The rectification of names part one

Bigot, bigoted:  Originally meant a sanctimonious person, someone holier than thou, someone who uses his purported holiness to gain advantage over other people.

Now, anyone who uses the word is a sanctimonious person who is holier than thou and uses his purported holiness to gain advantage over other people.

Racist, racism:  Never had any coherent original meaning.  Now is a hate word for white, frequently used preparatory to murder and assault.  Thus for example if a black man enters a white woman’s house, hits the baby with a jack handle and throws the woman down the stairs, it is because of racism – because she and the baby are racist.

Prejudiced.  Originally meant pre judgment, meant believing ideology over eyesight.  Now means believing eyesight over ideology.

Covetousness:  Originally meant desiring what someone else has rightly earned or rightly owns.  Now means desiring to rightly earn things, rather than take what is another’s through the political process – I don’t think that intent of present day Christians is to use the words that old type Christians used to use in the new meaning so much as to prevent anyone from using them in the old meaning.  see also “prophetic“.  The intent of using words associated with old type Christianity is to end the use of the words.  Once the official hierarchy gets everyone in the church using words in the new meaning, they then shut down the church, thereby ending the use of words associated with old type Christianity in either the old or new meanings.

Hypocrisy, hypocrite:  Originally meant someone who proclaims one code of action while acting differently, close in meaning to “bigot” and “bigoted”.  Now means a non progressive who fails to act according to progressive rules.  Progressives, therefore cannot be hypocrites, any more than blacks can be racists, even when blacks are playing the knockout game.   Thus if, for example, someone says that a disproportionate number of blacks are dangerous, and since one cannot predict which ones are dangerous, it is necessary to treat them all as potentially dangerous at first, is not only supposedly bigoted, but also supposedly hypocritical if he does in fact treat them all as potentially dangerous.

Because progressives demand that people behave in suicidal ways, they always make unprincipled exceptions for themselves.  Because progressives are always struggling for power with each other, they always call each other out over these unprincipled exceptions.  But, when calling each other out over these unprincipled exceptions, they would seldom make the faux pas of using “hypocrite” in the old sense.  Progressives can never be hypocrites.  Progressives failing to act in a progressive manner are not hypocrites.  Only non progressives failing to act in a progressive manner are hypocrites.

Marriage:  Originally, within the lives of older married people, an irrevocable commitment to live together and raise the resulting children.  Now the point of marriage is divorce, the legal authority of the wife over a husband on pain of confiscation of his assets and income.  Some people attempt to use Church and social pressure to enforce old type marriage, but hard to find an old type church.  Because “gay marriage” means a pair of gays cruising together to pick up boys, an effort is under way to redefine marriage yet again as a pair of people of either sex cruising for pickups but it is probably that this redefinition will fail, because it is hard to get a good wingwoman.  Therefore, probably will continue to mean matrilineality and female headship.  The feminists and the gays are fighting over this one.  Feminists want “marriage” to refer to the female headed family, while gays want it to refer to cruising for pickups.

People continue to have Church weddings in the hope of getting Church backing for the old meaning, but they get stabbed in the back by the Church with the feminist meaning, where the purpose of marriage is to ensure female headship through divorce. Gay meaning soon to follow.

Because of the difference between men and women, if the gays beat the feminists for the meaning of marriage, it will work out even worse for married heterosexual males.  Even though television today tells you that the latest meaning of marriage means that your wife should be your wingwoman when you go cruising for a threesome, which would be great, it will in practice mean that you sleep on the couch and clean up the love stains on the double bed when your wife’s lover comes over to slap her around and take her money.

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24 Responses to “The rectification of names part one”

  1. Sam says:

    Very good post and an accurate statement of todays reality. Yes I’m “ignorant”.

  2. Nate says:

    What are some examples of “television today telling you that the latest meaning of marriage means that your wife should be your wingwoman when you go cruising for a threesome?” I’m having trouble thinking of any instances of this, nor of gays using marriage principally for pickups.

