Women are the dangerously lustful sex.

Some time ago, I and a bunch of other reactionaries had a debate on whether women commonly fuck dogs.

I have no evidence that women of commonly fuck dogs, but I have lots of personal evidence that women very commonly do lots of horrifying stuff that many of my commenters find very hard to believe. These personal observations are perhaps statistically insignificant and may be from an unrepresentative sample of females, but is consistent with the rather small subset of women who watch porn, who generally watch disturbingly deviant stuff, while most males watch fairly vanilla stuff.

Most women read romance, rather than watch porn. Romance male leads are generally demon lovers, rather than the nice boy next door – one notable exception being when the female lead is sold, enslaved, kidnapped, abducted, or subject to an arranged marriage without her consent at a very young age by the otherwise nice boy next door. In the very common genre of supernatural romance, the male lead is often a literal demon. How is a real life male going to compete?

Male and female sexual impulses are the product of natural selection. In the ancestral environment there is biological and evolutionary conflict of interest between dads and daughters, in that daughters prefer cad type demon lovers, and dads prefer dad type sons in law. Daughter prefers the best sperm, but dad does not want to be stuck with support. Similarly a conflict between husbands and wives, in that wives prefer demon lovers, and husbands are seldom demon lovers – the best semen is unlikely to belong to the best protection and support.

For civilization to exist, fathers and husbands have to be able to coercively overrule the sexual preferences of women.

For it to be politically possible for fathers and husbands to coercively overrule the sexual preferences of women, we have to have it generally accepted that women are the dangerously lustful sex, whose dangerously powerful sexual impulses have to be overruled for their own good, for the good of their children, and the good of society – that women’s dangerously powerful lusts and self destructive lusts are the big problem that has to be solved, not immoral males.

Whether or not women commonly fuck dogs, for civilization to survive, men need to be inclined to suspect that they might. For civilization to survive, men need to control women’s sexual choices. For men to control women’s sexual choices, it needs to be politically incorrect to have excessive confidence in the purity and chastity of women. That women are dangerously and self destructively lustful needs to be taught by authority, presented in the media, and the sort of thing you need to believe if you want to get on with the important people you need to get on with if you hope to get ahead.

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  1. Dick Wagner says:

    What are you talking about exactly when you speak of the ancestral environment? What is that, how do we know what it was like? It smacks a little of mythology.

  2. Zach says:

    A friend of mine told me Guats fuck chickens, like, all the time.

    There is a fairly funny story about this old time director who got chicks to fuck chimps routinely. I forget the details though.

  3. lalit says:

    It’s interesting. In the ancestral environment, women had no rights as to who to fuck. They were told who to fuck. So how did they develop this affinity for Demon Lovers. Is there an evolutionary cause for this? If so, what is it?

    • Y. Ilan says:

      In the ancestral environment, women were frequently raped by “demonic” alpha males. Rape was probably one of the more common reproductive strategies. Attraction to bad boys is likely an ancient coping mechanism developed by raped females.

      • lalit says:

        This is interesting. Can what is essentially a coping mechanism turn into a hard-wired response?

        Does this mean if you constantly put a species to stresses about which they can do absolutely nothing, they will develop an instinctive liking to it after several generations?

        Then the implication is that people who have been enslaved for very long will start developing an attachment to their enslavement!

        Could this possibly be true or am I speculating too much?

        • Y. Ilan says:

          Well, theoretically speaking, if rape is common then those women who are most fit to raise babies born of rape have an evolutionary advantage. A propensity to cope with rape in a positive manner probably increases said fitness. If a population is put under environmental stress to be docile or not reproduce, it would also make sense that after enough generations you would end up having a generally docile population; look at any domesticated animal, for example.

          Of course this is speculation and I’m certainly not a professional geneticist.

          • lalit says:

            Hmmm! Interesting point. Let me see how I can now reason out the connection between Demon Love (Rape) and female Pleasure

            1. Rape happens often in ancestral environment with little or no choice on woman’s part. Henceforward Rape will be referred to as Demon Love

            2. Said Demon Love leads to children, strong children which raise women’s status. Over time, woman notices correlation between Demon Love and strong children and hence raised status.

            3. Woman starts associating Demon Love with raised status

            4. Since humans derive pleasure from raised status, woman learns to derive pleasure from demon love evolutionarily speaking

            5. Fast forward to present day. Women no longer subjected to demon sex, yet prefer it whenever a choice is available as sub-consciously demon love associated with raised status

            Can you point out any holes in my reasoning here?

          • peppermint says:

            You’re talking like sex has been evolving for the past ten thousand years instead of the last billion.

            Cat women are strong independent women who don’t need no man, and require their men to make a show of force to prove their worth while fucking them. If you’ve ever seen it happen, they try to get the man they want to force them.

            Human women behave in exactly the same way sometimes.

          • Eli says:

            The Nazi is correct here. No need for a “coping mechanism” explanation. Just look at primates, e.g. chimps.

          • Y.Ilan says:

            You make a good point. An evolved coping mechanism is too convulated an explanation.

        • jim says:

          No, that is not what I mean.

          I thought I explained it clearly enough, and am disinclined to attempt to explain it all over again.

    • jim says:

      Sure. The sexy sons principle. The bad boy who breaks all the rules and does not get a spear promptly run through him is obviously powerful and successful, so if a woman has sons by him – possibly by “rape” – she is likely to have powerful and successful sons.

      The man who rapes women likely gets away with raping women (after all, he is not dead yet) so probably has lots of sons. If a woman gets pregnant by him, likely her sons will have lots of sons.

      • lalit says:

        Jim, Your statements explain why men have an urge to rape as it was a successful strategy from the male point of view. But it still does not explain why women are attracted to demonic lovers unless you are agreeing with Y. Ilian who says that their attraction to demonic lovers is merely a coping mechanism now become instinctive.

