China’s real GDP passes US

For many years, US statistics have been obviously fake, understating inflation by about two and a half percent a year, thus overstating real GDP growth by about three percent a year, and understating the fall in living standards by about three percent a year.

Thus, according to official statistics, US real GDP is still higher than that of China.

Yet, by every measure of actual stuff and technological capability, Chinese production is substantially greater than US production, though Chinese GDP per head is still below the US. China produces more cars, more concrete, more electricity, Chinese buy more cars, more concrete, more electricity, China exports more stuff, China imports more stuff. China produces and consumes more beer, more pork, and far, far, far more steel.

And it is not just tee shirts. China exports twice as much high tech stuff as the US does. China produces and consumes more high tech stuff than the US does. We sell them low tech stuff like wheat, we import high tech stuff like phones. China has the fastest trains in the world, and very large numbers of ordinary people using those very fast trains. China has the coolest airports, and these airports have far more people using them than the US.

OK, what about GDP per capita?

Officially, US GDP per capita is growing. In actual fact, it is obviously falling. Last time I walked around familiar places in America everything was shabbier, older, dirtier, more in need of a coat of paint. US GDP is falling at about two percent a year (used to be falling at about one percent a year, but the decline is visibly accelerating).

US population growth is about 0.6% per year (white population collapsing rapidly due to inability to reproduce without an enforceable system of marriage) so real GDP per capita is falling at about two and half percent per year. This represents a rapid acceleration in the rate of decline.

Chinese real GDP per capita is rising at about seven and a half percent a year. Assuming current trends continue, rather than continuing to accelerate, Chinese real GDP per capita will exceed US real GDP per capita in sixteen years, in 2030.

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  1. SanguineEmpiricist says:

    I don’t think that’s quite right Jim. There is a large amount of capital flight from china to the united states. One of my close friends is the son of a wealthy chinese millionaire and it seems like America is doing fine. My view might be a bi myopic from this side of the bay area, but I think we’re good for a bit.

    • jim says:

      I don’t think it is capital flight. Rather, a Chinese national establishes an overseas identity, and then proceeds to invest in China as an overseas Chinese.

      Notoriously, a lot of Chinese become legal residents of Australia without ever setting foot in the country.

  2. Spandrell says:

    The one child policy is about having less people. I great success of course. But it had nothing to do with eugenics. Hill tribes are exempt, and theres plenty of 8 kid families up there. Of course there’s little state control up there. The one child policy depends on neighborhood aunties enforcing it and hospitals complying. You can’t do that in minority areas. So they are left alone.

    But hey someone has to fill up the brothels anyway.

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  4. Perturabo says:

    Glee at Chinese ascendance (if in fact they are ascending) is misplaced. The thought of a Chinese-dominated world should not tickle one’s fancy. It would not be a happy place for creative, irritable, obsessive, thinking, beauty-loving, nerdy, chivalrous, fantasizing whites. Don’t let your frustration with the degradation of America make you think otherwise. These are depressing times, but our pleasures and qualities are worth defending. We should continue to do so to the best of our abilities within the framework of our understanding of right and wrong.

    • jim says:

      It is good that someone continues civilization, as the sun sets upon the west and upon the white race.

      It would not be a happy place for creative, irritable, obsessive, thinking, beauty-loving, nerdy, chivalrous, fantasizing whites.

      Dark age America will be no fun either. Indeed, it is already no fun. Imagine the TSA, the DoJ, and the DMV everywhere and forever. Wherever you go, your inferiors bully you and take your stuff, and you have to treat them with undeserved respect, while they yell at you and treat you like dirt.

      Recollect the recent crap coming from the latest Vatican conference, the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, that demands that in the name of tolerance we treat women who ditch their husbands with the respect that Moses gave the burning bush, but, a few paragraphs later, tells us that zero tolerance should be allowed for the rights of property.

      That is a west that is no fun. Which is why the very smartest are getting the hell out, and when they compare Shanghai airport security with LA airport TSA, it feels like they are breathing the air of freedom.

      • Perturabo says:

        I agree that things in the USA are in a sad state. I live in Hong Kong, by the way. I moved here recently but not permanently.

