The red and blue empires

A government is supposed to be one thing, that can be thought of as making decisions like a single person. To the extent that a government is one thing, it is a stationary bandit. But, lacking virtue and asabiyah, is apt to be many things, thus more like horde of mobile bandits.

Moldbug argues that what were supposedly external wars by the US government against external enemies were frequently proxy wars between the red empire, the Pentagon’s empire of the bases, and the blue empire, the State Department’s empire of the consulates.

Thus the Vietnam war was lost in Washington, not Vietnam, and China fell to the state department, rather than to Mao. “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” – which is to say capitalism, is China falling away from the blue empire, and the umbrella revolution is a move by the blue empire to regain control.

The relationship between the red and blue empires is like the relationship between the holy Roman Empire and the Papacy – theoretically united, but each seeking dominance over the other.
The red empire, the empire of the bases, the Chinese government understands. The blue empire operates through soft power, which the Chinese government does not understand.

For a long time, India was ruled by the London School of Economics, and the London School of Economics ruled by Harvard.

India took a position in opposition to the Pentagon’s red empire, the empire of the bases, while firmly allied to the blue empire, the empire of the consulates.

Lately, India has fallen away from the blue empire, and, worse than that, has been developing friendly relations with the red empire.

Thus I would expect increasingly vigorous State Department efforts to secure its return. Perhaps a bicycle revolution. They already unsuccessfully tried their usual efforts to manipulate election outcomes (the common man party), so, as in Ukraine, will probably find it necessary to destroy democracy in order to save it.

Overreach is inherent in the nature of the blue empire. It just cannot help trying to take over everything, whether video cames, comic strips, science fiction, or Hong Kong.

The people trying to rule gaming are mighty low rank in the blue empire – thus gamers find that though they are fighting the blue empire, they are fighting a lot less than the full might of the blue empire. Win, lose, or draw, they demonstrate it can be fought. The blue empire is the US Government, is also a symptom of the US government’s lack of cohesion, and also itself lacks cohesion.

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  2. Hidden Author says:

    OT: I recently learned about an innovative young female billionaire about my age called Elizabeth Holmes. She’s no supermodel but her face is kinda mousy. Only problem is her voice shows she’s probably a trans woman–watch a YouTube with her if you doubt that! WTF! I may not agree with your Machiavellian amorality or your jackboot fetish but you certainly have a point that this country is going downhill!

    • Kgaard says:

      I wonder if that video is not an outlier. In other photos she looks pretty feminine.

      • Hidden Author says:

        I don’t which particular video you’re talking about? At any rate, I think I’ve looked at three and in each, she has a creepily masculine level of base to her voice.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      L.O.L…. This little comment has Cathedralist subversion written all over it. Better luck next time, or not.

      • Hidden Author says:

        And guess what! They have one guy hiding under your bed and another in your closet! Everything’s a conspiracy with you in the thick of it!

        • Hidden Author says:

          And what about Jim? He’s a regular Winston Smith! They probably have ten guys exclusively dedicated to tailing him!

  3. grumpy the grump says:

    I think by now I’m almost only like two more inches away from totally giving up trying to make sense of what this country has turned into.

  4. Zach says:

    For fucks sake you idiots.

    One flew over the cuckoo’s nest… such a beautiful microcosm of…


    Thousands of idiots… and this obvious example didn’t slap your cock in the face?

  5. Zach says:

    Finished Moldbug’s volume last week. Struggling to make sense of this post at the moment…

    Mind clarifying this a little more?

    KAWOTE-Moldbug argues that what were supposedly external wars by the US government against external enemies were frequently proxy wars between the red empire, the Pentagon’s empire of the bases, and the blue empire, the State Department’s empire of the consulates.-UNKAWOTE

    (nice to see that whale post btw… did you read the fools reply? heh)

    • jim says:

      That the blue empire wanted North Vietnam and the Khmer Rouge to win, that the blue empire secured communist victory in china.

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  7. Timothy says:

    “The American Eagle has Two Heads,” re-imagining the seal of the US with an eastern two headed eagle illustrates the point quite nicely, with the added point that the two heads loathe each other.

    • Thales says:

      Well, one is the warrior caste, the other is the priest. They’ve always hated each other…

      • Timothy says:

        Another way of looking at it is that we have the Roman paradigm as one head with the Byzantine head as the other.

      • jim says:

        The blue empire is a different kind of empire – priests, not soldiers.

        Byzantium and Rome were both soldier empires.

        • Timothy says:

          The blue empire is Byzantine in so far as it is reliant on diplomacy, subversion, and bribery, with military force falling into the background. Much like our ruling class is afraid of the military, since they are an alliance between the clerical and the mercantile, the Byzantines had a dysfunctional relationship with their generals, since they were (rightly) viewed as potential threats to the throne.

          The blue empire is terrified of a Napoleon popping up in the Joint Chiefs, which is why anyone with a personality is never allowed past the rank of Lt. Colonel.

          The problem is that the blue empire has created a possible scenario where the red empire’s rebellion will be led by a sociopath or narcissist who got through their filtering process.

          • Alrenous says:

            If they keep shafting their military like that, they’ll desert rather than rebel.

