The weak have it coming to them

The New York Times is getting worried about the wave of persecution that it has done so much to create.

They recently did a pity piece on poor little Justine Sacco

Justine Sacco is a good progressive. She has no enemies to the left, no friends to the right. She had a good progressive job with a good progressive company. She had a good progressive family. One fine day she twittered

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Ten thousand progressives mobilized in outraged horror. She lost her job. Her family disowned her, and she was deeply, deeply ashamed. Whenever anyone told her that her tweet was OK because whites seldom get AIDS, was as outraged as anyone.

Meanwhile I had sometime earlier posted that

The Red Cross donation form is way too long. Could cut it down to one line “Are you a member of an official victim group? If so, we don’t want your filthy AIDS infested blood”

with no reaction other than some moron arguing that sodomy was just as bad if a white person does it.

Among my many possibly controversial posts:
Slavery was good for most blacks, segregation was good for blacks, we should have different laws for blacks and whites, we should restore slavery for problem people – and most such problem people would be black.
Very few rape accusations are real, very few rape convictions are just.
Cuckoldry is worse for men than rape is for women, therefore we should deal with heterosexual sex offenses on the old testament model as property rights violations against the owner of the woman.

To the best of my recollection, the only time I got a substantial hostile reaction was when I very politely opined that sex change operations usually left the victim in uncanny valley between male and female, hence the high suicide rate. Perhaps had I added that such perverts make me want to chuck, would have gotten away with it. In my subsequent post on the topic, was careful to emphasize the horror inducing characteristics of intersexuals.

The mob that the New York Times has unleashed is attracted to the smell of fear and weakness. Phil Robertson stands up to them, and it blows over. The victims usually issue confessions of their crimes and apologies for their crimes, as if they are about to face torture and the gulag – because they have been selected for the propensity to break down easily.

I think the Phil Robertson incident led to a general feeling “Let us not try shaming people who live in the middle of nowhere”. People who live on the revolving door are vulnerable to all sorts of consequences, and so the mob jumps in, hoping to apply those consequences. If you work in PR, extra vulnerable crunchy target.

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  1. Just sayin' says:

    The weak have it coming to them. But we’re the weak.

    • peppermint says:

      Google is working on basing their searches on facts instead of links. USG is working on something or other. Do they have the intellectual capacity or the will to stop us?

      It’s a serious question. How big a blow was it to watch the USSR collapse? How big a blow to watch Venezuela and Cuba fall apart? The international communist conspiracy (i.e. the Jews) doesn’t seem to be capable of accomplishing as much when no one believes in communism.

      • jim says:

        Communism is a Jewish heresy, and in substantial part a Jewish conspiracy. Progressivism is a Christian heresy. When communism fell, large numbers of Jews converted to progressivism, while secretly or not so secretly remaining communists. But Jewish progressives are, or at least pretend to be, conversos, and though many of them are only pretending, their rapid assimilation shows that many are genuine conversos.

        • peppermint says:

          what are you saying, Jews only started to assimilate in the ’90s? That’s a bold claim, but not out of the question; we must of course include neoconservatives as progressives. It also implies a difference between communists and progressives that’s different from the difference between conservatives and racists.

          Conservatives will tell you that they’re not racist, why they’re not racist, that they hate racists, that racists aren’t actually conservatives. Then they play the clip of all those niggers rushing into that paki’s store over and over. Then they say it’s not race, but culture. Which is, after all, what Spengler thought.

          At its height, the Red Scare got some people fired, which is all the Brown Scare accomplishes aboveboard. Under the table, at the same time as the Red Scare, people were suspiciously committing suicide in jail cells, being committed to mental hospitals where the psychologists tried their best to destroy them, and simply getting shot by the communist conspiracy.

          • jim says:

            what are you saying, Jews only started to assimilate in the ’90s?

            Jewish conversos to progressivism have been assimilating for a very long time. However, with the fall of communism, had more conversos

    • jim says:

      We are weak before the united government, but the government is not united. The weak is the person who is public relations or some such, whose job can be easily taken from him. Consider Gruber. Received millions of dollars in corrupt payments, talked regularly with Obama, immensely powerful. Gruber was the state, and if you ticked him off, he could destroy you with a flick of his little finger. Yet a handful of extreme right wing bloggers destroyed him. They made him an embarrassment, and Obama threw him under the bus.