        It is immensely important that there be strong, fertile places for whites to be themselves. I do not think that spitting on America, England and so on is a way to help ensure that such places are preserved. Even though blacks make the subways feel like crap. Even though men have been robbed of many of the things that make life dignified and purposeful. Even though you can walk for blocks in Brooklyn without hearing a word of English. Even though LA is half Mexican. Even though it is somehow possible for Muslim slavers to traffic a thousand white girls in England without fear. These are bad things, but even if gibbering idiots try to shout us down and trample on the things that make us who we are, America and England are nevertheless bastions of white culture. They are places where whites still produce beautiful things and important things and live together stubbornly being themselves – yes, even amidst all the lies and crap. And just as importantly, these places are OURS. They are OUR places even if we are told every day that they are not. That means something. These places must be defended. We need to keep trying. Giving up on America and England is not acceptable.

        China is not a substitute. It will never be. Preserving civilization is not good enough. I want MY civilization to be preserved.

        I suspect that Russia is not a substitute either, although on that front I confess I don’t really know. The Russians don’t seem like a people I recognize, who could be substitutes for the people I know. Maybe I’m wrong.

        It is in the best interests of whites for America to be strong, and to be a force that can at least counterbalance China’s power (and I believe that for the foreseeable future it will continue to be more than that, because we are more creative by nature and our very best are better than China’s very best).

        For one thing, America and Europe are by and large simply the places where whites are. That’s not going to change. Most of the people who are like me, are capable of being my friends, produce things that I value, and help to make the world livable for me and each other, reside in the USA or Europe. Not Asia (well, I like Japanese stuff). Most will never live in Asia. The ones I know don’t even have the realistic option of moving to Asia. Their American roots are too strong, or they don’t have the money to do it, or they simply don’t have the personalities to go through such a drastic change. For whatever reason, realistically, they aren’t moving across the world. Are they “the very smartest?” I suppose not (nor am I), but they are pretty smart and they do have a culture that is worth defending.

        Another issue is that Asia may be (perhaps I am being pessimistic) a good place for whites to live in part because whites come from places which have power and command respect. If those places cease to have power and command respect, I don’t think life in Asia would be as good for whites. And moving there would certainly not be an option for as many whites.

        Another issue is that there are other cultures worth helping to defend. To do that, America must be strong. Japan is worth defending. (Perhaps they can defend themselves with their armies of robots, but perhaps not. There are a billion Chinese.) Other than the well-being of my family and close friends, the things I care most about are fantasies, works of beauty and – science fiction. Anglos and Japanese care about these things, and therefore it is important to me that England and America and Japan continue to be places where these things can be created. I love science fiction novels and anime. Anime, by the way, tends to be loved by people whom you have recently praised and defended on your blog (see Gamergate), and its creators for the most part don’t give a crap what SJW’s think about their depiction of women – that alone makes it worthwhile. Israel is worth defending. They are intelligent, civilized people in a land of monsters. Doing good is worthwhile. Helping intelligent, creative, civilized people is good.

        Another issue is that China is not a very good place. It is crappy in different, but important ways. Like America, it is full of lies. Maybe lying about what Japan is plotting and the reasons why various public figures have been changed with crimes is not as important as lies about the natures of men and women (I can accept the notion that it is not), but they are lies and lies are wrong. Right and wrong matters. It is also a corrupt society, in all sorts of ways, some of which have been mentioned in other posts above. It also sucks that the government decides what web sites you’re allowed to go to and what internet services you’re allowed to use, and tries to block the ones it doesn’t approve of. That’s bad – I don’t care whether it’s to oppose the Cathedral or whatever – it’s a bad thing. I want to look at whatever websites I’m interested in. It’s also bad that porn is illegal. That’s a bad thing, no matter what you think its psychological effects are. It’s bad to have non-crimes be treated as crimes. Crime vs. not crime should be a simple thing, not an analysis of psychological effects and predictions about long-term indirect effects. Crimes should be crimes. I would rather have blacks around but be allowed to look at what I want to look at.

        China has also demonstrated that it is capable of doing terrible things – things that are far worse than anything America has ever done, or anything the Cathedral has ever done or been or ever will do. Millions upon millions of people killed or starved. The creation of North Korea, a true hell on earth. These things matter, or nothing does. We shouldn’t play games with these things and act as if problems resulting from America as world police is the moral equivalent of these things. The modern Chinese have demonstrated themselves to be capable of nightmarish evil. That alone is a good reason to not accept a China-dominated world.

