Traps, ladyboys, Corporal Klingers, and trannies.

A trap is young effeminate gay who likes sex with adult males and disguises himself as a woman to get banged by heterosexual men. To the extent that gays like sex with adult males, they like manly men, and gays are not manly.

A ladyboy is a trap who takes the drastic step of cutting his dick off.

Traps and ladyboys are low status losers, usually thieves and whores. They usually die young of suicide, criminal violence, drug abuse, or weird gay diseases.

Traps and ladyboys transition young, usually while still adolescents.

Another category of transexual, which we are seeing a lot of in the tech industry, is the quota busting transexual – the Corporal Klinger – someone who claims to be a woman to take advantage of hiring quotas. They are typically heterosexual (or as they say, “lesbian”) and look like Fred Flintstone in a dress, as Corporal Klinger did. They are usually competent engineers and usually high status winners. These guys transition shortly after entering the job market. Apart from dangerous levels of progressivism, they are not disruptive of corporate order and hierarchy, unlike actual females.

But the well known trannies are heterosexual men, usually extremely manly men who lived high testosterone lifestyles, extremely heterosexual men, usually high status successful men, and when they got older, middle aged, and then their testosterone levels fell, fell to merely normal levels, then they discovered that they were “really” women. Probably a better cure would have been added testosterone, but they could not get medically prescribed testosterone because their levels were “normal” – meaning normal for regular guys, not normal for those guys, not the levels they had experienced all their lives. After transition, their sex life consists of scaring little girls in the lady’s room. They don’t do anything that normal people would consider constitutes sex. They think they are women, but are merely eunuchs and act accordingly, while the Corporal Klingers act like the normal heterosexual males that they are, and the traps and ladyboys act like gays.

As I grew older my testosterone levels gradually fell, and my estrogen levels gradually rose. I found myself taking a gradually increasing interest in anime girls. Then I had medically prescribed correction of my hormone levels, and after several months with normalized hormone levels, anime girls started to look excessively cartoonish, while real girls looked way hot again. Of course my personal experience is just an anecdote. Could be just randomness. Before drawing any broader conclusions, would need more data. A single case is not necessarily indicative.

I also started to notice that the male protagonist in an anime show acted ridiculously girly, though I am not sure whether this reflects my normalized testosterone levels, or that anime protagonists are acting ever more girly. Probably something of both.

But it is plausible that falling testosterone and rising estrogen alters your brain, turning down the “tap that ass” recognizer, so that normal stimuli are not sufficient to activate the “tap that ass” circuits. Male sexual deviants generally look to me like they have low testosterone.

The government is making it increasingly difficult for doctors to prescribe testosterone. At the same time, no one wants to know if there are health problems related to low testosterone, let alone behavioral problems related to low testosterone. Researching harm done by low testosterone is like researching benefits of global warming. You have to have quite dangerously low levels before you can get treatment.

And since we have an extraordinary epidemic of falling testosterone and rising estrogen …

Just about every male these days has testosterone levels that are deficient by historical standards. Maybe just about every male these days needs medical intervention.


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  2. Mark Citadel says:

    It seems in times of higher Tradition, such freaks had this crap beaten out of them within the family so the general public never saw it. If you found out your won was a freak, you couldn’t risk having your reputation damaged, so you invited all your cousins around to ‘fix’ him.

    And it worked. Alas, gone are the good days.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      As a teenager in the 70s, watching Cabaret for the first time and seeing Joel Grey’s character was a most disconcerting and unpleasant experience. In fact I found more or less the whole movie unpleasant except for the “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” scene.

  3. Zach says:

    Taking testosterone will improve the life of almost any man anywhere.

    The nonsense out there is laughable.

    • CCR says:

      There are no negative side-effects?

      • jim says:

        Pretty serious side effects set in at sufficiently high levels, but they are considerably above the official “normal” range.

      • Zach says:

        Repeatedly you see the horrors of big dumb gorillas in the gym ODing on specific kinds of man-juice. The beyond dumb public stigma is now created.

        By far and large it is a great thing, for, in my opinion, almost every single man on earth. But yes, it can be abused, and it can cause harm.

