Why women ruin everything

Dalrock complaints that women ruin everything.  They want to enter male spaces and make the space feminine, as a power play, not out of any interest in the things of value in that male space, which they inevitably destroy.

This is a key issue in gamergate, where feminists demand that the games should be no fun and no one should play them.

Women want to rule, even though it makes them unhappy – it is a fitness test.  They are looking for men that can defeat them, master them, and put them in their proper place.

Natural selection wants men to fight against subordinate status so that they will win.  Natural selection wants women to fight against subordinate status so that they will lose only to worthy men and and thus get impregnated by those worthy men.

When women push their way into male spaces and then set about destroying those male spaces, they are looking for worthy men who will uphold the space and put them in their place.  It is a fitness test.  They hope to find the lord of this space who will not put up with a woman’s nonsense.

What women really want is to be allowed into a male place on subordinate and unequal terms, to be allowed to speak only if spoken to, and any male wishing to speak the them has to get the permission of their owner first.  They will fight like hell against this status, but if they win, they are unhappy, and if they lose, are happy.  Women are like poorly behaved dogs.  The dog will push to be leader of the pack, a job he can never perform, and does not really want.  He wants a master to follow while making his master follow him.

A woman is like a badly behaved dog, a dog that will take his master for a walk, rather than the master taking the dog for a walk, but the dog is much happier when walked by his master, rather than walking his master, much happier with a firm master.


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  2. WomenHaveRuinedUsGoodMen says:

    Well it is very True how many women have Destroyed many of us Good men out there which many of them really think that they’re God’s gift to men since many women today make a very high salary which they Never made before women’s Lib took over with all these Feminists Loser women that we have out there now since the women of today are now so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and so very money hungry which is the real true reason why many of us Good men are still Single today which we have No reason to Blame ourselves at all since the women of today have really Changed for the Worse. And when you compare these women today to the real Good old fashioned women that we once had which made a complete difference since they were so much Nicer and much Easier to meet which Most of them really did make a much Better wife anyway since today you can forget about it. Can you ever imagine if these women today ever had to work as hard and get their hands dirty like the real Good old fashioned women did years ago which these women today would’ve had it real Tough since today they really have it made.

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  4. Yellow Yam says:

    It’s true and bullshit, since the hierarchial male structure is formal and ridged. Women just cause trouble in the lower ranks, eliminating the more lowly placed men in order to find the guy whose obviously going to win no matter what, since his formal position ensures him that victory.

    • jim says:

      Women pay alarmingly little attention to the formal male hierarchy of status. They have their own hierarchy of status, which status granted by women to men is disruptive of status granted by men to men, and hostile to it.

      Observe them today pissing on and disrupting the formal hierarchy in any corporation. Not to mention the long history of concubines, whores, and slave girls disrupting empires and causing the collapse of dynasties.

  5. TheBestAnswer says:

    Well with so many very high maintenance women these days that have their Careers with the high paying job that they have Certainly speaks for itself, and much more of these women are very Spoiled And Selfish too. Nothing like the good old fashioned women were, that is for sure. The good old fashioned women along with their men worked very hard together, and Most of them i would say Did make their Marriage work. That is a good reason why Marriages lasted so long unlike today there are many Divorces which Most of them are Caused by the women now. And with much more women Cheating these days that would certainly do it. Years ago many women as well as men Accepted one another for who they were which Money was never an issue like most women want these days. Hard for many of us Single men looking for a Good woman these days since they Really Don’t Exist Anymore.

  6. rrb says:

    I know plenty of women that are happy when they’re in charge. You’re making this stuff up.

    • jim says:

      When a male boss talks to male executive, he just tells him what he needs to tell him, and asks him what he wants to know.

      When a male boss talks to a female executive, it sounds like he is trying to talk down a madman perched on a windowsill with an AK 47, and is worried that the madman’s self esteem problems are causing itchy trigger finger.

      When a male boss talks to a female executive, it is not give information or receive information, but to relieve her self esteem problems, like a psychiatrist soothing the dangerously deranged.

    • rbb is stupid says:

      fucking idiot rob, ” plenty of women” does not equate to majority

      • jim says:

        His idiocy is more complicated that that.

        All women “want” to be in charge, but when they get what they supposedly want, they are not happy.

        • My former colleague told me of how he suffered hell under a female boss. Females in workplace especially female bosses seem to be extraordinarily petty, emotionally unstable and wreak havoc with their brand of office politics. If you MUST have a female boss, better to have one who has had children, past menopause and living a happy married life with a strong husband.

