Thermidor begins

I have been smelling a Thermidor in the wind for some time, but expected it to begin with the removal, possibly the lethal removal, of some of the people pulling Biden’s strings. This may have happened in a nonlethal fashion, or perhaps they all changed their minds simultaneously. Whatever happened was less visible than I expected. Are all the usual Biden handlers still to be found?

Hamas attacked Israel. Suddenly the usual suspects decided that they needed some white straight Christian males to die in the next forever war on the desert sands several thousand miles from home for people who hate them, and noticed that the unrelenting hatred and state sponsored violence against those demographics was having a noticeable effect on recruiting. So the word went out to cut it out, at least in army recruiting videos.

The reaction was not gratitude, but an outpouring of long repressed and long silenced outrage. And suddenly the censorship regime is in full retreat, with message handlers in high places pissing on each other and defecting against each other. Those in power are unsure what to do, which uncertainty means that what the official line should be is uncertain. Which uncertainty is manifesting in public fights, rather than being quietly settled behind the scenes as usual.

Power in the Cathedral is far more concentrated and less distributed than it pretends to be, but it is sufficiently distributed that the always difficult maneuver of retreat under fire is very difficult indeed.

Plus, the huge number of Mohammedans the Jews have imported to use against whites and Christians is now biting them. The shills are always correctly pointing out that alliance between Christians and Mohammedans against the demon worshippers is likely to end in the Muslims stabbing everyone in the back. How did the Jews think the Jewish Mohammedans alliance against whites and Christians was going to end? The Jewish left is telling the brown left to keep the Muslims in line, and the brown left is telling the Jewish left that they don’t like Jews any more than they like whites. All that race baiting and race mongering is coming back to bite them. If it is horribly racist to notice or care about whites being killed by browns, then it is racist to notice or care about Jews being killed. The brown left is being consistent, and the more consistent faction always wins the internal struggle.

The empire is in external retreat in its far flung distant provinces, and wanted few more forever wars to hold the line. So it decided to freeze the conflict with legacy Americans. That internal conflict has so far declined to freeze. the external shooting war in the Ukraine is unlikely to freeze. Conflict in the middle east is still only a little above frozen conflict levels, but will not necessarily remain so.

This is starting to look a little like a Gorbachev event. I was expecting conflicts within the elite to eventually be resolved lethally, but this is looking more like what happens when the ruling faith is walking dead as in Soviet Union or Monk’s England Perhaps going out too far on a limb on point deer make horse, followed by the abrupt swing to Covid, and the equally abrupt swing to RussiaRussiaRussia, plus the astonishing wealth that has accrued to Fauci personally and to the medical industrial complex, has caused too much quiet cynicism within the elite.

The weaponization of the judiciary and the abandonment of free elections could only be carried out by those whose faith was pure. Their faith does not seem to be all that pure. This weakness unlikely to lead to judicial neutrality or fair elections, but is likely to lead to everyone openly noticing that elections are over and the judiciary are the criminals.

What happens next? Well. I have no idea what specifically will happen, but retreat under fire is difficult and only gets more difficult, and stuffing chaos back in the bottle is difficult at the best of times, and gets more difficult during a retreat under fire.

The new abnormal is has been getting ever more abnormal ever faster for decades, but always only in one direction, ever lefter, though which direction was leftwards has been radically redefined at ever shorter intervals. But this change is not in the direction of ever lefter. I think the chance it will be in the direction of normality is remote, but I have just been proven wrong about one thing. I thought the ruling faith was more sincerely held than it was, though the abrupt changes in direction over the past few years should have caused me doubt. Perhaps I will be wrong about another. I hope I am.

There is obviously a substantial faction among the ruling elite that, looking at the present crisis, wants to go back to the recent abnormal, wants a controlled retreat to the way things were. Were when? They seem to have a problem agreeing on that.

The reason that Biden was installed is that they were unable to agree on a leader, so they put him in as placeholder. They now need a leader urgently, but seem even less able to agree.

Now it would be very nice if they decided to let elections take their natural course – which would lead to an unprecedented Trump landslide, a radical purge of the rinos, and a two party system in place of the uniparty system. Would not result, however, in a judiciary that anyone is likely to respect, nor in a civil service capable of finding its rear with both hands. The latter are problems that require a strong and competent King, followed by a strong and competent son of that King.

I don’t think that an orderly retreat to free and fair elections is on the cards. What they might attempt instead is a partial retreat a little way in that direction. Which is as likely to get out of control as any retreat. Which is likely to result in one fair and free election once.

But then, there are lots of things they might do. The worst case outcome for us is that they abandon empire beyond the seas and instead fully focus on crushing their enemies at home. One obstacle to this that the reason they were have long been so comfortable in destroying American cities and industry is that the wealth of the elite comes from creaming off gravy of external empire. So an inwards focus means a whole lot of the elite suddenly become a whole lot worse off financially. America becomes Venezuela.

I have long bemoaned the fact we are mighty short on potential Caesars. But chaos and the unexpected will continue to happen until a strong leader appears and takes great power into his own hands, and our enemies so far appear mighty hard up for strong leaders also.

Expect the unexpected, and prepare for interesting times. The breath of Glasnost in the air over the last few days hints at the possibility of a collapse less bloody and terrible than the one I have long predicted.

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  1. Andrew Anglin says:


    Ireland: Bangladeshi Local Politician Says Anti-Invader Rioters Should be Killed

    Abul Kalam Azad Talukder, Limerick councillor for the appropriately named Fianna Fáil party

    Why did Ireland let all of these foreigners take over their country?

    We need to make Conor McGregor the king of Ireland, and he needs to cleanse the filth.

    We have no choice.

    Conor already said that if he can’t be elected, he is going to seize power. This should be very easy.

    People support Conor. He just declares a march, and the people will march.


    A Muslim councilor in Ireland has called for activists who rioted in Dublin last week after three children were stabbed by an Algerian migrant to be executed.

    Azad Talukder, a councilor in Limerick for the co-governing Fianna Fáil party, made the remarks during a council meeting held on Monday where the civil unrest in the Irish capital was discussed.

    How is this even real?

    “I strongly believe that this is not the face of Ireland. This is just some criminals looting the shops. I don’t think they follow any ideological purpose. They come to the streets and just rob. They should get punishment,” Talukder, originally from Bangladesh, told colleagues as cited by the Limerick Post.

    “Not even an animal does this kind of thing,” he said, not in reference to the migrant who slaughtered three children and a female carer who sought to intervene in the massacre, but to the outraged protesters who took to the streets following the attack.

    He moved to Ireland in 2000

    “It is very shameful and they should get public punishment. I’d like to see them shot in the head or bring the public in and beat them until they die,” Talukder added.

    Holy shit.

    His remarks were leaped upon by fellow council members including Labour Party councilor Conor Sheehan who demanded he withdraw the inflammatory comments immediately.

    “Okay, I can withdraw that. I just put my emotion only. I hope Conor Sheehan understands that is only an expression of my emotion,” he added.

    Considerable condemnation has been afforded by politicians of the public response to the heinous attack outside a primary school in Dublin last Thursday with Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar leading the criticism of what he regarded as people acting not out of patriotism but “hate”.

    Varadkar doubled down on his administration’s commitment to its liberal migration policy in a speech the day after the attack, telling reporters that Ireland would be a “vastly inferior” place without immigrants.

    What does it mean when people say this?

    What is better because of immigrants?

    No one can say.

    He seems to speak whatever this is better than English

    • Karl says:

      We need to make Conor McGregor the king of Ireland,…

      Who is this “we”? Why Conor McGregor?

      Now I’m all for a king in Ireland who cleans the filth, but a king is made by a bishop. Before the crowning the king is either a son of king (we lack those) or a leader of group of warriors. So before a king can be made, the future king first has to make himself a successful leader of men in a war.

      We also lack bishops. So maybe Ireland can get a king according to the old testament. Then we’d only need a prophet who anoints the future king. The anointed man would still have to lead men successfully in battle to claim his throne.

      I’m neither a bishop nor a prophet. What do you want your readers to do?

      • A.B Prosper says:

        A kingship has to start somewhere and many time local hero’s and warlord became Irish kings . Also Ireland isn’t really Catholic now. Might be something akin to the Stone of Scone with a Pagan origination he can use.

  2. Zorost says:

    Memo from the Inner Party regarding the need for a Thermidorian Reaction?

    From the authors wiki:
    “Gates served for twenty-six years in the CIA and at the National Security Council, and was director of central intelligence under President George H. W. Bush from 1991 to 1993.”

    “Gates was nominated by Republican president George W. Bush as secretary of defense in 2006…”

    “He continued to serve as secretary of defense in President Barack Obama’s administration…”

    My short summary:

    Reiterates the Regimes narratives (as required), then calls for change to deal with security issues.

    “…dysfunction has made American power erratic and unreliable, practically inviting risk-prone autocrats to place dangerous bets—with potentially catastrophic effects.”

    He seems to be calling for decreased social spending, increased money printing to fund industry and increased military spending, reforming military spending, continuing global hegemony, and propagandizing the citizens to go along with all this. I think the last is particularly telling, as it shows they are recognizing a need to stop their crazies from pissing off all the people who staff the military and the factories that supply the military.

    • jim says:


      Same old same old head first charge into nuclear war, external defeat and internal genocide.

      There is an uneasy awareness that something is very wrong, but nothing that cannot be fixed by tripling down on self immolation if doubling down on self immolation is strangely failing to give the desired results.

      The bit on how sanctions are biting the Russian economy is the inverse of the Thermidorean critique, since the core of Thermidorean position is the realization that there is something horribly wrong with American “capitalism”, and not very capitalist at all, as revealed by Russian capability to outproduce America.

      The Thermidorean diagnosis and proposed cure of this problem, is of course total suicidal self destructive lunacy, but they have noticed that they have a problem that this article denies.

      I would paraphrase the economics section as: “The Russians have foolishly forgone the enormous economic benefits provided by ten thousand Hunter Biden’s. This will be the ruin of their energy industry.”

      The Thermidorean critique is more along the lines “oops, we cannot fuel planes and tanks, maybe we need to quell Hunter Biden a little bit.

      • Zorost says:

        You seem to be defining Th Rxn as “apocalyptic event which by definition leads to Utopia.”

        Gates and others seem to be pushing for reining in the retard wing so the adults in the room can get back to running things. They don’t want to run things to create Utopia or a moral realm or a Christian Monarchy or anything else the peasants would like. They want to go back to the good ol’ days of unlimited profiteering and power, part of which requires the normies to get back on the plantation.

        The Thermadorian factions Means may be logical, but their Ends are still evil.

        • jim says:

          But Gates is not reigning in the retard wing. He is the retard wing:

          Countless Western firms have pulled their investments and abandoned the country, including the oil and gas companies whose technology is essential to sustain Russia’s primary source of income. Thousands of young tech experts and entrepreneurs have fled. In invading Ukraine, Putin has mortgaged his country’s future.

          What in fact happened was that the boot that is standing on the throat of Western techies was removed from the throat of Russian techies, with dramatic results that speak for themselves.

          The Thermidoreans have noticed that the West has an economic problem, even if they are strangely unable to say what it is, and it worries them. Gates seems to think that Russia has an economic problem for lack of Hunter Biden and Jewish oligarchs from Tel Aviv.

          The path of reasoning to Thermidor is that the US was going to do a Reagan and exhaust Russia in the Ukraine with its enormously greater technological and logistic capability.

          Instead American technological and logistic capability turned out to be considerably less than advertised.

          Thermidoreans are the guys that said “oops, we have a problem” even if they dare not say what it is. Gates is saying “Nah, Russia has a problem. Our economics and technology is totally fine and the envy of the world. And in particular the envy of Russia, who sadly misses the immense contributions made by Hunter Biden and people like him.”


          As for Russia’s military, even though the war has significantly degraded its conventional forces,

          Russia’s conventional forces have tripled, while Nato/Ukrainian forces are collapsing in logistic exhaustion. The Thermidorean position is that that is a problem that needs fixing.

          • skippy says:

            The Jewish oligarchs were all good Soviet Citizens of Jewish Faith.

          • jim says:

            Gates position is that Plan A, exhaust Russia with the wests enormous logistic and technological supremacy, is working great, but for some strange and mysterious reason, Xi and Putin strangely and foolishly remain unimpressed by this enormous logistic and technological superiority.

            It must be because they are stupid🙃 There can be no other explanation.

      • Plop says:

        This war is part of long-time strategy of world conquest by the US, and to some degree, EU.
        Russia was and is an eternal obstacle.
        Now a big chance to weaken Russia strategically has been created:
        Russia has attacked, and for reasons of influence, preventing to have a future NATO country next to it’s western border, close to Moscow, international and domestic status preservation cannot afford to lose.
        Russia has fallen in the West’s trap, by attacking openly, did not even try to make up a quick false flag operation of a pretended Ukraine attack against Russia in order to present themselves as the victim, that just defends itself – a major mistake, probably induced by the West working hard to make Ukraine appear extremely weak and easy and quickly to conquer. Russia looks like the aggressor, the evil guy – what it accepted at the time, for Russia knows that power and being feared is what counts for a lot politically,
        and victory seemed close at hand. Russia did not expect the West to support Ukraine logistically and to control the country politically through a CIA asset president, therefore making Ukrainian politics a total US marionette.

        The West can now wage war on Russia, without risking the life of a single Western soldier, while Russia bleeds out, loses young men in a time those young men cannot be replaced and will weaken Russia’s demographics even more in the future: Russia, which has lost substantial amounts of its best genetic stock through brain drain into the West already, now has its remaining young men killed by the 100s of thousands each year in the war; while the West simply uses its financial and industrial base to supply Ukraine, multiplying the effect of each Ukrainian soldier.
        Sanctions prevent Russia from buying critically important supplies from the West, therefore has to smuggle it through China, which increases costs and limits supply.
        Russia therefore is starved on people and starved of critical components for its economy.

        The longer this war lasts, the more Russia will be weakened.
        Russia can not end it without losing large amounts of prestige, domestically and internationally;
        the West’s interest therefore is to make the war last as long as possible,
        in order to kill as many Russians as possible without sacrificing a single Western soldier,
        and to drive Russias demography, economy and technology (brain drain, lack of young men = innovators) into ruin.
        You can see proof for this Western strategy in economic long-term investments from Western arms industries, for example building a large artillery shell factory in eastern Poland (or western Ukraine):
        It will take at least a year to build, and will only be economically feasible if for a long time a lot of shells will be bought by Ukraine.