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  3. Massimo says:

    “segregation was good for blacks” <– Explain. Obviously, a black individual segregated in a poor black neighborhood could benefit by moving to a wealthier neighborhood that generally are not majority black. The main argument against desegregation is that it helps the poor in the short term, but it hinders the upper classes in the long run which ultimately hurts everyone, even people who aren't allowed into the nicer areas.

    • peppermint says:

      segregation was better for the Black community than what has followed it. Blacks used to have barber shops, now they have food deserts.

      However, strictly speaking, segregation is not better for Blacks than the hypothetical wherein they are allowed to interject themselves into White communities and nothing else changes.

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  5. RorschachRomanov says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, from the shadows as it were. Your post here inspired me to upload a video:

    • Ozymandias says:

      LOL check out “RorschachRomanov”‘s unintentionally hilarious YouTube video!

      He typifies this Nerds-for-Fascism group: a mouth-breathing loser, with a comic-book pseudonym, sitting in a cheap apartment, braying at the world passing him by. Note the smug pride in his pseudo-intellectual misquoting of DeTocqueville.

      When was the last time you talked to a girl RR?

  6. Dave says:

    Ms. Sacco’s fate, the Left swarming and destroying one of its own, reminds me of Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery”, where every year one of the townspeople is chosen at random and killed for a purpose that is never explained. Funny how Jim’s always out of town on Lottery Day.

  7. vxxc2014 says:

    Title is correct.

    The Weak have it coming to them.

  8. peppermint says:

    Revilo P. Oliver claims that the civil rights protesters in Selma were hired at $100 a head, and that there is proof of this, the Birmingham Independent having obtained and printed a paycheck in its September 15, 1965 issue.

    There may be a copy of this newspaper in this library

    It would be a mitzvah if someone could go get a picture of that paycheck and the article it’s in and put it online.

    • Ron says:

      The word “mitzvah” means “command” from the the Hebrew “le-tza-voht” לצוות

      If you are going to be disgusting, at least try to use the language properly.

  9. Adolf the anti-White says:

    It’s the same principle as lions hunting Zebra, or raiders. You pick off the weak targets, and leave the strong targets alone.

    But if the weak targets disappear, you start hunting the strong targets out of necessity.

  10. Adolf the anti-White says:

    >The Red Cross donation form is way too long. Could cut it down to one line “Are you a member of an official victim group? If so, we don’t want your filthy AIDS infested blood”
    Are druggies an official victim group? There are White, heterosexual drug addicts, too, although probably not too many.

    • jim says:

      I stand corrected – druggies are not an official victim group, and are listed, and hispanics are an official victim group, and are not listed. But the donation form is nonetheless wonderfully politically incorrect.

  11. Alan J. Perrick says:

    I looked at the article and saw a new anti-white meme in there. I wonder how frightened the New York Times really is if they are going to keep going right toward White Genocide.


  12. Thrasymachus says:

    I thought you were anonymous.

    Duck Commander products are sold at major retail chains and Amazon, so progressives could boycott these places. I don’t think Cabela’s or the people who shop there care; Dick’s Sporting Goods would seem to be pretty vulnerable, especially because they probably sell a lot of clothes and shoes to blacks. Why Amazon didn’t stop selling their products I can’t say, maybe there is a limit to progressive energy.

    • jim says:

      I am anonymous. Should perhaps have said “mass indignation” rather than “trouble”

      Boycotts never work, because everyone hates social justice warriors. The threat is always regulatory reprisals.

      • Thrasymachus says:

        Are you sure?

        It seems to me like someone could start a Facebook page, “Amazon Stop Selling Duck Commander Products”. Or “Dick’s Sporting Goods Stop Selling Duck Commander Products”. They get millions of likes, of course, and there’s an NYT story, and then a CNN reporter shows up with a camera and a microphone wanting to know why Amazon/Dick’s is selling evil racist products.