  4. Ron says:

    Observation: demon lover is preferable to noce boy next door

    EXCEPT when Nice Boy next door is working together with loyal friends and no nonsense fathers to shotgun demon lover on sight. And where father uses his authority to command daughter to be Nice Boys mate.

    At that point demon lover is arguably weaker than nice boy next door.

    When nice boy next door is on his own, ie the courts betray him, the legislature emasculates him, the police ticket him, the politician brings in his competitors, and the king happily leads him from behind into battles that he and his friends are butchered in; then not only is he clearly weaker than Demon Lover, but he is also obviously retarded.

    • jim says:

      EXCEPT when Nice Boy next door is working together with loyal friends and no nonsense fathers to shotgun demon lover on sight. And where father uses his authority to command daughter to be Nice Boys mate

      Yes, you can find this in romance novels. In romance novels, nice guys are acceptable, and only acceptable, when they have social backing that makes it difficult for the female protagonist to exercise choice. If the protagonist is damn well told she is going to be with him like it or not, then he turns out to be the nice boy next door.

      Romance plot number umpteen. Female protagonist weeps to nice boy next door that she is going to by married/sold/whatever to some mysterious guy. And she is very sad about this. Nice boy puts the moves on her. Sorry, she says, I don’t think of you like that. Turns out nice boy next door is the mysterious guy – and she starts perceiving him as way hotter.

  5. Mister Grumpus says:

    You’re on a roll! Roll on!

  6. TOOC says:

    Is Jim full of shit? Some think so.

    Not being full of shit consists in making correct predictions, ideally original ones.

    This morning this story was on the front page of the BBC – http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-35730298 – My pre-Jim reaction would be, “How awful! What a poor woman, and horrible man!”. My post-Jim reaction is, “Sounds fishy. What does some googling turn up?”.


    1. http://old.post-gazette.com/regionstate/20020106abduct2.asp

    “FBI agents found Alicia there Friday afternoon, tied up in a bedroom but not physically harmed.”

    Broken nose/impending murder a lie.

    “Tyree, the divorced father of a 12-year-old girl, advertised himself on the Internet as Master Scott, a man whose marital status was “single and looking” and whose occupation was “slave owner.” His Web site on Yahoo.com was still active yesterday, despite his arrest.”

    He advertised being a 38-year old dom.

    “What’s more, investigators are not saying if Alicia willingly left with Tyree.

    “[Cop] said that doesn’t matter. “She’s 13 years old. She’s not mature enough to make that decision. A 38-year-old man should know that.””

    She willingly left with him.

    “Alicia used the email address “goddess of all” and her Web page indicates her interests were hypnosis, anti-boy bands, witchcraft, mythology and folklore.”

    Healthy interests for a thirteen year old girl.

    2. http://www.pcsndreams.com/Pages/News_Archives/000107.htm

    “But his attorney argued that Tyree thought he was rescuing the girl from a violent household, after she claimed in a computer chat room that her father had “beaten the hell out of her” because the Pittsburgh Steelers had lost a football game the day before.”

    Probably not true, given no subsequent conviction for the father. She was the one fishing fatso.

    “Arguing for less prison time, defense attorney Damien Schorr also noted that the girl initiated the talk of bondage, with the comment, “It is my fantasy to have these things happen to me.””

    She literally asked for it.

    3. http://www2.ca3.uscourts.gov/opinarch/033985np.pdf

    ” the video shows the child victim standing in her underwear, hands bound, wearing a collar around her neck, and her buttocks red as if having just been
    beaten. The focus of the video is plainly on the child victim’s bound body, which is in a submissive pose.”

    He collared her, spanked her, and filmed it. No brutal torture, impending murder, whatever. BDSM play, what she asked for.

    Note he only got caught because someone live-streaming the video had seen the missing person report. I doubt the girl was all too pleased when the FBI turned up. Instead of being dropped back after a few days to give her parents a bullshit story, she had to explain to them exactly what she did. That she agreed to meet up with a 13 year old boy and noticed something was wrong sometime after she climbed into the car of a fat 38 year old man.

    So from total credulity, I now quickly hypothesize that a thirteen year old girl solicited a 40-something dom for bondage sex, find enormous circumstantial evidence within a couple of minutes, and am not even really surprised anymore.

    Jim is not full of shit.

    • jim says:

      When she falsely told him her father abused her, he was not grooming her, she was grooming him.

      Notice that he fits the profile I gave of the kind of man very young girls are attracted to – middle aged, previous sexual relationships with adult women.

      • peppermint says:

        It’s funny because when I was that age I pretended to be older by coughing a lot, tried to simultaneously talk like a nigger and a Republican, and pretended to have sexual relationships with older women. Come to think of it, who doesn’t know deep down inside that’s what young women find attractive?

      • viking says:

        i thought even grown women had no agency are you seriously defending the creeps that was arrested and the commenter applauding him ? have you got childrem?

        • peppermint says:

          OK, he’s a creep. But we can’t just focus on getting rid of creeps and then let women go wild. That’s what feminists and betas (same thing) want, though monogamy is better for betas, but it takes a lot more policing to do that than to let fathers be fathers. Not to mention it destroys civilization in a few decades of decadence that leave no children nor capital.

          • viking says:

            im down with no enemies to right and am not squeamish as long as it will actually work better, women have been very very good to me i dont hate them but femism is evil and has to go but i really dont think catheedral will let anything amount to a collapse and surrender to denrx any change will have to be political or armed either case hearts and minds need winning these hearts and minds may be chastened and desperate but something presentable must be offered it might even be the case that like the left we decide it must be done in steps and plan for that but plan we must too much of this seems sophistry

          • peppermint says:

            * I think people are pretty disillusioned by feminism, for a variety of reasons, especially for men because niggers don’t need to go along with it, and they can find videos of niggers picking up women the way they’re not allowed to all over Youtube, and for women because they really know they can’t compete and they saw what feminism did to their parents

            * Even 8 years ago people were willing to vote for Hillary because she would be the first woman president. Now they’re only voting for her because she’s electable and has PC views of the nigger question.