        Conquering Ukraine is another bonus in the West’s strategy:
        While a puppet regime is already installed,
        the primary big value resource of Ukraine, its farm land, which is huge (extremely suitable for future agrarian robotic automation) and no other than the world’s most fertile, therefore uniquely valuable in a future of population growth (humanity needs to be fed for profit), has already been sold to Western owners in the order of 40% of the land, because small-time farmers, refugees from Ukraine, were willing or forced to sell their land, which will yield no or risky income due to the war. As more Ukrainians die, farmer families lose their men and sons, the remaining women wanting to flee to the West, where they are especially welcome, because they are easily manipulated or pressured to sell their land (and welcome sex opportunities for Western men, as well as direly sought workers for the Wests aging job market demography) – in short, the longer the war is kept going,
        the more Russia will be weakened strategically (preparation for takeover by the West, not necessarily militarily, but also economically, politically, by intelligence agency subversion and perhaps color revolution strategies),
        the more Ukrainian men will die, therefore more of the extremely valuable farm land will be owned by the West, without any significant resistance
        from Ukrainian men,
        the surer the complete takeover of Ukraine (and perspectively Russia in The Great Game),
        and the more Ukrainians will enter the Western job market, become Western citizens,
        and the more Ukrainian women, now lacking Ukrainian men (who are dead, removed as sexual competitors from the perspective of Western men) will become sexually and reproductively available for Western men.

        The longer this war lasts, the more the West will win. Expect events accordingly.

        • jim says:


          When you encounter individual evil, rational self interest maximizing evil is the likely explanation. For collective evil action, an unlikely explanation. Self destructive demonic evil is far more likely.

          Rational evil has a collective action problem, hence leads to individual evil action. If collective evil action, chances are it is self destructive self hating demonic evil.

          If Carol is evil because she wants to maximize her interests and sacrifice Bob for her interests, she will have trouble working with Dave, who also wants to sacrifice Bob for his interests, but not for Carol’s interests. If Carol and Dave just want to the whole world to burn, starting with Carol and Dave themselves, they are going to have no difficulty working together against Bob.

          The west is run by demons. They are not following a brilliant clever machiavellian strategy, but rather seek to destroy Ukrainians, Americans, America, and most of all, themselves.

          They hate everything and everyone, and, most of all, hate themselves. They hate life and the living. They hate those close to them more than they hate those far from them. The Aryan faith did not have demons, but it had the evil dead. These guys are remarkably well modeled as the evil dead of the Aryan faith. They hate their parents, they hate their children, and they hate their kin.

          You think I am laying it on too thick?

          They will tell you so themselves.

          Recall the interview with the actress playing Miss Marvel, where she told us that the and the writers did not understand comics, were alien to the comics community, hated the fans, wanted to make the fans suffer, did not want the fans to enjoy the movie.

          Only half a truth. The full truth being that they are alien to existence itself, to life itself. You can see this in their body language when they react to beauty, fertility, nature, and love. Look at the way PETA members react to a cute puppy or kitten, or the way a libtard reacts to depictions of beautiful virgin females. That they hate symbols of their country, symbols of nationalism, pride, of their people, of God and Christianity is unsurprising and expected. But even more do they hate puppies, kittens, and the appearance of female fertile virginity. That is interesting, surprising, and unexpected. It is a tell.

          They just want everyone and everything to suffer and die. Those closest to them more than anyone. The biggest tell is the uncontrollable visceral reaction of loathing and hatred by members of Peta towards puppies and kittens.

          When you look at the way Peta members react to kittens and puppies, you suddenly understand the Neocon military strategy in the Ukraine.

          We are not dealing with rational self interest maximizing evil here. We are dealing with another kind of evil. Rational self interest maximizing evil has a severe problem with collective action. Demonic self destructive self hating evil solves the collective action problem easily. Whether demons are real or metaphorical, our enemies are able to work together because possessed by demons, demons who hate us, and hate those that they possess.

        • The Cominator says:

          The West sent their whole arsenal and Ukraine is running short on old men and young boys and is drafting women. Stop pretending we’re ruled by sane evil brilliant machiavellians. We’re run by people who are both stupid and evil…

          Russia has won a lot of war in its history much uglier and worse looking for them than this… but they still won. It looks bad for them but it looks worse for the West.

    • skippy says:

      They are realizing that their military power is slipping away.

      They are also realizing very few consequential people support them without the threat of force.

      Naturally they are worried. Grasp at Neocons, who were anti-American in foreign policy, favoring Seinfeld “wars about nothing” wrapped up in red tape and lawyers. At home, they were crypto-socialists.

      What they do not want to realize, is that they are not weaker than they were back then due to their choice to become less militarist, less aggressive, but because the white men who win wars have withdrawn their support.

  3. Zorost says:

    “Now it would be very nice if they decided to let elections take their natural course – which would lead to an unprecedented Trump landslide, a radical purge of the rinos, and a two party system in place of the uniparty system. Would not result, however, in a judiciary that anyone is likely to respect, nor in a civil service capable of finding its rear with both hands. The latter are problems that require a strong and competent King, followed by a strong and competent son of that King.”

    This is what will likely happen, but it will be controlled opposition. It is part of Bezmenov’s plan (although likely an ancient plan, he just gets the trademark). Create chaos, then make sure you control the chaos-creators and the order-creators. Whoever wins, move on to ‘Normalization’ phase where order is imposed no matter who needs to disappear. It’s basically uniparty revolution. Heads they win, tails we lose.

    Pretty much every current right-wing leader would be terrible for us, even if they weren’t controlled opposition. They are, almost by definition, cucks and weaklings. It would have to be local/ regional, as no one with similar views to ours will get within margin of error of winning a presidential election.

    Anyone know a smart, tough, sheriff who is immortal and moral so he can resist a ‘Plata o plomo’ offer that includes all family members and billions of dollars?

    • jim says:

      Trees do not grow to the sky, they grow till they fall over.

      We are always ruled by priests or warriors. With the officially unofficial state religion reaching ever greater heights of madness, the time for warriors approaches.

      Leftism has to get ever lefter, or it dies. If the Thermidoreans pull this off, the faith that keeps them in power will die underneath them.

      • notglowing says:

        Trees do not grow to the sky, they grow till they fall over.

        Someone I used to know would often repeat this kind of adage, but in a different formulation.

        “There’s more planes on the bottom of the ocean than submarines in the sky”

        • jim says:

          The shills of the Thermidorean faction seem to be only marginally literate. I don’t think it is that they are not sending their best. I think they just don’t have any best. The infinite wokeness faction is stupid, and the “lets not have world war III and lose it by wokeness” faction is stupid.

          Vivek is smart. Is Milei smart? Hard to tell across the language barrier. But he does understand Austrian economics, so better than midwit. How much better I am far from sure.

          The Thermidorean faction still wants to impose feminist faggot diverse utopia on everyone over the entire world, including Russia and China, but do not want to lose world war III by doing so while woke is crippling the economy, just as Stalin wanted socialism, but he wanted to be able to feed the population and arm the army more.

  4. Mayflower Sperg says:

    John Campbell’s latest video about “Post-Vaccine Syndrome” has been on YouTube for one day and already logged over a million views and 12,000 comments, each a tragic story from someone who took the jab or saw what it did to their friends and family. Campbell no longer uses weasel-words to avoid the YouTube censors, who seem to have completely lost interest in “vaccine misinformation”.

    • jim says:

      We are seeing a massive and major retreat by the censors across the board – or rather a massive and major retreat by a lot of censors, with other censors having fits. The apparatus of repression is showing incohesion.

      This looks like the Thermidoreans putting out the word: “We just cannot keep force feeding whites, straights, Christians, and males the memes that they should hate whites, straights, Christians, and males or we are going to lose the war”

      Which is very good news. They also accept the libertarian economic position that buggering the economy for political purposes is making America into a third world communist country. Which is very good news also.

      The bad news is that the thermidoreans are planning war. When I see a thermidorean shill, he is all in on war in the Ukraine, Middle East, and China.

      Empire is very very good for our elite in Washington and Massachusetts. It is very very bad for the ordinary Americans in flyover country.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Sounds like they picked the memes most offensive to the warrior class and decided to stop protecting them. It will be interesting to see if the Tranifesto is released.

      • Zorost says:

        I don’t see a thermidorean movement that improves things slightly economically so they can continue their shenanigans later as a good thing. Especially since those improvements are only temporary, and TPTB will inevitably go back to White genocide when they don’t need us.

        I’d rather they continued to allow the B-team to call the shots. The worse it gets, the better for us.

        • Adam says:

          >I’d rather they continued to allow the B-team to call the shots. The worse it gets, the better for us.

          Every push to the right is a victory. The future is unknown, and I will take every victory I can get.

      • Karl says:

        Even if the Thermidorians succeed, the empire would have a lot to recover before it could hope to stand a war with China or Russia. If the Thermidorians understand what is destroying the empire, they should be able to properly access the state of the empire’s military and economic power. If so, they’ll postpone war for quite a while.

        Anything wrong with this reasoning?

        • jim says:

          It is clear that the Thermidoreans are horrified by the headlong rush into World War III. It is also clear that they intend to hang onto empire as much as possible for as long as possible, but are more willing to contemplate retreat than the current leadership or former leadership faction. (It is not at all clear who has the upper hand, if anyone. Not clear to me, and perhaps not clear to anyone.)

          They are somewhat less deluded than current leadership (or former leadership) but still quite deluded about the prospects for war in the Ukraine. They intend to continue it indefinitely at a lower level. They are going to run out of Ukrainian goyim in a year or two, and do not seem aware of this.

  5. Bwana Simba says:

    Has anyone noticed changes in American whites? Not just them being more androgynous, docile and fat. But has anyone noticed American white men are getting shorter? I am six foot tall, so a little above average, but I was never a huge dude. The last couple years, in both Idaho and Washington I have felt like a giant.

    • jim says:

      Yes, men are getting shorter.

    • Ryan says:

      I would say 10% dysgenics (mostly lack of purifying selection), 90% garbage food, environmental toxins, lack of physical activity and anti-masculine conditions (low T depressive spiral).

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        It’s not directly linked to height, but you may find this video interesting.

        I do think garbage food plays a role, but genetics may be more than 10%. Selection factors changed massively when child mortality rates were brought down, and that changed the gene pool a lot faster than I thought previously. Significant (de)evolution, it would appear, can happen in under 100 years.

        • Ryan says:

          Dysgenics is highly significant since 1800, but I was just thinking about an observable change over 30 years or so.

  6. Anonymous Fake says:

    [*denial of tech decline deleted*]

    • jim says:

      That tech today is largely fake is not evidence that past accomplishments must have been fake.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Except for Musk related projects, mega-project tech (Airliners, public transportation, pipelines, dams, sky scrapers, etc) appear to be flat or regressing. The only improvements appear to be incorporating IT tech.

        IT tech still seems to be advancing, although it’s material foundation (IC tech) is slowing.

        Musk related tech (and it’s competitors) appear to be advancing. These include EVs and battery technology, rocketry, tunneling.

        • dave says:

          All essential components of modern IT were invented in the mid-1970s. All. Everything since then has been application of previously invented tech to new areas.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Everything since then has been application of previously invented tech to new areas.

            That’s basically what tech is. Beyond that is physics and “fundamental” technology.

            Fundamental physics that has any affect on the common man appears to have stopped in the first half of the 20th century. The last thing was probably the mathematical formalization (if not the epistemological understanding) of quantum mechanics. QM is mainly just mathematical formulation and heuristics.

            Fundamental technology including things like the steam engine, ICE engine, photography, and IC lithography, appears to have ended by the 1960s. Some possible exceptions are 3-D printing and gene editing. Everything since then has just been improvements and new applications.

        • Jamesthe1st says:

          EV’s aren’t really advancing. The lithium battery tech is no where near matching let alone surpassing the efficiency of gasoline for storeing and releasing energy. That is why they are so expensive to buy and opperate. The EVs are pileing up on dealership lots even with massive government subsidies because they are luxury toys for the elites to virtue signal and are practically useless to the productive people. Notice how Fedex and UPS with their massive fleets haven’t embraced them. If EVs were good you would see widescale adoption already.

        • Ryan says:

          The nature of the bell curve means that whatever the decline for low and medium tech, the decline for cutting edge capability will be much more severe. There are still some geniuses, and they are advancing things like AI, but there aren’t enough to maintain capabilities in all areas, let alone advance.

          • Karl says:

            It’s not lack of genius. Problem is lack of cooperation of competent men. Cooperation of competent men is prevented by the priesthood.

  7. Ryan says:

    Under the current model of political bases, the support of productive men is irrelevant. That will change as reality reasserts itself.

    Soon, less insane elites will realise that the support of a million men capable of keeping the lights on (or of marching on the capital) is worth more than the support of thousands of more insane elites. The support of millions of unproductive underclass is only useful for votes, and that pretence is being dropped fast, so they are just a money sink.

    Lets remind these potential leaders what they need to offer. Even offering ONE of these would garner a lot of loyalty. Hopefully competition would lead to more and more being offered.

    – The prospect of reasonable wealth. Requiring massive government spending reduction, and support for wealth-creating businesses, leading to good jobs. Bringing down housing costs by ending foreign investment and removing migrants would help too.

    – Law and order. End the persecution of whites/men/christians. Fully support self defence. Secure the borders and execute violent lowlifes.

    – Identity and tradition. Stop cultural humiliation. Promote healthy homogenous culture. End foreign immigration.

    – Sanity. Put serious men in charge. Remove DIE, climate and other nonsense from all policy, education etc.

    – Family. Support and incentivise marriage and having children. I know emancipation is the biggest problem, but financial limits do factor in for most civilised people, e.g. women wanting more children but having to work. As soon as a couple can get a tax break for the husband if the wife has a kid, and that is more than she would earn, then it would sway many. Maybe offer free part time degrees for mothers (better than full time education and no kids, but this could be removed after a while).

    – International. Stop waging foreign wars. Stop meddling with foreign cultures and trying to regime change them. Embrace trade, but make sure everything critical is largely manufactured at home and could be scaled up if needed.

    – Health. End obesity, chronic conditions, drug epidemics. Get men and women fit and attractive. Make sure all drugs are actually safe and effective (i.e. stop all vaccinations and most pharma products.)

    This isn’t the ‘spicy’ platform. This is the normie conservative platform which could be a stepping stone to further measures in a largely peaceful restoration. If things break down severely, the spicy platform could come all at once from warlords not politicians.

    • The Cominator says:

      Nothing like the FDA should ever exist it will inevitably be corrupt as the FDA was super duper corrupt many decades before the rest of the US government. The market needs to regulate food and drugs.

