Correction: Tea Party Express not wholly left entryist

Earlier I accused the Tea Party Express as being left entryist, on the basis that its emailings tend to analyze the political spectrum as Democrats, right wing Democrats, moderate republicans, and conservative republicans, language that treats the left as normality and truth, and everyone else as deviations from normality and truth.

However, emailings have recently changed that terminology, and the Tea Party Express blog always analyzed the political spectrum as liberal Democrats, Democrats, Republicans in Name Only, and true conservatives, language that does not privilege the left point of view as normal and reality, and everything else as abnormal and untrue, language that instead implies that conservatism is normal and right for republicans.

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  1. Alrenous says:

    Mad props for posting a correction.

    Slow on the uptake because I don’t have enough correction posts to practice on, and thus the habit is weak. Everyone needs to post more corrections so I can practice…

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