            * The other day I saw my mom in tears recounting one of the domestic violence scare stories by which they convinced decent people to force everyone to hand their children over to the state for indoctrination. Hoaxing people doesn’t work as well anymore, and, in fact, all the cool people are talking about unschooling or homeschooling, how kids don’t actually need to learn any of the stuff school is supposed to teach, and so forth.

            Needless to say, kids must be taught feminism in closely supervised daycare or they will figure things out on their own.

            * Feminism eats its own. The women’s bathroom isn’t the only female safe space, and all the feminist controlled female safe spaces are trans-inclusive.

            * Cucking was the thinking man’s fetish up until last year. If cuck-shaming had been possible in the ’90s, we wouldn’t be in this situation, but cuckstainty had too much power over our minds then. You can certainly beat a man for cucking you, but there are tons of men, and if you don’t punish your wife for it, others might get the idea that you’re a cuckstain.

        • Minion says:

          There is nothing wrong with having sex with young girls if you are married to them.

          And since women have no agency, fucking a 30 year old is not much different than fucking a 13 year old in terms of their emotional capacity

        • jim says:

          The cure to the problem is not to arrest him, but to whip the girl with a stick no thicker than her thumb.

          If we say “oh, the horrible bad man” it distracts us from what matters.

          Whatever we do to him, should be substantially less than what we do to her. Whatever negative hostile attention we give him, should be substantially less than the negative hostile attention we give her.

          Controlling women matters. Controlling men is hard, and a distraction from what matters. Our primary reaction should be that she has brought dishonor to her family.

          The Victorians started on the path of trying to control men without attempting to control women, and it failed horribly.

          If we want to put him in jail for a long time, she needs to be honor killed. If we are reluctant to honor kill her, then his punishment should be proportionately mild. If we are reluctant to whip her, we should forget about him altogether, because complaining about his behavior is a dangerous distraction.

          Controlling men is a distraction from what actually needs doing: What actually needs doing is giving fathers authority over daughters and husbands authority over wives.

          • viking says:

            i have authority over my property when someone steals my property i kill them i dont beat the stupid ipad for running off with the theif, ipads will alway run off with theives its their nature but i can raise the cost and odds against theivery. if im living in a non feminist worls where even evey betta has a interest in keeping down cads then i can make the price really high even for talking to my women with an introduction from me.
            now since women are a bit maore trainable than ipads theres is some more i can do on that end.But the best thing I can do on that end is also the public angle i can raise her in a society that finds out of wedlock sex almost unthinkable and so deeply socially ruins women who do it that by the time my daughter is of age she gets it women are social and want to fit in. I can if i have authority do things like reach out and shut down any avenues with a phone call i have complete financial control and she basically needs my permission to do almost anything which permission can be withdrawn for almost any reason, in such an envirement i can safely give her as much lead as she can handle and needs use the lightest touch. If you have daughters or wives you will know being harsh is not easy not because law and feminism because theyre cute and you come to be fond of them

            • jim says:

              Been tried. Victorians tried it. Failed.

              The only way that works is to exercise control over women.

  7. Jack says:

    You absolutely must read Nancy Friday, Jim! In her books you’ll find anonymous women confessing to sex with dogs as well as to much nastier stuff. As heavy as everything found on the porn sites. Will confirm all you write about, and then some. Start with “My Secret Garden” and “Forbidden Flowers”.

    • Jack says:

      I’m dead serious, I read some of her books on the internet a few years ago, and, combined with exposure to feral female sexuality in some other venues, it has positively convinced that some women, not all women but some, are “hardcore” sexmachines, with perverted software installed.

  8. Jack Highlands says:

    Jim, you should make it clear if what you mean by ‘commonly fuck dogs’ is what I imagine: receiving canine cunnilingus. Pretty gross, but vastly different from dog mounts woman.

    • peppermint says:

      Why is it different? Unlike nigger mounts woman, it’s not going to result in an abomination bred with only one conceivable purpose, to destroy the world of Whites.

      Cumdumpsters on /b/ would talk about being mounted by dogs a few years ago, and betas would lap it up and tell them how hot it is (probably the same beta degenerates who cut and wear faggy makeup to show how emo they are and try to access mostly-female spaces (Jorge quiere sea hardcore, pero su mama no lo deja)).

      • Jack Highlands says:

        Obviously it’s different, in many important ways. An apple is not an orange. Neither is a tangerine. Peppermint is not spearmint.

      • Minion says:

        “Unlike nigger mounts woman, it’s not going to result in an abomination bred with only one conceivable purpose, to destroy the world of Whites.”
        Mulattoes tend to be very attractive, and their women and children are very cute too.

        not sure how finding women-dog sex to be hot is correlated with being some faggy metrosexual

        “Jorge quiere sea hardcore, pero su mama no lo deja”
        Buildo el wallo, Hose-ay.

        • peppermint says:

          — Mulattoes tend to be very attractive


          • Minion says:

            So you wouldnt fuck Halle Berry then?

            Brown skin and curly hair are very attractive traits

            triggered much?

            @Jack Highlands
            Because I have good taste in porn

          • peppermint says:

            — Brown skin and curly hair are very attractive traits

            They obviously aren’t, since ,most anime girls are paler than most Whites or Nips and have more flowy straight hair than most Whites or Nips ever could.