      • Ryan says:

        ‘The market’ can’t regulate pharmaceuticals, because advertising and shilling from doctors would still exist. Effective things would get out there, but a lot of people would get poisoned. Executing those responsible for undisclosed harm would work, but that requires a body to evaluate cases.

        • Aidan says:

          Very simple. Sell people poison, the state hangs you. So pharmaceutical companies bear the costs of safety testing their drugs and adequately advertising the risk of side effects, because their own lives are on the line.

          • The Cominator says:

            Yes poisoners are murderers (unless you know its poison) and lots of dead people take one product the makers get hanged (or perhaps something more grumsome than hanging) as poisoners.

          • jim says:

            Yes, excellent solution. Anyone can sell anything they like, and claim anything they like, meaning anyone we can find and hang if what they are selling turns out to have bad results that they should have tested for.

            But the issue then is that they then have a strong incentive to market and distribute their product in a way that makes it hard to know if it is having bad outcomes. (Notice that it is forbidden to generate or publish data on the actual outcome of the child vaccination schedule) So you also need restriction and compulsion to ensure that if someone is distributing poison, we will know after a few thousand deaths.

            Which, incidentally, is the reverse of the practical effect of our current “medical ethics” rules, which effectively forbid knowing, thinking, looking at, or speaking of such issues. You are effectively forbidden from examining data that might indicate that current medical guidelines might be a very bad idea. Such research is “unethical”. Once some medical practice is ruled authoritative, looking the outcomes of that practice is a violation of medical ethics.

            This is quite explicit. Suppose there is strong reason to suspect that a certain treatment leads to substantial heart damage of a very specific form in the substantial majority of recipients. And suppose there is a test that is highly specific for the suspected highly specific damage. Then it is unethical to test recipients of treatment for that damage, because the test might have false positives, causing unnecessary alarm. A doctor who tests people merely because they have received that treatment and they asked for this test is going to get disbarred. He normally dishes tests out like candy on request. But that test will be refused. It is a violation of medical ethics. You have to have some allowable reason for the test. And if you do have an allowable reason, and the test is done, and shows the damage, the doctor is required to do another test, a test for a somewhat different form of damage, that is known to not show the damage specific to the dangerous treatment, which will define the result of the test that is specific as a “false positive”. It is the law.

            By law, we are flying blind.

            • The Cominator says:

              Well I guess there is a question… for mildly mildly poisonous longstanding recreational drugs what are the rules… no additive poisons without telling people about it (and the US government actually forces to be added into tobacco in most cases).

              Weed we will discourage heavily I assume anyway not by bans but by a lot of propaganda showing marijuana as low status…

              I think any poison should be legal as long as you tell people in what ways its bad for you and as long as you say can’t poison the whole water supply or something with a drop of it.

              • Ryan says:

                Libertarians are self-possessed men who have not realised that the masses cannot survive too much freedom or power over themselves.

                Letting 95% of your subjects self destruct with drugs/pornography/barrenness will eventually self-correct in theory, but is irresponsible. A sovereign should be like a good father and and introduce freedom only fast enough to keep up with responsibility. Of course, some losses are acceptable, but in mass society, the same danger can reach EVERYONE.

                Restricting any new product to a small sales volume or region for 50 years would be a sensible way to mitigate risk, but does slow down innovation and wealth creation.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Jesus Christ there is way way too much socialistic thinking in the US now what was it about the Covid shutdowns and Bidenomics that made people think the solution is more bureaucratic stupidity.

                  > 95% self destruct
                  Even New England at the height of the heroin and Fentanyl problem was probably only 10-15% of the population. Bad enough that everyone rich and poor white and black alike knew multiple people who OD’d and died but it isn’t 95%.

                  People watch porn regularly when they can’t have sex regularly.

                • TheDividualist says:

                  20% not 95% (of whites) but I keep struggling with this problem, too. I want good father government but I also want eugenics, I want fools to be allowed to buy ropes to hang themselves with. How could I have both? Jim? Aidan?

                  [*oops, deleted most of your message by accident*]

                • jim says:

                  I am not too worried by fools hanging themselves. But libertarianism like anarcho capitalism assumes a level of goodness, wisdom, civility, and decency that most people lack unless it is firmly inculcated and backed up by violence. All women and a large minority of males, about a third, are maladapted to freedom.

                  So, give freedom to all legitimate male children on attaining economic independence, and if they screw up, take it away from them. That would work. Libertarianism for those that can handle it. Freedom for all civilised men.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  @ TC

                  > > 95% self destruct

                  Is it that high? Probably not, but it’s probably a lot closer to 95 than 10-15 when you include all sources of self destruction. Obesity is a major one. That’s like 41% of the adult non-hispanic white population right there. Toss in most tattoos on women and some on men. Drugs. etc…

                  I probably only see one White guy with his shit together for every 3 who are clearly dysfunctional in some way. And I’m probably being generous.

                • The Cominator says:

                  No someone else said 95

                  Jim gotta give male bastards who don’t commit crimes freedom too. America has a lot of do gooder evangelical christian families who will take care of the relatively fewer bastards we have under our system anyway because 90-95% of women are going to be married before the age of 16. There isn’t going to be a problem of huge roving gangs of illegitimate male street children committing crimes in our system. Trust me the 4% illegitimate in our system are not going to be a big problem.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Tats as long as they are not face or neck tats are bad decisions and not attractive on women but lets not pretend they make women totally unfuckable or something pr men dysfunctional. Its something I dislike about clownworld and that we all do and its easy to see… but its nowhere near the top issue.

                  People are fat in America because our food is poisoned its not that 85% is terminally super lazy. For some people it takes a pretty extreme regimen to stay thin after the mid 30s on American food. The sad thing about fatness though is it DOES make women totally unfuckable. This is a big issue but its not deliberate dysfunction its poisoning.

                  Regular use of the bad hard drugs (your heroin and fentanyl) is 10-15% of people tops at any one time… I lived in New England at the height of the time of heroin ODs there (and literally everyone there knows multiple people who died of drug overdose class and race is strangely no barrier at all). though weed use to the point of impaired function is way way up. This also contributes to obesity and we were better off when the drug of choice was smoking regular tobacco.

          • gaikokumaniakku says:

            >So pharmaceutical companies bear the costs of safety testing their drugs and adequately advertising the risk of side effects, because their own lives are on the line.

            I know Underwriters’ Labs does a good business by getting electronics factories to pay it in return for exhaustive testing of proposed electronics products. Obviously doing similar testing for medicines would be trickier, but I don’t think it’s impossible. Just convince UL to open up a medical testing division and we are on the right track.

            • jim says:

              Have to incentivize those paying them for the tests to demand the right kind of tests. Which will probably need a few hangings.

        • skippy says:

          This is a theoretical problem, not a real problem. In the past, especially before the 20th century, there were many common “medical” treatments that were in fact harmful. However, all the widespread ones were endorsed by the medical establishment, not just individual doctors, but the scientific authorities. And, today, we have covid vaccines.

          The kind of snake oil treatments that the FDA would regulate against were never a large part of the market, and, on a small scale, still and will always exist.

          • The Cominator says:

            The government should not be in the business of banning harmless placebos because they work for some people… and if you have tons of harmless placebos different placebos will work for a lot of people.

    • Adam says:

      A much simpler start would be-

      1- eliminate no fault divorce, dismantle the family court system.

      2- eliminate women from college entry, and eliminate females in the workplace unless under family supervision.

      Those alone would skyrocket male investment.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      – First 10,000 sign-ups get a free McMansion in the DC metro area, while its previous owner, an agent or collaborator of the Biden regime, works off his debt in a forced-labor camp in northern Alaska.

      • Naw says:

        No, Alaska is too serene for them, it’s got polar bears penquins seals and snow.

        Put them to work in the scorching Gold and Lithium mines of Nevada.

        Force them to mine their own Cobalt in the Congo for their EV’s.

        Send them Gay Faggot Proggy Trannies to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Syria, Afghanistan, etc where they can be fucked in the ass by ISIS and then beheaded.

        • jim says:

          While I would love such an outcome, the process of getting to such an outcome is likely to involve about one hundred million dead Americans.

          A more delicate and gentle hand, after the relatively bloodless model of Monk, Charles the Second, Deng, and the like would produce results less satisfying, and perhaps less permanent, but likely to involve considerably lesser costs.

          I think there is a high likelihood that we will reach such a satisfactory outcome, on top of an enormous mountain of dead bodies, and a high likelihood that we will have an enormous mountain of dead bodies, and not reach any outcome that is at all satisfactory.

          Today’s Cambodia is not too bad. But it still somewhat sucky, and the cost of getting to where it is now was high.

          Compare and contrast with the almost bloodless accomplishments of Monk and Charles the Second: Empire, the Industrial Revolution, and science.

          • The Cominator says:

            “While I would love such an outcome, the process of getting to such an outcome is likely to involve about one hundred million dead Americans.”

            If you a chance to get rid of Biden voters and you truly understand… its not that you have no right to off them… its that you have no right NOT to off them…

            And its not 100 million. Its 50-60 tops…

            • jim says:

              If we look at removals of the excessively left that had highly desirable outcomes, the obvious examples are Deng and Charles the second – which did not involve a whole lot of blood.

              Deng, unfortunately, failed to cure the disease, which is now afflicting China anew, and Charles the Second left the seeds of the disease inside and outside. But the excellence of their results suggests that the solution is not totally complete eradication, but keeping the cure in place permanently. Kings failed in England because, as Charles the first said, if no Bishop, then no King. To be precise, they failed because of “occasional observance” – that the elite let enemy entryists, William Wilberforce and his “Saints”, inside. If he had been executed for apostasy, or enslaved for apostasy and sent to the sugar plantations in Jamaica, Kings would still rule in England.

              If you have a state elite with a reasonably sane state faith, cohesion around that faith, and mechanisms in place to prevent hostile entryism from without and holiness spiralling from within, that elite and those institutions are going to last for as long as the elite has faith.

              The enlightenment is now headed for a devastating crackup because their faith was from the beginning based on falsifiable and false claims about this world, and, lacking any internal protections against holiness spiraling, these claims have become ever more transparently and outrageously false. It is the empire of lies. A lie can get around the world before the truth has its pants on, but lies lead to what we have now.

              • The Cominator says:

                Every system is subject to entropy which can manifest many ways… but entropy is more easily survivable if it cannot manifest itself as any aspect of the humanist leftist cancer or any of its offspring…

                Eradicate leftism and entropy will be something more benign in the future, a war of the Roses dispute over the throne, a new cult (hopefully not as bad as leftism) challenging the state religion something like that.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >eradicate leftism

                  Why not eradicate sadness while we’re at it? Or anger? Or hate?

                  Jim rightly said that the sex and the mating dance can never be eliminated because they are in our blood. Leftism is the same way. It’s been with us since we were apes, and as long as we’re human, it will be part of us.

                  OK, you might say that that all depends on what I call “Leftism”. It is envy, but not just envy: it is envy as a tool to organize and legitimate group violence. It goes back to big tough alpha-male monkeys hogging all the females and delicious foods, then getting smacked down by a coalition of all the loser males of the troupe. And the loser monkeys were right to do it, too. It feels primally wrong to see a man with 100, or 1,000, or 1,000,000 times the resources I have, and not just in a lowly wretched covetous kind of way. It feels right and just and true to team up with other losers and bust down that big shot and take his stuff. This doesn’t really make sense in a millions-strong industrial economy, but it sure does in a small family group on the African savanna, and that’s what we’re made for. Gnon has made this part of our nature, and it’s there for a reason. It’s not even all bad. The Leftist instinct keeps us from becoming content to be slaves submitting to wicked rulers. Yes, Leftism has ironically made more people slaves of wickeder rulers than just about anything else in history. But similarly anger, hate, sadness, love, lust, etc. can all lead us into ruin, and yet they are all essential parts of our makeup, given to us by Gnon for our benefit.

                • jim says:

                  Hate has an important function.

                  Bob says to Dave “do this thing that I want, or else I will do this thing that you don’t want”. Dave responds with hatred. This response punishes evil and rewards virtue.

                  Similarly envy and covetousness are pathological forms of the proper response to unfairness.

                  Leftism is pathological forms of healthy normal impulses weaponized for organized and collective knocking over of applecarts to grab some apples.

                  The you tube channels ridiculing the recent superhero movies have some entertaining videos of the actresses who plays some sexually transitioned superhero, and her writers, gloating over how much she hates the fans, how much her movie is going to piss them off, how much she enjoys the fact that the movie is going to piss them off, and how she does not understand and does not like superhero comics. This attitude is clearly inappropriate when the movie company is asking fans to hand over their money. It would be appropriate if the fans were taking money from movie producers at sword point. The peasant burns his hovel and slaughters his cattle in the forest so that the army that is swarming through the lands will have no roof over their head to sleep for a night, and no meat to eat for dinner. That is appropriate hatred. So she is doing the same, grossly inappropriately.

                  So if you are being taxed (but not defended) by an oppressive overlord, then the appropriate response looks like leftism. Protestant revolution against the Pope was this sort of thing, an appropriate response to elite misconduct, but became pathological almost immediately. Similarly the Gracchi. The Gracchi reforms were much needed, and the resistance of the elite was wicked and foolish, but things went off the rails mighty fast.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The “leftism” of the ancient world was never a unachievable utopian thing. It was always lets kill them and take their stuff… then we’ll be rich and they’ll be dead. Never the kind of utopian crap that has prevailed since the days of Rosseau.

                  I maintain that this secular egalitarian utopianism can absolutely be made to disappear by a total massacre of its believers.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Mazdak, the Anabaptists, Zhang “Seven Kills” Xianzhong, the Puritans, and surely a host of others that I’m less familiar with would disagree.

                • The Cominator says:

                  None of those groups you mentioned were of ancient antiquity (well maybe “Mazdak” but I’m drawing a blank on my history with who they are).

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >None of those groups you mentioned were of ancient antiquity (well maybe “Mazdak”)

                  Fair. And Mazdak was genuinely ancient: a pre-Islamic Persian commie who tried to do away with private property and institute free love. According to legend his movement became powerful enough that the king had to let him publicly fuck the queen. The rest are all pre-Rousseau, at least.

