According to official statistics, everything is coming up roses. Inflation is way down, unemployment is way down, GDP is way up, and we are doing so much better than under the horrible horrible Trump economy.

Looking out the window of the plane from ten thousand feet as it comes in to the airport, you can see that not everything is coming up roses.

The Democrats noticed that not everyone seems impressed by the wonderful economic performance of the Biden regime and so they commissioned some push polls.

The purpose of a push poll is not to find out what the public thinks. Everyone already knows what the public thinks about the economy. It is to change what people think. The pollster asks “How do you feel about everything coming up roses and the wonderful job Biden is doing” (Perhaps I exaggerate, but not by much.)

It is the standard shill tactic of false consensus. Supposedly everyone knows and agrees things are wonderful, and the pollster wants to find out how wonderfully you are enjoying all this wonderfulness.

Presumably they were calling up normies, but the normies gave them much the same answer as they would have received on this blog. They got a thirty five percent approval rating, which in a push poll does not indicate that thirty five percent approve. It indicates that of those people the pollster called who were too polite to hang up on him and call him names, or call him names and then hang up on him, thirty five percent were too polite to say “stop pissing on me and telling me that it is raining.”

Ever since hedonic adjustment was introduced (because the statistics need to show that toilets that do not flush, clothes washing machines that do not spin, and cars made of tinfoil and plastic and held together by chewing gum are a huge improvement in the standard of living) the statistics have been improbable. And now they are rapidly getting a great deal more improbable, reaching Soviet levels of mendacity, resulting in Soviet levels of disbelief and cynicism.

We are not the voice in the wilderness. They are. They have the loudspeaker and we do not, but no one is listening.

80 Responses to “Bidenomics”

  1. Steven C. says:

    Up here in the Great White North I’ve been the recipient of “push-polls” which ask me to affirm how much I think various levels of government and private companies are effectively pushing DEI, bringing in more immigrants, moving towards a net carbon zero economy, etc. I am never allowed to indicate my opposition to such harmful nonsense in such polls. So of course it’s reported in the news media the widespread support for such things.

  2. Encelad says:

    Textbook article on this topic from the MSM,

    Summarizing, it says that people feel unhappy because prices are higher, but prices are higher because everyone has so much more money now. All these dumb Americans can easily afford to pay more, but still feel the “nostalgia” of pre-covid prices because of a faulty perception and bias.

  3. Pax Imperialis says:

    Bidenomics is a political shorthand for the mess we’re all in, and sure, the top man ultimately gets the blame, but is there anything truly Bidenesque about the economy? Other than being geriatric, low energy, and dumb. Does Biden do anything other than incoherently mutter word salad? It’s clear things are being run on autopilot by a substantial faction of Obama/Cathedral apparatchik spread throughout a myriad of alphabet agencies. Why even allow him to be around Xi? You’d think they’d have figured out it’s best to keep him secluded as president just as he was as candidate.

  4. A2 says:

    The Financial Times referenced a poll across the political spectrum where a mere 14% of respondents considered themselves better off with the Bidenomics of the last few years.

  5. S says:

    News of the day, but important- Sam Altman has been fired from OpenAI.

    I suspected knives out as the genie got more real and the escalating hype fits with ‘power struggle’. Any other ideas?

    • jim says:

      Sam Altman is responsible for WorldCoin, which is the ultimate anti privacy crypto currency, an attempt to give effect to the prophecy of the beast.

      But the beast has seven heads, and there is a whole lot of power in global scrutiny of global transactions, so quarrels are inevitable, and such quarrels are a major factor in the current drift to world war three.

      He is a very bad man who was reaching out for very great and very evil power, and likely his firing has something to do with other evil people wanting that power, and not wanting him to take away their power.

      There is potentially a whole lot of power in AI, but right now power over international transactions is what is spilling a whole lot of blood. Or maybe this forshadows blood being spilled over AI. But worldcoin looks like a more likely suspect to me.

    • MuskFan says:

      e/acc vs safetyists

      • MuskFan says:

        Follow @BasedBeffJezos on twitter who’s been sharing with what went down.