        Usually a campaign like this works, doesn’t it? How can you tell if it will work or not, or how can you tell who and what progressives will target?

        • Cabela’s, Dick’s, and Amazon all spend enormous of amounts of money on ads. One phone call from a regional marketing manager and that producer or editor running those pieces will stop, or be sacked.

          Progs, denied press coverage, have trouble reaching critical mass. Chick fil a is still alive because of this phenomenon. Pozzed CEOs go along voluntarily.

          • jim says:

            I don’t think CEOs go along voluntarily. See a political firing, see a regulator. Pax was not fired by his boss, but by his boss’s government regulator, Anil.

        • jim says:

          The appearance of a mass movement is only a sham. As I said in another comment: See a political firing, see a government regulator. Pax was fired by Anil, not by his actual employer.

          • Ansible says:

            Progressives rely on mass action to justify themselves, but they set mass action in motion via conspiracies.

        • jim says:

          Usually a campaign like this works, doesn’t it?

          No. What works is regulators quietly threatening regulatory consequences.

        • peppermint says:

          That’s not how those campaigns started. They started with

          » McDonald’s had already begun a nationwide search for its first black franchisees, but that effort was initially unsuccessful, and McDonald’s had franchised only four units to blacks when Hill called for a boycott of McDonald’s in Cleveland. Before the chain had time to react, hundreds of black demonstrators were picketing the six white owned McDonald’s on the town’s predominately black East Side…

          » Hill and the other black groups refused to remove their pickets until McDonald’s removed the white franchisees from the six black neighborhood stores. The pickets became violent, intimidating patrons by carrying night sticks and wearing ammunition belts and eventually by hurling rocks through store windows, …

          » Bob Beavers, the veteran black corporate manager from Washington whom McDonald’s selected to supervise the reopening, might well have qualified for battle pay. To prevent a riot, the police had pulled back from the pickets, and before he entered the area of his first unit, Beavers got some frightening advice from a white Cleveland police sergeant. “I suggest that you change your hotel and change your name,” the sergeant told him. Then, to Beaver’s astonishment, the officer handed him a revolver. “If you have to use this,” he told Beavers, “shoot to kill.”

          » When Ed Blood, McDonald’s vice president of franchising, showed up at the meeting two doors down the hall from the mayor’s office, he was greeted at the door by “guard” from the coalition forces wearing bandoliers. Hill and the other militants at the meeting demanded that they be appointed agents of McDonald’s to supervise the selection of black franchisees for the stores. While Blood – supported by all of the white licensees involved – agreed to refranchise the stores to blacks, he rejected Hill’s terms. Only later did he realize how menacing the meeting was: one of the coalition representatives sitting across from him was holding a gun under the table.

          That is how Jews used to community organize niggers. Today, the mere appearance of something like that happening is enough to scare people into submission, but if necessary, they can do a Ferguson. Though they were too stupid to successfully burn down that paki’s store that Brown robbed the cigars from when they looted it twice.

          Why do pakis own all the convenience stores? Because the government gives them special loans as minorities. They then cheat EBT and give kickbacks, while NGO liberals on EBT say that EBT is not enough money to buy food with, since they would prefer to shop at WholeFoods.

      • Hidden Author says:

        Then why democracies shift left as you guys observe it?

        • jim says:

          Brainwashing, intimidation, manufactured holiness, and electing a new people. Everyone votes, not for their self interest, but to be holy – or for their obamaphones. The intended ideal is that we get an obamaphone majority by electing a new people, minimizing the need for brainwashing and intimidation.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            “electing a new people”

            To keep things topical, the way this is currently being done is alongside IMPORTING the new people who are going to vote for the genocidal Cathedral status-quo.

          • Hidden Author says:

            So the hatred people have for SJWs is only an inch deep, in other words: not much more than annoyance.