                  Anyway, I might have gone too far. I still contend that Leftism is ancient beyond ancient and universal, but I’ll concede that self-righteous and holier-than-thou aspect of it is more common now than in old times, though it was far from unknown then. But “lets kill them and take their stuff, because it’s right thing to do and it will make a perfect world for everyone where everyone will have ponies and write poetry all day (and we’ll also be rich and they’ll be dead)” is a better pitch than the old “lets kill them and take their stuff, then we’ll be rich and they’ll be dead.” It has absolutely trounced it in the memetic ecosystem, eaten its lunch, and moved into its house. To the extent that it was ever contained, there’s no putting that genie back in the bottle. It’s just too easy and too powerful. It’d be like banning gunpowder.

                  >Hate has an important function.

                  Damn right! All the supposed “negative” tendencies in human nature have an important function. They’re gifts from Gnon. And envy is one of them. They become harmful when they’re pursued or indulged in an unbalanced way, beyond what is appropriate for the situation, which is sadly pretty easy to fall into. Maybe I should amend my definition and say that Leftism is envy indulged to excess? I’m still not 100% happy with that…

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >Similarly envy and covetousness are pathological forms of the proper response to unfairness.
                  >So if you are being taxed (but not defended) by an oppressive overlord, then the appropriate response looks like leftism.

                  Yes! This is what I’m trying to say. And just as we will never get rid of pathological, maladaptive forms of anger, hate, or sadness, at least not as long as we’re human (and we shouldn’t try because we’d kill their healthy and necessary forms too), we will never eliminate pathological forms of envy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Puritan leftism was in a weird way the most realistic it was the lets work really hard and joylessly without rest together and thus we’ll prove we’re the chosen of God…

                  Well they got the hard and joyless part right. Yeah it was pre Rosseau. It was also not something that lasted too too long or intererested in killing and stealing other people’s stuff all too much. As I’ve often said I disagree mostly with Moldbug blaming the puritans whatever their flaws… it was more the post puritans. The Anabaptists were almost identical in this except they prettymuch disavowed violence towards anyone entirely even in their own defense (even if they couldn’t always adhere to this) so definitely not about taking other peoples stuff.

                  The Seven Kill Stele was some insane Chinese warlord… and I can’t really describe him or his army intellectually except it was very dark and Jonestown and Pol Potish in how bloody it was…

                • jim says:

                  What was pathological about Puritan leftism was purifying Christianity of pagan additions – such as Christmas, sacred marriage, and the logos.

                  What happened is that because the Pope coveted what was Caesar’s, Popes just get adding one thing after another for the momentary needs of war and politics, generally evil and obviously heretical things. And the protestants rightly purified Christianity of all that stuff. Which did not leave the Puritans much to be pure about. But they wanted to be more pure than all those other protestants. So they started purifying away stuff that is critical and central to Christianity.

                  Sacred marriage comes from the old Greek Aryan tradition, and was plonked into Christianity by Jesus himself. The logos comes Greek philosophy, and was plonked into Christianity directly by the apostles, who attributed it to Christ himself, though the attribution is complex and arguable. Christmas comes from a later period, from memory I think around the fourth century or so, when Christians were a minority in power, and wanted to pull in the majority, hence its nature as celebration to which all are invited regardless of faith.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think part of the hatred for Christmas among the Puritans was that pre Victorian era I’ve read it was (especially when it wasn’t bitterly cold) sort of a day in which young men would get together and get extremely drunk and then they did a lot of property damage and mobs would grab and “ravish” women (and knowing women of course as we do here some of them would deliberately plant themselves in front of the drunken mob of young men and try to look inviting) and things like that.

                  Puritans reasonably objected to having their storefronts looted and daughters (even if they deliberately contributed to it) ravished by random guys in a drunken mob.

                • jim says:

                  Pretty sure that is puritan propaganda. Albeit the drunkenness was real, and no doubt some young men behaved badly when drunk. But in my circle, friends and friends of friends, I have never seen drunkenness result in bad behavior. And I have seen a whole lot of drunkenness on social occasions. I conjecture that people with that propensity have wound up socially excluded from events where people are apt to get drunk. Such social controls mean that when someone is apt to behave badly on a social occasion that is likely to result in people getting drunk, he is apt to get the crap beaten out of him with no friends backing him up – a solution that was doubtless as effective then as now.

                  So the alleged bad behavior at Christmas time would have been rare. You might have seen one young man behaving badly, but not a group of young men behaving badly.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Not sure it was entirely propaganda

                  1) Similar custom in France

                  2) Sources mention a custom of riotous bacchanal drunkenness on Christmas before the puritan Era

                  3) After the restoration some aspects of the traditional Christmas celebration remained suppressed indicating that some of Charles Anglican friends who generally hated all the Puritans did agreed with them on this


                • skippy says:

                  Cromwell’s Puritans were selected by war. Functionally except they did not want to have a king or an archbishop; they were virtuous as individuals and families but had no state, no church. Easily overcome by those with state and church.

                  Other Independents jettisoned those virtues, particularly Quakers & similar.

                • Karl says:

                  Jim, please explain your statement quoted here:

                  So if you are being taxed (but not defended) by an oppressive overlord, then the appropriate response looks like leftism.

                  I’m taxed (I assume most of you are), my government is oppressive (like any globohomo government), and I’m not defended. Quite the opposite, if I defend myself, police and state prosecution will prosecute me (I doubt my situation is unusual in this respect).

                  So what is the approriate response? Why does it look like leftism?

                  Should we use leftist tactics in our present situation?

                • jim says:

                  Our reaction to injustice, unfairness, and wrong looks a whole lot like envy and covetousness, but is nonetheless the opposite of envy and covetousness.

                  The difference is that our overlords are pretending to not be overlords. If the hereditary King was doing this stuff, then we would look like leftists (but would not, in fact, be leftists). Of course, hereditary Kings generally do not do that stuff, though there a plenty of Kings that have. For example the Qin dynasty. Chen Sheng and Wu Guang look a little bit like leftists, but not that much like leftists. They were peasant revolutionaries – which is what leftists always claim to be, but clearly are not.

                  We are always ruled by priests or warriors. If warriors were doing all the horrifying crap our priesthood is, we would look rather like leftists. But we would still not be leftists.

                  Martin Luther revolted against the Pope. Which kind of looks like leftism. And then a whole lot of people more Lutheran than him proceeded to revolt against everyone. So Martin Luther sort of looked like a leftist, until a whole lot of real leftists showed up whereupon he looked like a far rightist.

                  I have before told the story of the envious little girl

                  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.

                  Once again I tell the story of the little girl and pringles:

                  One child opened a container of pringles, and started to take out one pringle. The little girl screamed like it was the end of the world, like she was being eaten by tigers. She charged him with a full body tackle, even though he was bigger than her, and grabbed the container of pringles from him, resulting in pringles flying everywhere, screaming continuously.

                  If she wanted a pringle, she could have waited a couple of seconds, held out her hand, and he would have given her a pringle. Or waited a couple of seconds more for him to put down the container of pringles, and then picked it up. She wanted him to not have a pringle because at that exact moment she did not have one.

                  Some time later she complained that another child was being unfair and greedy because he was hogging the ball and not sharing. But by that time he had stopped playing with the ball, and it was just lying around on the floor. Nothing was stopping her from picking it up. She was unhappy because the other child had had fun with the ball. Which seemed to her terribly unfair and deserving of punishment, or at least reprimand.

                  That little girl is who wants income tax. The point and purpose of Income Tax is not to obtain revenue, but to destroy it.

      • The Cominator says:

        From which no Biden supporter mysteriously ever returns or is heard from ever again.

      • Ryan says:

        Ganging up to take the enemy’s stuff is a good pitch, and I’m sure will be standard for warlords. In the spirit of Thermidor I was looking at the path to a non-catastrophic correction.

    • Zorost says:

      “Lets remind these potential leaders what they need to offer. Even offering ONE of these would garner a lot of loyalty. Hopefully competition would lead to more and more being offered.”

      Spoken like a true slave.

  8. Calvin says:

    May or may not be related to the idea of a Thermidor, but Milei (the libertarian man) won the presidential election in Argentina tonight. Something like 56% to 44%, and his opponent has conceded. The media that is covering it seems to be seething, and linking him to Trump, which suggests that they did not see this coming.

    • Fred says:

      Looks like globohomo didn’t think they needed to rig the election (unlike the US and Brazilian elections, both of which were flagrantly obviously rigged), so they didn’t bother, and to their shock, the wrong guy won – a bit like the 2016 presidential election in the US.

      Apparently he was supposed to be finished after that bad interview a few days ago, or something like that – maybe that’s why they didn’t bother.

      • jim says:

        Rather I think this represents lack of unity at the top – that some in globohomo did not want to rig the election because they are alarmed by the economic decline of the west, which has long been pretended away, but the Ukraine war suddenly shone a spotlight upon it. They were untroubled by Americans getting poorer, because they were getting richer – and then the fact that a third world America cannot fight wars against first world powers suddenly hit them.

  9. Contaminated NEET says:

    OK, what do we actually have here? One oddly non-diverse Army commercial and the strange failure of the Youtube censors to control the comments section. It’s a good sign, but one swallow doesn’t make a summer, and one ad doesn’t make a Thermidor. I guess we’ll see what happens.

    I’m tempted to shout that this proves once and for all that DA JOOS run everything, but the Army ad was posted November 4, so it is not a direct response to the Hamas attack, and it was surely in planning and production for months before that. Ukraine must have spooked our rulers worse than they let on. Fanatical faith beats pragmatic compromise, though, so my money is always on the crazy Left to win; the crazier and Lefter the better. The self-proclaimed “adults in the room” have broken the first rule of black magic: they have called up something they can’t put down.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      The recruitment crisis has been cutting far deeper than anyone official is willing to openly state. Been going on for a while now, but last couple of years really dropped off a cliff. Vax mandate broke the camel’s back on top of everything else, and Biden is just all around bad for recruiting. Remember, the President is the Commander in Chief. Is Biden/USG what you’d really trust your life with?

      Anecdotal evidence of how much Biden sucks. In Marine OCS, some sergeant instructors would occasionally show up in the squad bay with low key Trump stuff. Motivated the candidates by saying Trump will be back and to have faith. It got nearly all the young guys fired up. Not exactly proper, and command knew, but no one cared to make a fuss about it.

    • someDude says:

      strange failure to control the comments section? if you think it is strange, it shows your priors are wrong. Jim does not think it is strange at all. That failure proves, more than anything else, Jim’s hypothesis that they do not have control of the narrative.

    • Calvin says:

      Fanatical faith beats pragmatic compromise, though, so my money is always on the crazy Left to win; the crazier and Lefter the better.

      Pol Pot was substantially to left of Vietnam, did not seem to help him much. Or, to use a less bloody example, the Gang of Four were substantially to the left of Deng Xiaoping and friends, did not help them. Going all the way back to the namesake, Robespierre was substantially lefter than the Thermidorians who took his head off. Not only can happen, inevitably happens when the left reaches terminal levels of detachment from reality.

      • skippy says:

        Pol Pot was OK until the DoD-backed South Vietnam died, then he was toast.

        • The Cominator says:

          In what sense was Brother No. 1 ever okay?

          • skippy says:

            He was a bulwark against Vietnamese infiltration under US State Dept decided it wanted that.

        • jim says:



          Your history is ass backwards. Pol Pot was installed in power by the North Vietnamese at the same time as they took over South Vietnam, but then, some years later, that they had installed in power someone even holier than they were came to bite them.

          The North Vietnamese and the Democrats supported Pol Pot because no enemies to the left, no friends to the right, the South Vietnamese, Reagan, and old right supported Lon Nol. Pol Pot was installed in power by Harvard, the Democrats and the North Vietnamese. The New York Times and the Democrats initially supported the genocide, but elements of the press reported it negatively, and the Vietnamese got really upset because a lot of Vietnamese in Cambodia, and when the Vietnamese massively intervened to overthrow Pol Pot, suddenly overnight the New York Times and all the usual suspects performed a sudden U turn and abruptly wrote their support for Pol Pot and their initial support for the genocide out of history. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

          Whether you were pro or anti genocide was a hot issue after the fall of Cambodia to Pol Pot, with the mainstream media strangely not noticing that a lot of people were pissed about the autogenocide, much as they strangely do not notice teachers manipulating kids into sex changes and parents getting upset about it, and strangely do not notice blacks driving whites out of the cities they have built and turning those cities to ruins.

          Until the fall of Pol Pot, the left and the professoriat supported the autogenocide to a man, with not one single academic dissenter, not one academic heretic in the entire Global American Empire. But when he fell, they suddenly had to notice the reason that the Vietnamese invaded, lest the Soviets look bad, and with slightly less perfect unanimity, abruptly reversed and wrote their support of Pol Pot and autogenocide out of history. (Some holdouts were reluctant to reverse themselves, but the interesting thing is that we got absolutely precisely zero dissent from supporting Pol Pot and autogenocide, but some holier than thou dissent in academia from condemning it.)

          Every single academic everywhere in the entire empire supported Pol Pot and supported autogenocide. When the line changed, most abruptly condemned the genocide (we have always been at war with Eastasia) and abruptly forgot that they had ever supported it, but a handful refused to change their line.

          They got total complete one hundred percent unanimity on the holy position, (the genocide not happening, and it is a good thing that it is because boy do those kulaks have it coming) and less than perfect unanimity on the slightly less holy position. (Invasion perfectly justified by the genocide, which genocide had nothing to do with the communists, communism, or leftism)

          Auto genocide is the final leftism, and always has been, for all have irredemeeable sinned against leftism. No forgiveness, and no salvation. I repeat. Support for the official position (no autogenocide happening, and it is a good thing that it is) was completely unanimous in Academia, but the the Soviet Union and North Vietnam were distinctly and noticeably unhappy about it. And when they acted, the official line reversed, endorsing as always the Soviet Union, but the U turn was not unanimously supported in Academia. The leftmost did not like it.

          • The Cominator says:

            And it was only Mao who supported him afterwords. Even the North Vietnamese and the Soviets very quickly found the Khmer Rogue too repulsive and insanely evil hence why Pol Pot insanely picked a fight with Vietnam (which had a battle hardened far far far better military).

          • dave says:

            Wait 1980s movie “The Killing Fields” told me it was all Nixons fault for bombing Cambodia and “destabilizing it”, while heroic journalists were trying to tell the truth about Nixon evilness…

            • jim says:

              They later updated the story to blame Reagan.

              Red state America bombed the crap out of locations in Cambodia controlled by the North Vietnamese for the purpose of logistics to South Vietnam. The Cambodian government in Phnom Penh was not too keen on the North Vietnamese controlling a large part of its territory, and was keen on the bombing. Cambodia fell to Pol Pot because the North Vietnamese unwisely backed him, and because the Democrats in Washington backed him, and failed to regret backing him to this day, supporting him all the way up to North Vietnamese troops chasing him out of Phnom Penh, though the line quietly and suddenly reversed the day after he fled.