        If America is finished then white culture is probably finished too, simply because it would mean that’s how bad things are. I’ll either operate on the assumption that neither is finished, or I’ll drop out and just try to do what I like and take care of the people close to me despite the nightmare world around us. I gain nothing from China being a third option.

        I am enjoying Hong Kong, by the way.

        • rightsaidfred says:

          Nice reply, but the trends here still suck.

          When Whites get to the point where they spend all their time battling to survive, there is no time and energy left over to maintain the culture that makes it all worthwhile.

        • jim says:

          And just as importantly, these places are OURS. They are OUR places even if we are told every day that they are not. That means something. These places must be defended.

          If you try to defend them, if you act like these places are ours, if you act like you are not a second class person in a hostile alien country, you will go to jail. Look at the body language. Everyone acts as though NAMs are aristocrats and masters, whites are peasants. A NAM occupies more space in public than a white. A white goes to the side of the pavement. Whites show deferential body language. And if you don’t show deferential body language, you will be attacked, and the state will side with your attacker.

          This is an inevitable consequence of universal suffrage, because universal suffrage creates an incentive for democratic politicians to cultivate and if necessary import an alien underclass to live on crime and welfare. It is natural for democratic politicians to buy votes with other people’s money, and natural for them to buy the cheapest votes, which inevitably leads to them going overseas for more cheap votes.

        • Dave says:

          White people run away from conflict because we can afford to — just get a low-interest loan on a tract mansion in the exurbs. When NAMs start moving there, we’ll bulldoze another cornfield and move again.

          Whites only fight if they are too poor to run. When a black family moves into a white neighborhood in Buffalo NY, the house burns down within days. The cops can’t arrest anyone because no one saw anything. Same thing if Trayvons keep falling into pools of blood — niggers don’t snitch nor shall we.

    • Dave says:

      In Argentina, democratic socialism turned a first world nation into a giant shantytown in only fifty years, and it’s doing the same in the US and Europe. Mass emigration of white men to undemocratic nations is not an option.

      But at least our shanties will be dry inside as long as one nation somewhere in the world maintains the infrastructure to manufacture plastic tarps.

      • jim says:

        That our shanties will be dry inside is no small thing.

        Note the radical falsification of Argentina’s GDP figures.

  5. Dave says:

    You correctly point out the fakery in US statistics, but make no mention of the immeasurably greater fakery in China. Provincial governors are expected to report seven percent annual GDP growth come hell or high water, and they do, every year in every province. Vast, brand-new cities are built in the desert (or worse, on valuable agricultural land) so that all that steel and concrete has someplace to go. As an inflation hedge, investors hoard enough vacant apartments in these ghost cities to house the entire population of the United States.

    This fakery goes beyond statistics — Chinese will fake anything if they think they’ll get away with it. Add water to milk, then add melamine to fool the buyer’s protein test. Replace glycerine with ethylene glycol in cough syrup. Use lead paint on children’s toys. Sell inert white powder as baby formula (90 babies starved to death before these guys got caught).

    Products made by German-speakers are perfect in every hidden detail. The Chinese cannot hope to duplicate this without a fundamental change in their character.

    China’s Han majority is about to enter a demographic death spiral even worse that Japan and white America. If you must have a one-child policy, shouldn’t it be imposed on low-IQ minorities instead?

    • jim says:

      That may well explain away their high production and consumption of steel and concrete, but does not explain away their high production and consumption of electricity, beer, pork, and gadgets.

      A nation that invests in empty cities is less solvent than a nation that invests in crowded cities, but it is a whole lot more solvent than a nation that invests in government paper.

    • Red says:

      “China’s Han majority is about to enter a demographic death spiral even worse that Japan and white America. If you must have a one-child policy, shouldn’t it be imposed on low-IQ minorities instead?”

      The really interesting thing about the one child policy followed by the economic boom and female abortion is how many unsuccessful males it’s taken out of the gene pool. Only men who can make a decent living can acquire a mate and children. They’ve eliminated their under class in a single generation.