            Halle Berry is proof that you’re just reciting leftist talking points like a beta cuck that likes to watch women fucked by dogs and masturbates to the thought of getting sloppy seconds if it means you can much a woman at all. Halle Berry is the Whitest looking nigger sow of them all, this fantasy of yours and the fact that Whites are the most attractive is the reason she is famous, and no, I would not tap that.

          • Minion says:

            Mullattoes look whiter than pure nigs, yes.

            They are also very hot. Halle Berry is only a famous example, but there are tons more

            If only white women were hot, why do nonwhites exist? I mean, why would brownies fuck each other?

            • jim says:

              The career of Halle Berry started off with Hollywood trying to persuade white men that sex with mulattoes was hot – which was true for the 1990s Halle Berry because she was fairly white. However it rapidly became Hollywood trying to persuade white men that sex with elderly mulattoes was hot, which sale was not nearly as successful.

          • Minion says:

            But there are tons of other hot mulatto women out there.

            And white men have been fucking black and brown women long before liberals took over Hollywood

            • jim says:

              And white men have been fucking black and brown women long before liberals took over Hollywood

              They have been fucking donkeys also.

          • Minion says:

            But white prefer fucking brown and black girls. When Italy conquered Ethiopia, the Italian men rejoiced at all the hot black girls they now have access to.

            And American slaveowners often developed deep infatuations with their slavegirls, to the point of even obsessively stalking them.

            • jim says:

              No they don’t. It is just that in a civilized society, you cannot fuck the white girls without marrying them or credibly promising to marry them, while the colored girls, like the donkeys, are there for the taking and are better than the donkeys.

          • Ansible says:

            If your women are hot why do blonde and red haired slaves fetch the highest prices in Mosul? Of what use are blue-eyed Yazidi women to you if not for breeding?

          • peppermint says:

            speaking of which. Back in the day, Bill Cosby, backed by the civil rights movement from Hillary Clinton to Atticus Finch, could rape pretty women, while pretty much none of the women who made claims against Bill Clinton would interest me unless they were offering no strings attached sex. Except for Kathleen Willey, who’s kinda cute, and he merely groped her.

            In the ’90s women were expected to have sex with their serious boyfriend who was going to get engaged to them, and have a very low partner count, while men, of course, were going to fuck anything to bring their partner count up. The slutwalks were a reaction to the conflicting requirements for sex and no real commitment for anywhere from half a decade to a decade and a half. A better reaction would be to close the universities so that men and women can marry younger.

            Today women are much easier and Bill Clinton wouldn’t have gotten in trouble. In fact, Minion would probably tell Monica Lewinsky that it’s hot that she had sex with Bill while trying to sweet talk her into bed.

        • viking says:

          gross dude

        • Jack Highlands says:

          It’s clear why you’re a minion.

    • Minion says:

      I generally assume any women who has a dog of a breed of large penised dogs (eg mastiffs) is fucking that dog.

      That being said, I think women fucking dogs to be really hot and not gross at all. Although having watched quite a bit of women fucking dog porn, I might wrongly overestimate the amount of women engaging in bestiality

      Women are disgusting whores tho.

      • peppermint says:

        I see. The same kind of degenerate who thinks women fucking dogs is hot also thinks mulattoes are hot.

        You’re a sick fuck and I hope you get v&

        • Minion says:

          Women having sex with dogs is really hot. Watching women getting fucked and pleasured is hot, which is why people watch porn

          Mulattoes are hot, you know, since they are humans and therefore can reproduce with other humans..

          Not sure why you pretend non-white women are ugly

          • peppermint says:

            By the way, women are also really into incest as a fantasy. Perhaps you could talk to a woman about her masturbation to ben10 porn drawings for a bit before she leaves the chatroom to suck an alpha’s dick. Then maybe you can cut for her to let her know you need her.

          • Minion says:

            Mother son incest is pretty damn hot too.

            Not sure why you think I am a beta cuck. If it were legal to rape women, I would certainly do it. Women love rapists, and rape is alpha

            • jim says:

              No, mother son incest is not hot.

              Being a female domination, cougar, scenario

              Normal men of all ages think young women are hot, and that men dominating women is hot, and indeed for civilization to function, husbands have to rule wives, and fathers have to rule daughters.

              If you are looking at female domination scenarios, you have abandoned masculinity, and assimilated to feminism.

              Further Halle Berry hit the wall damned hard, I would tap the 1990 Halle Berry, but at the time she was receiving most of her publicity and film exposure, 2000 onwards, she was a washed up old cougar that no one could get a boner for. She was not cute, rather the industry was trying to change our perception of cute, trying to make men want what they did not in fact want. Normal manly men do not want Halle Berry not so much because she had a small touch of the tarbrush, but because by the time she became a poster girl she was too damned old for the roles they gave her.

              Halle Berry is not cute. She is what the progressives of Hollywood are telling reluctant and unenthusiastic males that they should think is cute.

              No I would not tap the 2000s Halle Berry, not withstanding Hollywood telling me I should want to tap the 2000s Halle Berry. Not because of the tarbrush, but because of the wall.

          • peppermint says:

            That’s funny, because mother/son incest is the only version that women don’t fantasize about. Though, considering how every so often a school teacher gets fucked by her students, women do fantasize about younger men occasionally.

            So you’re not actually into these fetishes to try to get in the same chatrooms with women. You have assimilated the fact that women find you repulsive to the extent that you’re hoping for a woman to take you.

            Well anyway, you’re never going to get anywhere with women until you decide to be a man. Some day, whether it’s now or when you’re 40 and you’re chasing women who have already had a thousand cocks or already have had their children and divorced their husband, the only way to get a woman is to be a man.

            • jim says:

              Women, primarily fatherless women, fantasize a lot about father daughter incest. This outweighs all other female incest fantasies by a huge factor.