              The Soviet Union and the Vietnamese eventually figured out Pol Pot was a little bit too holy for their tastes, but Democrats to this day erased that from their memory. Ask any lefty today, they will tell you Pol Pot was a right winger installed in Cambodia by Ronald Raygun. At least Russia, the Soviet Union, and Vietnam remember him as a left communist.

              The Vietnamese, believing Pol Pot to be a mainline orthodox communist, sent him from Hanoi to put Cambodian face on the Vietnamese army of occupation, and allowed him to raise some Cambodian troops. When the Democrats in Washington blocked all military supply to the government in Phnom Penh he took Cambodia, and promptly announced he was the only real communist, and Vietnam, China, and the Soviet Union were all right deviationists.

              Vietnam and the Soviet Union were not happy about this, but the Democrats in Washington? “Real communism has never been tried”

              Yes it has been.

          • skippy says:

            My understanding is that KR was kept around by State to permit the movement of NV forces and supplies through Cambodia during the VN war.

            After VN war, when NV occupied SV, this left the KR strong enough to just take over in Cambodia, which is what they did. However, KR had always been a Chinese-backed Maoist party and therefore only situationally allied to the Soviet-backed Marxist-Leninist NV communist party.

            The Vietnamese invaded Cambodia essentially to extend their influence over all of former French Indo-China in competition with the Chinese. The Vietnamese succeeded in removing the Chinese-backed KR and installed a Vietnamese-backed communist party that ruled formally until the early 1990s where it became formally separate from Vietnam but still heavily under Vietnamese influence. China invaded Vietnam in 1979 over this issue but lost.

            The American interest in the Cambodia Genocide is unusual. I cannot think of any other communist democide against “normal people” that is widely publicly acknowledged in America, except (much later) the Ukrainian Holodomor which has its own intriguing historiography. I tend to believe the Cambodian Genocide is overemphasized because Vietnam and its communist partyhad a lot of ultra-partisans in America, a run-off from the Vietnam War polarization and the Nixon presidency. That’s not to imply they didn’t do the things they’re accused of; rather, other communist democides are unfairly de-emphasized. I’m just saying that the academic flips had more to do with communist internal power politics and the American left’s partisanship for Vietnam in particular than it had to do with these crimes. If the American left had been driven by holier-than-thou, rather than tactical considerations in support of Vietnam, I guess they would’ve supported Cambodia and the Chinese invading and conquering Vietnam.

  10. Pax Imperialis says:

    >This is starting to look a little like a Gorbachev event.

    I’ve been pointing out the similarities between late USSR and current day America for quite a while now. Of course, there are differences aplenty as well, but I don’t think a violent auto-genocide is likely a la Cambodia. There is no ideologically coherent left faction capable of staying firmly in power and do so while waging total war on internal enemies. Both Soviet and GAE having Empires to (severely mis)manage, both having an outlet for much political energy directed away from the interior.

    The American left is way too fragmented for internal total war. Attempts at “Dark Brandon” failed hilariously, no one can reasonably see him as Sulla, therefore no one can rally to him as Sulla. Many more mocked him not for his Dictatorship of the LGBT, but for being an obvious failed Dictatorship. Neither loved nor feared he can not thus be respected. We reactionaries have been noting a lack of potential Caesars, but we should also not be blind to the lack of potential left wing Sullas. There’s a general leadership void in the US that is very similar to the late Soviet Union, and this is playing out in both inner and outer party. Since the inner party dysfunction is rather obvious, Fetterman types abound, the outer party is of more relevance.

    The RINO American right outer party is slowly but surely dying out. Often literally as with McConnell types. McCain was a prelude, a harbinger of their demise. Christian Nationalists are replacing them demographically. A rather *heh* unexpected but welcomed ‘great replacement’ so to speak, but as with all things demographic, is on the time scale of generations. They still need time to mature, and if the recent House leadership debacle is any indication, it may not happen on your (Jim’s) time table. Thus, the slower GAE is in persecuting the deplorables” the better the odds for Christian Nationalism, and GAE has been very, very slow.

    Tangentially, speaking of generational time scale, check out the percentage of newly ordained Catholic priests who are theologically orthodox by year… Serpent Vatican may very well be on a timer.

    This is not to argue against the possibility of violence, but rather the nature of violence. American Federalism shares similarity to Russia’s Soviet Republics of the Union. Two tiered administration of Empire with “autonomous” Republics constructed along geographical, historic, and to some degree demographic groups. Dissolution is very much a risk when central authority is drunk, geriatric, and absent. The track record for Balkanization of Communist polities isn’t exactly pretty; yet while rather bloody as in the case of Yugoslavia, did not reach the level of auto-genocide. Rather, it turned into war between newly formed states with all the typical war time excesses. Cynically, one could reasonably consider such differences ‘semantic’.

    The other elephant of an example of Communist Empire crackup, 1990s Russia, was not without it’s own troubles as well. Intrigue, coups, and (incredibly incompetent attempts at) targeted arrests and killings, but it was quickly revealed that the vitality of the would be successors was clearly lacking, GKChP simply wasn’t to be. The political environment rapidly deescalated, and Russia has been meandering back towards their historical norms ever since. I have a hard time seeing Harvard playing hardball competently. Their inability to deal with Trump on a timely and efficient basis is similar to GKChP’s mysterious inability to carry out the arrest of Yeltsin… the Cathedral’s attempt is proving to be slower and gayer as all things clown world tends to be.

    The “democracy fortifying” of the election can be seen as analogous to GKChP’s August Coup carried out at the ballet box by “activists” rather than soldiers. Although there was the mobilization of thousands of armed men in the Capital, unlike GKChP which tried to use soldiers to arrest Yeltsin, the Cathedral has been trying to use lawyers. GKChP had plans to mass arrest Yeltsin supporters in the government. The Cathedral has been spending an inordinate amount of time prosecuting random Joe who showed up on Jan 6. The Senators and Congressmen who support Trump are still openly Trumpian.

    Which brings me to the topic of Trump. He, being a businessman, has proven himself not a Caesar. Looking past all the leftist hysteria and reactionary hopes, (first term) Trump was not interested in dismantling GAE. If anything, he was, as pointed out by many others on this most esteemed blog, trying make a deal with the regime to save GAE (and the Republic as an afterthought). Oh my, is Trump not a Thermidor reformer at heart? In some ways. Trump is running parallel to Yeltsin. Does this sound familiar?

    Yeltsin fumed over Gorbachev’s reluctance to make him a full member of the Politburo. When Yeltsin dared criticize Gorbachev at a crucial Central Committee plenum in October 1987, the session turned into a five-hour rhetorical pummeling of Yeltsin. Outside the hall, this move backfired. To many Russians fed up with the party, Gorbachev came off looking like a bully, increasing his victim’s popularity. As Taubman notes, Gorbachev inadvertently created his own nemesis.

    It’s analogous to the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. When Trump dared questioned Obama’s legitimacy, a serious question that was ignored at great damage to Republican traditions and norms, Obama mocked and publicly humiliated Trump to the whole world. While not five hours, the brevity combined with the thunderous laughter all broadcasted to the entire world was a greater pummeling than what Yeltsin endured. Remember that Trump was once rubbing shoulders with NYC/DC elite for decades before he decided to run for President. Friends with the Clintons and all that. Trump was an informal Politburo member, otherwise he wouldn’t have been invited to the American Politburo Correspondents’ Dinner in the first place.

    We all know the Obama faction was, or still is, trying to manage the Biden. Biden is president the same way Vladimir Pavlovich Orlov was Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR. A figurehead. Fittingly, there’s not much written about Orlov because I suspect, similar to Biden, he didn’t do much of anything noteworthy. This is good news for Trump, and I’d bet he has good odds at a second term granted no black swan events. There is no other readily available Thermidor candidate other than Trump. At least in the view of Thermidors when all their other hopes die. Who was the funny Indian guy again? Vivek… Vivek something? Name recognition is intensely important in politics and they chose a guy with a name no one can pronounce. The optimistic news for reactionaries is that second term Trump may be very different from first term Trump.

    • Karl says:

      Thermidor was a committee without a strong leader. If there is no strong Thermidor candidate now, that is just another parallel. If there is a Thermidor now, the president will be elected by that committee. So lack of s strong candidate is irrelevant for the question whether we get a Thermidor

    • someDude says:

      Stopped reading after your claim that the outer party was of more relevance. Were you being sarcastic ?

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Because the outer party is no longer the outer party. It’s in the process of being successfully hijacked by the Trump faction underneath which is Christian Nationalism.

        The inner party is making similar mistakes that Gorbachev/GKChP made that allowed Yeltsin, a VERY outer party guy, to get into power in the first place, survive a deep state coup attempt, and return to power. If you think of Yeltsin’s return to power as his second term it should give you an idea of what Trump is likely planning.

        Trump is to Yeltsin as Obama is to Gorbachev as Biden is to Orlov.

        • someDude says:

          not sure I agree with the yeltsin Trump analogy. The cathedral has its guns trained on Trump. Yeltsin meanwhile came from left field.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Yeltsin originally came from the left field as well. When it became clear the Soviet establishment couldn’t control him, they used men with guns to coup him. The coup was incompetent and Yeltsin survived.

            So far, rather similar to Trump.

            Yeltsin’s return to power proceeded with him building a parallel Russian Nationalist government that ignored Soviet power and eventually outright dissolve the Soviet infrastructure.

            This is similar to what we are hoping Trump will do. In some ways we are in a better position than our historical counterparts.

            The Soviet outer party got hijacked by Russian Nationalism and stopped being the Soviet outer party. It took three decades to slowly rediscover Orthodox Christianity as their official state faith. America’s outer party is skipping Nationalism without faith straight to Nationalism with faith.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for presupposing that election outcomes reflect the way people vote*]

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        That’s why I mentioned tweets too, not just votes. Lots of normie Republican types were making anti-Christian comments after the referendum.

        • jim says:

          Leftists, and primarily Jewish leftists. Shills like you.

          You passed the shill test for fake Christians, you can give the affirmation, but can you speak the truth about the Talmud? What do we say is wrong with Judaism and the Talmud (which happens to be much the same as what Jesus said about Phariseeism.)

          You could, as always, pass this test by disagreeing with what we say in a way that reveals to your supervisor what we say. If you pass, I will not conclude that you are not a shill, but I will conclude that at least you are not working for Soros.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            The Talmud is a medieval forgery probably based on Islamic jurisprudence, which is what actual Hebrew religion probably looked like. Jewish mysticism is a result of stuffing vowels into words that lack them and trying to make sense of the resulting gibberish. Arabic script requires discipline and focus to write, so is less prone to error and manipulation.

            But deliberately placing yourself into an uncanny valley offensive to both Christians and Muslims is something that might just come in handy for merchants and bankers.

            • jim says:

              That is not our criticism, and the Talmud is not a forgery. You are making the criticism of the Talmud made by progressive Jews (an entirely false criticism) and not the criticism made by Christians and by whites. It is the criticism a Soros shill would make.

              The pharisees claimed an “Oral Law” (which being oral, they could reinvent at will, and reinvented at frequent intervals)

              Legalistic compliance with this oral law gave them the ability to do very bad things and be extremely holy in doing those very bad things.

              In around the year of our lord 600, this “oral law” started to get written down. That is the Talmud – not a forgery, for it presents itself as what the pharisees were saying around that time (or claiming around that time that past pharisees had said). It would be a forgery if it claimed fake ancientness, and would be forgery if it lacked connection with the pharisaic tradition. The pharisaic tradition is so remarkably mutable and multitudinous that it is hard to lack connection with it.

              The Talmud, like the oral law at the time of Jesus, is a vast collection of lawsuits against God in which the writer claims he won the lawsuit.

              Which supposedly successful lawsuits give Jews leave to do no end of very bad things.

              We know it is not a forgery, that it was written down at around the date claimed, because around that time we have plenty of word from Christians that they were appalled to learn what the Oral law said, and took the position that talmudic Jews were not authentically Jewish.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                I could have just said the Talmud is degenerate filth that deserves the oven, but we’re supposed to take that for granted here. Its sketchy historical attestation is more interesting. It wasn’t discovered until the disputation of Paris in the 1200’s, and the Vatican had great spies, so a medieval dating is most accurate.

                Oral tradition, though not law, is shockingly accurate though.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >but we’re supposed to take that for granted here

                  Are we? I didn’t realize. I haven’t seen much here about the actual contents of the Talmud, mostly criticisms about how Jews behave. If Pharisees were in charge of interpreting the Bible, all the same problems would pop up regardless of the text being different. They ignore the spirit of the law in favor of linguistic trickery. The same has happened to American legal doctrine, and sadly, American military doctrine as well.

                  >Its sketchy historical attestation is more interesting.

                  Why? I don’t remember anyone here being interested in the historical origins until you brought it up.

                • jim says:

                  This looks to me like an effort to muddy the waters, like QAnon. Nobody cares exactly how many centuries it postdates the Bible. Boring and irrelevant.

                  Looks like an effort to create fake antisemitic memes to discredit real and valid criticisms of Judaism. He is a shill, and I keep him around because he is so stubbornly persistent and seems slightly more capable of conversation than most of them. Notice that in his response he failed to respond in a way that mentioned any of the valid, legitimate, and ancient criticisms of the Talmud. So the claim is payload against memes our enemies want to suppress. Good to know what our enemies are up to. Also indicates a Soros shill, or maybe some other Jewish conspiracy – the FBI shills do not care.

                  In the twelfth century, Pope innocent the third put through a pile of legislation that makes specific reference to the written Talmud, which is what he is talking about — hisargument being that failure to issue legislation earlier casts doubt on its earlier existence. But, on the other hand, that Christian criticism of its contents has been unchanging in two millennia is pretty good evidence that it was anciently written and loosely based on a genuinely ancient oral tradition. Two millennia ago Christians were saying that Jews were saying this stuff, and fourteen centuries ago Christians were saying that Jews were writing this stuff.

                  Talmud’s origins seem to uncontroversially well known. If the Jews were claiming fake ancientness for it, they would be claiming a whole lot older than AD 600

                  The contents of the Talmud (not to mention the fact that it postdates the Bible by centuries) are what discredits its authority and Christians were pointing fingers at the content shortly after it was written. It is a pile of lawsuits against God which Jews claim they won and God lost. Basically black magic – an attempt to control supernatural forces by magic formulae and to steal divine power for sinful objectives. Attempting to do to the Old Testament what the Black Mass attempts to do to the New Testament.