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  8. SanguineEmpiricist says:

    This is so funny, this is not going to go well with the Cathedral. I never realized how true this was until a friends girlfriend I knew was always sort of teasing/pushing me for taking the lead among a bunch of passive guys at concerts, who would never take lead/establish times etc.

    She would always say to what seemed to me in a slightly mocking sense “Oh, you’re so in control aren’t you?” after a lot of concerts I had just assumed that she didn’t like me or had reservations about me; that is until after a specific event I went back to her dorm and she as all over me. I never realized that girls want you to put them in their place, or maybe their behavior forces them to do this? How haunting.

    I really wanted to fuck her, but I couldn’t do that to my friend so I’ll just wait until they break up. She’s probably just going to fuck some other guy. She definitely wears the pants in the relationship and does not respect him it seems, or perhaps only superficially.

    It still shocks me how the world is like this. There’s no way I could talk her boyfriend out of the relationship or wake him up, he would just be insulted to any suggestion that the world is this way.

  9. Roxie says:

    This blog entry is just a big, smelly, steaming pile of shit. Bad ideas, bad writing, bad execution. Anyone who would spend a moment reading other entries on your blog must be imprisoned and have an excess amount of free time they have to waste.

    Take up Sudoku or find another hobby that won’t lead to brain rot and anti-social attitudes.

    • Matthew says:

      Where’s my sandwich?

    • Ally says:

      I’m a girl and I agree with this blog. Last year lesbian and gay marriage got legalized.. But it was because there were butthurt women who invaded men’s space and men who got their space invaded. Dude I really hate how girls act nowadays tbh, every girl I talk to talks about some other girl and calls them a “bitch” or a “slut” when in reality that girl is being what they wanna be or just doing extremely well.. But then they get knocked down once again and then actually turn into a “bitch” or a “slut” or they either be smart and just doesn’t give any fucks about what girls think because majority of all the name calling comes from women. I mean dude we all are here on earth for a fucking reason, stop treating each other like shit. Most of the shit talking comes from girls though.. Then they lure boys in. Without men you wouldn’t be fucking born grow the fuck up, you can rule the world or whatever you people act like. We all have to work together. Im just saying if you are arguing with this topic then you really need a reality check because everything he said is right. This is also why no one wants to elect Hilary Clinton because girls are too butthurt.

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  11. baka says:

    Addendum: Women would have a much easier time if they’d realize what men value in them: Loyalty, femininity, real beauty (get out with your metal laden face bitch), a sense of silly fun, and not being a slut.

    • baka says:

      Also note women’s strange fascination with that Dog Whisper,Cesar Millan.

      • Adolf the Poorly-Named Children's Book Character says:

        You’re going to have to elaborate. Is it about control?

  12. baka says:

    Any complaining and whining women do towards men in power is ultimately a shit-test. Feminism as a whole movement when it came out of the 68′ was a humongous shit test against all men.
    Like immature children (and that’s what they are), they constantly push the boundaries, even tho they might not really want what they so loudly scream for.
    In the end, it was a failure of men, to put a damper on this shit before it got to big. The loud cries for freedom were basically cries for wanting to be told to shut up and go back into the kitchen, but to their own shock and demise, they were taken seriously, and now they serve as nothing but cumdumps while they ride the carussel, pretending to enjoy their freedoms, yet crying each night over why it is they can’t find the right man, “maybe because I don’t have a slutty tattoo across my back, or maybe I need to work harder, show them I can hang with them, be a boss”, and yea there you have it.
    It’s fucked.

    • baka says:

      Sorry, I didn’t really read your post and realized I just paraphrased it.

      • peppermint says:

        that’s okay, your post is short and readable, except for the second to last sentence. Technically it is part of a good paragraph, having three sentences. I think it got cancer and metastatized into the last sentence, though.

  13. Dr. Faust says:

    There are literally no men trying to enter female space. Men are and have always been, happy with women being women and men being men. There are hundreds of female only hospitals, clubs, establishments etc. and men are not trying to enter any of them. Not in any major, concerted way. What we see though is women going to comiccon and demanding attention without any work, going to Augusta and demanding entrance, hoisting signs up that deride the boys club while oblivious to their girl’s club.. Women are infinitely envios and insecure and lack the introspection to understand that those feelings are derived from themselves and their own actions.