  4. Erebus says:

    -Trenbolone is not a prolactin. It has some affinity for the progesterone receptor, so it is misconstrued as a “progestin.” This is a faulty classification as trenbolone is not progestin-like in structure, and as it has far more affinity for the androgen receptor than it has for the progestin receptor.
    (According to experiments performed by Roussel-Uclaf, trenbolone binds to the androgen receptor with 1.97x the affinity of testosterone — but binds to the progestin receptor with 0.7x the affinity of progesterone. 17-alpha-methyl-trenbolone [R1881], interestingly, binds to the AR with 2.04x the affinity of testosterone, and binds to the PR with 2.08x the affinity of progesterone — giving it astoundingly high affinity for both receptors. This despite the fact that it’s the gold-standard AR probe compound. For point of comparison, nandrolone binds to the AR with 1.54x the affinity of testosterone, and to the PR with 0.2x the affinity of progesterone.)

    -If males take progesterone receptor agonists, they are not likely to develop breasts. Sexual side effects are, however, likely. See: The side-effect profile of the strong progestin Megace, among many other things.

    -Unless you’re elderly or obese, there’s no use for aromatase inhibitors alongside TRT. (TRT is generally prescribed without it, of course, and to no ill effect, as ascertained by the famously risk-averse FDA.) But aromatase is expressed in adipose tissue — particularly subcutaneous abdominal fat — and its expression also tends to generally increase with age, so if one is obese or elderly, it makes sense to combine TRT with the sensible use of an AI. If one is neither elderly nor obese, an AI is unnecessary and in some cases may do more harm than good.
    It’s interesting to note that the first AIs were developed in the late 1970s (aminoglutethimide) and mid 1980s (formestane) — which means that bodybuilders have been megadosing testosterone and other aromatizable steroids for many years before AI use became commonplace.

    -The guy who said that estrogen is the problem & that we can benefit by lowering it actually made an accurate point. Clomid is currently being investigated as a clinical testosterone booster — a sort of non-testosterone TRT. (See PMID 19694928, PMID 22458540.) But, anecdotally, psychological issues seem to be very prevalent in males on Clomid, so I wouldn’t recommend it at this stage.
    Extremely low doses of the AI anastrozole also seem helpful. (PMID 15001605) But the use of AIs in elderly men may decrease bone mineral density, so it “does not appear to be an optimal therapy for hypogonadism in aging.” (PMC2795655)

    Anyway, androgens are healthy and strongly beneficial when used properly. I believe that all men over 40 should be on TRT, for quality-of-life reasons. But the permanent bureaucracy hates it & wants to make it difficult… Gee, go figure…

    • jim says:

      Yes I fully agree that eighty percent of the male population, and one hundred percent of all males over forty, should be receiving testosterone, and most males over forty should be doing something to control estrogen.

      The government hostility to testosterone is has the same roots as its supports for gays, and the affirmative action of women into college. The government just does not like maleness and masculinity.

      But trenbolone is going to harm your sex life.

  5. Dr. Faust says:

    Anime sucks.

    • Zach says:


      It’s great!

      This past year I’ve been forced into watching children’s programming. The reworks out of Japan are vastly superior to the garbage you find on lots of the American default programming. Pokémon for example.

  6. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Regarding pills for treatment, I have boiled down a meta-analysis of these so-called anti-vaxxer protestors and begun to regard them as people who are naturally suspicious of the dangerous organisation that U.S.G. has become. They reject the idea of taking vaccines because they come from such an abominable source and use their particular type of science to back them up. Likewise, my take on supplemental pills for what would be a condition that could be changed by different behaviour and environment is that it would only be a temporary fix at best and another move toward loss of dignity at worst.

    Much better for those who can’t cope with the pagan, Politically Correct societies to head for the hills where life is more laid back and less prone to being sucked into degeneracy. Don’t tell me about the methamphetamine problems out there, as men in third-world countries also spend a considerable amount of money on drugs.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us should continue working to break the pagan spell…


  7. CCR says:

    What makes you say that most men probably have low levels of testosterone? I know mine is outside the normal male range — on the high side.