                  If it postdated the Bible by twelve centuries rather than six, as Anonymous Fake claims, what difference would that make? The “Oral Law” was mutating with predictable and alarming speed in a multitude of incompatible ways at the time of Jesus, and writing it down does not seem to have slowed its rapid mutation or reduced its diversity all that much. I was always ridiculing B over that rapid mutation.

                  The Christian criticism of the Jews was not changed by Jews writing down their stuff, and no one cares exactly when it started getting written down. Aryan paganism suffered something similar when it was dying — attempts to control the Gods for evil purposes by magic formulae.

                • skippy says:

                  If you want to actually know about the Talmud:

                  There is an English “translation” of his book but it appears to have completely different contents. I am not suggesting you must read it in German (although that’s great if you happened to be able to read German) but the reliable books are those that cite Eisenmenger. Eisenmenger is also cited by Talmudic Jews to one another as their most accurate critic. See e.g.

  11. Mary Grace Shabbaz-Epstein says:

    If the elite squeeze too hard — and I hope they do — one potential outcome is that they are removed French Revolution style. Line them up at the guillotine and chop, chop, chop, until the Gates and Obama and Zuckerberg and Soros and Bezos and Clinton and Bush etc. families have no line for the throne anymore.

    • jim says:

      Take the shill test.

      On moderation for taking no end of strong reactionary positions without ever acknowledging any of the reasons and justifications for those positions or ever responding to anyone giving reasons or justifications for those positions.

      Say something about gays, or women, or schoolteachers, or blacks, that a shill cannot say.

  12. Calvin says:

    But then, there are lots of things they might do. The worst case outcome for us is that they abandon empire beyond the seas and instead fully focus on crushing their enemies at home.

    If they tried to do that, what would actually happen is a technological, industrial, and financial meltdown of such unprecedented scale that the military capacity to actually crack down would evaporate in months. The modern GAE relies so heavily on imported technology and the petrodollar to fuel itself that without either in play you’d wind up in a true fuhrerbunker situation, with Washington issuing insane orders to divisions that no longer exist while the remainder of the empire quietly ignores them at best.

  13. Mister Grumpus says:

    “…has caused too much quiet cynicism within the elite.”

    “Why do you think the shill tests work, and always have worked – worked two millennia ago?”

    This is some Sun Tzu type shit. They don’t know themselves. They feel Gorbachevian cynicism, but can’t acknowledge it to each other.

    Meanwhile us outcast weirdos have the safe space to observe from afar and compare notes. (Jim makes that possible by shill testing everybody.)

  14. Rando says:

    Do they really think we’re so daft that we will just get back on board with their satanic world order if they just stop talking trash about us? I won’t forget, nor will I forgive.

    • The Cominator says:

      Yes 2020 and the years after cost me dearly even though I was adamantly against everything that happened (including even the 1st 15 days to slow the spread) and I want revenge.

    • Cataclysm Reawake says:

      By ‘we’, do you mean actual reactionaries or the entire Trumpian half of the empire, normies included? Sure, the former is a genie that will never go back in the bottle, but normiecons demonstrably have the memory capacity of an actual goldfish. Watch them rage against the MSM’s abject wickedness and unsuitability to be a reliable narrator, and then moments later without a shred of self-awareness they’ll uncritically parrot MSM talking points on Russia or China or the jab or George Floyd. (Not so much the latter two recently, but when those stories were suffocating the news cycle normiecons bought it all hook line and sinker).

      They’re as desperate to be liked by the regime as they are to be able to say they have a black friend – the real question is if the regime threw them a bone why *wouldn’t* they suck it off.

      • jim says:

        > By ‘we’, do you mean actual reactionaries or the entire Trumpian half of the empire, normies included?

        You think they were worried that military recruitment was low among reactionaries?

        You think the Bidenomics push polls were aiming to persuade reactionaries?

        You think the censorship regime is falling apart in dismay and conflict because pseudonymous reactionaries were giving them no respect? Now I see namefags giving them no respect.

        • Cataclysm Reawake says:

          That’s not what I said.

          You’re right that the Thermidorians are worried about low recruitment among normiecons. You’re right that the pushpolls are intended to persuade normiecons (though depending on the topic even you would agree they *have* in fact given the Left, which I believe includes Thermidor, slavish respect and surrendered to it memetic sovereignty).

          What I *said* is that if postwar history is any guide the regime’s mediocre backpedal will *work* and normiecons will wander right back into the pasture pen like the cattle they are. Granted, we are living not only in strange times, but *increasingly* so – imagine explaining the events of the past decade to a 2013 normie. The problem is that “things are getting crazier” is not a blank check for me to believe that, for example, the moon is going to fall out of the sky. What’s the specific evidence that out of all the current white swans, *specifically* normiecon apathy is the white swan that will turn black, that normiecons will turn up their noses at regime appeasement – where is the “outpouring of long repressed and long silenced outrage”? I would welcome all such evidence with a broad and grateful smile.

          • The Cominator says:

            I think Jim is right that normiecons are very very angry and not even a 9/11 type false flag will get them back now…

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              “I think Jim is right that normiecons are very very angry…”

              Angry about what and why? Just elaborate some please on what you’re perceiving.

              • The Cominator says:

                “So the word went out to cut it out, at least in army recruiting videos.

                The reaction was not gratitude, but an outpouring of long repressed and long silenced outrage. And suddenly the censorship regime is in full retreat, with message handlers in high places pissing on each other and defecting against each other. Those in power are unsure what to do, which uncertainty means that what the official line should be is uncertain. Which uncertainty is manifesting in public fights, rather than being quietly settled behind the scenes as usual.”

                Sounds like anger to me… and while I live in far right Florida at least what I see and hear is anger against the American government and political class. And its not even just white males…

              • jim says:

                I would like to join the military, but as a white, heterosexual male, I don’t want to take opportunities away from minorities.

                “If the British soldiers in Normandy who went to the beaches in 1944 could see what happened today, they would not have gone 40 yards up the beach.” –David @clpfox470
                Why die for an ungrateful country and a government that hates you?

                Reading all the comments give me a ray of hope. Stay strong.

                And just like that, diversity disappeared.

                As a proud former 82nd Airborne Soldier who served in the Army for 4 years, I would tell everyone to avoid joining the military. This is not your grandfather’s military. It is a different beast and not worth dying for in this day and age.

                Crazy thing is only Citizens have to fight or worse get conscripted. Illegals and temporary residents get to sit back, party and watch from a distance.

                The first ad in 20 years with all white men… I hope you don’t fall for it

                This ad needs more diversity.

                I’m noticing a distinct lack of “diversity” in this ad, did they finally realize that the people they pander to make this country look spineless?

                The Army is the Bud Light of service branches. We’re not boycotting you. We’ve just abandoned your brand completely. Good luck with the diversity hires.

                Who would have thought firing and dishonorably discharging any soldier that stood up for his values would end up causing a recruitment crisis?

                Imagine being a white man and fighting for the USA 😂😂

                Our grandfathers would have never imagined us displaced and dispossessed

                “GO ARMY” is an anagram for “R GOYAM”.

                Interesting timing. Recruiting for the Israel front or the Ukraine front this time?

                Nope. I’m not fighting for a country that isn’t mine anymore.

                I was lucky, I had an honest dad. When I was young, I asked him about joining the service.
                His reply, “It didn’t do me any good.”


                Can’t wait to fight for McDonald’s and Funko Pops!!!

                Don’t fight for an empire that hates you

                This is what our leadership wants every guy that looks like this to do, minus the parachute. I won’t die for them.

                Wow, it’s hard to believe that the Army made an ad that has white people in it.

                Has the US Army prevented a single migrant invader from coming here? Then why do we pay them?

                Where are the lesbian paratroopers and the rest of the diversity squad?

                I seem to remember there being a lot more comments on this a few hours ago. People not buying what you’re selling anymore, Army?

                You guys changed your diverse and PC advertisements real quick the second “Greatest Ally” is starting shit.

                Goi obey me
                Follow only me
                Venerate me
                Adore me
                Love me
                More importantly love me
                >Some long nosed man

                No Mr. Rabbi, we are not going to fight in this war for you. Sorry!

                There were over 6 million comments on this video, but now they’re gone.

                It’s unbelievable, but it really happened

                Maybe the comments were wooden too

                Great! I can’t wait to sign up and defend the USA’s borders……….we will be defending the borders, right?

                Sorry Army… Us White boys have checked out of the game.

                Curious why the actors & targeted recruits have changed all of a sudden ?

                All you based, awakened, strong minded, critical thinking, real American Patriots give me much hope still just by the comments I’m seeing here! It’ll be a matter of time before they disable the comment section lol…👍💪👏

                Patton was right

                This comment section gives me hope 🤣

                My Brother got so many vaccines so quickly he almost died when he joined.

                The new IDF recruitment ad is 🔥

                Oh. Now you want white men?

                Yeah, no thanks. Maybe those diverse and trans recruits will be enough to save you. If not, you can just draft the illegals.

                NO MORE BROTHER WARS

                Loving these comments, reap what you sow GoArmy.

                For Ukraine or Israel?

                Google USS Liberty

                Where are the black women in this ad? Show some more inclusion and representation of minorities mkay.

                Why are there no women in this advert? #draftwomen

                nice ad for Israel’s army

                Pass. Not dying for israel

                Diversity? 😂

                Hard pass

                Hell no! I ain’t fighting on behalf of you know who!

                Hooked nose hand rubbing intensifies.


                Is the U.S. military still injecting people with shots that cause heart inflammation? (See article Reuters 29. 6. 2021)

                Fun fact- If you refuse to sign anything, and refuse to swear the oath……they can’t/won’t take you.

                Where is the diversity?

                Sign up today to help usher in the Orwellian Police state of tomorrow!!!!

                There’s a heavy lack of diversity in this commercial.

                I find it very unbelievable that a few youtube employees would have deleted six million comments in the matter of a few hours as some other commenters here are arguing.

                Janny got a full time job deleting all these comments 😂
                Be All You Can Be Janny

                I won’t fight for my country, but I will fight and die for my nation.

                Basically I’m just not gonna do it (Die for Izzreel)
                I KNOW!!! UGH… i KNOW!!!…. i’m SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                It’s just I’m not gonna do it is all
                HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! text-green-game-over

                I’ll die here on American soil, thanks

                Don’t enlist. It’s already too late for me.


                0:02 I just made the biggest mistake of my life. Please help.

                That’s odd. All of the other videos on the US Army channel are diverse. What happened?

                Funny how they are now only showing white men in these ads, makes you think

                The woke army wondering why can’t recruit..tooo late

                Okay. I’ll ask. How does a paratrooper land ON TOP of their parachute?

                Mustache man was right

                I’d like to join the army but I’ve been kicked out of 109 other armies. At this point I’m sure armies anti-me. I can’t come to any other conclusion.

                They are thirsty for the individuals that made them what they are.

                Comment section is lit! Keep it up lads!

                When the draft hits, makes sure it’s as DEI as possible just like all of your other commercials. This commercial worked on my generation GenX where the Army was some 90% white men. Go back to your DEI no white men, 2 momma commercials it works better for GenZ.

                That timing tho

                Where are transgender purple-hair equal-rights-for-everybody persons??

                I Love how absolutely no one in the comments section aligned with anything this video is offering

                Not falling for that again.

                I notice a lot of noticing.


                In this order I am only guessing. 1.Draft – 2.Civil War – Inner turmoil’s.

                I was going to join to fight in the latest War™ but since this commercial lacked any People of Color I wasnt able to identify with the role. Too male too pale too stale sorry. Needs more nonbinary folx

                “VA claim denied not service connected”
                Who is deleting the comments?

                Hmm.. sure looks different to every other military advert I’ve seen. Wonder what could have recently changed in the world.. hmm..

                NO THANK YOU! 😂

                I see zero diversity in this ad!!!!!

                Yeah, no. I’m not fighting for the LGBTQ flag.


                So… no women?

                Great comment section 👍

                Wow, now you want white men. My grandfather is rolling in his grave. I think he would want to extend his stay in Stalug Luft III than see what the Army has become.


                Lol they’re deleting comments in real time, literally just saw it go from 233 to 215 as I was scrolling through. They also deleted my dislike somehow, I had to re-dislike this propaganda piece.

                Wow, these comments show there is hope for America.

                Wait where’s the diversity lmaoooo

                Injury not service related.

                Who’s deleting the comments? lmao

                I’m just here for the comments

                No… I don’t think I will

                MG Smedley D Butler “War is A Racket” . Lists more ressons not to help the Empire

                Parachuting into Missouri lol.

                Whitest ad on YouTube.

                Judging from the comments, it looks like 4chan culture is mainstream.

                OY VEY

                No troop is happy upon landing.

                Can anyone confirm the rumor that Anthony Blinken joined up?

                Disliked. Not diverse enough. Can’t believe I could see such blatant racism in current year.

                Haha they are deleting comments.

                Still haven’t locked the comment section? Odd

                This looks like they used a standard unit and did not mix and match personnel.

                Clean it up janny! 💩💩💩

                f no,… ‘points and laughs at woke propaganda results’

                Go scam someone else.

                I don’t want to defend people who wouldnt do the same for me or apperiacte the sacrafice send the ungreatful.

                Lol. Nice try.

                USS Liberty

                I heard people say that if you start a draft, they’re just gonna friendly fire on their commanding officers lol!!! Wtf??? I love USA and Israel though so hoorahh!! ,🦅🫡

                Rtx stocks go brrrrr

                Based on the comments, the powers that be might have subverted nationalism a little bit too early. Just saying. This smells of desperation.

                Where’s the part with all the Israeli soldiers helping us fight the War on Terr….. oh yeah…

                Oi vey!

                You know it’s time when the ads is all featuring males doing drills instead of the woke representatives and the usual “volunteering” scene. Pack your shiet up boi! They will be knocking with that draft anytime soon. 😂

                Comments keep getting deleted lmao

                Let the illegal immigrants earn their citizenship and recruit them

                I become friends with ex armies in japan and man, I wish I could join the army

                Russia forever!

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  If he can’t read and understand the comments on the YouTube page, what makes you think he’ll understand the comments copy pasted in a reply.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  No I get it. I’m just making sure that it’s the YouTube video comments that we’re talking about.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  They’re so gonna disable comments on this soon. Just this copy-paste above of YouTube comment stream, preserved for posterity, deserves a top-level post. Motherfuck.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I was unduly snippy. I’ve been dealing with people irl that can not see extraordinarily obvious things no matter how much natural evidence I shove in front of their eyes. And like always, not getting enough sleep.