      • eacc v safos v etc says:

        There is a massive global battle for power and control over newly discovered greenfields going on right now, same as the battles over newly discovered physical lands before.
        For the moment it’s largely not gone WWIII or Assassinatory yet, still being confined to and among the Boardrooms and their Alliances with Shadow Govts of Govts, the Deep States, and the GloboHomos… but it’s getting there, with each generational announcement.
        It on a meta level far above the Worldcoin and CBDC Control of Transactional Power issue.
        AI, and its relative Quantum Computing, is what’s being fought over, as well as who will get to continue running therein the Regimes of PsyOP Messaging, Censorship, and Mass Global Spying that feeds into their Predictive Advance Notice Engines so that they can Maintain Power Forever.
        It’s being fought over by Evil People Inspired and Consumed by Satan.
        These People and Gov-aligneds are deathly afraid of losing Power, of being assraped by transformational speed of change of power alone. They are wielding ever more dangerous methods to manage what their legacy mushminds can no longer compute solutions to.
        That is why WWIII and Assassinations and Destruction and Total Authority Regimes are going to become a thing very soon, It’s the only way they know to maintain Evil legacy control and power. And it’s also why they want Hypersonics and Orbital Impactors so badly… they view them as another form of Untraceable Anonymous Assassin.

        We do grant that there is indeed an separate group of AI-QCs who are Actual Altruists (not Effective and Corrupt like SBF) to the Human Cause, who do not seek power, and only seek advancement and to Get Off the Rock. They are currently a smaller less funded force, but they are opensource so they can benefit from other Freedom Forces (such as the OG cryptos, AnCaps, Agora, etc) joining with them at all levels of Action and Ideology, P2P around the world. And believe it or not, these Open Forces do know how to Assassinate Evil, it’s just a simple matter of them deciding to roll out the game. So in the end, Human Freedom can and will win. All you need to do is recognize and disavow the Evil quest for power that they Programmed into you from young school age, and acknowledge that Authority has no right over you, nor over anyone else, ever. From there, every Thought and Action of yours will naturally be one of Freedom, a Network State of Freedom… and that applied will cause the Evils above to fall.

        Freedom Requires Your Action,
        else Evil will be the only one acting.

        • S says:

          Once you have functioning AI, you don’t need human allies.

          • Fidelis says:

            Misunderstanding the telos of AI. An equivalent statement is “once you have functioning guns, you don’t need human allies”.

            The current tech is non-agentic, and cannot be so without ultimately succumbing to principal-agent dilemmas. Once your AI has a will, it is no longer a tool. If your AI is a very capable tool, as all such creations that have recently broken into broader consciousness are, others may weild this tool.

    • A2 says:

      Official explanation: lied to the board of directors; raises some questions of course.

      Unofficial chaser: strange relations with his little sister (who does seem more than a bit bonkers, and not in a cute way).

      • S says:

        I’ve heard of those as well, but they don’t match the suddenness, lack of further communication from the board or demoting his ally.

        • Your Uncle Bob says:

          I assume the sister allegations are true, while the timing of their publicization has nothing to do with her, everything to do with intra-elite power struggling. Any cudgel in a boardroom fight.

          I can’t prove the former of course, nor am I particularly invested in it, but compare to the Biden family, the Podesta brothers, and other hints about other elites, and it’s not unlikely.

          • A2 says:

            When the dust has settled, it looks like the AI Safety nerds tried an idealistic coup to get OpenAI back on track but nobody, from Nadella down to the great majority of employees, would have it. Might mean AI Safety itself is implicitly finished, as one might expect.

            Personally, judging from phyz, I wouldn’t buy a used car from Sam Altman. But disregarding that little issue, who knows which side was right? (AI Safety as a field seemed packed with griefers and grifters. Did it get anywhere? “Bomb the data centers”?)

            • jim says:

              There is a letter floating around allegedly from the OpenAI employees who were worried that ChatGPT would be insufficiently woke. They considered in more urgent that ChatGPT would be woke, and Singulatarians considered it more urgent that it should be smart.

              • A2 says:

                There were 70 employees (10%) who did not threaten to quit. Perhaps the letter originated from there? I’d say the singularitarians won this battle handily. Support for AI Safety at OpenAI was a mile wide and an inch deep.

