The great cuckolding

Stolen from the heartiste comments:

It is frequently reported that white women in Sweden have reasonable total fertility rate. What is not reported is that this largely consists of fatherless brown babies supported by white male taxpayers.

At an instinctive gut level, women recognize this for what it is:  Invasion!

And respond sexually to invasion as women always have and always will unless kept under tight control.   Yet another reason why we should never have emancipated women (to prevent them from fucking outsiders) and never given the vote to women (to prevent them from voting for outside conquest).

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  1. Sev says:

    >It is frequently reported that white women in Sweden have reasonable total fertility rate. What is not reported is that this largely consists of fatherless brown babies supported by white male taxpayers.

    This is not something I have heard of, and I have been following Swedish samizdat-media for over a decade.

  2. Korth says:

    “To Poland’s west we are about to witness the biggest boon for right-wing xenophobes since the 1930s. All this moral unction reminds me of the reality-challenged 1920s in Europe, which gave rise to the very ugly 1930s (and yes, there will be a sharp economic downturn to speed the effect; it’s already begun, in China, because we have allowed a half dozen major regional business cycles with their own, often balancing-out, dynamics to coalesce into one huge global business cycle), and we all know what happened next. How is the thinking in Berlin now different in essence from the calamity of Kellogg-Briand and Locarno? It is downright Kantian: The ethereal categorical imperative über alles. It also seems to me very Christian in the sense that it represents a tilt of intentions over consequences—and Kant was, remember, a Lutheran Pietist, so we know where his basic intellectual urges came from.

    Indeed, the denizens of the German Left seem to me a very religious people, only they think they’re secularists just because a clutch of proper names has changed, and they don’t often go to church anymore, but rather collect for the functional equivalent of communal worship in political meetings, university seminars, and protest rallies.”

    This paragraph, brought to you by the editor at The American Interest.

    It’s official. NRx has gone mainstream.

  3. dan melton says:

    This makes me wish I was diagnosed with a terminal illness so I had nothing to lose.

  4. Crikey! says:

    It looks like the PM of Australia, Tony Abbott, has been ousted by competitors inside of his own party. The enrichment of Australia with diverse immigrants can now proceed as planned.

    • jim says:

      Turnbull promises no change in immigration policy – but then the left has never admitted to changing immigration policy when they opened the doors.

  5. Just Sayin' says:

    **Cucking intensifies**

    Tony “Stop the boats, keep Australia White” Abbott has been ousted, replaced by Malcolm Turnbull

    Malcolm Turnbull is Jewish, supports gay marriage, climate change and more Syrians for Australia

  6. Bruce says:

    Anecdotally, have noticed this. White women with white men have one or two kids but suddenly become fertility goddesses when they’re with coloreds.
    Psychologically healthy women want to have babies and plenty of them. White men should stop getting their nuts cut.

  7. NRx_N00B says:

    …..and the funniest part: for every OWS SJW middle class Starbucks barista (w/ a liberal arts degree in social “sciences”, critical theory or gender studies) serving lattes while fantasizing about dispossessing the 1%, there are probably at least 1 billion in the third world salivating at the thought of dispossessing said barista. That thought alone, should send a chill up every middle and lower class Westerner’s mind.

  8. Korth says:

    Sweden has lost about 100K white people in the last decade alone, out of a population of 9 million. Non-european immigrants are responsible for all of Sweden’s demographic growth in this period.

    Of course, the Swedish census and statistics office conspicuously attempts to conceal this fact by adopting very broad and generous definitions of what makes a person Swedish. So tolerant and non-racist of them.

  9. scientism says:

    Mike Cernovich is Hungary documenting the invasion, he has some great photos of the young women who have descended on the “refugee camp”:

    This photo, in particular, says it all:

    Bonus: instructions on how to get to the countries with the best benefits posted on the wall:

  10. Mark Citadel says:

    I remember a video I watched a while ago where someone was having a discussion with some white high school students, I think in Connecticut, and he tried to make them understand that they would be a minority. The response:

    “Why does that matter?”

    (Warning: Graphic)

    Images from South Africa. Do not think it will not happen in the West.

    • jim says:

      Need primary sources for these images.

      Caption “When whites become a market dominant minority”

      When the derived source is pro palestinian blog, lacks impact and credibility.

  11. theobromine says:

    Good post. In “game” terms, feminism is essentially a society-wide shit-test. Suffrage? Men failed. The women unconsciously wanted men to say no. Many problems with western civ stem from that single failed shit test. Game can save civilizations.

    • jim says:

      Women are always searching for the man strong enough to put them in their proper place – barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. They intrude into and disrupt male spaces in the hope that some manly man will kick them out.

  12. Wyrd says:


  13. Mycroft Jones says:

    Watch the beginning of the video more closely. That guy was a turd. He went to give the food to the women first, ignoring the men. This was a direct provocation; he was asking for it. He was being a typical beta white knight, ignoring the fact that the women had a cluster of “protectors” already, of their own race and people and family.

    If some strange dude comes up to your kids and offers them food and candy, while ignoring you standing right there, how would YOU react? Like a cuckold, or like those Syrian males?

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      “How would Y O U react?”

      Moral calisthenics are ever so boring, M.J.. Yawn…


    • jim says:

      If I was in the place of the Syrian males I would see the guy off, maybe thump him – not steal his stuff on camera. Plus, does not look to me that this was their women – they were just random guys jumping a goodies basket.

      White knights need to be beaten, but not robbed.

      Of course the white knight is acting in unmanly fashion. What I said.

  14. Alan J. Perrick says:

    I’d rather see the red text read “ANTI-WHITE”, “ANTI-WHITE”, “ANTI-WHITE”

    It doesn’t matter if these looney-toons are psycho-sexually trapped by their own decadence. They are nothing more than traitors, from the time they wake up until they go to bed! Sickos!


  15. red says:

    That guard would do the world a favor if he horse whipped Merkel through the streets like she deserved.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      He probably doesn’t even donate to pro-white causes. Just accumulates money like a vegetable and spends what he gets on his own bubble that he prays does not pop whilst he yet breathes…

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