Muslim predation in Rotheram

In the not very large Yorkshire town of Rotheram, population two hundred fifty thousand, about fourteen hundred girls, almost all of them non Muslims, were subjected to “appalling sexual exploitation” by Muslims.  It seems likely this problem exists at similar levels throughout much of England.

Reading the report, it seems that slutty children, and the slutty families of slutty children (typically single and divorced women) were subject to extreme coercion and frequent deadly threats by Islam and individual Muslims to force them to sexually service Muslims.  The authorities were unwilling to protect them.

Chaste girls belonging to intact Christian families were not.

Again and again in the report, we read that abduction notices were issued, but no one was convicted, implying that a very large number of girls were abducted, and these abductions went unpunished and generally uninvestigated, presumably because the authorities were scared of Muslims.

In two cases of the sixty six cases that were sampled of fourteen hundred cases:

fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused, only to be arrested themselves when police were called to the scene.

Assuming the sample of sixty six is representative, that means that in about forty cases in Rotheram fathers attempted to protect their daughters, and were arrested.

We are not told whether these fathers had already been removed from their families, but given the highly selective nature of Muslim predation depicted in the report, seems likely.

It looks that Muslims in Rotheram are, like Boko Haram, upholding the social order that progressives are destroying, but upholding it in a way that advantages Muslims and disadvantages non Muslims by predating on Christians.

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18 Responses to “Muslim predation in Rotheram”

  1. Doe-Eyed Nine-Year-Old Girl says:

    This is outrageous, these girls were far too old for any discerning patron of young girls.

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  3. Robert says:

    If there are people in the “neo-reaction” sphere who are not armed, you need to arm yourselves immediately. There is quickly coming a time when violence will not be able to be avoided.

  4. peppermint says:

    meanwhile, everyone here is worried about putting cameras on cops so they can’t violate the civil rights of Blacks by beating them up for driving in the wrong neighborhood or something. Why? Because that’s what the Jewsmedia has told them is a problem. Meanwhile, the Jewsmedia has told people that immigration physically can’t be stopped, that the existence of jet planes makes it impossible for the government to control who lives in a country.

    The ADL was created to protect a Jew who raped a 13 year old girl and do damage control. There’s nothing the Jews like more than seeing White girls raped.

    • Reakcionar says:

      South Tel Aviv looks almost as bad as English slums, and a friend who lives there told me that they also had some cases of Jewish girls raped by African immigrants. Seems to me that progressive Jews don’t mind seeing Jewish girls raped, as long as it’s in the name of God of Equality.

      If we put a too strong emphasis on the evil that Jews do in the West, it will turn us away from the real problem – liberalism as “suicide of the West”, and not “murder by the Jews”.

      • jim says:

        Liberalism is not Jews killing us, but us and Jews committing suicide together.

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          It’s actually genocide since it’s being done without our consent.

        • Van Phauc says:

          That’s not quite right. Liberal Jews are dying out, but Orthodox Jews are breeding very rapidly. And as a percentage of the Orthodox defect in every generation, they will breed the liberal Jews of the future.

          In the mindwar, Jews basically rushed us with ideological suicide bombers. Those guys are dying out, but the breeding pits back at base are safe and they’re busy spawning more.

          Meanwhile our spawning pools are under significant threat and their is a significant chance that they will be destroyed, or that they’ll be damaged to the point where all future units will be very much inferior.

          • jim says:

            But Orthodoxy is becoming liberalism.

            Jews have been exceptionally fertile all the way back. According to the Pentateuch, from Israel the man to the Exodus, they grew at two or three percent a year, from one man to six hundred thousand men over several hundred years. I attribute this to the Pentateuch rules: very strong family values, women are property, albeit specially protected property, Hebrews are commanded to wash their hands and bury their feces. Today’s orthodox are, however finding new interpretations of the old rules about women.

  5. nobody says:

    Look at the racial demographics for Rotherham, bottom of page 7. It’s shocking.

    So, 1400 cases for a population of 250,000.

    1 out of every 200 people was an abused teenage girl?

    Now let’s look at the slice of the population that is White Irish/Other: 19% or 47,500 people.

    So: 1,400/47,500 — a whopping 3% (conservative estimate) of white folks in Rotherham are teenage girls being molested by immigrants.

    • scientism says:

      You’re reading it wrong, the White Irish/Other stat is for the non-White British residents. It says 91.9% of residents are White British. 3% are Pakistani. Interestingly, it looks like there’s only about 10,000 teenage girls total.

      • scientism says:

        I mean, the White Irish/Other are being counted as minorities (“BME”) along with the non-whites.

    • Stephen W says:

      Interesting PDF in the age profile graph there are 20,000 people in the relevant age cohort divide by 2 to get the number of females, that mean a teenage girl there had a minimum 14% chance of being raped and abused and ignored by authorities. The scale of this is huge 1400 is only the minimum number of confirmed cases. With who know how much similar goings on sweeped under the rug in the rest of the UK. There have already been several other towns where stories like this have leaked through the suppression. Can the entire liberal establishment now admit they are depraved bigoted hypocrites, craven cowards and traitors.

      According to the PDF Pakistanis only made up 2 to 3% of Rotherham are Pakistani so this goes to show even a small amount of diversity can be very dangerous when cowards are in charge.

      I dont know what the coverage is like in Britain but where I currently am the media a still more concerned about a sole black thug being shot while charging a police officer after previously trying to wrestle his gun off him.

      • Roi says:

        The relevant cohort is 11-16, which is a 6 year span. In 16 years, almost three generations of girls pass through this span.

        16/6 = 2, 677

        2,6667 * 10 000 = 26 667

        So, The real number should be something like 1400/26 667 = 5,25%

        Still a quite significant number.

  6. Dave says:

    Meanwhile, the British suppress the native culture of another brown tribe, and celebrate its coming extinction:

    The Pitkerns, whose blood is more Polynesian than English, are like George Zimmerman — if they hadn’t all taken English names, no right-thinking person would even question their marriage customs.

    • jim says:

      Observe that since the British state occupied the island to reform their customs in accordance with progressive norms, reproduction has come to a complete halt. If only they had renamed themselves as Polynesians.

      • Dave says:

        Small, isolated cultures evolve very slowly, if at all. Pitcairn was a snapshot of the late 18th century — following native customs while also aspiring to be loyal, obedient subjects of the Queen.

        Sadly Islam, being neither small nor isolated, has co-evolved with the West and will not be so easily broken on the progressive wheel.

  7. Dan says:

    The New York Times is publishing this. Disgraceful. They are supposed to be blocking out reality. If stuff like this slips through, what are they good for?

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