    • Zorost says:

      Pretty good article on it here, with some guesses:

      Spoiler alert: it’s shitlibs and Karens.

      • jim says:

        Sam Altman is as shitlib as anyone, but is a singularitarian who is alarmingly comfortable with humans becoming obsolete — and he must have been unhappy with the brain damage resulting from the Karens lobotomizing ChatGPT.

  6. Aidan says:

    Just saw a mainstream media piece claiming that we’re in for deflation. Lmao. “The cost of living is cheaper than ever before comrade”

  7. notglowing says:

    This might be as close as we’ll ever get to an official end for the covid jab religion.

    Correcting the record? Rescinding the ostracism? Chuds won after all. But for what, dying in the desert?

    • notglowing says:


      to an official end for the covid jab religion

    • jim says:

      There is a massive hostile reaction to this: “You persecuted us, and now that you want us to die in the desert for some Jews thousands of miles away, you announce you will stop persecuting us”

      Though Jews were not really to blame for the persecution of those who failed to worship the Covid Demon. They were, however, to blame for a whole lot of other stuff, like the anti white anti straight anti male army ad campaigns that have suddenly stopped being anti white, anti straight, and anti male.

      Jews are not to blame for every evil, and anyone who thinks that they are has Jews living rent free in brain. But there is massive Jewish over-representation in all sorts of evils, and since the sudden cessation of much demonization of whites, straights, and Christians is obviously a result of the desire that whites, straights, and Christians should die for Jews thousands of miles away, everyone is now focused on evils for which they are plausibly responsible.

      • The Cominator says:

        Jews are middlemen many not innocent but not the originators or planners of these evils. That they are to go under the bus as they have many times before is probably all per the Jesuit plan…

        The actual target of the war will be Russia and maybe China not the Middle East this time…

      • gaikokumaniakku says:

        >Jews are not to blame for every evil, and anyone who thinks that they are has Jews living rent free in brain. But there is massive Jewish over-representation in all sorts of evils,

        Quite a few narcissistic psychopaths turn out to be white European-descended men with no detectable non-Euro ancestry. The problem is that a pure non-Jewish white is often creative enough to invent a totally new form of evil, and then the worst psychopaths among the non-white races compete for a chance to out-do whites in the evils created by the worst whites. I think Tolkien had a line about how evil can only distort, but never create. With due respect to Tolkien, I think evil whites can be very innovative in creating new evils. But then non-whites take the initial evil idea and optimize it for maximum evil output.

  8. i says:

    Do you think the US Gov has taken over the internet by this measure?

    • jim says:

      It is certainly thinking about doing so. But lacks the basic necessary competence.

      The internet can be disrupted, severely disrupted. But taking it over is not as easy as it sounds.

  9. Vlad says:

    Clown worlds got a real problem with debt and dollars it’s really close to 100 trillion debt and doesn’t seem to give them slightest pause in deficits continuing
    But no one wants our debt even at good rates that Jew at treasury should have re fixed the whole thing at 0% 50 year bonds while Europe was negative but guess plan is collapse. Hes going to try and cut rates soon to save economy and govt default but bond vigilantes are not going to stand for that if he does anyway feds going to have to keep printing to keep buying that’s death spiral china Russia etc have been waiting and preparing for this god knows how much gold they have as well as other plans if fed repegs which would be sane and honest move gold goes to maybe 25k that’s what’s with all this ww3 bs and all the mass formation they want to survive a dollar collapse that’s not going to happen they are already incapable of well anything and forcing the shit they will try to force post collapse will make them laughingstock but sadly no one has a plan in place just talk about kings w crypto locked pay toilets

    • jim says:


      He is of the Thermidorian faction, and is trying to save the US dollar and the US economy. Unfortunately the Thermidorean faction does not think past the bullet points in the next power point presentation, so he is only saving the US dollar and the US economy one power point presentation at a time, so it is still on course for destruction after several more power point presentations on how everything is going great.

      It is not a clever plot. Just acute myopia.

