the thin blue line”. I do not interfere with my enemies while they are contending with one another. The Normies and the Sheeple are still asleep or distracted. Very unfortunate. Bleib ubrig, Mr. Matis.

    • Yara says:

      Blaming law enforcement for “enabling” fraud, corruption, treason, and sedition is like “blaming” a loyal guard dog for reflexively obeying its master. There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.

      • Mark Matis says:

        Their very oath of office is to the Constitution. They spit on that. They are NOT “doing what they’re supposed to be doing.” May they burn in hell for their treason.

    • peppermint says:

      It all goes back to the snivel rights of minorities. Everyone goes to college because of snivel rights. Fertility is down because of college and prestige of college.

      Who wanted snivel rights?

      Jews, and also White minorities like Irish, acting as tools of jews instead of using their brains.

  13. Fortfishernc says:

    Well said. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  14. mtnforge says:

    There still exists no matter how much it is ignored, an entire nation of dirt people who exist far removed from the Marxian dystopian archipelago’s. And we have guns, lots of guns, a support system of family tribe community, and yes, faith and scripture, our faith in God manifests itself un our self relience and determination, we are legion. We are the indomitable ones, us “Deplorable’s” preserve the legacies of hard learned, long earned western Christian culture, and it is our arms which make us people who are with everything else the indomitable ones.
    Do not mistake our tolerance for weakness or surrender, it is part and parcel of who we are, our strength, our faith in something larger and better than just our individual selves. We are a plurality unlike any, except or forefathers, and nobody had never seen the likes of them. An important thing to bear in mind.

    • R. William Orians says:

      Amen my Brother ! Steel sharpens steel .

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Oh yeah. Any second now you’re going to rise up and cast off that Marxian dystopian oppression. If they push you just a little farther they’ll learn what they’re messing with. Well, just a little farther than that, I guess. Just a little farther. One more step toward the abyss, and it’s guillotines and pitchforks for sure. Starting now. One more step. I’m sure you really mean it this time.

      • Yara says:


        it’s almost like there is no General Will

      • Wendy says:

        @Contaminated NEET
        Just because men better than you haven’t left there homes and went down to the seat of evil and corruption and solved the problem for you does not mean their abilities and resolve are to be dismissed lightly.
        The corrupt hose of cards will collapse on its own one day, and sooner rather than later. Each day until this happens in a big way is a day to get better prepared (to “sharpen your swords and axes” as some say).
        mtnforge was speaking of himself and those in his AO (area of operations).
        So what are doing in your AO to get ready when the corrupt house of cards collapses?

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          Yeah, it will all collapse in fire and blood sooner or later, obviously. And yeah, if I’m still around, I will die in the first twenty minutes because I haven’t properly prepared, because I’m an inferior specimen. Obviously.

          This doesn’t change the fact that for all your guns and all your faith you’ve lost every fight for the last few centuries. Nor that your enemies recruit from your children. Nor that your already weak position gets weaker ever year. Nor that half of you will fight for the enemy when the day comes. Are the salt-of-the-earth rural Christian communism-hating yeomen looking stronger or weaker now than they were in 1960? Or even 1990? If you didn’t rebel then, you’re not about to now, so it’s just pathetic when you say you’re going to. As pathetic as a fat, neck-bearded, cheetoh-stained gamer posting from his mom’s basement.

          It doesn’t matter because Christ will hook you up in the afterlife and punish your enemies for you. Solid plan B, there.

          • eternal anglo says:

            Certainly the salt-of-the-earth rural Christian anticommunist yeomen have been getting weaker, wilting under the prog assault (as have the progs themselves). But you underestimate the power of perception. To paraphrase our host, order is an illusion, which can shift at the speed of thought.

            We of the Dark Enlightenment, with our galaxy brains and our stupendous autism, understand rather too well that life is a war of all against all, and that strength decides all in the end. The problem is that the actual humans and human groups who we try so hard to understand don’t seem to know this. “Don’t they get it? They’re supposed to be warring tooth and nail for survival and power! Get ON with it!”