      • Dave says:

        Jim: In the 2008 crash, Chinese GDP kept growing at 7% while electricity consumption plunged. This oversight was quickly corrected, with electricity faked back up to the 7% growth narrative. China invests in a lot of government paper too, ours specifically.

        Red: That only works if you enforce the one-child policy on *everyone* and don’t allow low-IQ immigration. As I understand it, ethnic minorities have always been exempt from the one-child rule.

        • Red says:

          Doesn’t china have a long history of wiping out minority groups that become a threat? Without democracy there’s no governmental intensive to court the minority population.

          • jim says:

            China is sort of courting minority groups because of their ideological ancestry – it is one of their few remaining claims to be socialist. Democratic politicians, however have a full on incentive to replace the native population with a foreign underclass, which the current Chinese leadership does not.

        • jim says:

          You can’t really fake electricity that easily, because you cannot produce extra electricity and pile it up in warehouses. If electricity quickly recovered, it is because real growth quickly recovered. Of course you could simply lie about electricity, but by and large, the Chinese don’t do that. They may build empty cities, but they don’t produce paper GDP (arbitrary hedonic improvements) the way the US and Argentina do.

          • Dave says:

            If electricity consumption falls suddenly, it’s because mines and factories have closed in the face of collapsing demand. The government probably just ordered them to reopen and pile up their unsold product in warehouses, and ordered banks to lend them more money. So the electricity is real, but the demand for it is fake.

            • jim says:

              Perhaps, but I doubt that pork and beer is piling up in warehouses.

              The chronic problem of statist production is that it turns valuable raw materials into unwanted $#!%, reflecting the authority of central planners and ignoring the authority of real customers. Russia exported raw materials, for no one wanted to buy its manufactured goods, other than its weapons. Similarly, the exports of North Korea suggest a hunter gatherer economy, rather than a nuclear power.

              But everyone wants to buy China’s manufactured goods, which tend to be sophisticated and elaborately transformed. Similarly, speculators are betting their own money that Chinese ghost cities will be filled soon enough. Foreigners have been telling the speculators they are going to lose money, but for the most part they have been making money, suggesting that China is building too few, rather than too many, new cities.

      • spandrell says:

        That’s bullshit. They’ve eliminated a lot of ugly nerds, but the thuggish underclass is as healthy as ever. If anything they have more kids than usual. The population syncs are in Shanghai and other big cities; the provinces have peasants with 2 kids as the norm.

        • Red says:

          Interesting. How are the peasants able to marry have kids while successful people are not? I thought gold digger was the normal for Chinese women?

          • spandrell says:

            There’s this little thing called the Hukou that means peasants are tied to their land. So it’s not like all women in the country are in Shanghai trying to dig gold. Of course a big proportion are, but it isn’t everywhere. The rest are stuck home so they marry who they must and have kids because there’s little else to do.

            And there’s the urban underclass, the club sluts, the triad dudes, the peasant who ran away from home. All of those have above average fertility, and you can see millions of them in any city in the interior.

            A house in China is worth 100 years of the average salary. People who own a home and can get a golddigger thanks to it it’s 99% thanks to family wealth or government connections. If only successful entrepreneurs could breed the Han people would’ve gone extinct in 2002.

          • Red says:

            I stand corrected then. What’s the point of the one child policy in your view?

          • Hidden Author says:

            Isn’t the Hukou increasingly irrelevant? From what I hear, the urban authorities have relaxed enforcement of the Hukou while most working-age peasants have become migrant laborers in the cities, leaving their children with the children’s grandparents in what are called “hollow villages” in the Chinese countryside.

  6. VXXC says:

    Yes but these white people will be unmanly bitches in Asia as well, not to mention carrying their troublesome religious/political baggage. There’s no reason to assume that given enough White people of the East Anglian bloodlines you wouldn’t for instance get a nonsensical revolution in Hong Kong or something. Something so silly could happen, and it would be noticed.

    Sooner or later they’ll be noticed as the carriers of their Christian Mutation plague and the Authorities will either act or succumb this time to a second Taiping rebellion. Not to mention if they bring their shall we say accountants and lawyers with them [again]. History’s Trolls will never know nobility or anything but fleeting power, but they certainly are great for deep structural damage. For all we know Sampson was a building contractor in real life.