          • peppermint says:

            I’ve heard a few pimped by brothers stories

          • Minion says:

            “No, mother son incest is not hot.
            Being a female domination, cougar, scenario”

            Then why is it popular in porn then?

            “If you are looking at female domination scenarios, you have abandoned masculinity, and assimilated to feminism.”
            Feminist women by and large prefer sexual degradation, not sexual domination. Conservative women prefer to be more assertive in bed, since they already get a healthy dose of male domination outside the bedroom.

            As for Halle Berry, older women are hot, in as much as they provide a warm, soft, feminine body that is still very capable of giving a man pleasure.

            She also had really nice tits on Swordfish.

            This is no way contradicts the fact that younger women are even hotter- just that older women are attractive enough for men to want to have sex with them.

            • jim says:

              Then why is it popular in porn then?

              I don’t think it is popular in porn, any more than white males like Halle Berry. If you look at what is actively promoted, it is pretty perverse and degrading to men, reflecting a conscious effort to promote degeneracy and emasculate males, especially white males. If you look at what is downloaded, it is pretty vanilla. Whites are not keen on black men’s sloppy seconds.

              As for Halle Berry, older women are hot,


              No way am I inclined to have sex with Halle Berry of X-men Last Stand. She was as ludicrous and obscene as trannie Thor.

              I would have had sex with Bond girl Halle Berry, but that is because I have lower standards than Bond. She was way too old to be a Bond girl. Bond girls should be hot. She was sort of somewhat acceptable. And X-Man Last Stand Halle Berry is just discordantly, strikingly, and disturbing far past the wall. Totally fails to fit in the superheroine genre.

          • Ansible says:

            Halle Berry was not hot until after plastic surgery and a perm. Any “hot” negress straightens her hair and her career doesn’t take off until post- nose job. Rashida Jones would be another example.

      • Irving says:

        >That being said, I think women fucking dogs to be really hot and not gross at all.

        Please confirm that you’re joking

        • Minion says:

          I’m not…

          A hot girl getting her brains fucked out by a horny beast is very arousing

          • peppermint says:

            (1) if you wait for a woman to take you, you will wait until you are a skeleton. I can promise you, based on personal observations, that women absolutely demand to be led in bed.

            (2) when you get yourself a girlfriend, you will be less nihilistic and hateful. Then you will be properly disgusted by beastiality.

            (3) change you nickname and disavow these posts. Some day, you may post something reasonable and want to link to it, especially if Trump wins. But the RWDS are going to come for you harder than the Antifa if anyone finds out about your dog porn, not to mention that your wife will be in tears when her female friends make fun of her for loving a dog porn enthusiast.

          • peppermint says:

            ps. Hans Asperger was a nazi, and nazis don’t like dog porn

  9. viking says:

    You know Ive had this ongoing windmill joust with the alt right that basically they dont have a plan and even sneer at any they here so if Davos called tomorrow or teh collapse theyde be caught pants down watching animae.The example I always use is that they cant even describe what DENRX patriarchy would look like would it be like muslim would it be like europe in 1300 500 1700 1900 etc. Ive always enjoyed you blog but somehow only recently have come to realize you are actually trying to work this out. while not really in need of dating advice CH has also evolved and i notice you two play off off each other a bit. and theres the married christian sector contributing as well.Women are half the population that need to be converted and the other half have a lot of fathers of daughter and husbands. Now I know the official line is fuck democracy yada yada but honestly while I agree Im not sure there will be teh collapse any partial collapse will be a crisis to be exploited by cathedral and if it doesnt happen really soon demographically we are toast anyway.There are several ways to take power without collapse etc cathedral style fake democracy is actually a great system just put to evil use. I think it might be necessary to develop a sort of platform to use either in a march through the institutions or after a coup yeah even possibly during a series of elections. Please dont quibble with the inter period suffice to say i doubt theres a collapse and a emergency call from davos to take over and so we need a well thought out coherent system but its also got to be sellable to a certain extent and if not a reasonable path from here to there that doesnt require far fetched scenarios like AI and the Cathedral surrendering to nick land.

    • Robert says:

      “we need a well thought out coherent system ”

      We already have one, traditional Christianity. The system of our greatest heroes. All of the infrastructure is there, all of the stories, the histories, the great men, the hierarchy, the utmost importance of truth, the control of wives and daughters. I know it is difficult, but find a traditional Christian church, and you will find the home you have been searching for.

      • TheBigH says:

        Traditional churches are like leprechauns, everyone has heard of them but no one has actually seen one.

        • Bruce says:

          They’re rare but there. Latin Mass Catholics, Reformed Confessional Baptists, the Amish, Russian Orthodox, etc.

          • peppermint says:

            Yes, the Amish exist. They have no power, which is why they still exist.

            Russian Orthodox aren’t cucks in Russia.

            Everything Catholic or Anglican is pozzed. Opus Dei was Nick B. Steves’ Reactionary Oath Society.

        • Little G says:

          The Christian Church has mostly been cucked since the beginning. The only way to repurpose it is to look at the game plan of Rushdoony. Look up “Institutes of Biblical Law”. Complete political plan of action. Complete red pill awareness.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            Right, without godly courts administering godly law, the private citizen breaks his back fruitlessly, without progress.


        • Robert says:

          The good have always been a minority, and will always be so.

          Which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not: one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found.
          Ecclesiastes 7:28

          But they do exist.

          Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
          Matthew 7:7

          • peppermint says:

            Most Republicans are cucks, as shown by the caucus results (Cruz) and politician endorsements (Rubio). But there’s a way to use the Republican Party to advance Trumpism.

            Can you use the words of Jesus or the philosophy of souls to advance Trumpism? State your argument. If not, go die in a manner befitting your people, like suffocating on a nigger dick.