            But of course ordinary white male yeomen don’t think like this. Instead they believe in things like America, Our Government, and The Law. In the 90’s, why didn’t Afrikaners fight harder for their own separate state where they wouldn’t be literally murdered in their beds, one family at a time? Because, even when taken over by communists screaming for blood, it’s still The Government. Only criminals and crazy people fight against the Government.

            Surely in America there are more guns, tanks and even nukes in the hands of those who hate the Cathedral than those who love it. So what happens when there is more than one faction that can plausibly claim to be The Government, plausibly claim to be the embodiment of America and The Law? And especially when one of those factions neglects to include hatred and contempt for white males in its platform? I forget whether the process is called a preference cascade, a signalling cascade, or both. But it is sure to be spectacular.

            We can only pray to whatever gods may be that Trump understands this, and is working towards it in some way. Anyhow, this is what I imagine our host is thinking of when he predicts a Trump coup. In the name of Old Glory, the Founders, the Constitution, motherhood, and apple pie, democracy is cancelled!

            • jim says:

              > So what happens when there is more than one faction that can plausibly claim to be The Government, plausibly claim to be the embodiment of America and The Law? And especially when one of those factions neglects to include hatred and contempt for white males in its platform? …

              > We can only pray to whatever gods may be that Trump understands this, and is working towards it in some way

              Trump spends quite a lot of time and energy cultivating generals, rank and file soldiers, and ordinary cops.

              • lalit says:

                Modi in India is doing the same. The Army is becoming higher status. He wants them to get used to it, fear it’s loss and understand that the return of the left means that they go right back to being Outcastes.

          • peppermint says:

            Our Winner and Redeemer is fixing the economy, you too can get a job and move a few exits down the freeway and survive when the cities burn

    • jim says:

      > we have guns, lots of guns, a support system of family tribe community, and yes, faith and scripture, our faith in God manifests itself un our self relience and determination,

      Do you have well behaved women? Without controlling female sexuality, all else fails.

      Guns matter, but ideas are more powerful than guns, and fashion is more powerful than ideas. Your trouble is that you are out of fashion, and your women know it.

    • Wendy says:

      Amen to all that you say.

  15. glosoli says:

    Well worth the time to read all of Jeff Nyquist’s archive, but he wrote a piece specifically about Duterte:

    All is not as it seems. The commies know communism fails, so they’re shooting for nationalist socialism allied with corporatocracy. All of it evil, covetous. They want the whole world, and, for a while, they’ll have it, once USD collapse kills the US Empire. End times prophecies a real possibility, thanks be to Jehovah.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      I’m not seeing why this is bad. Russia and China working to build an empire opposed to the American Empire isn’t bad for the American people since the American Empire hates the American people. Heck it isn’t bad even if the American Empire didn’t hate us; Philippines is not an essential American interest. As long as they don’t have a foothold in the western hemisphere, it only really matters to the people competing at the top.

      There is also the insanity. China is bad because it is totalitarian, it says “Checks and balances are obstacles.” Apparently the essence of a free country is having it run by the Supreme Court (this is deeply retarded).

      That and the constant attacking of Russia as Marxist leads me to conclude this is more boomer garbage.

      I went from the Jews are good people->Jews are bad people->Jews are my people (and decent enough), but I’m not really seeing any depth to the boomers. It all looks like spouting cold war slogans to the point of parody.

      • Yara says:

        Not just “Boomer garbage”, but evangelical Boomer garbage, the worst of all kinds. Not even the Juice can hold a candle to them in terms of ovenworthiness, as you, no doubt, well know.

      • glosoli says:

        It’s bad because they (the left) will win and will control the whole world.

        You may think the left lost, it will certainly look like the left lost, and perhaps that’s what the men who survived WW2 thought, that they’d defeated the national socialists.