    Now by all means go. Should we who remain men prevail, do not return.

    PS – you’re not White. You’re Lilies. There is a difference. Whites don’t worry about for instance Vibrancy unless they’ve both neglected both their tactical situation and leaving the house properly en-tooled. If they do neglect these items one can always re-adjust. Or pay Darwin’s bill.

    It’s true our divorce rates are abysmal at present but the fix for that is going to be very ugly [and should be]. It’s going to have to be True Equality. Sorry Hon.

    But by all means go, and take your precious brains with you. I wouldn’t expect automatically the Asians will want to breed their daughters to you, but there’s always all those childless but not yet frigid and barren older girls.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      Could you just write a simple sentence so someone can understand you? It’s better than the gibberish you just posted.

      • VXXC says:

        China would be swallowing poison to let White people, in particular YOU in.

      • VXXC says:

        If I’m tough to understand then abandon Moldbug and pretty much neo-reaction.

        Seriously. If I’m opaque then you could stare at Moldbug for 4000 years and it’s still gibberish instead of “simple sentences anyone can understand.”

        Sesame Street is a Cathedral Operation, not mine. Ciao.

    • jim says:

      Real equality between men and women is unworkable because of innate biological inequality.

      If ideology says group A is equal to group B, yet group A is superior, legal penalties for being a member for group A necessarily escalate without limit.

      The only workable solution is social and legal enforcement of female subordination. Fertile age women should have the legal status of children, remaining under the authority of their fathers until they choose to come under the authority of a husband.

      Women who are independent through no fault of their own, (spinsters, widows and orphans) should be pitied. Women who are independent through their own actions (sluts and whores) condemned and punished.

      Equality and democracy are incompatible with the survival of the white race. If women equal, family is unworkable. If democracy, politicians will import an underclass.

      • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

        Neither “equality” or “democracy” are actual concepts. They’re vague principles.

        Suppose you give each person in the USA an equal share of GDP. Everybody gets a check of $4,000/month. The person who lives in New York City has a terrible standard of living, and the person who lives in rural Mississippi has a great standard of living. Even with actual cash, equality is just a vague ideal. It’s even more vague when dealing with gender.

        Putin keeps passing vague laws, that permit him to arrest anybody for lots of reasons. Why? Arbitrary arrest increases his power.

        Progressives keep passing vague laws, that permit them to persecute people for vague reasons. Why? Arbitrary persecution increases their power.

        They also advocate vague principles, because concrete principles would tie them to specific policies, rather than allowing them endlessly adaptable changes.

      • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

        For example, if we define “consumption” by “money spent”, then women are far richer than men.

        1.Women spend their own income in single-person households.

        2.Men spend their own income in single-person households.

        3.Households with children are generally either single-mother households, or married households. Single-mother households have their budget, including generous government welfare policies, under female control.

        4.In married households, women generally spend 80%-90% of the money, because they tend to buy groceries, clothes, et cetera.

        By this measurement, women are far, far richer than men, and we need to redistribute from women to men.

        Of course, your typical leftist will define equality in a way that builds power, and this definition of equality does not build power.

      • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

        Men are richer than women, in roughly the same sense that Asians have higher IQs than Whites.

        If you measure wealth/cognition in the standard way, it’s true. But there are other ways to measure wealth/cognition that produce different results. And those other ways (i.e. actual control over spending money/creativity) are pretty important.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:

        “White survival”

        Those are magic words, Jim

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      The East Anglian hypothesis is just conjecture, but it is oh-so-typical coming from a papal supremacist. When does being pro-white come into the picture or is still all about religious law for you Romanists?


      • VXXC says:

        Romanist? How Quaint. No longer exists. Cheer Up Prots you won.

        You quite bested us Papists and won the Crown of Christendom.

        Which you then tossed away, for ye defend nothing, you were about looting from the start and you finish being looted by your own accountants, lawyers and at this point the gardeners feral Cholo gangbanger children.

        When the Romans and Orthodox were in charge of Christendom it wasn’t a distant fairy tale but actual geographic entities. You knew where the Christian world for all it’s faults was on the map, just as we know refer to the Islamic world today. People knew where Christendom was and what it meant. Try that one today.

