The winds of freedom already blow

Whatever Trump may do after he ascends the throne, he has already done more for freedom than every past president.

Twitter shadowbanned numerous people, including Trump himself. The morning after the night that Trump’s election was called, the CEO of Twitter resigned.The COO of twitter resigned at 2PM on the 9th, about the time it became obvious that Trump had won. The “where is Hillary” hash tag ridiculing Hillary’s failure to concede in a timely manner appeared at about 5PM on the ninth.

I imagine he expected a short and unpleasant board meeting, and decided not to attend.

I expect the man responsible for shadowbanning Donald Trump to remain radioactive for quite some time.

The practical effect of this is that the Altright has been mainstreamed. For years, progs have been saying that anyone outside the ever narrowing Overton window is literally Hitler and is going to genocide the Jews, to which the Altright replies:

“Yeah, sure”

Anti semitism, promulgated by the Altright but not by Trump himself, was a hugely effective counter measure against the stream of anti white, and anti white male propaganda. It freed people from their guilt for being white.

I expect that the Trump campaign, and the Republican party remade in Trump’s image, will hire numerous Altrightists for cushy government and party jobs, though probably not the unironic day-of-the-rope fire-up-the-ovens factions. Trumpism is that we are going to this legally and constitutionally – well, legally as the people judge legality, not necessarily legally as far left judges judge legality. Trumpism is populist. Neoreactionaries don’t really care what the people might judge as legal. But today, we are all Trumpists. And Trump does care what the people might judge as legal.

I am rather doubtful that this can be done legally and constitutionally, but obviously needs to be tried. And tried damned hard. I rather suspect that trying damned hard is likely to morph into the Trump monarchy, regardless of Trump’s intentions.

Anti semitism is false and dangerous, in that though Jews are overrepresented among political insiders and progs, political insiders and progs are not an instrument of a vast Jewish conspiracy, rather the reverse, but nobody was fighting fair, and antisemitism, the stream of memes originating largely in Pol, worked in its usual function as a populist appeal to the masses, to the considerable benefit of Trump, who though he did not get his own hands dirty, was not overly horrified by his allies and supporters getting their hands alarmingly dirty.

White people and males pull the lever for Democrats because they feel bad about being white and/or bad about being male. Trumpism was and is an upsurge of outrage against this feeling and the stream of propaganda that makes whites and males feel bad about themselves, the stream of hateful hostile venomous propaganda denigrating whites and males.

But if you think that stream is a Jewish conspiracy, you are apt to overlook the even more obvious stream of hateful hostile venomous propaganda denigrating husbands and fathers.

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  1. viking says:

    I really wish i could share your optimism, trump fell for every thing they baited him with until the end when it became so clear what a marionette they made him and she took away his phone. hes lazy and idiot and desperate for respect. theres no way hes staffing with alt reich. he doesnt even discern the types of political philosophy the idea that hes been plotting some machiavelian revenge for decades is absurd he couldnt even be bothered to read up a bit on a bit of policy for the debates. without the IQ he cant staff up,even say Giuliani is he still lucid?seems a bit senile sure if rudy is still on point thats great really great but are we kidding ourselves. ok if he makes say coulter press secretary or in charge of immigration she real smart and courageous shes actually a wn not sure if shes admitted it to herself or not. how many like her are there that havnt shitposted, all of us are tainted we have in one way or another crossed the line. he cant be explicitly wn the gop can impeach him day 1. sure we can sit around and imagine if we were given the board with the peices as is how we might find a path but thats not reality. god i wish it were.this is why nrx has so enraged me the past 5 yrs they were too above actually preparing for an opportunity like this red pilled manuchurians could have been kept clean people already in power with resumes could have been recruited policies that would be un dismantleable like a free internet could have been readied. nothing is prepared and already they are circling today i wake to text greenspan; “i would love to see dodd frank go away” yeah sure maybe depends point is people sense opportunity that a mark is in the room.
    you cant use the anti jew thing hes surrounded by jews, now you might have an opportunity to flip the jews with him trade them continued support for israel for explicit support for nationalism in the west in which jews can opt in or out but not play both sides.

  2. vxxc2014 says:

    We have Superior Position w/Our War Captain as POTUS. That’s all.

    We don’t know what will happen.

    FWIW I agree with Jim that Trump has obviously been planning this for a long time and has no idea of failure. The open question is will the Left just whine and Bitch as it’s end comes or act? Acts probably indirect as subversion is their way not open confrontations.

    And yes the Jews are just staff. Mind you their endless stream of insults and provocations, that they see no difference between European Americans and Nazis brings it on their own heads. But it’s not the main event.

  3. Ryan C says:

    Blah, it’s not hard to make anti semitism seem absurd. There are rumors that Hitler had Jewish ancestors, and despite his rants, the SS spent a disproportionate effort dealing with a dog trained to perform a Nazi salute in Finland.

  4. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Not exactly… The freedom of association has been forbidden, essentially nationalising one’s private property, businesses, etc. It’s tyranny.

    There is still some freedom, and it’s a good one, such as freedom of religion when the established religion is unrighteous, but even this has been pared down quite a lot since the Civil Rights Act.


  5. Joe says:

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to just list off some of the reasons I am so pleased Trump won. In no particular order.

    * Opportunity to reverse the pozzing of the military – get rid of gay black feminist Marine generals, etc. Undo a lot of the destruction wrought by Obama. Lots more white young men encouraged to join the military and learn important skills.

