UVA Dean surrenders to PC in Rolling Stone defamation case.

Supposedly thousands of University of Virginia students are raped every month, or possibly every day, by privileged white heterosexual males.

Yet strangely, Associate Dean Nicole Eramo of the University of Virginia has not punished a single privileged white male for actually raping someone.

Therefore, either Dean Nicole Eramo is worse than Hitler, or rape is a massively over reported crime, with the vast majority of rape accusations being false, and the vast majority of rape convictions unjust. Rolling Stone told us that the Dean is worse than Hitler. The Dean is suing them.

Rolling Stone is defending its story, not on the basis that it is true, but that it is truthy, that the Dean really is worse than Hitler.

The Associate Dean is unable to say the glaringly obvious, that rape is massively overreported, that the vast majority of rape accusations and convictions are fraud committed by evil and irresponsible women who need to be severely punished.

Instead, the Dean piously tells us that rape is massively underreported, and explains that, due to pervasive sexism in the system, it is just very difficult to find anyone actually guilty of rape.

But Dean Nicole Eramo, you are, or rather were, in charge of the system. If rape really is massively underreported, then you really are worse than Hitler.

Women cry rape for many reasons, one of them, as for example Jackie Erdeley’s story, to attract sympathetic male attention. But the big underlying reason is that in a world that says that sex is always fine if two adults consent, and never right if one of them does not consent, they have no language to express the thought “I have been banging like a barn door in high wind, and somehow I feel really bad.”

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  1. glenfilthie says:

    I will point out for the sake of completeness that most claims of spousal abuse are similarly false. Do not contribute to or give money to battered women’s shelters. All you will be doing is enabling drug addicts and baby mommas.

    • viking says:

      ‘Most’ might even be an understatement the problem some real abuse happens and white men dont like to countenance that sort of shit, most leftism is a result of whites not really be comfortable with things like cruelty to slaves women children animals etc to say nothing of those victims themselves feelings.So leftism strts witha ‘fairly legitimate’ problem it want s to solve. This is why i keep asking what will be the difference to nigger patriarchy and reactionary patriarchy, its easy for us to yuck it up being outrageous. But some of us actually have lived a while have children etc recognize the bluster of our comments is not really going to be a foundation for a civilization, yeah HBD has some serious concerns with feminism, how are you going to deal with the other side of the coin.The upper classes rarely beat their wives overmuch their was a sort of social pressure it enforced women’s virtue and mens temperment among other things there was a grave social cost, but guess what it wasnt low-class women be beaten that started feminism a lot of liberalism is an attempt to get the lower classes to adopt the manners of the upper classes finally esorting to law to accomplish it and that becomes problematic because social pressure can be applied on a case by case basis law needs universality. universality get the alynski treatment make it personal, whites seem to just have a low tolereance for a lot of things that make us unable to accept much suffering this could be from too much beta blood

      • jim says:

        ‘Most’ might even be an understatement the problem some real abuse happens and white men dont like to countenance that sort of shit

        Some women need to be beaten. Some women need to be beaten a lot. Some women want to be beaten, in that they need and want a man capable of protecting them from themselves.

        “Zero tolerance for domestic abuse” is not a realistic or sane position, and if people in our culture believe it, it is a combination of brainwashing and fear of being punished for deviancy.

        In other cultures, they think that the sexual urges of nine year old girls are such a serious and intolerable problem that they slice off their genitalia. I say that the people in those cultures are a whole lot closer to reality than the people in our culture.

        • Alfred says:

          Every time I think I’ve heard it all..

        • Cavalier says:

          Don’t the girls of the various species of nigger have menarche literally years before White girls? Wasn’t the age of menarche for White girls a century ago like 16? Isn’t it like 13 now but still several years above nigger girls, for which it may literally-not-figuratively be 9?

          Perhaps you also think chimps are more sensible about genocide. (They are, but that’s not the point.)

          • EH says:

            Menarche is only about 0.6 years earlier in American Blacks, 12.2 vs. 12.8. The rural-city divide is as big or bigger. Among rural South African Bantus, it’s more like age 14.

            200 years ago in France it was about age 15, with a linear decline to today, at ~12.5. The std. dev. of American White menarche is 1.05 years, and not too different for other races.