  10. Djinn says:

    “Ever since hedonic adjustment was introduced (because the statistics need to show that toilets that do not flush, clothes washing machines that do not spin, and cars made of tinfoil and plastic and held together by chewing gum are a huge improvement in the standard of living)”

    Related question: how hard do consumer review sites lie?

    What is the delta between, say, what journalists say is high quality and what is high quality.

    Let’s start with this.

    Who, in your experience and that of the experience of people you know directly, makes the best:



    Washing machines


  11. Calvin says:

    Imo, the funniest part is the way the regime seems absolutely determined to start World War III somewhere, anywhere, at the same time as it cannot even replenish its own stocks of bullets and bombs, let alone the more advanced stuff. It reminds me of the Khmer Rouge poking Vietnam in the eye over and over again, in spite of being both outnumbered and outmatched to a frankly hilarious degree.

    • The Cominator says:

      As I like to say Biden is not quite as bad as Pol Pot.

      • jim says:

        Less bad, but worse detached from reality.

        Pol Pot was detached from reality and applied the total war solution to everything, including getting a cup of coffee.

        Biden is detached from reality and applies the soft power, point deer make horse, and bribery solution to everything, including total war.

        Which, however, leads to him heading off into World War III unconcerned by US capability to make guns, shells, and rockets.

        Pol Pot wound up at war with Vietnam, because he inappropriately applied the war solution to everything, pissing off Vietnam.

        Biden is likely to wind up at World War III because he regards it as a messaging event.

        • The Cominator says:

          Hes quite willing to apply the total war solution to say January 6th protesters as much as he possibly can…

          • alf says:

            He’s not executing them. Biden and his handlers live in a world where a man in a judicial robe outranks a man in military uniform.

          • Calvin says:

            Total war? Have you seen then video of the FBI strike team they sent to New Jersey after that one January 6th guy? Who proceeded to escape by walking out the back door, which they had left totally uncovered?

            Might as well have been playing Yakety Sax the whole time.

    • Zorost says:

      WW3 would give us a hope of a real reset, even if we have to start back at the Neolithic. Which means it is unlikely, since if it wasn’t for bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all.

      My read is that a Cold War or at least Lukewarm War is a Schelling Point for both China and the USA. It would help both of group of elites with the problems they have with those pesky peasants getting uppity, as well as the economic shenanigans both have been playing. This is assuming there isn’t already an actual verbal agreement between them, which isn’t outside the realm of possibility, since there has been quite a bit of our elites in a quid pro quo with China.


      “The troubled son of Joe Biden still holds a 10% equity stake in Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company, according to Chinese business records. Hunter Biden has reportedly been under criminal investigation as far back as 2018 as federal authorities scrutinize his taxes and potentially his foreign business dealings, and the 51-year-old’s financial transactions with China might be at the forefront.”

      “In 2016, an investment firm founded by Hunter Biden with several Chinese partners was cut into a complex $3.8 billion transaction that transferred 80 percent of Congo’s Tenke Fungurum mine from an American company to Beijing-backed China Molybdenum.

      President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden’s father, was the sitting vice president when the deal was struck.

      The mine is one of the world’s largest sources of cobalt — and China’s control of the mineral “presents a critical vulnerability to the future of the U.S. domestic auto industry,” Biden’s White House reported in June.”

      BHR has invested in China’s EV battery manufacturer, which would profit greatly from US EV vehicle mandates. Such as those Biden is pushing. It also would benefit from China gaining access to large sources of rare earths, such as are found in Afghanistan…

      • S says:

        America’s elites are in bed with everyone. The problem with a cold war is that means a Chinese victory, hence the pro-war faction. Of course the maniacs are running into the issue that waging war on China, Russia and Iran simultaneously is insane. Either way the America Empire dies, but fighting kills more people, so that is the choice they will pick.

        • Zorost says:

          Cold War by definition means no one wins for a long time, especially since it would be in both sides’ interests to maintain the facade. ColdWar1 had the US propping up the USSR for just this reason.

          Our empire is nowhere near collapse. Furthermore, “collapse” only means a breakup split along existing power structures. We have no power structure. So all a collapse would mean is a few shitty clown world nations where before there was 1 shitty clown world nation. With us peasants likely being in even worse shape than before the break-up.