            Daily reminder that Jews weren’t in control until Judeo-Cuckstains gave it to them. Daily reminder that the cuckstain decision in Loving v. Virginia was based on ruminations on love instead of focusing on the family. Daily reminder that the religious right has spent 40 years surrendering on everything except evolution, in which they deny White uniqueness in order to support White genocide, and abortion, in which they advocate for more nigger births. Daily reminder that Ted Cruz is the fetuses and Israel candidate.

          • Richard Nixon's Ghost says:

            >Can you use the words of Jesus or the philosophy of souls to advance THE SUPREME LEADERism?
            Hitler publicly admired Jesus. Try responding to him.

          • peppermint says:

            In Hitler’s day, the churches hadn’t cucked out on Romans 1, but people had long internalized the humans have souls and can’t be compared to animals thing, so didn’t have a theory of why monogamy and cooperation works, but instead thought that science applied to human behavior and sexuality meant Freud. So people viewed churches as a force for social cohesion, and while Hitler wanted to replaced the inherent cuckery in cuckstainty, he recognized that pastors weren’t Freudians and respected them for it.

            The churches of Hitler’s day hadn’t spent the last 50 years saying that they would hide a Jew from the government to smuggle him out and hiding niggers from the public to smuggle them in.

            The churches of Hitler’s day hadn’t decided Loving v. Virginia in favor of a love theory of marriage. The churches of Hitler’s day held the line on contraception and abortion because sex is for reproduction and bonding, but if you remove the reproductive aspect, the bonding is meaningless, not because fetusus are exactly like adults and contraception and abortion means less nigger babies.

            The churches of Hitler’s day hadn’t taken Atticus Finch’s advice to Scout and the Beatitudes to imply the necessity of White genocide.

            Churches have cucked out and voting for Goldman Sachs’ Ted Cruz is their last gasp. Good riddance. No one younger than 30 misses them because no one younger than 30 ever had any dealings with churches outside of maybe going occasionally to told about how great niggers and jews are.

          • Richard Nixon's Ghost says:

            Hitler’s “Positive Christianity” certainly implies that he thought mainstream Christians were cucks, or something similar.

      • Minion says:

        Islam is also a coherent system, that unlike Christianity, has not cucked itself out to liberalism. It is the only religion that has the reputation of (rightfully) oppressing gays and women, and does so regardless of what triggered liberals think of it.

        Come home white man

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          Hell is forever!

        • Bo says:

          Minion, Islam has proven itself to be a parasite code. Where it becomes a serious nuisance it is culled back to non-nuisance status.

          Taking as a sign of superiority the wins of the last decade given to you by the globalists is a mistake you won’t live to regret.

        • Robert says:

          Muhammad was another type of Pharisee.

          Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.
          Matthew 23: 27-28

          Search within yourself and you will see that you are fallen, that your thoughts turn towards evil, that what you know is right you don’t do, and what you know is wrong you do, that your spirit fights against your flesh. There is nothing that you can do that will make you right in the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. No amount of actions, no amount of Jihad, no amount of prayers, or pilgrimages, or gifts, or yelling, will make you whole. The only thing that will make what is black, white as snow is the blood of the lamb, the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ

          • Minion says:

            “Hell is forever!”
            Indeed. Repent before its too late.

            “Minion, Islam has proven itself to be a parasite code. Where it becomes a serious nuisance it is culled back to non-nuisance status.”

            Any proof to back your assertions?

            “Taking as a sign of superiority the wins of the last decade given to you by the globalists is a mistake you won’t live to regret.”

            Not sure what you are talking about. Islam is superior because it resists globalism, rather than getting voluntarily cucked by it.

            The Prophet disliked Jews for the same reasons given in the new testament, so Islam is hardly pharisaical

          • Eli says:

            >Islam resists globalism

            You mean the pan-Islamic ideology of Iranian Shia or Muslim Brotherhood or the Saud-financed Salafist/Wahhabi streams? They seem quite global in their aspirations?

            Or do you mean current economic globalism, made possible by the hi-tech military organization of the USA defending maritime routes, imposing its agenda, and outsourcing its highly developed industrial base? If so, it’s like a fat ugly chick proclaiming that she doesn’t want a man, ’cause they all stink and have dicks.

      • viking says:

        look Im a lapsed but fondl catholic so this is not the usual anti christian spiel, while maybe MM is stretching a little that protestantism is leftism accelerated hes not far off, christianity is a leftist theology and it will always be used by leftists against christians. the idea that you will convert the west back to tridentine catholicism is absurd, but even so in that iteration it took down the roman empire and failed to defend the european monarchs. ethnicic arguments would work better than christian

        • peppermint says:

          Christianity didn’t take down Rome. The welfare state, no jobs and no Roman kids, took down the empire that was once Roman.

          The original Romans had few descendants by the time the Germans were making a fortune off them. Romulus Augustulus wouldn’t build a wall. All talk, no action.

          • viking says:

            Gibbons disagrees but ill admit cases can be made either way even how to define roman. It certainly didnt help rome.
            never the less. I can assure you after twelve years of catholic education Christianity is a leftist religion. Yeah i know it has conservative elements and has had conservitive historical periods. but its a universalist [catholic] religion it teaches a live for the other theology you can never get away from that leftists have and always will use it.

    • jim says:

      Not trying to work it out.

      Have always planned to copy eighteenth century Britain and late eighteenth century very early nineteenth century Australia wholesale.

      Also, rectification of names. Australia was better than Britain in its handling of women because the authorities frankly admitted what they were doing and officially recorded what they were doing: That they were forcefully coercing women to forestall bad sexual behavior and ensure that children had fathers.

      England pretended women were genteel, and the next generation failed to get the joke, and thought that women actually were genteel.

      • Hoyos says:

        Maybe I missed that post but I would love to see an expansion on that with source material. It’s amazing how sane a lot of old laws and morals literature can be.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        This seems to be generic cultural evolution.