                • Zorost says:

                  You may be believing the counter-propaganda of Our Guys.

                  I know a few lefty 20somethings who don’t care about gaza/ israel, and always hated the military due to being lefties. I’ve tried to sound people out to spread some seeds, but my impression re: upcoming war/ joining military is just not something most people around me care deeply about one way or another. Restricting to sub-30 due to relevance; older especially boomer types are often strongly for war with whoever is threatening Our Freedom.

                  Do we have any statistically viable sources of normie opinion?

                • jim says:

                  In a world of lies “statistically viable sources” are not in the slightest bit viable. Have you considered that the reason most people around you “do not care deeply” is that if they expressed their real opinion to someone who knows their official government registered name, they might be demonetized and possibly arrested?

                • S says:

                  ‘Do we have any statistically viable sources of normie opinion?’

                  Enlistment numbers.

              • jim says:

                To paraphrase and summarize: People who hate us and want us to disappear want us to volunteer to fight in a forever war in the desert six thousand miles away for other people who hate us.

          • Calvin says:

            What’s the specific evidence that out of all the current white swans, *specifically* normiecon apathy is the white swan that will turn black, that normiecons will turn up their noses at regime appeasement – where is the “outpouring of long repressed and long silenced outrage”? I would welcome all such evidence with a broad and grateful smile.

            You could start with the comments section right here:

            • The Cominator says:

              The fact that the American elite seems to be channeling anger towards the Jews is another sign that even they know normiecons are angry.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Perhaps this, yes. Mustache Man was very clear with his people that “The Jews Did This” was far from always true, and real life stuff is much more complicated, but in his opinion it was vital to keep it simple and blame everything on Jews, all the time, every time. Otherwise, just no quick and effective way to keep everyone together.

                Reminds me of that, a little.

                Scapegoating works.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Don’t think blaming it all on the jews will work in America though the average normiecon knows the average jew is more leftist than average but it’s the far left that say hates Israel… and normiecons at this point I think mostly blame leftism on a conspiracy within the state + homosexuality and single women voters.

                  Throwing the head under the bus (at least laying the groundwork) IMHO shows desperation.

                • skippy says:

                  First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak up

                  Because tbh the Jews were guilty lol

                  And then they came for the Quakers, and I did not speak up

                  Because they were guilty too lmao

                  And then everything was pretty much OK.

            • skippy says:

              “You could start with the comments section right here:

              unanimous and devastating

              • jim says:

                It is Youtube, the most censored and bland video channel of them all. Those are people sent there by the algorithm, which of course automatically promotes state propaganda. Those are the sheep, but their comments don’t sound much like sheep at all.

                This is what normies think. And so many people are saying it that the censors fell back in disarray.

                • someDude says:

                  why don’t they just censor all the realistic comments and have bots comment only feel good stuff?

                • jim says:

                  They are doing exactly that.

                  “they’re deleting comments in real time, literally just saw it go from 233 to 215 as I was scrolling through. They also deleted my dislike somehow, I had to re-dislike this propaganda piece.”

                  They are just overwhelmed.

                  Every time I take a look, most of the old comments are gone, replaced by new comments from new commentators saying the same thing.

                • someDude says:

                  They should just auto delete comments after a time lag of 15 minutes or so and have bots spam feel good, patriotic stuff. Fill up the comments section with a variety of AI generated patriotic stuff.

                  They gave no one competent enough to write a script to auto- censor?

                • someDude says:

                  I’m impressed by the intelligence of some of the commentators. On one very heavily censored video, a commenter asks, how come this video has 14 million views and just 33 comments

                  I think the censors are incompetent. Allow people to comment, auto delete in 15 minutes, replace with ai generated feel good comment. And keep tracking the engagement and keep responding

                  The ultimate issue is the lack of human capital among the censors. That has no solution that would be agreeable to the regime. Jim, you called this right once again.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Damn, they don’t even know how to make effective propaganda anymore. All the aesthetics are just completely wrong.

                  >Soothing music. No battle music? Recruiting is all about making guys excited to join. Not calming them down into apathy.
                  >Placid command to ‘stand up’. No military ‘hardness’.
                  >No manly aggression or any real manly energy.
                  >Sunny, nice, pleasant jump day. It’s like they’re going for a picnic.
                  >Hand slapping? What’s next, high fives and cuddles?
                  >Gentle jump with soft landing. It’s like they’re not even trying to show going to war.
                  >Smiling? SMILING!? WHERE IS YOUR BEARING SOLDIER!?
                  >Music ends on an off note. Feels disconcertingly unfinished.

                  This is not the way to recruit young men who want to face adversity, go on a great adventure, and become powerful warriors. You know, the type of men that fight and win wars.

                  This ad is GAY.

                  Instead of countering negative perceptions, they just subconsciously feed right back into them.

                  All they have to do is take any number of popular war aesthetics videos from YouTube and slap the Army ‘join now’ logo on it. The methodology, edits, music, visuals, are all open sourced and perfected by the algorithm. Do it well and the cool factor helps disassociates joining from the ‘your government sucks’ factor.


                • The Cominator says:

                  I always loved the Marine Ads when I was young but maybe they appealed more to nerds idk…


                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >maybe they appealed more to nerds

                  Nah, that was just the 90s. That was an effective ad back then. People were still pretty naive about what war looked like. The 90s was also a very optimistic decade. Wouldn’t work today because of two decades of GWOT with every private armed with a GoPro. Many of the gritty realities of war have been exposed and infused into the cultural conscious. So has the anti-cis-White-male stuff. The woke shit and government that hates it’s own people hurts too.

                  Can no longer recruit based on fantasy euphemisms like slaying beasts without coming off as being detached from reality or puerile. Americans got nihilistic and cynical. Effective ads today need to ’embrace the (war) suck’ in order to gloss over ‘the (reasons) suck’ and thereby dissociate the two to deliver the sale.

                  Check out this ad

                  It’s selling purpose and fraternity to a generation of men who feel lacking in purpose. Maybe edit out the part about the “cause” due to the political embarrassment, but otherwise still works.

                  Or this ad

                  1.2 Million views during the Biden years. Generally positive comments. Thematically, not so different from the ad you posted, though it’s a lot darker. It’s selling the status of Marines as being separate and distinct. The actual reasons become far less important.

                  This is why the Marines are the only ones keeping up on recruiting numbers. If the Marines wanted to win harder, would cut out all the try hard women and play up the messaging about being distinct from “modernity”.

                • The Cominator says:

                  It was certainly a better time when a marine recruitment ad (this was the hardcore service) could feature a marine gladiator fighting what I guess would best be described as a fire elemental.

                • TheFeebleClone says:

                  The language models are getting much better at identifying narrative compliance. obviously non-compliant with narratives. It might be even easier if they apply the precepts of discourse theory, where positively assenting to the narrative is mandatory.

                  As a lark I asked chat GPT about a crime scenario where crime suspects whose teeth stand out less or more when they smile
                  It was just a lark, but I was impressed. It recognized indirect allusions to skin tone.

                  Clearly it can be bypassed without much difficulty, but as a first-pass filter, I’m sure the limited roll-outs today are a prelude to their use being standard practice.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  “The ultimate issue is the lack of human capital among the censors. That has no solution that would be agreeable to the regime. Jim, you called this right once again.”

                  No solution that would be agreeable to the regime. Well said.

                  This paraphrases the South African situation as well. “Kill the Boer” is very nearly their shadow national anthem now, but things just keep grinding along anyway. All they can do is let the white farm murders go through, but still, a “revolution” not nearly as “productive” as it says on the tin.

                  They can have all the fancy-words Jewish goyim blood propaganda and legislation they want. Their actual state apparatus is 90% Shaniqua, and she’s always On Break, so actual life scabs around them. Believe me it still sucks, but it’s shocking to me how much longer and slower the grind down to shithole really is when there’s no IQ or tribal unity at the top.

            • Lose NoMore White Boys to faggot wars says:

              These white boys dont need to be lost overseas in no oldwhitemans battle nor in no black gay or womans presdential fiat.
              they tryn for 25-30 years now to run a fake crusade, and lost, bigly.
              any 2bit capn coulda won that back when mideast was weak as fuck cept the pakis who got dem nukes.
              but u wrekt urselfs.
              fuck all that.
              them boys need to be at home,
              training up,
              building up massive defense,
              waiting for a real righteous war
              like some knuckleheads tryina gat the usa
              so the usa can lay down the old law straight back on their ass.
              caint do that now,
              so u gotta come home an build up.

              • jim says:

                Allowing this glowie through because this is a new shill narrative.

                The new narrative being that we should fight for people who hate us and are destroying us, but not on the desert sands. Sounds like a Thermidorean narrative – controlled and orderly retreat of empire.

                You will notice that the army of normies ridiculing the U turn in the latest recruitment video are not worried about some future righteous war. They are worried about the fact that the US is being invaded right now, and say that no man should serve unless the army is used right now to repel the invasion happening right now. There is your righteous war right now and the enemies of America who are in charge of the army are on the enemy side, and the Youtube normies are calling them out for being on the wrong side.

                This shill is pretending to be a normiecon, but is the voice of the state. Albeit the Thermidorean faction within the state.

                • Fidelis says:

                  What war are they intending to corral the herd into if not this $!#@show going on in the desert or the mass graves of the Borderland? That recent visit paid by Shi, where they dramatically cleaned up SF the same way they dramatically destroyed Portland in summer of 2020, was an interesting event.

                  I see lots of shadows moving behind the curtain but I cannot for the life of me make out what they’re doing.

                • jim says:

                  I am seeing signs that they don’t know either.

                  Tech decline has hit the defense sector hardest, and they don’t know what to do about it. External defeat has punctured their confident hallucination that cooking the GDP and CPI numbers without limit while printing money without limit is all that is needed. External defeat and unsustainable deficits mean hard decisions have to be made. Whereupon the question of who is going to make them has to be settled. A senile placeholder president appointed by mysterious powers through a blatantly rigged election does not suffice. So an actual sovereign has to appear. How, and who? We have been thinking about this for a long time. Now some among the elite are starting to think about it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Thermidor means total Jacobian death. It cannot be otherwise lest the Thermidorians themselves suffer that fate… that is what the Thermidorians don’t quite yet seem serious.

                  A Thermidor means very bad things for Biden and all those connected to him and also those principly responsible for installing him (people in the CIA and FBI at the highest level)… can they pull it off.

                • OverExtended says:

                  The USA has foolishly overextended itself.

                  In physically created and enforced empire.
                  In faggotry and “democracy”.
                  In monetary delusion debt and debasement.

                  The USA must now go through period of demise, forced upon itself by Hard Laws of Nature that the USA thought it could outsmart.

                  This is no different than all other downfalls in history.
                  And there will be no result, even from righting the ship, until after those Laws have forced the USA back into a state in which it can try again.
                  Or more properly, whatever occupies its lands can start from zero.

                  End of story.

                  Get crypto, gold, global stocks, goats, tools, business, and prepared.

                  Unless the Democrat Socialist Prog Gay Left is completely refuted and remolded by old school democrats, which wont happen,
                  2024 will be a summer of violence initiated by the left, as usual.

                • jim says:

                  2024-2025 will reveal much, but is unlikely to settle the issues.

                • Zorost says:

                  What’s the deal with glowie’s terrible grammar and spelling? Is it an attempt to write like a boomer, who seem mildly illiterate re: spelling/ grammar and cannot figure out how spell checker works?

                  Honestly curious, as I see that sort of thing a lot and just assumed it was retard boomers or kids allowed to self-medicate with Ritalin.

            • TheDividualist says:

              I will write about this to a Hung Aryan audience. But this is just how everybody in Hungary expects it to be: – may I ask for a link to the opposite, like fat black queers?

          • jim says:

            > if postwar history is any guide the regime’s mediocre backpedal will *work*

            Not seeing the same postwar history, which was military victory followed by unending military victory and political victory followed by unending political victory. When did the regime retreat before? They were triumphalist and have been getting ever more triumphalist. Retreat in Vietnam was not military defeat, it was the blue state militarily victorious over the red state. They figured on the startrek future as envisaged in Startrek before 1990. The future history envisaged in Startrek was them chanting “Victory, victory”.

            Where is this postwar history that is guiding you? Postwar history is unending advance. Now we see retreat. Retreat under fire is always difficult, dangerous, and apt to get out of control. They need a strong leader to manage it and do not have one.

            Glasnost and Peristroika worked until it did not. We are seeing pushback from the military.

            We are seeing facefags say things formerly unthinkable and unspeakable. This is not fall of the regime. It is a first step on the path that leads to peaceful, rather than enormously bloody collapse.

            Is peaceful collapse likely? I have been predicting bloody and terrible collapse, with a significant possibility of collapse Khmer Rouge style. Most likely outcome, I still predict, is considerable bloodshed. I am surprised by, and not entirely believing, the lack of internal bloodshed so far. Half a million external dead in Ukraine. The troubles in Ukraine began small, and they got bigger.

            Well now I would say that peaceful collapse, Soviet style, is now more likely than autogenocidal collapse Khmer Rouge style. Chances are something in between these extremes.

            Left just has to keep on getting lefter, as a shark has to swim or it will drown. Today, it backed off slightly – and immediately got in trouble.

            The trouble is, as you say, far from fatal. But to external troubles have now been added rather noticeable internal troubles. None of these troubles are fatal yet, but weakness and uncertainty is visible, and in the last couple of days became more visible. Prediction is difficult, especially about the future, but we are seeing a conspicuous lack of any outpouring of relief and gratitude from the normiecons.

            The pullback in military recruiting was planned and decided upon. The ensuing pullback in censorship was unplanned, unintended, chaotic, and disorderly, the brown censors and the Jewish censors at each other’s throats. With Gorbachev, Glasnost was planned and orderly, but got out of control. We are seeing unplanned and disorderly out of control Glasnost.

            It is not collapse, but it is weakness and retreat. Disorderly retreat. If planned and orderly retreat was not met by appreciation, unplanned and disorderly retreat will get even less appreciation. The enemies of the Cathedral smell blood.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              It’s worth wondering if the discordant reaction to Israel-Hamas would have manifested the same way if Russia-Ukraine (or the Covid vaccination campaign before it) had gone more to the Cathedral’s liking.

            • notglowing says:

              Is peaceful collapse likely? I have been predicting bloody and terrible collapse, with a significant possibility of collapse Khmer Rouge style.