            Breast dev. (thelarche) averages about age 9-10 for Blacks, 10-11 for Whites.

            • peppermint says:

              That 0.6 years is a huge reason White and google children shouldn’t be in the same schools.

            • jim says:

              Menarche is only about 0.6 years earlier in American Blacks, 12.2 vs. 12.8.

              Pretty sure accelerated growth kicks in substantially earlier for blacks than for whites, particularly in males, that the difference in bulk and muscle, particularly male bulk and muscle, sets in a whole lot earlier than 0.6 years earlier. I would like to see data on puberty measured by bone growth.

            • peppermint says:

              who are the first girls and boys to develop in a mixed school?

              the googles.

              who develops first on average (by, according to your stats, more than a semester)?

              the googles.

              people see a few black men and women in the same class with white boys and girls, and think that blacks in general are larger, stronger, and more capable than whites. that impression lasts for the rest of their lives if they don’t interact with googles after they finish schooling.

            • jewish pedophile says:

              >Breast dev. (thelarche) averages about age 9-10 for Blacks, 10-11 for Whites.


              Seems that sexuality hits girls shortly after adrenarche, while their sex appeal commences with thelarche. During this period between adrenarche and thelarche, between the onset of pubic hair and the budding of breasts, the girl seeks to get banged, but men are unwilling — or, at any rate, not particularly willing — to bang her. Thus girls with hair on their pussies, but no boobs, are always or almost always the initiators of sexual contact with older males.

              • jim says:

                As a general rule, pretty accurate – on average female sexuality starting at andrenarche, well before boobs, and well before she can persuade the kind of men she is interested in to reciprocate her interest (a billion thirsty beta loli fans on the chans are invisible to her)

                But I see a whole lot of variance. It is not altogether obvious that female sexuality is tightly connected to any physical change that proceeds on a steady time table.

        • viking says:


  2. Cavalier says:

    By the way, I don’t really understand why one would lust for power in a democratic system. In theory, you’re just acting as an executive for “the will of the people”. In practice, you’re just acting as an executive for moneyed interests and religious whackos. An executive easily replaced, an executive lacking permanence and the ability to pass down your status to your son.

    Even when you’re dean you’re just a slightly higher-up segment of the 64-mile-long ass-kissing human centipede otherwise known as the Cathedral.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Look at this election season.

      Some of the Republican candidates were being blackmailed and controlled (Kasich, Rubio) so I guess they were looking to gain the upper hand on their controllers (or at least gain protection and better pay). Other candidates were just looking for a payout (Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson) – no serious intent to win, just set up a payday. One was a low level bought functionary looking to step up – Cruz. If you’re the type of person motivated to become Ted Cruz in the first place, you’re the type of person motivated to look for the promotion. It’s also possible he was just running to put his name out for the future when Jeb collapsed and he suddenly got some press as a contender (he was never actually a contender though).

      Hillary had to run for the same reason a shark keeps swimming. She’s been running a scam where she and her husband and daughter take bribes because one or all of them are always in a position of influence or contending for a position of influence. Without the wealth she’s taken in bribes she can’t pay the $500,000 bribe to the wife of the deputy director of the FBI to take a dive on her investigation. Without the possibility of her becoming president, she can’t have her husband arrange to re-appoint the Attorney General so the AG chooses to not indict, etc.. She has a tiger by the tail and was locked into running.

      Jeb, it’s the family business. The Bushes run the fake opposition and get paid for it. His job was to go out and take a dive for Hillary and he knew it.

      Whatever appealed to these guys to get them where they were is exactly what appealed to them about going for the presidency, basically.

    • Alfred says:

      In hindsight that is obvious but for most any slice of power is its own reward. Also the harsh environment selects for the most natural centipede segments

      • peppermint says:

        No, power is supposed to translate into women. The biggest problem the Left has now is that they’ve made it impossible for young White men to get a wife, or even pussy, by cooperating with them, with the result that there are no communists under 25.

        Power is women.

        Women are war.

        World war muh dik.


        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          There are a ton of communists under 25.

          There are a ton of white men who think the path to pussy is to become powerful in an SJW organisation.

          I have no idea if it is working for them because I never tried it and don’t have those people as close friends. The ones I know somewhat look pretty miserable, but they aren’t giving up either.

          • Alfred says:

            ^ this.