    • jim says:

      The definition of “normal” testosterone is politicized, by a society that likes to define masculinity as a pathology, hence likes to define normal testosterone downwards. What is your level?

      Dr Trinick argues that 80% of men have symptoms of testosterone insufficiency, even though their testosterone is supposedly normal.

      • CCR says:

        It is 875.

        • jim says:

          In what units? Also is that free testosterone or total testosterone?

          Assuming that is nanograms per deciliter of total testosterone, you are dead center in the middle of the 2014 range for non obese men, between the fifth percentile and the ninety fifth percentile.

          And the 2014 range is low compared to thirty years ago.

          My level, when stabilized at the level recommended by my doctor is 1050 nanograms per deciliter total testosterone.

          The official “normal” range is 270 to 1070, by which measure less than one percent of healthy nonobese men are abnormally low, while fifteen percent of healthy nonobese men are abnormally high.

          Since eighty percent of men show symptoms of low testosterone, this definition of “normal” does not reflect actual normality, but rather is cooked to make it difficult to get testosterone prescribed.

          So, if that is total testosterone in nanograms per deciliter, your testosterone is not high end, except that “high” keeps getting redefined downwards with disturbing speed.

          • CCR says:

            I don’t know, actually. I just remember the doctor said 200-850 was normal and that I was “very high”.

          • CCR says:

            I just looked online and found a site that said 270-1070 was normal for males over 19, so I guess I’m high-normal.

            • jim says:

              270 1070 is official truth, not actual truth. 1070 is mid normal. 270 is pathologically low. 350 is pathologically low. If you are at 1070, you are a normal non obese healthy male. If you are at 350, you are pretty weird. About 15% of healthy non obese males are above 1070. 1% of healthy nonobese males are below 350 – because below 350, you are unlikely to be healthy.

  8. dvdivx says:

    It’s the levels of estrogen that cause the problems including lowered testosterone levels. Just take 2.5mg letrozole a week and problem solved. Or you could just say screw it who needs test when there’s tren and get ripped.

    • jim says:

      Tren is a prolactin. Induces breast growth and reduces ones ability to ejaculate and one’s interest in sexual acts leading to ejaculation.

      So tren is likely to worsen the behavioral effects of low testosterone and high estrogen. I therefore would suggest that one aims for the levels of testosterone and estrogen that used to be normal, or high normal testosterone and low normal estrogen.

      Because it is hard to get testosterone on prescription, lots of people reduce their estrogen levels to hurtfully low levels, and their testosterone still remains low. If you have low testosterone and low estrogen, you turn into an elderly eunuch.

  9. Mark Minter says:

    What course could a man pursue in “tricking” or convincing the doc to prescribe testosterone if he were over 50 or 55?

    • jim says:

      Your doctor is your friend, assuming you choose the right doctor, but he has to navigate his way through a hostile bureaucracy that disapproves of doctors who prescribe testosterone. So you don’t trick him. He tricks the bureaucracy.

      Now it is pretty easy to lower your testosterone, hard to raise it. So if the bureaucrats require two tests below X, just retest and do what it takes to lower your testosterone to X. Don’t tell your doctor you are doing stuff to lower your testosterone shortly before the test. He may suspect, but does not want to know.

      However, being prescribed testosterone alone, which doctors tend to do, is bad. If your testosterone is too low, chances are your estrogen is way too high, and being prescribed testosterone will raise it further. To control your estrogen, you need low dose anastrozole. And controlling estrogen is tricky. It is a titration. You don’t want it too low, because if your estrogen goes below certain levels, you will find yourself feeling very old and unmanly – it can be worse than low testosterone. Low estrogen is arguably worse than high estrogen – but very few men suffer from low estrogen.

        • jim says:

          Every man should normalize his estrogen levels to no higher than a healthy young man, and possibly a little bit lower. We have an estrogen excess epidemic which may well be causing our testosterone deficit epidemic.

