MF Global Obama

John Corzine was the US Government, in the same sense, and to the same extent, as the Occupy Wall Street protestors are the US government.  He stole his depositors money, and pissed it away, not on wine, women and song, nor on gambling on stocks nor horses, nor at the casino, nor on purchasing little boys for sexual purposes, but gambling on Greece.

You know how the occupiers demand virtue jobs at government expense?  Jon Corzine was betting on the great productivity of Greeks who have virtue jobs at government expense.

Jon Corzine is a politician, an important power in the Democratic Party, he was the Senator from New Jersey, and then became Governor of New Jersey, a rapidly rising star in the Democratic Party. When the Democrats, to everyone’s shock and amazement lost New Jersey, he was appointed chairman and CEO of MF Global Inc, by much the same people who caused him to be nominated Senator and Governor. As a politician, he sponsored Obama, Obama held a fund raiser in Jon Corzine’s home on Fifth Avenue, and as Chairman and CEO of MF Global he funded Obama – and Greece. He was expected to return to politics as soon as a post sufficiently important for a man of his stature could be found for him.

When you see photographs of Jon Corzine, they are the sort of photos a politician arranges to have taken of himself, not the sort of photos a businessman arranges to have taken of himself.

“Occupy Wall Street” are just astroturf puppets of the people who gave you the bailout, and Jon Corzine is one of the people who gave you the bailout.

MF Global recently made a bond sale with an unusual clause, saying the interest rate on the bonds would rise 1 percent if Jon Corzine ended up being appointed to a post in the Obama administration, indicating that MF Global was perceived as primarily governmental, rather than private, as what in England is called a quango, quasi governmental organization, and in most of the world, an ngo, non governmental organization – the “non” being euphemistic or ironic.

The finance system is in collapse because our ruling elite is buying up an underclass with finance system money, and it is running out.

Was Jon Corzine ordered to help out the Greeks at the expense of himself and his depositors?

Unlikely:  But the elite of which he is part has a consensus, a quite delusive consensus, and he would not have been placed in charge of other people’s money had he not shared or plausibly appeared to share those delusions in full. He was placed in charge of other people’s money because, like Angelo Mozilo appointed to Countrywide and Kerry Killinger appointed to WaMU, he was mad as a hatter.

That he gambled with his depositors money, intending to keep the profits if he won, but they would take the losses if he lost was evil.  That he gambled on Greece is insane.  No one sane bets on Greece with his own money unless someone is twisting his arm.  Thus John Corzine personally exemplifies the fact that consensus always winds up dominated by evil and madness because the sane shift, but the insane don’t shift, and the evil lie about what they believe.

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