Capitalism dead in the USA, live in China.

After ordering Pax fired for political incorrectness, Anil, who simultaneously holds both governmental and private enterprise positions, is both regulator and regulator, dispenser of government funds and recipient of government funds, has a talk with Pax.

 I was pretty amazed that he went for it. He flat out said that he wants his startup to be funded and wasn’t sure if it’d be possible after all of his, and I replied that it realistically wasn’t going to happen without the say-so of someone like me, and I wasn’t inclined to give some VC the nod on this.

So, these days, the merely wealthy need a nod from the likes of Anil, the powerless need to run all their decisions past the powerful.

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  2. VXXC says:

    Look – something we figured out in Mesopotamia – you gotta not only be willing to get hurt or killed, you gotta be willing to risk jail.

    And we learned to lie. And how to.

    Anil is not a dedicated National Socialist. Joseph and Magda were committed, Anil is a no talent itinerant commissar. As for the upcoming Bindi/Woman no talent purge of the talented – they’re real answer to you if pressed would be “You’ve lost your balls, it’s not our fault”. And it isn’t. When a man is a groveling serial apologizer, or a Swipple he’s no longer a man.

    White people are asking too much of their fellow chimps. It’s tempting to our nature to destroy or at least despise the career coward weakling. The mistake the techies make is the mistake that all white people [and apparently some Japanese] are making of thinking their talents, geographic locations, relocating, moving to Kentucky because [today] they are gun friendly and so on offer refuge. Ultimately this earth holds no refuge for cowards.

  3. VXXC says:

    Pax Dickinson = Giles Corey “more weight”.
    Anil Dash = Increase Mather.
    Gawker = Cotton Mather
    Salem Mob = Online Lynch mob.

  4. You guys will love this.
    White guy complaining about all-white-male dev team

    The revered creator of the Ruby programming language, a Japanese guy named Yukihiro Matsumoto gets lectured and bitched about because he has some common sense:

    This image I screencapped is the perfect distillation of the attitude we are talking about, taken from the above twitter convo :

    • jim says:

      When they realize they cannot call him a racist, (since non whites cannot be racist) they threaten to call him a sexist, and he shuts up.

      • But Jim,
        Fighting Discrimination and inequality is Everyone’s Job and Duty!

        But really, I know some of these people. They are very sincere and even productive. They really could use some red pills. Not talking about the commissars like Anil Dash here obviously.

    • spandrell says:

      What about this:

      Fuck these people. I start to understand what the Reformation in Geneva was like.

      I tweeted him to avoid arguing with this kind of people if he doesn’t want to be ostracized by the leftist squad. He answered saying thanks, that he will be careful in the future.

      So I guess he does have a clue. I at least hope so.

      • iofj says:

        Obviously he has a clue. He carefully tried to say the right thing without offending them but got trashed anyway then he yielded and stop arguing.

      • Samson J. says:

        What about this:

        Fuck these people.

        I agree with this much: there is no neutral.

      • Thanks dude.
        Matz is a highly respected, friendly Japanese gentleman.
        These people are insane ideologues who are disillusioned by some simple common sense from him. The insanity is really uncontrollable now. There is no chance of any agree-to-disagree respectful stance, because if you even have dissident thoughts, you must be ‘contributing to a hateful environment’ or something like that. There is no more peaceful coexistence, just domination and submission.

    • iofj says:

      I wonder, do these white knights activist have something concrete to gain by doing so? Or status gain and sincere social justice in their own imagination? Or they simply like to have more females to hang around in their circles?

      With these kinds of ideology, the western culture has become a culture poison. Perceptive non-western businesses may avoid employing or collaborating with westerners if possible to avoid introducing the poison into their place.

      • Thales says:

        “I wonder, do these white knights activist have something concrete to gain by doing so?”

        Pro-active measures against being at the front of the line for the guillotine. The alternative is, as we see, accidentally finding oneself in that very spot.

      • jim says:

        Doubt, you will be fired – and as was revealed in the Pax case, because the government orders you fired. Express superior zeal, likely the government will order you promoted, as for example, Angelo Mozillo.

    • Zach says:

      Vomit inducing.

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  6. Red says:

    Women and faggots are going to be the death of tech.

    • Zach says:

      That was oddly humorous.

      • Discipline says:

        It’d make more sense to you if you worked in CA. Desire to promote women and faggots vastly overwhelms the desire to increase profits.

        • Zach says:

          My comment was bereft of disagreement/agreement. Was just amused.

          I believe in the “left singularity”. A smart business will pay lip service to diversity and political correctness as a way to tame their employees and avoid petty lawsuits, unions and more etc. Behind closed doors, they sneer at it.

          I haven’t been to California in ages. Might go vacationing there, but good god, I would never live there.