        But no, the war was just a good way to kill off a whole generation of white Christians, yet again, after WW1 had already done the same.

        And the whole world swung left after the war, Churchill was dumped by his paymasters who wanted to load up the debts via welfare etc, rebuilding etc, it’s always about the money remember.

        Some of you guys seem ignorant of the long-term planning of the commies to take over America, hence I recommend reading all of Jeff Nyquist’s research. He has sources and old newspapers, it’s all fact, not fiction. McCarthy was right about everything.

        When the current US Empire collapses in a heap, the Russians/Chinese will rub their hands in glee and move to alter the set-up of the UN, no more vetoes. The US will be in such a bad state, it will have zero power to resist, as much power as Britain had when sterling came off the gold standard, bye bye Empire.

        If you really think the Russians and the Chinese are the good guys, you, like billions of others, have swallowed every bit of nonsense being fed to the West about how enlightened these nations now are.

        No, they’re not in the slightest bit enlightened, they’re the purest of evil. Non-Christian, baby killing, dissident-torturing, satanic, soulless nations on the planet.

        But they sell themselves as nationalist and not liberal, rather right-wing. It’s almost funny that anyone on the planet believes the Putin show, the saviour of Europe, a Christian. So many duped.

        And sadly, it’s the same with Trump. His first overseas visit was to Saudi Arabia. Go find the speech, read it all. Read the bit where he encourages the Saudis to give women more rights (oh, look, that’s what’s happening too). Trump is one of them, he’s fooled you all, it’s all just a show. Face the cognitive dissonance, accept your hopes and dreams re Trump are all pure BS.

        The good news (not really) is that there won’t be a civil war, no need for that. Good old maths will do the trick, just another 7 or 8 years til dollar collapse begins in earnest, all over by 2032. No dollar, no army, no food, no BigGov teat to keep it all going. You Yanks think $22tr, plus $65Tr in unfunded liabilities can be replaced with…what?

        There’s nothing there, you’ll be a 3rd world nation for a very long time.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          “When the current US Empire collapses in a heap, the Russians/Chinese will rub their hands in glee and move to alter the set-up of the UN, no more vetoes. ”

          Why would they bother with the UN? These are not countries that give a shit about signaling holiness. If they want something done they send in fucking tanks.

          “The US will be in such a bad state, it will have zero power to resist,”

          How exactly do you think they are going to get over to the United States? Russia barely has a navy and China is focusing on offshore (like the Philippines) not the ability to invade the west coast.

          “If you really think the Russians and the Chinese are the good guys,”

          There are no good guys. There is only power. The Russians and Chinese want more power and they want to use it to benefit themselves. It isn’t clear how invading the US fits into this.

          “Non-Christian, baby killing, dissident-torturing, satanic, soulless nations on the planet. ”

          China has always been non-Christian, baby killing and dissident-torturing. They have shown little interest in conquering the world- it isn’t Chinese so they only care insofar as they can use it as a resource extraction zone.

          “You Yanks think $22tr, plus $65Tr in unfunded liabilities can be replaced with…what?”

          It is called defaulting. You write of the debt and print up a new currency. The immediate effect if you can no longer borrow money at any reasonable interest rate; since the problem with the US is socialism, this is good for the American people.

          • glosoli says:

            They’ll bother with the UN because they will have every nation under their control. It’s not hard to grasp is it? With the US gone as a military power, the Chinks and the Russians will rule the planet, no competition. So they’ll set the rules via the UN, and it’ll make the prog agenda look like heaven on earth.

            The US will not be able to resist these changes, not an invasion, there’d be no need for an invasion, as Trump is their guy anyway.

            There are no good guys, unless they are God-fearing and obedient, so that rules out China, Russia et al. We need to return to God’s ways and laws, otherwise He’ll step in and end it all anyway. A whole world of Godlessness will not be tolerated, and the US is the last bastion, and it is being turned away from God. The only power that matters is Jehovah.