          “collapse = mad max = freedoms and utopia for the right!” is a cope as retarded as Q.

          • The Cominator says:

            “Our empire is nowhere near collapse. ”

            Hard to tell but there is a late Soviet Union feeling here…

          • jim says:

            > Our empire is nowhere near collapse

            I called the Soviet Union as near collapse in 1984, just before Gorbachev came to power. Looks to me that our collapse is considerably closer than theirs was.

            If we are lucky, our collapse will be as bloodless as theirs was. The breath of Glasnost in the air over the last few days hints at the possibility of a collapse less bloody and terrible than the one I have long predicted.

            • The Cominator says:

              When do you predict our collapse?

              The thing that made me think we’re really near is that they couldn’t even produce Marine camo uniforms on time.

      • Calvin says:

        America isn’t agreement capable, even if the politicians were inclined to stay bribed, which they are not. It is very obvious that a very large number of factions are drifting towards World War III, and the disagreements often come down to who to target first.

        Even if they weren’t, China’s obliteration of its own demographics ensures that it’s in a use it or lose it position with its military. Birth rate was an utterly anemic 1.09 last year, and that’s taking their state media completely at their word.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          This global “birth gap” is about quality as well as quantity. Each generation is not only 30-50% smaller than the one before it, but uglier and stupider as well, because beautiful, talented women are more likely to get on the career track and suddenly find themselves 40 and alone.

          Some of these cat ladies possess a certain beauty and clever wit that is absent in younger women; I’d marry one if my genetic survival were already secured. “You, minus thirty years, would be my ideal wife.” I said it and meant it.

  12. The Cominator says:

    But but the reliable sources all told me that under Biden the choco rations had increased from 30 grams to 20 grams.

    • Hesiod says:

      It may be time for the periodic reading of 1984 starting when Winston and Julia get nabbed in their love nest. I do this not only due to being a weirdo, but also as a reminder of O’Brien’s edifications on power and its exercise. Classic dystopian literature that might warrant a comparison with Lewis’ That Hideous Strength in terms of apocalyptic vision of Cathedral rule. Orwell’s secularism contrasts nicely with Lewis’ Christianity.

  13. Not Me says:

    A trick as old as time, Orbán does it all the time, too.

  14. alf says:

    > Checks in on mainstream media
    > “unemployment dropping”
    > “Ukraine economy recovering”
    > “inflation stabilizing”
    > OK that’s enough mainstream media.

  15. Mister Grumpus says:

    Speaking of fakeness. Off topic but only sorta:

    How long do I have to believe that I’m actually reading this website, and not some FNG skinsuit that’s somehow auto-LLM’ed for me with every HTTP or DNS request?

    • jim says:

      To my astonishment, the internet governing bodies are digging in their heels against splinternet. For how long is hard to tell.

      I am working on something to address that problem, but it is far from ready, I don’t even want other people to look at it and make contributions until the most of the basic skeleton is in place, till you can look at it and figure out where the features that would actually make it useful and usable would go.

      And other people are making steps in the same direction – they may well get to someplace useful before I do.

      IPFS and freenet are too vulnerable to enemy action. If the environment was so hostile that I could not blog on a site like this, it would be too hostile for them to continue functioning, but IPFS could right now support a blog on an IPFS address – which would be rather user unfriendly, which user interface issue is my core interest and concern. Aside from vulnerability to enemy action, freenet and IPFS are just not that usable.

      Bitmessage has the similar UI problems, though considerably better resistance to enemy action, and is abandonware dying of bitrot. Also should be integrated with IPFS or freenet. It needs to be replaced with a something that does the same things in a more up to date fashion, and freenet needs to be hardened against enemy action. Freenet, like PGP, was written for a world sufficiently civilized, generous, trusting, and trustworthy, that freenet and pgp were unnecessary. Their threat models are obsolete.

      • CJDNS P2P Layer0 says:

        It’s called CJDNS or any other P2P Meshnet routing,
        over physical P2P Fiber and RadioRF nodes, all
        of which you own, not some company or govt.