          • Peppermint says:

            As Alex Linder likes to day, the comments are always more right wing than the journalism. He not only thinks the journalists are vetted by the Cathedral, but also are controlled by the Jews, and looks to a few lone wolf newspapermen in the first half of the 20th century when the Jews weren’t as powerful for evidence, calling not just journalism but governmental foreign services a Jewish filter on what people see, and credits the rise of right-wing ideas we’ve seen in this decade to the partial removal of the Jewish filter.

            Regardless of whether the Jews control the media, Moldbug noted that Fox News exists not to tell people what to think but to tell them it’s okay to think what they already think. Also we can look at the Futurama episode with the Popplers, in which an SJW betrays the planet and then everyone’s supposed to laugh when the alien eats him, then gets high off the pot the SJW had smoked.

            Moldbug also says that Hitler went in a few years from extreme popularity to extreme unpopularity when military control over the radio stations changed hands. The point is, the sheeple really do hate SJWs, but they fear the social consequences of saying so out loud. And the kosher conservatives like the patriotard movement that has caused two mass shootings just helps the sheeple stay demoralized.

            For the past few generations, each generation has accepted more SJWism while hating SJWs, so that the SJWs expect it by now.

        • peppermint says:

          check out this article by Revilo Oliver , the first part of which describes how Cathedral goons tried to silence dissent, and failed in such a way that Oliver heard of it. Presumably the procedure worked in other cases. Note that Oliver calls Radio Free Europe crypto-Communist in 1966.

        • Adolf the anti-White says:

          “democracies” don’t move left. No political system has ever left control in the hands of the people. Electoral republics often move left, because the bureaucracies move left, and so the government moves left.

          The people generally follow the government’s lead.

      • Adolf the anti-White says:

        >Boycotts never work, because everyone hates social justice warriors.
        A better way to put it: Boycotts never affect a corporation, for the same reason elections never effect governments.

    • Just sayin' says:

      Duck Commander was still barely inside the Overton window.

      You could oppose gay marriage back then if you were a Christian conservative hillbilly.

      But try opposing interracial marriage. No more products in stores.

      • Zimriel says:

        Interracial marriage bans were always a tough sell in Christianity, maybe even especially in the South these days. The Robertsons are Christians.

        On topic of race, strict Christian doctrine opens up cracks wherein Alinskyites can fit their wedge. On topic of sex roles… not so much. Christians like the Robertsons can go back to basic texts and Natural Law. Which the Robertsons have done.

        • jim says:

          On topic of race, strict Christian doctrine opens up cracks wherein Alinskyites can fit their wedge. On topic of sex roles… not so much.

          An inherent problem with Christianity. I am coming around to the view that semitic religions are inherently flawed.

          • Alrenous says:

            Shouldn’t expect 2000-year-old theology to be much better than 2000-year-old physics. Their physics wasn’t useless, but it’s not hard to do much better.

            (Strictly it’s not exactly that old, Aquinas and all that. Incremental progress through what is strictly corruption.)

  13. Ansible says:

    Great post, but your link is broken.

  14. outsider says:

    In a better world there would be different laws for whites and blacks.
    They are usually different tribes. Therefore they should be addressed in different ways, including by law enforcement.
    This could perhaps be made more palatable by saying whites would be held to higher expectations.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      They are now. If a white and black fight then it’s assumed the white could have deflated the situation. It’s similar to how we treat men and women. Even in progressive areas they can’t seem to get rid of the idea that white males are responsible adults beholden to their behavior while everyone else is just children and helpless. They may frame this in the argument of victimhood but it still retains the essence of a parent/child relationship. It’s expected that whites pay their taxes, mow their lawn, take care of their house etc.

      • Thales says:

        Exactly. Also, whites must follow laws created in response to black misbehavior. Notice how pot was legalized in a state that’s 88% white and nothing happened.

  15. A. says:

    Hello everybody!
    Sorry for not directly commenting on Jim’s article, but could you share more blogs that follow a similar path (I mean, against the grain)?

    • peppermint says:

      ask what’s interesting. He sometimes posts bullshit, but usually doesn’t miss anything. If you want to become a high-level racist quickly, read everything has posted, then study HBDChick’s thesis and Revilo P. Oliver’s book The Jewish Strategy (it’s probably shorter than most Moldbug posts).