        The term Romanist makes me curious: Anglican? What was the Anglican Religion but Catholicism with the Monarch as Pope instead? Minor point now but Jim has always made the case for the Anglican Restoration. Which is more than I’ll do for any Catholic Restoration, they’re GONE. They’ll be no Roman Restoration never fear. For within a decade they’ll be a Nigger on the Roman Throne too. Don’t doubt it. Thank you —Reformation. Thanks Anglicans, Lutherans, Calvin and the rest. Thank you Protestants.

        Christendom and with it the Civilizations it both carried on ,Greece, Rome among others is all quite gone. Thank you Protestants one and all. Then again you did make a lot of money for awhile, but that’s gone too.

        Protestants you have lost Christendom, you’ve lost in that sense what remained of the Ancient and Classical World, the European pagan, Early Christian and Medieval Worlds, yes you’ve lost the precious Renaissance and now you’ve given away all of that and Western Civilization to your accountants, lawyers, gardeners and their spawn of pornographers, embezzlers, pimps and low life street gangsters.

        Thank you Martin Luther, Henry VIII, Queen Anne and the rest. We go the way of Ancient Persia and the Zoroastrians now. With the loss of our Religion so Luther and the Tudors could gain money and power we lose our Civilization. We fade into Historical Obscurity, and don’t think for an instance any bloggers works no matter how witty at the time will get even a glance from future historians if there ever even are any.

        In 10,000 or 20,000 or maybe just 1000 years when whatever Mongrel fucking Asian nigger Meso white creature walks out of the caves and forests that used to be our cities and begins to rebuild civilization again wants to look at our graffiti the digital memory will have long since degraded, not to mention the knowledge. If they make our mistakes of conflating and confusing details and the overarching great themes they’ll spend their own Billions studying these mysterious discs and rusted, amber-ed, barnacled gears we call hard drive arrays, probably mistaking them for either religious totems or possibly grooming tools for our Pets [whom we seem to have worshiped as animists at the very end. This is the sum and legacy of your Reformation and your precious Glorious Restoration. .

        I bet Histories Trolls are still around though, a safe bet usually. Strange, perhaps God is a creepy old pervert after all.

        You’ve run out the legacy of 3,000 years of Western and Mediterranean Civilization in 300 years Protestants. You’ve destroyed a Civilization that built itself from the Ashes of the Dark Age Apocalypse that happened at the end of the Second Bronze Age. All of the Iron Age’s and after great Civilizations, 3000 years blown in 300. Because you wanted more money and pussy. Upon reflection maybe a Nigger Pope won’t be such a step down.

        Ciao. As we Romanists say.

        • jim says:

          The greatness of European civilization, and its conquest of the Muslim world, occurred under the peace of Westphalia, which effectively made each King the head of his own religion, even those Kings that were theoretically still Roman Catholic.

          When the Universal Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire had real power, we were losing to Islam, because the universal Church was already decadent.

  7. rightsaidfred says:

    There’s something here about elites in America walling themselves off from all the dysfunction.

    Last time I checked, guys like Gates and Soros are doing pretty well and don’t have much incentive to change the trend.

    It would be nice if we could have a little help here from guys like that.

    • jim says:

      Tim Cook is severely dysfunctional, in his personal life and as CEO of Apple, and Steve Jobs had to install him on a high position in order to keep the Cathedral off his back.

    • rightsaidfred says:

      I suppose Tim Cook is happy in his dysfunction, and does not want change. Jobs was happy to pay the jizya.

      The big question is how to raise up non-corrupt elites.

      • eat the rich says:

        “The big question is how to raise up non-corrupt elites.”

        I think there is a oxymoron somewhere in your text.

        They wouldn’t be elites in the first place if they weren’t corrupt and evil as all hell and sold their souls to the Devil.

        A common man cannot even imagine how hideously evil the elites, especially the so-called “globalists” truly are.

        Monsters of the vilest and blackest sort, one and all. That’s what they are.

  8. Thomas says:

    I beg to differ. When stuff gets too complex, China has no idea what to do. Very much like India.

    They can follow Europeans (Americans) to a certain degree, but there will always be a substantial gap here.

    I don’t expect anything dramatical in scientific or technological sense from China, India or thereabout.