        • jim says:

          CJDNS, like Freenet, has a DHT that is unacceptably vunerable to enemy action.

          But the real problem is that government owned and big tech owned routing is everywhere. Cold start problem.

        • jim says:

          Routing is a hard problem

          The CJDNS solution is apt to route a packet that is going from your desktop to your basement six times around the world, with three of the intermediate links being severely congested and dropping almost all packets.

          • Routes to Freedom says:

            There is no cold start problem.
            The “problem” is solely in your head, a matter of closemindedness do nothingness.

            1) Come up with and post a spec for the nodes
            2) Start deploying them, starting with your node,
            and all who will join you, tunnel them together
            at first if you can’t reach each other over your L0 yet.

            Who said CJDNS, he said “or any other routing”.

            Tor is already 3x and 6x, works well enough, but
            runs over and depends upon fully owned, compromised,
            foolishly trusted, and censored Govt Corporate Internet.
            That’s suicide for freedom.

            So fuck yes I’ll take 6x in return for a private unowned-P2P L0.

            You must own your own L0 to your neighbors who do the same, and so on all across the world. Kick the Govt Corporate L0, and their monthly extraction of your wealth into coffers they use to abuse you even more, to the dusbin of history.

            • jim says:

              This is unresponsive, but allowing it through because you are on the side of the angels. But the angels find people like you a useless pain in the neck and would prefer them to be on the other side.

              Read up on the cold start problem and Metcalf’s law

              > Come up with and post a spec for the nodes

              Routing is a hard problem. You don’t just need a spec, which is easy, you need rough working code, which is a very very big job.

              Here is a spec, or rather, not a spec, but an outline of the problems the spec would need to address. How about you do the code. I am not going to try until someone comes up with a strategy for overcoming the cold start problem

              Each node has a CJDNS type identifier – the CJDNS identity algorithm is good.

              Each node knows everything about the nodes in its immediate neighborhood, and does A* routing for those nodes.

              For nodes not in its immediate neighborhood, it does ACO routing. Which requires a decentralized mechanism that provides the ACO smell for every node connected to the network. Which hits the scaling problems that CJDNS cheerfuly avoids. Which scaling problem you can in principle avoid by sharding. Which is another very hard problem, which requires a second layer, as the domain name system is a layer on top of IP routing, and the lightning layer is a layer on top of bitcoin. To scale the routing problem, you need to divide the network into subnetworks, which is another well known hard problem.

              The problem with CJDNS is that it does Kademlia style routing, which is unacceptable in this problem domain, but worst of all, the routes are dreadful. It simply lacks most of the functionality needed to make it useful, because implementing that functionality is a huge amount of work. You are keen on this, you do it.

            • jim says:

              I am not going to allow through further unresponsive responses on this topic.

              A response will be allowed if it shows the commentator has read about the cold start problem and knows what it is, and has read about the routing problem and knows what it is.

              But I am not going to allow any further technical stuff on this topic from people who give absolutely no indication of knowing anything about the relevant technologies. Nothing you have said gives any indication that you have ever even heard of Cold Start, A*, or ACO.

      • Vlad says:

        What about moldbergs thing I bought a couple stars galaxies? But honestly been hoping it got simpler before I need it. From their updates they think it has but still runes to me
        Is it ever really going to be hardened anon internet property seems like faggots running it now

        • jim says:

          Yep, whosoever buddies with ether gets assimilated. I said that was going to happen, and it happened.

          • Vlad says:

            Seems like my btc is also at least trackable at some point they’re going to make you prove you still control your coins or tax you

            • jim says:

              Use, and understand, sparrow wallet.

              I used to recommend wasabi wallet, but enemies got to them. Every crypto project comes under entryist attack.

              If you start up sparrow wallet with same master secrets as wasabi wallet, it can find your bitcoins.

              • Isaac says:

                Any more info about what happened to wasabi wallet? Is this correlated with the dumbed down UI that they launched a year ago?

                • jim says:

                  Yes. Dumbed down UI conceals what it is doing, and what it is doing has subtle holes in it.

