Women drivers

Women drivers have more serious crashes than male drivers. Obviously sexism it to blame, and car manufacturers must be punished. Poor fragile women driving a car need more protection from evil men.

Strangely, the summary neglects to inform us about what happens to the passengers and cars of women drivers.

Supposedly the crashes are “comparable” – but if female crashes are comparable to male crashes, should not women passengers also have a higher injury rate than male passengers?  To ascertain whether the crashes are comparable, what we really need is data on passengers of women drivers, as compared to passengers of male drivers.

If the cause of the problem is that women are fragile, that should be easy to detect.  In an accident, males in the car would be at lower risk than females in the same car – the sex of the driver should be irrelevant.  That the problem is driver related suggests that the cause of the problem is that women tend to be terrible drivers.

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  1. Lemniscate says:

    I bet that regulations to attempt to ensure equality — or male surplus — in accident injury are on the way. That’ll be why the research was funded. They won’t mind if it increases total injuries, either, as long as they’re seen to be striving towards the noblest of goals, sexual equality.

    Also, it could plausibly be both reasons. Women are definitely more fragile: one factor may be higher bone density at all ages in men.

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