    • Ron says:

      Not completely true. Weak men (“beta orbiters”), or sociopathic men such as the leader of Femen do invade female spaces for power and sexual opportunity.

  14. Bob Wallace says:

    Women invade male spaces out of pride and envy. The explanation is right there in the story of the Garden of Eden.

    Please keep “Evo-Psych” out of things. It’s not a science and more of an embarrassment than anything else.

    • peppermint says:

      evo-psych is the only scientific psychology. All the rest is lies, delusion, and Jew lies.

    • Dystopia Max says:

      Evo-psych has its own mental and logical pitfalls, but it doesn’t mean a lot of it isn’t true.

      Should obviously not be set up as The Final Word given people’s propensity to misread both their own and others’ motivation, but provides a good general framework for thinking about the persistence of traits across the ages.

      Freud was definitely de-jewsional but Jung had some compelling observations.

    • Beryl says:

      Men are the ones who try to and do invade female spaces. You all have always done so. Now tell me why you think you should be able to invade ours and we can’t come into yours. That’s why many women say men are evil and selfish. I call it absent minded arrogance.

      Lets all agree.

      • jim says:

        It used to be that almost every organization was all male, but had a “Ladies Auxiliary”, which organized balls, provided food and drinks for social occasions, and so on and so forth. Nearly all of these “Ladies Auxiliarys” have disappeared – always because the women demanded inclusion in the male organization, never because males wanted it.

        Women demand to be pilots, though every major female pilot poster girl wound up killing herself in a crash. Women demand to be firemen and front line troops, only without, you know, having to actually fight fires or get shot at. Guess how many female firemen died in 9/11.

      • peppermint says:

        wait, who’s advocating for males to enter female locker rooms, and who’s advocating for females to have female-only locker rooms?

  15. fnd says:

    What would be your explanation/opinion on minorities(including women) that don’t agree with the SJW angle Jim?

    • jim says:


      For example, Sunshine Mary, when she was blogging.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      >calling non-whites “minorities”

      Please, let’s not go back to the 1960s, which is properly known as the Devil’s Decade.

      • fnd says:

        Minorities as in, not part of a major demographic, thus trannies and women are minorities in hardcore games and their respective communities. It’s something similar to women against feminism(but not really): They are mostly attractive and being attractive you don’t get to be a rabid mainstream extremist.

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          I am not a fascist, I don’t care about majority vs. minority as fascists and “anti-fascists” do. In fact, I prefer the whole mess thrown out as it seems to have spoiled and gone rotten.

          Time to appeal to Sensibility and, as “Jim” wrote, Wisdom.

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          I want to add, that while extremism and the other stuff might have been the only way in the past, via shock and other similar things, there is now the internet available to easily spread good messages and to help people organise with other like-minded individuals.

          I think you’re calling the mainstream extremist, F.N.D. and I don’t really know what to make of it… The oxymoron is very interesting though!

  16. Alan J. Perrick says:

    All of this is very true, and it’s a warning to men against not hav

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      …not having a strong-enough frame. You also put it well in the blogpost before this one, “Jim,” and I rather believe it’s a very memorable and insightful one.
      “similar to the way a small evil child raised by cannibal head hunters perceives status”
      In NRx, one does develop a taste for horrorism since it’s only those darker cosmic forces that can really describe the darker urges that The Cathedral seeks to conceal within the blue pill poison. In this case, it’s one of the better descriptions because your description clearly outlines a woman’s attraction to the violent, ruthless, un-complicated, and well-nigh evil at a mystical level who can explain away all of the victim’s screams – “we eat them so that we may grow stronger and, therefore, not be eaten ourselves.” I used the word un-complicated deliberately because, in the long run, women are un-able to hold the conceptual motives in their head and ultimately go to their own motivation, which is that of being dominated or being very strongly coerced.

      It’s my understanding of 1 Cor. 11:3 that when it’s instructed that men are the head of women, as Christ is the head of man, and God the head of Christ; that each looks to its head for approval and such guidance. That is why men alone are the ones that can discern wisdom and understanding from the life of Our Lord, it is in the same way that women look to men for understanding and instruction. Their spirituality, in fact, depends on having a strong community of men around that can rebuke them and tell them to “sin no more.” So, in this way, it could be said, without exaggeration, that the reality of having a moral community around women is the difference between them living as a whore or a virgin…


      • Beryl says:

        A bunch of lies and crap. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      • peppermint says:

        A bunch of lies and crap. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          You know that you’re replying to my comment, right, “Peppermint”?

