29% of British hospital deaths murder by the state

The Liverpool Care Pathway. Which consists of heavily drugging them, and giving them no food or water. This will kill a healthy person in less than a week, and kill someone with breathing difficulties, for example an elderly person with pneumonia, in a few hours. The average life expectancy on the Liverpool Care Pathway is thirty three hours, indicating most patients were pretty healthy when it was decided to murder them.

The Liverpool Care Pathway was originally justified for treating terminal care patients, but is now routinely used for highly treatable ailments such as pneumonia, which ordinarily would only result in quite short hospital stay if actually treated.

Whenever a government makes the unfulfillable but extremely popular promise that it is going to provide everyone with all the medical care they really need, free or at affordable cost, it is planning to murder millions.

Conversely, whenever a government openly or semi openly repudiates that promise, as the Australian government did under Howard, it stops murdering people, instead sending excess patients to live or die at home. The Howard government replaced murder with extensive home care, which though expensive is less expensive than hospital care. This, of course, is always violently unpopular, because most of the electorate are women and idiots.

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  2. […] 29% of British hospital deaths murder by the state […]

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    And people wonder what China will do with its greying population.

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