            China will enforce the dissident-killing tactic globally, we’ll all effectively be slaves on their world. You appear to fancy that.

            You Americans have no clue how much your lifestyles will crash when the dollar goes. Have a look at your trade deficits, that’s real stuff that will no longer be affordable. $60tr in unfunded liabilities means pensions vanish, buying power disappears. You think it’ll be a breeze, sorry, it’ll be the opposite, too many living off that Fed teat to make it a breeze. Much starvation, much trouble.

            The Chinks and the Russians will watch and chuckle.

            • jim says:

              Having spent some time in China, yes I do fancy that. China is better governed than the US. We are already ruled by hostile aliens, and the Chinese are less hostile. Plus, their tradition is to rule foreigners and aliens through compliant and cooperative local rulers, so if China winds up ruling us, as is quite likely, there will still be the pretense and formality of local US democracy, and their satraps will not openly hate us the way the current lot in Washington do.

              The American Empire is the anti American empire. If replaced by the Han Empire, as may well happen, the Han Empire would not be the anti American Empire.

              But what I want is not the Han Empire, but the true American Empire, under an American Emperor who is also head of the Church and the Universities, that rules its portion of the world in ways that favor Americans.

            • Samuel Skinner says:

              The UN is on American territory and heavily subsidized by the American tax payer. It is an organ of the US government. There is no reason for the Chinese to take it over because they can run the world out of Beijing. Trying to run the world out of a place that is in the opposite time zone is lunacy.

              “China will enforce the dissident-killing tactic globally, we’ll all effectively be slaves on their world. You appear to fancy that.”

              What part of reactionary are you not getting? What do you think happened to dissidents in the ancient regime?

              “You Americans have no clue how much your lifestyles will crash when the dollar goes.”

              The jokes on you- that would improve my relative standard of living.

          • jim says:

            > > “You Yanks think $22tr, plus $65Tr in unfunded liabilities can be replaced with…what?”

            > It is called defaulting. You write off the debt and print up a new currency. The immediate effect if you can no longer borrow money at any reasonable interest rate; since the problem with the US is socialism, this is good for the American people.

            When you owe the bank a thousand dollars, the bank owns you. When you owe the bank a billion dollars, you own the bank.

            Defaulting is inevitable, and will be good for ordinary Americans.

            We will subsequently reconstruct a smaller American empire, run at a profit, and with any debt adequately covered by assets.

            • glosoli says:

              It won’t be about the money, but about the food and the energy and the materials to build things.

              America has leeched off the rest of the world in terms of real tangible goods for 80 years or more. The end of that line of credit in real things will cause chaos, starvation, and third world status.

              • Yara says:

                Yes, yes, and “our allies” will certainly not have anything to do with us. “Our allies” will turn their backs on us. In righteous anger, “our allies” will kick us out of NATO, put us under an embargo, and, barred from Yurope and elsewhere, our divisions will aimlessly shuffle around somewhere in the Atlantic with their hands in their pockets idly kicking imaginary dirt, plaintively “aw shucks!”-ing, justly chastised.

                Wait, what extradimensional place did you say was your origin, again?

                And are they all raging evangelical masochists there, or just you?

                • glosoli says:

                  I doubt the soldiers will stay overseas for long without pay, but we will see.

                  Everyone in the ROW, literally everyone, hates America. Except maybe Israel, and they won’t be offering much charity I bet.

              • jim says:

                Nah, only for useless and hostile people that we do not care about and do not need. America is self sufficient. Ordinary Americans would not be much affected if the rest of the world disappeared.

    • jim says:

      Duterte is the greatest. I love Duterte. He is what Trump would be if Trump could get away with giving his enemies helicopter rides to the Pacific Ocean.

      I was in Davao when Duterte was Mayor of Davao, and he cleaned the place up wonderfully. He transformed it to a safe, pleasant, civilized place. To oppose Duterte is to oppose civilization. If you are against Duterte, you are with the people who burned the whites out of Ferguson.