      But if you want an overview of NRx more generally, you need to start with Moldbug, in particular Open Letter parts 3 and 11, and Friction in Theory and Practice, and read the archives of Radish Magazine.

    • PepperNazi says:

      I love it– anonymous keyboard warrior “Jim” claims he is brave. LOL.

      If you’re open to a rebuttal to this pseudointellectual Nerds-for-Fascism keyboard warrior “movement”, here is a good starting point:

      Note: This Jim thought that Eugene V. Debs was a Supreme Court case called “Eugene versus Debs”! LOL! Does anything else reveal his pseudointellectual shallowness better than that hilarious blunder!

      Jim says:
      September 27, 2013 at 2:12 am ~new~

      [“”But you’re still cherry-picking the tests you get to use. For example, I could claim “Unless every schoolchild has heard of Eugene V. Debs, our history books have a strong conservative bias and are leaving him out in order to prevent children from learning to challenge capitalism.””]

      JAD: “But such a claim would be silly. Not knowing about Eugene versus Debs does not make what you think you know about capitalism a lie. Not knowing about Daniel Boone does make what you think you know about the conflict between settlers and Indians a lie.”

      • jim says:

        Eugene was a commie candidate for president who ran umpteen years ago, and no one voted for him, and no one except ancient members of the Communist Party of America remember him. Daniel Boone represents the pioneering settlement of America and the conflict with the Indians both in legend and in historical reality.

      • Peppermint says:

        The reason Debs is relevant again is that he is the biggest name in American commieism from the steampunk age, which pinkos can’t quite understand the appeal of that they themselves feel, and the last, biggest name in American commieism that is not tainted with the stench of pinkoism or subservience to Stalin or Trotsky. After Debs, CPUSA purged itself of ‘White chauvinism‘, then marched for civil rights, which today’s commies are stuck between approving of and not quite supporting.

        Commies don’t know why they like Debs, pinkos don’t really like him so much, and he has been rehabilitated from irrelevance only on the Left to serve as an idol long after Jim stopped receiving commie or pinko newsletters. Please stop using my nickname to advance retarded claims like Debs is relevant or whether people have heard of politicians has some bearing on the theoretical points of the Dark Enlightenment.

        • Hidden Author says:

          He’s a good parody of you with his mocking tone and irrelevancies! 😀

          • peppermint says:

            he needs to say smart things with my nickname though. like, whether or not Christians are doing a good job at holding the line against degeneracy – though we must note the promotion of degeneracy by men of the cloth – it appears that the world-historical accompishment of Christianity has been to normalize the presence of the Jew and prevent any race-based understanding of the Jewish question.

            Or, just as the Jewish subversion and betrayal of Babylon to Persia and the subsequent special privileges given to Jews for their services and for acclaiming Cyrus as their Christ parallels World War 1, what the Hyksos did to Egypt – moving people around to prevent a unified resistance while importing turd-worlders and promoting race-mixing over the course of 200 years to so defile the race that it would never anything else – is precisely what the Jews are doing to Europe. Egypt was just a part of the Aryan world. This time, if the Jews can control Europe for another 50 years, there will no longer be an Aryan race.

            Or, Byzantium survived for a millennium by restricting Jews from government, education, or finance; they eventually fell to Islam, just as the Jew-backed Mujihideen defeated the no longer Jew-controlled USSR, and the Jew-backed ISIS is figting the non-Jew-controlled Syria. Jews will always side with their Muslim biological weapons that they got recently in their 5000-year war against us Aryans.

            Or, Jews have been subverting our cultures for so long that it’s hard to tell where the weakness and vices of Aryans end and the Jewish subversion begins.

            Or, todays Christians are trying to destroy the last, best hope for the Aryan race, the uncensored Internet born of Aryan ingenuity that exemplifies the uncertainty that is the reason the Jews want us gone, so that Aryan children can watch propaganda for faggotry and miscegenation, just as long as it doesn’t show a penis, vulva, or boobie.

            There are a number of smart things to say, so I’m kind of dismayed that he uses my nick to post nonsense. He should call himself Henry Dumpier.

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