    • jim says:

      Happening in Google. Various people who are brighter than even what is normal for google got fired for sexual harassment. Maybe they really were sexually harassing, but the pattern seems to be brighter than normal, so I suppose they were fired in substantial part for being exclusionary of the less bright affirmative actioned female programmers.

      • Red says:

        Both cases of sexual harassment I’ve observed first hand were ambushes. 3 or 4 women conspired together and sent one of the group entice the man they wanted fired. This women would flirt/touche and show interest in the guy without going out with him. The guy eventually responds in a public setting with witnesses and then bam! Sexual harassment charge and out the door goes the man. Women are really very natural at conspiracy.

  7. Callowman says:

    What a tool this character is! I am not a tech guy and thus don’t run across him in neutral contexts, but every single time I’ve seen him quoted, it’s some foul snippet of priggish holier-than-thou tediousness. So shrewish this little Miss Grundy of a man is! How delightful that his name is more or less Anal, since there is evidently no penalty in this life for being this particular type of toxic jagoff.

    Excuse me for venting here, but I can’t do so in the SWPL-rich context of my social media presence, where his wise words are much appreciated, or anyway much tolerated.

  8. SMERSH says:

    Could he be exaggerating his power?

    • jim says:

      “someone like me” – there is the ring of truth. Plus, he conducts this like an exit interview, implying that he ordered this guy fired and the order was obeyed. He is not pretending to be a commissar, because he is pretending he is not a commissar.

  9. KK says:

    “There are people making tech who are positive, ambitious, thoughtful, inclusive, curious, empathetic and self-aware. They’re going to win.”

    I’m presuming Anil counts himself among the ‘curious, empathetic and self-aware’ ones even though he proceeds to write paragraphs like your money quote in the post, and “I didn’t have any illusion that I was going to dissuade him from a perspective which his social group rewards with attention and the perverse impression that acting like an asshole is somehow being brave”. The dude lost his job over this, and I’m sure he’s had some pushback before as well. You get banned from the Olympics for telling nigger jokes publicly. These things take guts (or impulsiveness, but I don’t think that’s what Anil is arguing).

    The article is followed up by the customary comment section full of tech girls gleefully cackling power to truth. Lots of them are founders of this or that media company, I guess the say-so of someone like Anil had nothing to do with that? On a tangential note: “A good post to read on Yom Kippur”.

    It’s really a watertight worldview, no? Being for all these nice words… responsibility, inclusiveness and whathaveyou, all the while mercilessly stomping on your supremacist, bigoted enemies and then patting yourself in the back for having temperance to at least compare him favorably to a murderer. I guess world history was and will continue to be made by the people who can live with these contradictions without any active cognitive effort, like fish in water. It’s not like Pol Pot woke up every morning and decided to be a dick. He had a million potential evildoers in his country to worry about.

    The upcoming bindi revolution is gonna suck. Anil and that Nitasha Tiku chick are very good at what they do, and they’re out-progging our own SWPLs. It’s like if I went swimming in Ganges and took the shit of a lifetime there.

    • Nick Land says:

      There’s one point that still seems to need clarification. The joke was aimed 100% at Mel Gibson — it wasn’t even discernibly right-wing, let alone racist, sexist, or whatever — except it used a naughty word. This has moved on from targeted mind-control to indiscriminate cultural terror.

      • Red says:

        Doesn’t mater who them comment was targeted at. Here an example of the policy to be offended despite the actual intent rolled out at a university 5 years ago:

        This man was written up for racial harassment reading a book how about called: “Notre Dame vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan” simply because of the book cover.

      • jim says:

        Typical bureaucratic behavior. They prohibit certain words, rather than certain thoughts, because prohibiting thoughts would require judgment, and their masters do not trust them to exercise judgment.

        Even though billionaires grovel before him and kiss his feet, his masters do not trust him to use his brain.

    • spandrell says:

      The upcoming bindi revolution is gonna suck. Anil and that Nitasha Tiku chick are very good at what they do, and they’re out-progging our own SWPLs. It’s like if I went swimming in Ganges and took the shit of a lifetime there.

      That’s a classic.
      I think there might be something about Indians that make them better comissars. The Indians I know all have an incredible talent to spout constants streams of bullshit non-stop.

  10. Thales says:

    Did he literally kiss the douche’s ring? Did he omit that for a veneer of modesty?

  11. spandrell says:

    That guy is in government? wtf?

    • Erik says:

      As Wikipedia puts it: Anil Dash is currently the Director of Public Technology Incubator Expert Labs, a “Government 2.0 initiative that aims to connect United States government projects with citizens who want to become more involved in the political discussion”.

      Expert Labs, in turn, is a non-profit technology incubator intended to aid government access expertise from interested members of the public. Part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, it was formed in November 2009, following discussions with the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy.

      All of which tells me very little about what the hell he actually does other than sit near power.

  12. Nick Land says:

    That Anil guy could have been Frankensteined as an example of your ‘holier than Jesus’ theory.

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