    Something important can come from US any day. Maybe even from EU or Israel, but from nowhere else in the world.

    Okay, from Australia, Swiss, New Zeeland or Canada perhaps, but those are Europe or European anyway. Just like US.

    • Red says:

      So they’ll import smart Americans. Maybe even hook them up with wives who can’t divorce them? For example, Russia is nation who smart people are almost entirely Germans who immigrated to Russia for work over the last 300 years. They’ve gone native, but their blood lines continue pop out the best Russian scientific minds.

      • jim says:

        Pretty much what happened in Hong Kong.

        The smartest white people are heading to Asia. One factor is that it is difficult for white people to reproduce in an environment where the marriage contract is not enforced.

        • Ivan .M says:

          It is also difficult for white people (as well as anyone else) to reproduce in an overworked, densely populated environment filled with countless distractions and stimuli. Witness Hong Kong’s anemic fertility.

          Only a small pool of talented intra-Hajnal Europeans may be needed to generate innovations for their hosts to build upon, but sustaining that over the long term requires a much larger influx of such foreigners and some degree of endogamous breeding.

          Abolition of female autonomy does nothing if genes responsible for unconventional thought get dissolved in the Oriental soup. Importing more of those genes might not always be an option.

          • jim says:

            My recommended solution is to de-emancipate women – back to the eighteenth century, so that white people can reproduce, and end universal suffrage, so that politicians no longer have an incentive to import a foreign underclass.

            Note that German fertility collapsed in the Weimar Republic, and did not recover under the nazis.

            If we don’t do what it takes, whites are just going to disappear. It is as simple as that. The future belongs to those that show up. Whites are genetically ill suited to reproduction in an environment of independent women, and democracy gives politicians perverse incentives.

            Blaming the Jews is a rationalization that we can get out of this mess by going back to 1940s leftism or 1840s leftism. We cannot. Everything that is now happening was baked into the cake when Lord Howe got away with murdering his own troops and supplying George Washington with gunpowder, and when King George could not divorce Queen Caroline.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:


            Interesting comment. I’m not sure if the 13 colonies could be held onto, but it might not be too late to get into the Commonwealth of Nations if U.K. gets its act together.

      • peppermint says:

        what the fuck are you talking about, Russia was settled by Vikings

        • Red says:

          Russians are mostly Slavic. There was a large study a few years ago that checked the ethic history of most of the major russian names in science & tech over the last 100 years or so. Something like 70% them came from Germany and took Russian names when they immigrated. The Russians are well known for importing smart and useful people when their own people don’t have the right talents.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      When I was in the Shanghai airport last the security screening was as follows: you enter the airport in groups of about 30-50 or so in a roped off area. They swab all the passengers for explosives then run the swabs through a chemical analyzer. Light’s green, everyone goes through. Light’s red – they find the source and search 30-50 in depth.

      Metal detectors and x-ray scans for onboard luggage.

      That was it. Fast, efficient and orderly (and the Chinese are not an orderly people).

      At JFK you get groped by surly Negros who will steal your stuff if you take your eyes off of it or are foolish enough to check a bag.

      The biggest barrier to having a functional system? The massive social pressure brought to bear in making sure that no one ever points out that NAMs aren’t capable of running airport security – never mind administering the government of a municipality. As a result, everything goes to hell because no one is allowed to articulate exactly why things are falling apart.

      How much “innovation” does a country need to overcome that difference?

      • J says:

        At JFK you get groped by surly Negros who will steal your stuff if you take your eyes off of it or are foolish enough to check a bag.

        So you noticed it too. It must be systematic.

  9. Brad says:

    “I knew we were fucked when the first mostly robotic factory opened up in china. You don’t do that if labor is still cheep and only do it if your have high enough skilled work force to support it.”

    Astute observation.

  10. Red says:

    I knew we were fucked when the first mostly robotic factory opened up in china. You don’t do that if labor is still cheep and only do it if your have high enough skilled work force to support it.

    I ran into a small group Chinese tourists while in Northern California for a camping trip. I noticed that the patriarch of the group was confident, commanding, and in control despite being somewhat crude and less than refined. It reminded me of how the foreigners described Americans in the 1890s and 1900s.

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