        Look how modern progressives have killed the Christian god while assuming that Christian ideals will endure.

        In the coming generations I suspect they will see that Christian ethics are non-obvious to people without Christian upbringings, and people are more motivated by omnipotent mind readers with lakes of fire they half-believe in, than by tepid thought police with any degree of reality.

      • Eli says:

        In Rabbinic Judaism, women are inherently immodest creatures whose modesty ought to be enforced:


        Scroll to “Female Image.” First 3 paragraphs:

        According to Midrash Rabbah, God already took the proper steps at the creation of the woman so that she would be inherently modest, but to no avail.

        When the woman was seduced by the serpent, she acquired the quality of seduction. Consequently, women effortlessly seduce men, and may themselves be easily seduced, and their modesty must be scrupulously maintained.

        The apprehensions concerning women and their sexuality intensified in the medieval period. Rabbenu Bahya ben Asher (died ca. 1340) developed the thought set forth in the Midrash: “The serpent is in close proximity [in the Torah] to the woman, because Satan was created together with her, she is the embodiment of the evil inclination, and she is easily tempted” (commentary on the Torah, Gen. 3:1). The woman’s sexual appetite is great; she possesses demonic powers, by means of which she tempts males, and even places their lives in danger.

      • viking says:

        well thats a plan at least since the post i watch the last ep of downton and when the scene where the lord goes to secretly watch his talented wife administer the local hospital board and is impressed i thought there it is. shes talented her children are grown shes too wealthy to need to tend to domestic life and so when asked to be on the board of the hospital she accepts and is self actualized her husband recognizes this and that commanding her to give it up would make for an unhappy wife.and he loves her and admires her. so he gives her permission but its 1925 and its made clear she doesnt actually need permission.we knoa where this sort of situation can lead and yet unhappy wives are a problem too yeah the guys got what at the time amount to threes lutty daughter the eldest has house guest die in her bed the middle has a bastard and the youngest runs off with the chauffeur but ironically the writers contrived all that not to teach the evils of feminism but to celebrate it. Thing is i could imagine myself allowing my wife on the hospital board even with the benifit of 100 years of hindsight. would you say im simply soft or is there some middle ground if so what. and if not how do we convert todays people into this because frankly for many women the alternative wont be pretty dinner parties

        • jim says:

          Does not matter what happens to post menopausal women who have finished raising their children. Turn them loose. They will not want to go anywhere. Women want to wander off to administer the local hospital board because they hope to meet Jeremy Meeks. If not going to meet Jeremy Meeks, would prefer to look after their husband, the father of their children.

          • viking says:

            come on jim youre a smart alpha guy which is why you know a thing or two about womens nature but i know like i you have dated many clever women that were not sluts, Morally I have no problem taking away my wifes shoes and keys but i just dont think its sustainable let alone attainable. Now living half my life in rural idaho i know much more is possible than many would suppose ther many very clever womn defer to there husbands on principle and do it willingly usually its a god thing going on as well but its culturally absorbed. but whats proposed is really much more like daesh and thats a hard sell even to me being a father of a brilliant daughter. to accept something so radical let alone women accepting it something a bit more cogent than youre a slut has to be hammered out.

  10. Dashui says:

    I know, every time I c some media story about Moslems killing their sister/ daughter for choosing her own husband I sympathize with the family because the woman is putting herself first, and will end up destroying everything.

    • Minion says:

      Even Arab Christians practice honor killings. But the West only emphasizes Muslim honor killings because they want to demonize Islam for not being liberal enough for western sensibilities

      Middle Eastern women are going full slut big time in recent years. I used to think honor killings were a barbaric custom, but given the extreme situation of female promiscuity, it is necessary to have extreme measures to ensure female chastity.

      • Irving says:

        Oddly enough, honor killing is particularly prevalent among the Kurds, much more so than the Turks and no less so than the Arabs.

        • jay says:

          Leftist memes are putting an end to that. Now the YPG has 40 women fighters. And 50% of the Kurds are confirmed pozzed given their support for gender equality.

          • Minion says:

            YPG does not represent 90% of Kurds.

            Kurds are overwhelmingly sunni Muslim, patriarchal, and conservative.

            The only time I wish ISIS luck is when they are killing communist scum

          • jay says:

            They say they are Sunni Muslim but do they support gender equality?

            I talked with a Sunni Muslim Kurd and he certainly supports women in the frontlines and believes in the goodness of gender equality.

            Just because they call themselves Sunni does not mean they act like one.

          • Minion says:

            “They say they are Sunni Muslim but do they support gender equality?”
            They are the only non-niggers who practice FGM

            “I talked with a Sunni Muslim Kurd and he certainly supports women in the frontlines and believes in the goodness of gender equality.”
            He is likely a shill. Most kurds think YPG are scum

          • jay says:

            Could you point me to any information that proves the most of the Kurds think the PKK/YPG are scum?

  11. Wrong Side of History says:

    Is Islam the next white religion?

    • GameOn says:

      If they deliver faithful wives to white men? Then yes. The problem with Islam is can’t keep a civilization going and runs out of steam the moment you run out of infidels slaves.

      • Minion says:

        “If they deliver faithful wives to white men? ”
        Many white convert men do get married to traditional Muslim women.

        “The problem with Islam is can’t keep a civilization going and runs out of steam the moment you run out of infidels slaves.”
        More accurately, when Islam runs of out white slaves. The only readily enslaveable populations in proximity to Muslim lands are black Africans.

        The Islamic world’s problems have more to do with its followers being of lower IQ races, rather than anything to do with the religion itself

        • jim says:

          It is a low IQ religion, a religion for stupid people.

          Despite being a lot more based than Christianity.