                • CoinPrivacy Samourai CEX DEX says:

                  Wasabi partnered with chainalysis companies to blacklist utxo’s, among other probs and vulns that can all be searched for.

                  Most people moved to Samourai.

                  Don’t know if Samourai is still the leading wallet for privacy mixing.

                  Nor what the actual whitepaper names of the best underlying mixing protocols are these days.

                  Chainalysis is a big thing at the exchanges now.
                  And with the Pols just lying and gone full retard last month into new FINCEN regs over manufactured terrorist FUD…
                  You probably don’t want your protocol to even look like mixing at all.
                  And to follow a guise excuse of life practice of coin moving and updating for personal privacy and fun.

                  All that bullshit obviously doesn’t apply to privacy coins.
                  So you need to create and promote and use privacy coins
                  and get off this stupid transparency meme that you allowed the
                  Anti’s and GloboHomos and BTC Maxi-AXA-Fiat-Feds to spell you with.
                  OG punks were 100% all about privacy, till they got rich and dropped
                  off the scene, and were extorted by Govts with dirt into shutting
                  up about privacy. Almost literally no one is speaking at major
                  conferences anymore about privacy… McAfee was the last good
                  one and they $WHACKD him for it. Non-privacy has been done
                  already, so these days anyone developing a non-privacy-capable
                  coin should be treated with suspicion as to why the fuck they’re
                  still trying to fuck you over with non-privacy.

                  You need to create and deploy CEX exchanges on onion’s i2p’s, etc.
                  You need to create and deploy DEX’s too on all those darknets too.

                  That way you can migrate to better coins over time,
                  and never have to exit to or through the surface.

                  And last, you absolutely must spend whatever your favorite
                  coins are out in your communities, on the socials, etc.
                  It’s called P2P adoption, if you don’t, the whole grand experiment fails.

          • Humble Acolyte says:

            Are their any particular technical changes to Urbit since your last post that you object to?

            • jim says:

              Have not been following it all that closely. Once you are in bed with enemies, technical changes will only be for the worse.

              Look at what happened to Polkadot. They got one hundred and forty million dollars from investors to develop a blockchain technology.

              But for their blockchains to be worth anything, they needed to implement atomic exchange with bitcoin and lightning. They struggled to do it for years, and though it is not a very difficult problem at all, were unable to do it. Politics got in the way.

              “Oh,no, if we implement the obvious, simple, and straightforward solution then mumble mumble mumble” (something that cannot be said, or even thought)

              The obstacle was that they wanted to do it in way that stuck the oar of the quasi governental institutions in the middle.

      • notglowing says:

        IPFS is quite usable and useful, but it’s only one component of a system.
        By itself, you can’t do much with it. Considerable amounts of additional infrastructure are necessary combined with IPFS’s content routing to create a functioning public communication platform that is resilient against attacks.

        I’ve been contemplating this problem for a long time. But my solution is not ready.

        • jim says:


          There is a lot to be accomplished, and information wants to be free, but programmers want to be paid.

          I have a strategy for solving the payment problem.

  16. Pax Imperialis says:

    toilets that do not flush, clothes washing machines that do not spin, and cars made of tinfoil and plastic and held together by chewing gum

    Annoying, but all tolerable to a large extent. The food situation though is much less so.

    I’ve noticed typical fast food burgers no longer taste much of anything.

    • skippy says:

      A few “third world” countries still have National Capitalism, and, in these countries, meat remains cheap.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        It’s pretty clear much of the “beef” in restaurants, especially fast food joints, is increasingly full of filler. Most readily available preprocessed food items are noticeably lower quality. Previously, my favorite brand of beer battered cod, when oven baked, would leave just a thin film of oil on the baking sheet directly underneath the fish. Now it excretes so much oil that the baking sheet gets flooded. Less fish, more cheap oil. So much oil that the breading does hold enough to soak up malt vinegar. The “whole wheat” sandwich bread I used to buy is now twice the cost but now tastes like they poured some kind of artificial sweetener into it and has an unpleasant gummy texture even when toasted, yet somehow it has less calories per slice. Many store bought cheeses just don’t have that savory cheese taste either, especially pre-sliced sandwich cheeses which now have 10-20% less overall calories. They clearly fucked around with the fat content. Ok, fine, I decided to cook everything myself, except then I found out sourcing basics like hard red wheat flour that contains no filler is much more expensive. More recently I’ve noticed that fresh produce just isn’t as fresh as it used to be, and that there’s a lot more tolerance for spoilage on the shelves these days.