          O.K., you’re a regular commenter here, address what I’ve written but don’t fart in my direction with that empty rhetoric, dim-wit.


          • Perturabo says:

            He just pops in with absurd insults about Jews. Nothing about his post history demands special consideration.

          • Adolf the Poorly-Named Children's Book Character says:

            But if we can’t blame the Jews, then who’s at fault?

            It can’t be ourselves. Then we’d be niggers. The White race must be held back, it cannot be failing by it’s own bad decisions.

            • jim says:

              This is why anti semitism, like philo semitism, is inherently subversive and left wing. If the wonderfully pure white race is not to blame for its self destruction, if it is those evil outsiders, then you accept all movement left to about 1940, 1950, as legitimate – so you favor democracy, female emancipation, the abolition of slavery, all that stuff.

              True, Jews were to blame for the civil rights movement, but the civil rights movement was a logical consequence of the abolition of slavery, Jim Crow an unprincipled exception, and all unprincipled exceptions get eradicated eventually. The civil rights movement would have happened sooner or later, Jews or no Jews. Civil rights and all that is fundamentally a Christian heresy, not a Jewish heresy, and Jews that support civil rights, female emancipation, etc, are conversos, whether they know it or not.

              Since heterosexual white males are causing so much horrible evil, that any heterosexual white male has not yet been executed is yet another unprincipled exception.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:


            Did you try out those pro-white websites I recommended to you recently?

            Wouldn’t want you to start going sideways on the white race. I do mean that. Anti-whites gotta go!

          • Alan J. Perrick says:


            That’s why I’m waiting to see if he has anything to actually say…But, so far he’s proving you correct…

            Best regards,


          • Alan J. Perrick says:


            My suggestion is to listen to Stormfront radio but not to the Dr. David Duke show.

            Especially in the first hour of each day’s two-hour set, there is a speaker who addresses the issue of White Genocide and discusses memes, etc. etc. Getting a pro-white voice is very healthy to understanding the world and becoming endowed with a positive identity. (Not the funny “ism” Identitarianism, but I digress)

            The issue of Jewish people comes up a lot because of their participation in the latest round of Leftism, of both the “Liberal” and neo-conservative type. However, as you and I are outlining, “Jim,” the problem comes when white people have turned away from the sort of world that values and establishes the religion of regency Anglicanism. A lot of that could be the anti-religious Masons who disallowed discussion of specific religious details in order that they might focus on mundane events. That is obviously degenerate. Of course, other groups like the Roman Catholics that moved in at the turn of the 19th and 20th century had a disruptive effect that caused decrease for any opportunity of an Anglican restoration in the U.S..

            It’s interesting to talk about the different groups that have had negative effects on the original in-group, but after a moment of doing so, it is necessary to get back to the task at hand. Needless to say, that would be the NRx project and it would involve the establishment of much more durable intstitutions against Leftism.

            At the same time, there will be certain people who prefer to be against something (like the out-group) rather than be for something which is what we are talking about. Those people who do it are simply not as useful to Neo-Reaction…They might somewhat useful, just frustratingly not living up to their potential.

            • jim says:

              Yes, Jews are a problem, but as I keep telling B, they are mostly a problem for Jews. For us, the biggest problem by far is, as B keeps correctly pointing out, us.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            I work a lot with B.U.G.S. you know the Pro-White Pro-Mantra group. You can hear me on these recorded PalTalk sessions.


          • Ron says:


            I was under the impression that the abolition of slavery was one of the advances that Christians had given to humanity.

            • jim says:

              In the New Testament, Christians are encouraged to free their own slaves, but discouraged from freeing other people’s slaves. So, ending slavery with fire and steel was, like prohibition, holier than Jesus, and holier than Jesus groups swiftly turn into Unitarians, who swiftly turn into militant radical left atheists.

          • Ron says:


            That is interesting, and sensible, especially given the circumstances of where Christianity took root. Ie Rome, one of the worst slave empires in history. The eventual eradication of slavery from all regions under their control shows that their policy was the correct one. But I was thinking more in terms of Wilberforce type ending of the slave trade in the modern era.

  17. Dave says:


    Uncle Elmer doesn’t say anything about women being defeated and “put in their proper place”, because that never happens in the modern workplace.

    • jim says:

      In the traditional economy, women had a major role, managing their husband’s assets under their husband’s supervision, working under their husbands in the workplace. Proverbs 31:10-31S

      But they did not enter the workplace as independents and equals.

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