          See the comments on Mangan’s post for the horrid effects of estrogen excess. And be warned. Taking testosterone can easily raise your estrogen to dangerous levels. Low estrogen makes you old. High estrogen makes you dead. Most males have high estrogen.

  10. brian h. says:

    >Male sexual deviants generally look to me like they have low testosterone.

    E.g. Rep. Anthony Weiner:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/pride1n-1-web.jpg

  11. Orthodox says:

    It’s Natures way of restarting evolution. If we won’t let Nature kill us with diseases, Nature will remove people’s desire to reproduce. Let Nature take its course.

    For the trolls, join progressive environmental groups that raise the issue of hormones in plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Raise awareness of the environmental damage caused by the Pill. Some progressive moms want faggot sons, but most don’t.

  12. spandrell says:

    Kudos for noticing that liking Anime as an adult requires medical care.

    Certainly there’s a commonality to the McCloskeys and Jenners out there; very masculine men who go andropausic or something.

    But there’s millions of high-T masculine men out there who don’t go autogynephiliac. So it’s not that easy. Every man sees his testosterone drop eventually. Most just get lazy and maybe get into gardening.

    According to Bailey the autogynephiliacs tend to have a history of cross dressing going back to adolescence; they’ve long been aroused by seeing themselves with women lingerie. So it’s not a sudden urge either.

    • Thales says:

      You’re probably onto something here — high T keeps the autophiles on the “straight and narrow”, but when it falls…

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Re: McCloskey – Notice that Wikipedia uses the less specific term “parent” instead of father. Who uses this word in this context in real life?

      “Married for thirty years and the parent of two children, she transitioned from male to female in 1995, at the age of 53″ …”

    • Aristocles, son of Ariston says:

      Someone has never seen Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Anime)

  13. viking says:

    i recently came across something quire disturbing even by todays standard sissy boys its pretty simmilar to the others but seems to be the upper middle class grade school and middle school version.The disturbing part wasnt so much the age as the sophistication of their propaganda theres a whole world of tumbler and pinterest blogs etc that make radical feminism seem milquetoast by compare all of the blogs have a deliberate re eduation theme to them theres a video style called something like sissy hypnotics.The very young age make a lot of these traps quite convincing stunning even. Theres a miss america type pageant. The most disturbing part though is its obvious this is huge movement and the parents have been supporting this. which without getting into the lurid detail if you study the blogs and then consider the parents must have seen them too your head wants to explode.

    • jim says:

      Sacrificing their children to Moloch. Nothing like a child sacrifice to prove adherence to the official religion.

      As with the worship of the original Moloch, there is a propensity to adopt children for this purpose, rather than to use one’s own children.

    • werner says:

      You get things mixed up there. The tumblr and hypno culture is mostly an outgrowth of excessive porn use, a circle of ever increasing shame, where shame in itself is what arouses the viewer. Somewhat linked to stimulant abuse, binges and edging.

      The other side is people wanting to be on the progressive frontier, that’s where you have parents using their kids and force them to do all sorts of weird tricks in public.

      Then another one is teenagers feeling weird and thinking they might be a woman, and that would solve everything.

      Of course there is a lot of overlap between all of this.

  14. glenfilthie says:

    Honest to gawd I just don’t fucking care. Every time ya turn around some sexually disturbed flimp is trying to prove the bottom of that barrel was a little bit deeper than we thought.

    I get it, OK? Fuck me, fuck my morals and ethics, they do not trump your right to frighten little girls in the washroom. I get that.

    That’s all fine and dandy for the media scum and the sewage of the Internet…but in my airspace you WILL behave yourself. You’ll keep your hands where can see them, your pants up…or you’re going to wish you had.

  15. B says:

    “In which our host rides his unicycle right off the rail.”

  16. Mackus says:

    >> the Corporal Klinger – someone who claims to be a woman to take advantage of hiring quotas.

    I would not use that term, because it doesn’t apply to him.
    Klinger dressed in drag (and other things) to get out of military, not to advance in rank.
    Plus, they did once offer him chance to get out, if he signed papers confessing to be “transvestite and homosexual”, but he refused because he had his dignity.
    “I am none of those things, I’m just crazy!”

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