          • Irving says:

            >It is a low IQ religion, a religion for stupid people.

            Well Jim, you need to read Henry Corbin. The Islamic religion, traditionally understood, is definitely not “a religion for stupid people”.

          • Minion says:

            “It is a low IQ religion, a religion for stupid people.”
            I think you are putting the cart before the horse here. Many Muslims have low IQ, but its because of biology rather than religion.

            White converts tend to have not only high IQs, but also adhere to a high IQ Islam. For example, Hamza Yusuf (born Mark Hanson).

            Lets not pretend that Christianity is not the strongest among low IQ spics and African blacks. As whites turn to atheism, it seems that only low IQ people are left to be religious.

            “Despite being a lot more based than Christianity.”
            Indeed. Which is why its a good candidate for white conversions. It grants psychological immunity to liberal memes in a way that no other religion can.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            That’s always been my view. It’s like the Readers Digest version of Christianity. Condensed and abridged.

    • Hoyos says:

      This has been floated here and there, but no it seems highly unlikely.

      Islam has so little intellectual content compared to most world religions. Highly intelligent people convert to many religions historically ranging from Buddhism to Christianity or intellectually rigorous atheism, but Islam has nothing to offer the Western man mentally or spiritually. I don’t care if you’re a believer or not, reading the Bible versus the Koran, the Koran is jarringly incoherent. It appeals to its original audience, illiterate tribesmen.

      It’s history of polygamy destabilizes Islamic societies on a regular basis by rendering good chunks of the male population involuntarily celibate. It would exacerbate the problem we have with that now. It’s more extreme variants are basically “thug” religion; murder, looting, and rape are ok as long as it’s the “right” victim.

      • Minion says:

        “Islam has so little intellectual content compared to most world religions. ”
        It is obvious you have never actually looked into Islam.

        I recommend you listen to Hamza Yusuf or read Charlse Gai Eaton if you think there is nothing that intellectual whites will find attractive about Islam.

        ” It appeals to its original audience, illiterate tribesmen.”
        The original audience were poets, who were impressed with the Quran, even if they were not Muslims themselves.

        “It’s history of polygamy destabilizes Islamic societies on a regular basis by rendering good chunks of the male population involuntarily celibate”
        Again, you are expressing sheer ignorance of Islamic society. ALL men got married, and it was extremely unusual that a man spent his life without marriage.

        Polygamy was only practiced by a minority, and it worked, because Islam allowed divorce (freeing up married women for remarriage on a regular basis) and because war killed off surplus males to allow surviving men to have more than one wife.

        • jay says:

          However likewise it originally deprives men of wives. Which starts the cycle all over again. And via increased sexual competition over limited women lead to greater crime, social unrest and demotivated men that would not invest in society.

          Hence raids to capture booty and women that seems prevalent in the religion.

          • Minion says:

            Except that is empirically false, since men got universally married in Muslim society.

            Not sure how you get this idea that the vast majority of Muslim men were celibates or something

            • jim says:

              Not sure how you get this idea that the vast majority of Muslim men were celibates or something


          • peppermint says:

            so, does that mean that they’re importing women, exporting men, or reducing the supply of men through warfare / gangsterism?

          • Minion says:

            They did import women through slavery, historically at least. They also did reduce the supply of expendable males through war (like every large society)

            Also bear in mind that Islam allows divorce, so just because a woman is taken, does not mean she wont be available later on.

            Nowadays, surplus women can also be found among former cock carousellors, single moms, and single careerists. These women are not prime marriage material, but in a society that allows polygamy, it would be easier to turn these women into wives.

          • jay says:

            ”Except that is empirically false”

            You don’t know your own history. From the 7th century onwards Christian and other lands have been consistently raided. Do a google search or something. You will find the info.

          • Minion says:

            I am pretty sure marriage is universally observed

            “You don’t know your own history. From the 7th century onwards Christian and other lands have been consistently raided. Do a google search or something. You will find the info.”
            In no way did I deny slavery.

            Slavery is a fundamental part of Islamic society, but it has nothing to do with a shortage of women

    • Robert says:

      I have thought the same thing, but when I really dug into Islam I found it very intellectually shallow. Jesus was far far more intelligent than Muhammad. For this reason I find it hard to believe that a majority of whites will accept it.

      • peppermint says:

        Medieval Christianity became cuckstainty when the Bible was opened and Jesus was unleashed.

        There’s no way to stuff Jesus back into the Bible. Islam is going to be called misogynistic the second Whites take it up, provided, cuckstainty is still around.

        There’s only one way out, and that is national trumpism. Hail victory o/

        • Robert says:

          Below is from Matthew ch5, the are the words of Jesus.

          Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

          Jesus did not water anything down. Jesus is not the issue, it is our abandoning of him. In many ways Trump is a better Christian that Cruz.

        • Minion says:

          ” Islam is going to be called misogynistic the second Whites take it up, provided, cuckstainty is still around.”
          Which is why whites need to hurry up and convert to Islam. We need the liberals to alienate Muslims completely, since we now have a plague of Muslim feminists and exmuslims who apostated due to liberal concerns.

      • Minion says:

        “when I really dug into Islam I found it very intellectually shallow”

        How so?

    • Minion says:

      It, along with a few other conservative, patriarchal religions (eg mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc) has the capacity of keeping white fertility at above replacement.

      Ironically, the fact that Islam is being demonized on liberal grounds (eg it oppresses women, gays, atheists, etc) makes it attractive to redpilled Whites, by making whites associate Islam with un-PC levels of conservatism. In my experience, even SWPLish Muslim converts have very redpilled views on gender and sexuality, and are not afraid of calling homosexuality a sin and that women are better off as submissive housewives.

  12. jay says:

    If contained within the confines of matrimony its good. Otherwise its destructive.

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