            From what I’ve seen getting pussy through leftist power paths is about as crappy as you’d imagine. ‘you can look but you can’t touch’ – but everybody wants to touch so there’s all kinds of bs going on.

            • jim says:

              The author of Slate Star Codex is high status in left wing circles, and his sex life is hilariously bad.

              But if one was a hypocritical and sadistic left wing asshole, would probably do better.

    • viking says:

      In theory being the salient phrase. and of course status even a courtier is above a pauper

  3. Salger says:

    Oh, there’s rape alright. It just so happens to actually get done by Dindus, Beaners, Kebabs, and Pajeets. Noticeably Lower IQ and/or status victims.

    • viking says:

      Im with you on that an animal cant have consensual sex with a human. Any human having sex with an animal is obviously mentally incapacitated.

      • Salger says:

        Actual rape in society is committed by males who aren’t desirable to the women getting raped. In the West, those males have a habit of being Shitskins and/or Mixed Ups like Beaners. No matter how hard you try to force the meme of Shitskins being attractive to White women, Shitskins are still noticeably lower in status than Whites and really unattractive to White women.

        • viking says:

          spend half my life in Brooklyn and race mixing is way more common every year, one surprise is how many good looking white men with black women maybe they are emotionally beta and the alpha babes are on CH cock carouselle so they settle – but black? gotta be real deep brainwashing now. as for the women I cant even think it triggers me

          • Ansible says:

            Men go black because the sex is easy. Women go black because they like to get slapped.

            • Salger says:

              You’re both not saying enough. It’s either that less desirable Whites (looks, character, socieconomic position) are selecting a partner from a lower status group or an above average (looks, character, socieconomic position) member of a lower status group marries in. Barack Obama’s mother is an example of the first.

              • peppermint says:

                Obama’s mother was raised by cultists who taught her that White men must be deferential or she should be afraid not that they will beat her and cheat on her which is sexy but that they will get drunk and rape children which is not, and understood that she could demand it and indeed White men were deferential. Meanwhile googles must be understood for their culture and must never be questioned, even by a woman who rules over White men.

                So she despised White men and shacked up with a series of googles.

                Call her ugly, it doesn’t change the situation except that White men may have been less willing to risk showing interest.

                Interspecies breeding isn’t normal and no one was under that level of environmental stress in the ’60s and ’70s and ’80s and ’90s or even today. Ideology matters.

  4. viking says:

    If we dont distinguish between rape rape even when its between acquainted people even when the woman was stupidly[putting herself in harms way and not rape then we are nothing but sand niggers or black niggers.As an alpha male I have had hundreds of opportunities to get away with soft rape, as a white gentleman I have never knowingly done so. There is such a thing and we know it when we see it hear it, If she saying no but not fighting too hard you have to slow down and ask ‘are you serious , do you want to or not” if shes too drunk to know what she wants you know that because the fact that you have to be biologically the instigator by definition you are a bit more sober herea little test if youre really unsure, does the sex stop when you stop, if you stop disrobing her does she fall asleep half dressed? maybe you beta faggots think its ok because you cant get anything otherwise well youre wrong and youre a disgrace if you act like a cad.If the society existed that you claim to want you would be outcasts.Feminism is not the problem preventing you from getting laid, lack of manliness is the problem. I have found feminists to particularly like be treated like – well I wont get into details but trust me sex with feminists is not like they describe where you get written permission every step of the way.
    Heres the thing fake rape is a very real thing a danger to whats left of our system of justice to the protection of our young men the coupling and procreation of our people etc etc. when you make ridiculous statements you feed the enemy the exact ammunition they need. You may think oh so im just a blogger/commenter on some obscure blog in a political heresy no one even knows about so whats the harm. The harm is no one else is seriously critiquing things like the rape culture meme. at some point people will look here to see the other side of the case and find what? Rape doesnt exist? how about some niggers rape your daughter sister mother wife? how about some frat boys do it? you know as well as I do frat boys,high school boys actually do this sometimes, yeah sure ,many many times its fake, sometimes its weak minded females losing control of a situation they were too stupid to know they were bound to lose control of. If you meet a girl like that and realize you can get her to give you sex almost like a slave and get her to meet you somewhere and figure shes too weak minded and willed etc to put of much of a defense if you have your bros show up suddenly- do you really think thats on her when shes too enamored of you stupid weak minded and willed and physically weak to resist all of you and too ashamed afterwards to do anything about it. Do you get what that does to a person, is she a person to you- do you also torture animals.Dont pretend you have never seen this behavior fucking dolphins do it its chimp brain behavior thing is white men are not apes well some of us are not.
    Im sure Illbe a attacked as a leftist yada yada but Im not Im farther right than any of you and have been since the late 70s not yesterday for the lulz, My women accept the yoke I put on their shoulders strong smart usually feminist women submit absolutely because those are my terms.I dont need to find weak minded low self esteem girls and soft rape them then blame them.You want to help untangle the sexual revolution attraction not promotion. learn to be a man.spend your time in the boring tedious work of figuring out how we can actually unwind the left ratchet on sexuality. It seems the plan is what just announce one day all women are chattel and hope they submit to your beta request- has that ever worked before?You need to figure out how to get them to acquiesce how we will differ from nigger patriarchy, how we can police the mistreatment of our sisters and daughters with out using feminism.We are fast approaching a time when a new order will be needed and reaction has waste the last decade larping faggotry.
    as to this idea of a girl in every betas bed, yeah i dont totally dismiss it i get the civilizational advantages, I also get we are collapsing due to an abundance of faggotry these pajama boys and their neoreactionary equivalents are the offspring of betas being allowed to procreate.being of the resentful type of beta rather than the smug type doesnt make one less beta only the half of betas out of court.I suppose crispr could be used. I suppose a there would be some superficial manliness from a better run civilization but there is a real HBD problem here all alphas may lead to war it needs to be worked out its the real problem nigger IQ is not anymore the problem than feminism is the impediment to having women submit.