  3. reakcionar says:

    Derb had an excellent column on the same topic some years ago:

    My 2 cents:

    Ecology – manichaen religion based on Nature-Man dichotomy, Nature being the source of all good, and Man being the source of all evil. Nature is one with the goddess Gea, whose anger can be soothed only through constant sacrifice.

    Civil society – complete sovereignty of bureaucracy, NGOs and academia over all aspects of human life

  4. haddox says:

    Jim channels Ambrose Bierce. Devil’s Dictionary indeed.

    One suggested fix: ” . . . when your wife’s lover comes over to slap her around and take *your* money.”

  5. Mark Yuray says:

    Have we begun rectifying the debasement of language? I certainly hope so!

    Does anyone feel like contacting Bryce et al. at Hestia to start a dictionary of progspeak and the original meanings? It would be nice to have a single directory.

  6. enemylimes says:

    Rape: any act committed by a male and interpreted as sexual in nature by female victim, that generates shame or regret in said victim. No statute of limitations.

  7. Stirner (@heresiologist) says:

    Debunked: When a progressive has a half assed explanation that aligns with the prog narrative for why non-prog criticism should be ignored.

    Debunked: Prog bleating with a mix of shaming and rhetorical dismissal, with the aim of giving progs an explanation that enables them to maintain their prog delusions.

    • jim says:

      Debunked: Most common usage of “debunked”: This a fact that it now officially ignored, and if you keep reminding us of it you are a thought criminal, therefore no actual rebuttal, even a half assed rebuttal, is required. Indeed, to actually present even a half assed rebuttal would be to entertain a thought crime.

  8. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Smoking – a sin against the holy doctrine of Environmentalism

    But I want to comment on “Jim”‘s O.P.. People who want marriage in a religious context might start using the word matrimony which may help in the short-term. If the enemy uses wordism, and uses it A LOT, why can’t traditionalists use it a little? Show me where that is wrong…


  9. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Self-esteem – extreme narcissism

  10. doombuggy says:

    Communist — early progressive that was not holy enough.

    hate — a state of sin into which non-progressives are prone to fall; thus they need their live controlled by progressives.

  11. Orthodox says:

    Tolerance — used to mean a neutral attitude towards a negative stimulus. Now means affirming the goodness of negative/degenerate forces. To be tolerant of homosexuality in the old meaning is to be homophobic in the new meaning of tolerant.

  12. “Once the official hierarchy gets everyone in the church using words in the new meaning, they then shut down the church, thereby ending the use of words associated with old type Christianity in either the old or new meanings.”

    Who is “they”? The Official hierarchy? Who does that mean? Does this go back to the previous Pope? You allege they have a long term plan over how many years?

    • jim says:

      Puritans become transcendentalists (Pope Francis’ environmental covenant), transcendentalists become unitarians, unitarians become militant atheists, militant atheists convert the church into a left wing bookshop. The State Department and the New York Times intend that all religions should go through the same transformation that gave rise to progressivism. Any progressive will tell you that Jesus, rightly understood, is a socialist community organizer who loves homosexuality. In fact, since Christianity is pretty much assimilated, they are now focusing on Judaism and Islam. It seems that Moses and Mohammed, rightly understood, were feminists.

  13. Zach says:

    SM wrecking face!

    SM if you’re reading… you have led to many good arguments between the wife and myself. She will come around sooner or later.

    • jim says:

      You will not persuade your wife by arguing with her, but by being gently amused at her.

  14. sunshinemary says:

    Oh goody, I love parsing NewPCspeak. Let’s see, how about one of my personal favorites:


    According to, a phobia is:
    – a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

    But in NewCathedralSpeak, being phobic means “not being sufficiently enthusiastic in affirming homosexuality.”

    As in:

    “That study ( which found that anal sex causes fecal incontinence in gay men is, like, so totally homophobic!”

  15. Steve Johnson says:

    You missed a huge one – “Ignorant”.

    Originally “lacking knowledge or a state of being uninformed”. Now used to mean “fails to lack knowledge of hatefacts”.

    • jim says:

      Ah, yes, please keep listing words that I have missed.

      I think “ignorant” would be more accurately mean “ignorant of the official line” Thus dangerous contact with reality makes one “ignorant”.

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