    * White soldiers can enthusiastically support their Commander-in-Chief again

    * Secret Service agents won’t be disrespected/yelled at by Hillary for four years

    * Opportunity to replace Scalia, Thomas, maybe Kennedy with young very conservative justices, and maybe Ginsburg and Breyer if they retire/pass on

    * Gun rights are safe for four years

    * Possibility of something done about birthright citizenship and 1965 immigration act destroying the country

    * No hate speech laws for four years

    * Reduced possibility of fedgov doxxing online anonymous conservatives, conducting pogrom

    * Harry Reid is gone. Nancy Pelosi is powerless. Obama soon to be powerless.

    * NO MORE CLINTONS (I think)


    * Trump in office will spur Left to engage in ever more hysterical, violent, uncivil behaviors, alienating and unifying even more of traditional America

    * Much improved relations with Russia, who really should be something like an ally of ours. Opportunity to watch smiling Trump and Putin meeting and hitting it off, and watching Leftist heads explode in outrage as a result.

    * Much reduced chance of invade the world/invite the world

    * Reduced/eliminated Muslim/refugee immigration

    * No more watching the President go around around the world bowing to the likes of Saudi kings, apologizing for America

    * No more glib, facile, phony “down-home” Obama audio clips on news programs. Always had to turn the tv/radio channel to not have to listen to it. Don’t believe I ever heard more that three sentences of Obama speaking in eight years because I always turned the channel.

    * Beautiful Trump family provides health role model for young white people, giving them hope for the future, as opposed to Obama and his linebacker-deltoid’d, angry-Negro wife.

  6. Cavalier says:

    God, I hope I don’t wake up in the Berenstein reality. I like timeline just fine.

  7. Joe says:

    I was a little teary-eyed with gratitude to Trump last night, watching his acceptance speech. I think the man was heroic in putting himself out there with all he had to lose from it. I think it’s possible he will be an outstanding president. If he did nothing else he showed white men how many of us are out here and what we can do if we pull together.

    But I do notice something about the man that could be a problem. I think he is primarily motivated by the desire to be admired. And when he wins and is on top and is being praised and admired, he becomes a big softie and gets all magnanimous towards those he defeated. But if he’s attacked, or especially if he’s belittled or mocked, his cold fury and desire to “show them” motivates him to strike back at his enemies harshly. I read an article suggesting a major motivation for his run for president was a Washington dinner a couple years ago where Obama and others mocked him and put up graphics of a farcical Trump White House, complete with big gold TRUMP letters on the front of it. Trump was not amused and left the dinner grim-faced. Not a lot later, he announced he was running for president. Last night, having defeated Obama’s successor and having his triumph, he came out and was very conciliatory towards Hillary and his enemies.

    My concern is that Trump may be very manipulable in this regard. It may be that all you have to do is kiss his ring and flatter him a little and he’ll grant whatever boon you desire. A smart political Left would flatter him and praise him and I think maybe before you’d know it he’d be compromising away The Wall and the deportations and everything else. If they flattered and praised him enough and put him up at the top of New York/Washington society and gave him the kind of huge validation and affirmation that he craves, he might even flip over his party affiliation to Democrat.

    Fortunately, the Left is not smart enough for that. They’re already gearing up their demonstrations. They are going to be relentlessly ridiculing Trump for the next four years, and that is going to supply an endless stream of motivation for Trump to follow the general Alt Right path just to teach them a lesson.

    • jim says:

      My concern is that Trump may be very manipulable in this regard. It may be that all you have to do is kiss his ring and flatter him a little and he’ll grant whatever boon you desire.

      Yes, that is his big weakness. His pride and vanity.

      But I am pretty sure he has been planning this for a very long time, that the elite ridiculed him at that dinner because they knew or suspected he has been planning this for a very long time, that he made his catchphrase “You’re fired” in substantial part to normalize the purge, the draining of the swamp, that he has planned for a very long time.

      Trump knows where the bodies are buried. He knows the true nature of the elite. He knows that they intend to flatter him into accepting the mere appearance of power. He knows his weakness, and will resist it.

      What is going to happen is he is going to fire some people, or a bunch of people, the courts are going to rule it illegal, and the public is going to feel that the court is being silly. The public will quite rightly think: “Of course Trump can fire members of the executive branch. He has executive power. Constitution says so.”

      He has this all planned from way back. He is not making it up as he goes along. Though he is very vulnerable to flattery, it is unlikely to sway him from the course he has planned.

      • Jack Highlands says:

        The greatest control the will can exert is 30%, and even that only occurs on a timeframe of years to decades. The rest of man’s existence is just an illusion of control. Not even a master of will like Trump can have this so well planned.

        That was an excellent post of Joe’s, and I agree with him on Trump’s nature. I also agree that, fortunately for us, the Left will not play this to their advantage. My only disagreement is this: that’s not because the Left isn’t smart enough, it’s because they’re too far gone in hate for us. And yes, at the root of that hate lies the hatred the Jew bears the White.

  8. Wilbur Hassenfus says:

    “The morning after the night that Trump’s election was called, the CEO of Twitter resigned.”

    Link? The COO resigned on Monday, before the Ascension. Can’t find anything about Dorsey resigning.

    I’d rather see them both impaled, anyway.

    • jim says:

      I stand corrected. COO, not CEO, resigned simultaneously with Trump outcome becoming apparent, not the morning after.

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