      In Davao, everyone who opposed Duterte was bad person who was disinclined to work in an honest job for a living, men disinclined to look after wives and children, women disinclined to marry and remain faithful to their husbands, people who would try to get money for nothing, people who would lie to you, people who would fail to be there for friends and family. All the good people loved him, because he made Davao a good place for good people.

      • glosoli says:

        >In a speech, the president asked, “Who is this stupid God? You created something perfect and then You think of an event that would destroy the quality of Your work. How can you rationalize that God? How can you believe Him? So now we’re all born with an original sin. Even in the womb, we already have sin. What kind of religion is that?”

        I imagine he’d get on very well with other good men of the more enlightened kind who mock God.

        But he’ll appeal to many no doubt, like Putin and Trump.

        • jim says:

          The context of this speech is that the Roman Catholic Church was favoring Muslims who wanted to kill them, over Duterte who was keeping them alive.

        • jim says:

          I would never mock God, nor speak disrespectfully of old type Christianity. But old type Christianity is dead, and if it lives, lives only as a mustard seed. Actually existent Christianity is cucked.

  16. […] A/k/a destruction of the Death Culture and restoration of Western Civ. […]

  17. […] The axis of deplorables […]

    • Calsdad says:

      Your last paragraph highlights part of the problem – one that seems to be killing Western civilization : namely the assumption that there is a technological “solution” to a problem. This is part and parcel of progressive thinking – and is a fallacy they engage in constantly.

      IS there actually a fertility problem? Or we have fallen so far down the rabbit hole that we don’t even recognize any more that putting off having babies until women are in the late twenties or early 30’s is a very bad idea biologically speaking? I would call this a societal AND an economic problem rather than any sort of inherent genetic or biological issue. Because the other piece of the puzzle I believe: is the underlying economic issues which essentially FORCE a couple to both be in the workforce earning a salary just to be able to live in many parts of the country. They do this – work for a number of years – then finally decide they have enough economic resources to bring forth a baby – only to find out that the 35 year old wife is no longer fertile.

      In my analysis this is a direct result of the “progressive” economic structure we all live under. Look at the size of the US military. Look at the amount of wealth concentrated around D.C., look at how many people are living off of government assistance of one form or another, look at all the money flowing oversease to support the US “empire”.

      All of this costs money – and money is nothing more than a translation of work into a tradeable commodity. So money directly equals YOUR WORK. A number of US based taxpayer advocacy organizations have analyzed the TRUE amount of money extracted from median middle class taxpayers and came to the conclusion that it is somewhere in the 60% range.

      So 60% of your work got siphoned off to support the globohome progressive world empire project – if you had even 50% of that back – would you have been able to support having a stay at home wife? Maybe – maybe not. But it can’t be denied that you would at least be CLOSER to that goal.

      When I see people proposing any sort of technological solution to the birth problem – I know they’re simply not paying attention. What they are instead doing – is just layering MORE complexity onto the problem instead of attacking the problem at it’s root. And complexity is a societal killing force. So they’re just adding to the problem and not solving it.

      People really need to get their heads straight on this topic.

      • Roberto says:

        Fuck you; ACCELERATE IT.

        • Haxo Angmark says:

          liquidate the entire

          kosher Culture of Death:

          abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism;

          the White birthrate will recover. Fail to do so,

          and Whites will go extinct.