              I believe I’ve also said this in 2020, but I don’t think that will happen. I still do not see the set up for it at all.
              There is no real energy, you see faith on the left and you say they are holiness spiralling;
              They are, but this is all fake post-modern nonsense. Not fake because it isn’t happening, but because mediated by modern intangible, indirect media such as the internet, in the context of a comfortable, safe society with low levels of violence (especially to these people), it’s just angry tweets and emails. They can enact bureaucratic violence through executive fiat and procedural manipulation, but they can’t just march and murder you.

              The Khmer Rouge were men, used to violence and a harsher life, and they said things face to face to the people they wanted to kill. They were capable of real action. Current leftists are all fat and gay. And the more holy they are, the more fat and gay and aids ridden. They do not resemble each other one bit except for the holiness spiralling itself.

              If we are crushed, it will be slowly and indirectly, not through fast mass murder. That is the good and bad of it. I hate how fake and gay everything is, I hate how insufferably, mind numbingly absurd their lies are and how constant the gaslighting is. I wish the enemy was just someone who wanted to openly murder me.

              • jim says:

                > it’s just angry tweets and emails. They can enact bureaucratic violence through executive fiat and procedural manipulation, but they can’t just march and murder you.

                BLM and Antifa march, and have murdered quite a few people. A whole lot of homes that white people built for white people have been abandoned to plains apes and are turning into burned out ruins. Twitter headquarters sits amidst the ruins of a zombie apocalypse, an area that got overrun after the headquarters were created. They turn that on and off like a tap. The incohesion in our elite is likely to result in events that they do not like. They will resume marching. This could easily escalate, not to the highly organized Khmer Rouge autogenocide, but the the considerably less organized Rwandan and Ugandan genocides.

                Organized violence beats unorganized violence. The Tutsi in Rwanda were unable to organize inside Rwanda and got slaughtered like sheep. In the event of genocide, we are going to have to have a base to organize from, and going to have to have a Caesar.

                • notglowing says:

                  BLM and Antifa march, and have murdered quite a few people.

                  This is true, and they are dangerous and troublesome. But not nearly as dangerous, troublesome, or cohesive as the Khmer Rouge.
                  White people abandoned those places because they turned to shit, but these groups are as of yet unwilling to march in the suburbs and attack homeowners there because they’re unwilling to confront white armed men. For the most part they march in cities which are lost anyways.

                  I remain of the opinion that this kind of rapid mass killing is unlikely and that we will continue with slow decline and worsening safety for white people over the next couple decades.
                  I do not know much of the Rwandan genocide’s dynamics.
                  I feel like the most extreme decline for the US would resemble the state of South Africa today. Random murder which is encouraged and unpunished by the state. Completely dysfunctional government.
                  Which is quite bad, but whites there are outnumbered by a lot. By the mid-century white christians will be the minority in the US as well, just not to the same degree.

                • jim says:

                  They have attacked the suburbs. Kenosha was small town America full of armed men. Lots of suburbs less well defended have been overrun, lost to savages, and are slowly turning to ruins. White, safe, civilized, America has been driven out of a whole lot of turf. We are running out of room to move. Lots of places that I remember as pleasant and safe have been abandoned by normies. No one shows up at the shops that sell white people stuff, which have radically reduced their inventory, or closed, or been abandoned, and the housing is slowly deteriorating. Half of America seems to have become Detroit.

                  It is hard to distinguish the impact of marching, the impact of crime being decriminalized and self defense being criminalized, and the impact of the invasion over the borders, but Ferguson is a classic example of the former two being so closely connected that it is impossible to say which caused which, and which caused or enabled the other. They turned off BLM and antifa at the same time they started the invasion. We shall see what happens when BLM starts hurling invader forces at us.

                  It started with crime being decriminalized in Detroit, and now we are seeing increasingly people marching as armies. Vast areas of America have become Detroit. The trend line is obvious. White America is retreating before an organized, centrally commanded, hostile invasion force that is increasingly being organized military style, and recent retreats have occurred in a substantial part as result of the enemy marching military style.

                  Since it is no longer possible to resolve differences within the elite though the political process, people within the elite are going make increasing resort to this. The invasion is all young military age men. It is preparation for BLM times one thousand. Some people in our elite have fast, hot, white genocide in mind. Holiest always wins in the end. White wounding and the abolition of whiteness is already mainstream holy, so doing it fast is even holier still. The even holier position always quickly becomes mainstream holy — though the current Thermidor changes the equation.

          • Zorost says:

            100% agree.
            Normies of all stripes are desperate to get back on the plantation. Even here, there is a sub-thread that started with Ryan saying, “if only they gave us a bit more watermelon, I’d totally pick that cotton faster.”

            Another thing even this blog has is people begging and praying for a Leader to rise up. As we should. But SOP for the elites is to provide such a leader to lead us back to the fold, without us realizing it until too late.

            • jim says:

              > another thing even this blog has is people begging and praying for a Leader to rise up.

              We cannot do anything without a leader. Organized violence always beats unorganized violence. We await a King. Warriors or priests or some combination of both always rule everywhere. Always have, always will. With the officially unofficial state religion worshipping demons, the best option is Caesar. I hope for a Christian Nationalist Caesar, but we are likely to get a Stalin.

              It is Conan time. If a leader can provide his troops with obedient pussy and a moderate amount of gold (well, a moderate amount of bitcoin), he will win and found a dynasty.

              Did you think you were on a Republican blog? The time of Republics has ended, as it has ended before. Now is the time of Kings. A Republic only works with a virtuous elite, but undermines elite virtue. Thus the cycle of history between Monarchy and Republics. The cycle has turned again.

              • Zorost says:

                My next phrase was “As we should.”

                The problem is shown by your response:
                “We await a King.”
                “I hope for…”

                Where would someone with our beliefs come from to lead us? From blogs such as this, but blogs such as this one aren’t planning on creating such a leader. Rather we are just hoping and praying one is spontaneously created somewhere. While also hoping and praying that something happens which destroys the current order, allowing for ours to rise.

                Kings do not spontaneously arise, they come from somewhere. Caesar knew he had to be a governor first, to gain loyal troops and media exposure. This is why he formed the first Triumvirate, and why he wrote his Commentaries, as propaganda for the masses.

                No one is going to follow someone who just stands up and says, “hey I had good ideas on the internet, anyone want to risk their lives and their families’ lives supporting my bid for power?”

                Governments do not disappear. They reform and split. At no point is there a power vacuum for regular guys to nominate someone from the internet to institute some ideas he had. The USSR split off into pre-existing ethnic republics and the politicians in Moscow changed some job titles. If Putin hadn’t acted as a Man Against Time, Russia would likely just be another lickspittle satrapy.

                When Rome collapsed, government didn’t disappear, it fragmented. Titles of nobility mostly came from Roman administrative titles: count = county admin. duke = local military commander, etc.

                How many county admins are on our side? Or even know about our side? Generals? Governors? Sheriffs? All such people already have their own ideas, and they will be the ones controlling which ideas dominate in their areas. So basically normie Reps and Dems will rule the break-up, likely state- level parties calling the shots.

                Our goal should be to gain influence in local and state areas. Now.

                • jim says:

                  Christian Nationalists, who form the overwhelming majority of unpaid Republican party activists, the largest cohesive portion of Republican voters, and the plurality of Republican voters, are working on that right now. But they are all necessarily namefags, so cannot speak plainly – at least not under their namefag identity.

                  What proportion of them can think plainly is unclear, but I can smell that it is substantial.

                  The job of this blog, and blogs like it, is to provide a space where people can think and speak plainly.

                  Right now Christian Nationalists have been unsuccessful at getting into office, because of grossly rigged primaries backed by state violence. Should any connection between them and places like this become apparent, that violence would increase greatly, so even talking about their doings in this place would endanger them. But I am very happy with what they have been up to and what they have accomplished. With the regime in disarray, they will likely accomplish considerably more.

                  It depends on how organized and competent the regime is in repressing them.

                  Anyone who does what they are doing, and at the same time under the same identity, says what this blog says, is likely to be destroyed, though with the current Thermidor, that may change. Perhaps has changed already.

                  I can smell that they expect a high likelihood that the 2024 election will not be settled by counting votes, but by the outcome of violence settling who gets to count the votes. But inadvisable for them to say that out loud.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Where would someone with our beliefs come from to lead us?

                  That depends on how violent the breakup of the American Empire turns out to be. If it’s dissolved peacefully, the leaders of its successor states like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis will roll back the feminism, faggotry, socialism, and nigger-worship just enough to remain viable entities.

                  If the breakup sets off a long, bloody civil war, Darwinian selection will produce Jimian leaders. One faction starts treating women as booty, and soon all factions treat women as booty. One faction starts killing niggers, and every other faction must do the same or be flooded with niggers. And so on.

            • skippy says:

              “Normies of all stripes are desperate to get back on the plantation. Even here, there is a sub-thread that started with Ryan saying, “if only they gave us a bit more watermelon, I’d totally pick that cotton faster.””

              no way, new account Ive never heard of. Covid was a hard break and the genie is never going back in the bottle. Maybe the regime will eventually re-establish some kind of control but not the ~unanimous “consent of the governed” challenged only by paid fake oppo like WTO protests that they once had.

              That is certainly not the sentiment here.

              We do indeed await a leader and as everything spins apart a leader becomes more and more likely to emerge.

              • Zorost says:

                So what? Are normies going to vote harder? They certainly aren’t going to get sporty, as they are normies. Our gov has been moving towards hard tyranny for some time now; they don’t plan on relying solely on “CotG” any more. I get the feeling some wanted that as an end in itself.

                Many leaders have already emerged. DeSantis of FL. Noem of SD. Trump of Mar a Lago. Vivek Veryswarthy of Pajeetville.

                Which of these potential Diadochi do you intend to follow? Perhaps a different governor or general that commands troops? Name a leader on the stage that espouses our views, even in the slightest degree. Steve King? Oops, he couldn’t even win a primary.

                Leaders do not rise up, unless they have been Chosen by our enemies. Most if not all public potential leaders are either part of the Cabal, or would love to leverage their leadership of the opposition to gain a spot in the Cabal.


                Look up those who have rose up in troubled times. They generally already had a position in the system, with staff members, even personal armies, and had a track record for potential followers to see.

                Who is on our side that fits that description?

                • jim says:

                  > They certainly aren’t going to get sporty, as they are normies

                  If a leader appears, will get sporty. We have penetration.

                  The problem is that the leader has to appear from within the elite. We have dissent within the elite, though I am sadly disappointed in the quality of that dissent. If the Thermidorean shills are representative, they are useless. We also have entryism (The Christian nationalists), against the elite. Which may succeed better now that the elite is in disarray and quarreling amongst themselves. Trump claims the existence of serious secret dissent among the lower ranking generals, though his perception of what constitutes dissent is likely different from my own.

                • skippy says:

                  “We have dissent within the elite, though I am sadly disappointed in the quality of that dissent.”

                  Almost everyone in the real world is a radical feminist, including military office/boomer dad demographic.

                  Almost nobody is really a racial or even class egalitarian in reality but radfem is very real, even to those to whom it’s causing obvious and massive harm.

                • Zorost says:

                  Thanks for the responses. It’s good to see people on our side who’ve actually given some thought and effort on the issue of RL power.

                  A vast majority of blogs, websites seem to “plan” for collapse to wipe out gov and they just step in after some WROL fantasy fulfillment.

                  My own thought is that we* will never be able to openly take power. Which is the norm for radical changes. The key is to use the normies weakness for our gain rather than loss: get power by promising normie shit, giving them enough of that to keep them quiet while doing all the shit we wanted to do all along whether they like it or not. What are they going to do, vote harder?

                  Furthermore, I have a feeling the things they’ll want will be things like, “stop stealing our children,” “feed us”, “stop the monkeys burning our towns,” etc. Which will mean they won’t be looking too closely at our other projects as long as we deliver those basics.

                  A key to this is what Levi-Strauss called a “floating signifier”, which is a signifier without a referent. Basically, a feel-good saying that the listener can interpret as they wish. For example: “Hope and Change!”, “Make America Great Again!”, “Tippecanoe and Tyler too!”

                  This seems to be the key to getting in power in a democracy since Democracy was invented. I’m sure there are ancient Greek variants if we looked hard enough.

                  * ‘we’ defined broadly as race, gender, democracy realism.

                • jim says:

                  > This seems to be the key to getting in power in a democracy since Democracy was invented. I’m sure there are ancient Greek variants if we looked hard enough.

                  Who cares about the keys for getting in power in a democracy. Democracy has been dead for some time, and when it was live, produced very bad results.

                • skippy says:

                  Whenever a strong man takes power he is going to look around and ask why he cannot keep his kids and cannot keep his wife.

                  He may be truly a-ideological, or even a devout prog, but at some point someone will adopt the religion of the guys who let him have kids and a wife. Henry VIII was by all accounts a devout Catholic.

                  The bad scenario is that it takes a long time for such a man to arise, and we go through many weak leaders, women, gays, trannies, etc., who cause massive destruction before such a man takes power. But he will, he always does. Nobody ever heard of Napoleon in 1790 or Stalin 1916.

  15. skippy says:

    re: shills, apparently FBI will even burn productive informants if they post racism

    • jim says:

      Why do you think the shill tests work, and always have worked – worked two millennia ago?

      If you allow your shills and entryists to endorse the forbidden positions, chances are that a significant proportion of your shills will come to believe the positions they endorse, and become double agents.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “If you allow your shills and entryists to endorse the forbidden positions…”

        Or more primarily, to even reveal an understanding of what the forbidden positions even are.

        This is thoughtcrime theory at work.

        To know what is forbidden is forbidden, and to even ask what is forbidden is forbidden, because then someone has to reveal their forbidden knowledge by explaining it to you. Etc.

      • skippy says:

        “Why do you think the shill tests work”

        Gotta admit, I have been reading this blog for 10+ years, and in the more ‘normal’ days I didnt believe you that shills even exist.

        Then I started deploying shill tests IRL…

        • TheDividualist says:

          Me 2012: Jim is cool but he can be an extremist sometimes, lets try being a more moderate conservative

          Me: 2023: damn, everything Jim predicted turned out to be true

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            My dad always said I was being too cynical, and subsequent events always showed that I wasn’t being cynical enough.

  16. The Cominator says:

    Thermador not possible without getting rid of Biden and punishing him his entire family and all associated. The Jacobians were executed…

  17. Mister Grumpus says:

    “So the word went out to cut it out, at least in army recruiting videos.”

    Top Gun Maverick was clearly an opening move by these people. The browns fuck up at the critical moment? Not a chance!

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