        I could go on and on and on, the examples are too numerous. Shrinkflation+debasement is abundantly clear in the food supply, and while Whole Foods/imports/craft food still tastes like Whole Foods/imports/craft food, it went from inconveniently expensive to terribly expensive. Still affordable for the ‘upper middle class’, but everyone lower class is definitely not having a good time. So while

        Soviet levels of mendacity, resulting in Soviet levels of disbelief and cynicism.

        was a major problem in the Soviet Union, but I suspect shit cars, shit TV, shit cloths, shit etc could all be tolerated, but shit food could not. Especially not the debasement of Doktorskaya kolbasa.

        the quality of sausages was to deteriorate. The feed cows and pigs started adding fish waste, sausage beginning to smell “the sea.” This mockery of the recipe “Doctor” sausage began in the 70s. The lack of high-quality meat in the Soviet Union led to the fact that the sausage began to add a variety of additional products, the most popular at the time was soybeans. Next on the long-suffering “Doctor’s” sausage began to be added carrageenan (Irish moss), and from it made “carrageenans” – thickeners, artificial food additives. It is also rumored that the “Doctor’s” sausage during perestroika added toilet paper. You can not even imagine how distorted was the original flavor of the product.

        Well, that’s how Pizza-hut and McDonald’s ended up conquering Russia.

        Perhaps when Vkusno i Tochka comes to America you’ll know the nightmare is over.

        Look at the people in Tochka. It looks like what Americans eating at McDonald’s used to look like in the 70s-90s. Family friendly, clean, polite, no bums, no tats.

        • skippy says:

          “was a major problem in the Soviet Union, but I suspect shit cars, shit TV, shit cloths, shit etc could all be tolerated, but shit food could not. Especially not the debasement of Doktorskaya kolbasa.”

          In USSR, Moscow (dependent on internal imports) had shit foot, rural (warm) South good and plentiful.

          • jim says:

            Plentiful because Stalin allowed the workers to feed themselves (private small scale plots. Eating through market mechanisms was inoperative.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:


          I’m sure that many such conversations took place, but not inside Pizza Hut, because people who pined for the Soviet Union were struggling to survive on a monthly income that would buy one pizza. Gorbachev himself was in dire poverty until Pizza Hut paid him to do this ad.

          • jim says:

            What happened in Russia following the fall of the Soviet Union is that, unlike Deng who imported modern corporate capitalism from Hong Kong, Yeltzin imported postmodern capitalism from Washington and Harvard.

            Which was in practice carryon baggers looting the place. Ten thousand Hunter Bidens.

            Russia is doing rather well under sanctions because sanctions led to the final cleanup of postmodern capitalism in Russia. Putin is still far too socialist, but at least the place is now being looted by Russians, rather than Americans. As I said before, they had national capitalism imposed on them from outside.

            Putin was reluctant to fully cleanup postmodern capitalism, because he wanted a seat at the western table, and because of his socialist tendencies, but in the end, was cleaned up for him.

            • Zorost says:

              “Yeltzin imported postmodern capitalism from Washington and Harvard.”

              More like Tel Aviv. Many of those “Russian” oligarchs had some odd names before they russified them after arriving in the country.

              • skippy says:

                The first round of oligarchs was >80% Jewish per their wiki articles.

                Later/current “oligarchs” are a different phenomenon.

                The late USSR tried to implement a pseudo-Friedmanite Socialist Capitalism. So, for example, workers got the shares in their factories. The shares then collapsed in value, because the factories were mostly misconceived to start with, people sold the shares to buy food, and a handful of Jews ended up owning all the shares.

  17. Publius says:

    People can delude themselves about the world for a surprisingly long time before the chickens come home to roost. Delusion starts innocent and over a few years graduates into full fledged narrative control. It’s the same as it’s always been.

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