          • Phillip says:

            I see it going a step further, aka Big Love. Requires an adjustment of cultural mores and borders on eugenics but on balance, it may work and I predict it will happen outside the legal structure anyway. There are indeed young women who ride the “cock carousel” as described below, but there (at least in my Red State) innumerable young, unmarried women who are working hard, educating themselves, and committed to seeking a stable life, most of them quite attractive (the fugly ones seem to gravitate to lowlifes and miscegenation because they are willing to settle earlier in life for less). I have a number who work with me in health care environments. They constantly bemoan the lack of suitable, masculine, driven and successful MEN. They are not simply seeking economically successful men; just guys who treat them decently, can hold a job, and are not drug addicted, sexually perverted or under indictment. The screenshots of the dating sites are both comic, and tragic. Cross-dressers who want help with makeup, BDSM freaks with ball gags and whips, incarcerees….it truly is unbelievable. I started asking them if they would ever get so frustrated that they would join a polyamorous relationship with another woman or two and a stable, successful, sane man to bear children and have some semblance of structure and normalcy in their lives and future. 90% of them answer in the affirmative. The Left would say this would be slavery, Gilead aka their current doom and gloom, The Handmaid’s Tale (written in the 1950s, btw). But I see it as a way to breed the dysfunctional males in our society (a rampant, lightly acknowledged problem) out of our maibstream more quickly. Maybe the Mormons were on to something.

            • Phillip says:

              It really is more of a free-market solution. Instead of requiring people to do things a certain way, give them the opportunity to do so; going a step further, INCENTIVIZE them. Legalize them. You could still crush gay marriage locally (it is a State issue, anyway. Yes, of course, there would, as always, be some good with the bad. Utopia doesn’t exist on any side of the political spectrum. I just see it as a solution to a demographic problem, and there is no reason we shouldn’t do it, in my mind, because we have had a Uniparty subsidizing the failure side of the bell curve for over fifty years. At least the progeny of such reoationships would know who Daddy is……

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              The actually is an example of a society that had already implemented a conscious mass scale eugenics program in recent history, and quite successfully at that; the Scandinavian countries.

            • jim says:

              > They constantly bemoan the lack of suitable, masculine, driven and successful MEN. They are not simply seeking economically successful men; just guys who treat them decently, can hold a job, and are not drug addicted, sexually perverted or under indictment.

              Look at the romantic leads of the most famous romantic movies: A vampire, a cardsharp, and biker. Are these masculine, driven, and successful men?

              There are piles of masculine, driven, and successful men, but chicks find them mysteriously invisible and prefer fucking bad boys with tats, drug habits, and criminal records.

              What women women actually want is very different from what they say they want. Revealed preference. I know a woman who is a successful high powered lawyer, surrounded and heavily outnumbered by a horde of very successful male high powered lawyers, who are entirely invisible to her.

              You say you see one thing, and I say I see the opposite thing. Who is telling the truth, and who is lying?

              We can find out by looking at age of marriage. If there was a shortage of masculine, driven and successful men, and women wanted to marry masculine, driven and successful, then women would get married when they were young and hot.

              If there are piles of masculine, driven and successful MEN, but women don’t want to waste time on them when they are hot enough to pull murderers, rapists, drug addicts, and thugs, then women will get married when they stop being hot, when she can no longer fuck the men she truly desires she will then reluctantly condescend to marry a masculine, driven and successful man so that she can bitterly resent him and spend her years making life hell for him.

              Guess what age most women are getting married.

              Women would rather ride the cock carousel until they hit the wall.

              If women wanted to marry men who can hold a job and all that, and it was a shortage of such men that were the problem, women would not wait till they hit the wall and were no longer getting booty calls from Jeremy Meeks before they got married.

              Women would rather cash in their hot and fertile years by partying hard, than waste those hot years on mere husbands.

          • Roberto says:

            >abortion, porn, faggotry

            Have jackshit to do with whites’ failure to reproduce.

            • rented mule says:

              Possibly debatable never the less these things are poisonous to society and will be annihilated, professionally without joy.

            • Grandpa says:

              Rob – o; so I take it that you’ve identified the problem. Surely you’ve put some thought toward a solution?

      • jim says:

        Women are marrying late, and deluding themselves about how long they remain hot and fertile, because girls just want to have fun. Why get married when you can ride the cock carousel?

        The truth about fertility and hotness is not secret, it is not being forcefully suppressed, no one gets in trouble for telling it. It is just that women do not want to know.

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