    • Cavalier says:

      Is rape lack of female consent or lack of that female’s father’s consent?

      If lack of female consent, then females are capable of giving consent, females have the requisite agency to distribute the reproductive resource to further civilization, our forefathers going back untold millennia and countless generations even before the dawn of agriculture and literacy were just plain _wrong_ about unrestrained female sexual behavior, and we, the Enlightened ones, by relinquishing all sociosexual restraint on the female have become and will continue to become even stronger, healthier, less corrupt, more vibrant, more moral, more fertile, with better social bonds, better sexual behavior, less degeneracy, our men more productive, our system more fair, and life will just in general be filled with sunshine and rainbows.

      Do we in fact see this?

      Or is rape that female’s father’s consent?

      • Cavalier says:

        *Or is rape lack of that female’s father’s consent?

      • viking says:

        If you want to know would i support women being under the protection of fathers husbands guardians. Yes if the details could be worked out and it was a practical plan that could work not a larp.I can make a great case for slavery so did moldbug so did the slaveholders how did that work out?
        But lets not pretend thats the situation Jim has been blustering about is women whos fathers have been wronged. Or should i say fathers who had any legal claim to authoruty over these women. property is a product of the ability to defend succesfully through violence if needd be. the type of societies beta males create do away pretty quickly with that sort of autonomous violence. so before you go claiming authority and responsibility over all these wenches please tell me how youre going to defend them.yeah and how you’re going to have all them swinging dicks not kill each other

        • Cavalier says:

          You own your car without having to get into gunfights over whose name is on the title.

          • jim says:

            My computer does not have a title. I built it, and I own it without getting into gunfights – because the fact that if someone tried to take, I likely would attempt to kill him substantially exceeds the value of the computer.

          • viking says:

            a state is a monopoly on real and implied violence, its an innovation that brings less violence with more ‘justice’ so business family and civilization can happen, its starts small and grows into cathedral. one of the main things it does is enforces title and contract both social and commercial through implied and real violence.I promise you betas are not holding title to women without pooling violent resources, violent resources that originate with alpha males and to a great extent are actually enforce by both high and low status alphas. One major reason alphas acquiesce to this sharing of violent power is big lugs that we are we grow kinds fond of our mothers wives and daughters and realize we cant always be arround.so when a bunch of hyena betas start making noises about rape is ok we start thinking about some beta hyena eradication might be simpler,Look you guys are into aristocracy, aristocracy is about the power to own property alphas are the natural aristocracy, If you think a bunch of betas got together and subdued the alphas and civilization was born ,well I might die laughing.you talk about becoming worthy and asumng power. you know how kings become “worthy” hint its not comment wars. They go out and conquer the land and people thy want to own. Then they use their superior intellect charm strength etc [yeah smart nerds is myth] to form a larger coalition than even their army, they share crumbs always taking them away again seemingly to the beta irationally, the alpha is simply doing to you what he does to bitches see CH for elaboration.
            Unfortunately this does not seem to scale and worse does not seem to be transferable a good king is hard to find one with an equally good her impossible, more unfortunately we havnt found a suitable replacement, the alt reich and neo inactionary larps are just that they are half baked ill conceived ideas heavy on the snark critique light on detail.This maybe was fine when MM started things have accelerated a new order may be very soon or at least an inflection point, I suggest you stop the grab ass and work something out.

            • Cavalier says:

              A bunch of betas didn’t get together and subdue the alphas, a bunch of betas got together and subdued the women.

              They successfully subdued the women because they first subdued the earth, and because subduing the earth is grueling, back-breaking work the women could not do it, and as the women could not do it, so they became dependent on the betas, and were subdued.

              And those that subdued the earth conquered the Earth, as those that subdued the earth were more numerous and more patriarchal, and being more numerous and more patriarchal, were more organized and more specialized and more willful.

              And because they were more organized and specialized, they were more advanced, and as they were more willful and more advanced, they were more powerful, and as they were more powerful, so they proceeded to advance across the hills and the plains and the rivers and the mountains, subduing matriarchy wherever it was found, and killing the men, and taking the women.

              All this was made possible because average men expected to reproduce, and did, though above-average and well-above-average men reproduced still more, especially in the Western world, as the Western aristocracy managed to completely replace the population during the medieval period.

              Today the average man is completely disenfranchised, not merely disenfranchised over the gradual turning of a millennium, but disenfranchised within his very lifetime. His women are cumdumpsters, his paternity certainty is worse than ever before in the history of the world, his civilization is a dying star, his country is being colonized by the various species of niggers, and he is expected to foot the bill. But most of all, he is psychologically castrated, shackled by Cathedral memetic weaponry, memetic weaponry which prevents him not only from taking action to solve the problem but which _prevents him from thinking about the very problem itself._ He is a man born into bondage, into a prison he cannot smell or taste or touch, a prison for his mind.

              For it is not brute force upon which the Cathedral rests. No, that was Communism, and it is dead. The Puritans were far more subtle than the Jewish Bolsheviks. The Cathedral’s power is the power of soft power. Its power, perhaps more than any other in history, grows not from the barrel of a gun, but from a vacuum tube. It is the power of the word, of the pulpit, and of the white man’s heartstrings.

              All power is derived from white men. The roads are made by white men. The utilities are run by white men. The police is staffed by white men. The technology is made by white men. The wars are won by white men. The world is run by white men. And yet the system is disenfranchising white men, all white men, even elite white men, even young elite white men. (Why didn’t I get into Harvard? I cannot think of one good reason, but it was a major strategic error.)

              The goal, then, is to propagandize the white men, to piss off the white men, to mobilize the white men. And when the white men march, the earth will tremble.

              You can lock a tiger in a cage, but it will still be a tiger. The Internet is the key, the cage is unlocked, and the tiger is awokening.

              Kek Vult.

              • viking says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Paragraphs, please.

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        Truly, sir. A white gentleman would respect his language and endeavor to always treat it with reverence and use it gently. Your posts are an abuse of grammar and your heratige.

        The Shadowed Knight

        • viking says:

          i dont think klnights could even read let alone punctuate pretty sure shakespeare never spelled his name the same twice but whatever

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          Anti-white detected.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          Viking disproves the thesis of general intelligence as his terrible spelling and punctuation usually hides readable, posts containing important and original thoughts.

          • viking says:

            viking due to alcoholism and drug addiction escaped much exposure to formal education despite class and cognitive advantages leaving vike pretty fukin illegible but original, but that was very kind of you to say so I will also say Im not really against you guys Jims GREAT and you guys must be for recognizing that. Im just saddened some threads of the reactophere seem degenerate.

      • viking says:

        Ill try harder since you asked so nicely, Im not a white collar type you see so I dont type and have ever so little schoolin

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