            Is it still a truism that soldiers that don’t get paid don’t fight? The blue empire should stop worrying, the Fed is on-side, which means the Pentagon can’t rebel.

          • Timothy says:

            @Alrenous This is assuming that the Fed’s monopoly money will still be considered money in the future, a dubious assumption.

          • Alrenous says:

            True, Timothy, but again that means they’ll desert rather than rebel.

          • Timothy says:

            @Alrenous Desertion en masse is just one scenario; recently unemployed soldiers in a power vacuum are likely to find new patronage, from a number of predictable suspects. One scenario is that someone unscrupulous will seize the opportunity to bankroll the actual combat units before they go bankrupt.

  8. rightsaidfred says:

    The Blue empire has porn on their side. That might be the edge.

    • jim says:

      How so? Is not porn sexist, oppresses women, and such?

      Or maybe there is a lot of cuckold porn, girly man porn, dicks touching porn, that I am not watching.

      • CCR says:

        What is “girly man” porn?

        • jim says:

          unmanly male protagonist, in the extreme case, tranny protagonist.

          • Dr. Faust says:

            I read a lot of the cases on a site about porn addiction. A lot of the people that jerk off to that type of porn don’t start there. Porn thrives on being new and exotic and they often reach a point where only the most extreme and hardcore stuff will stimulate them. People have reported that after they gave up porn for a few weeks the tranny and freako stuff became unappealing.

          • peppermint says:

            and who are these “people”?

            it’s so easy to find evidence to support any conclusion about sexuality you want outside of the hard biological facts that Jim is hammering on constantly.

          • josh says:

            You really don’t realize that porn is on the blue side of the culture wars?

          • peppermint says:

            compassion towards the wicked – is cruelty to all beings — Maimonedes

            We all know that toleration of porn is Jewish subversion. I just don’t think there’s an “extreme porn treadmill”. I mean, I don’t really care how it works either way, but that model sounds too simplistic to describe evolving preferences. I mean, there’s an obvious motivation to get more and more hardcore, to showing more and more of a sexed up normal sex act. Beyond that is a bunch of fetishes which aren’t simply stages of degeneracy. Some of them are about degrading the woman in various ways, some of them are about positive portrayals of negative male traits.

            why do men, especially feminist men, like porn that’s degrading towards women? Ask Chateau Heartiste.

          • “We all know that toleration of porn is Jewish subversion.”

            Those tricky Jews. They control everything, including our gonads!

      • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

        Leftists complain that everything oppresses women. Some view porn as liberating, some view it as oppressive. Without a united perspective, it’s likely not an official position of the Cathedral.

        I’m not sure what righsaidfred meant, but Porn is an effective way to disable young men. Saturate them in imaginary pussy, and they are less likely to riot, cause crime, write blogs about Pinochet, et cetera.

        Progs want young men to make a lot of money, donate it (through government) to Cathedral causes. Then play video games and drink mountain dew in their spare time. It keeps them off the streets, out of the important parts of the Library, and inside the Cathedral.

        Imagine if young men were actually writing classical music, or learning history. They’d likely develop a strong dislike for our current regime (and the things that flow from it, like music).

        • peppermint says:

          sex-positive feminism was inevitably going to win, it even has positive in the name. Meanwhile, Trans-Exclusive RadFems inevitably lose, because they have a name.

          The thing about the Cathedral today versus 20 years ago is the rise of the Internet has disrupted their communications by making it too democratic, making them incapable of pursuing a strategy.

          After the Trayvon Martin shooting, they could have started talking about de-facto privatization of what should be public services and forced expensive liability insurance on neighborhood watch groups and private security. Instead, they ran with the stupidest party line imaginable.

        • josh says:

          The official position of the Cathedral is that nobody is free unless Larry Flynt is allowed to publish pictures of giants dicks in pussies.

          The official position is that sexual repression is a bigger danger to public health and morals than uncontrolled sexual passion.

          • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

            Several countries (i.e. Iceland) have banned or greatly restricted pornography, for feminist reasons.

            Unless Iceland has bucked the Cathedral, I’m guessing that the “dicks are free speech” vs. “all sex is patriarchal” debate is not settled.

          • Red says:

            It’s not really a debate. The cathedral gave porn and free love to the masses of young men in return for our support for women and black rights. Now that they’ve achieved their goals, they’re taking away the bribe.

          • josh says:

            Porn has not been a boon to young men. Porn has been a method of subversion and social control.

          • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

            Heroin is not a boon to anyone. But you can still bribe people with it.

          • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

            Perhaps junk food would be a better analogy than heroin.

            Junk food is not a boon to most people. But they still want it.

    • rightsaidfred says:

      The Goncourt brothers, remarking on the rise of pornography in early 19th century France, said, “one controls a population as one controls a lion: through masturbation.”

      The Cathedral complaining about sexism (in porn and any other area) is like the Taliban complaining about sodomy.

      • Just sayin' says:

        Correction: the Cathedral complaining about sexism (in porn and any other area) is like America’s allies the NORTHERN ALLIANCE complaining about sodomy.

        The Taliban famously forced Afghans to tone down the sodomy at least slightly.

        • dan says:

          How about Hollywood actresses complaining about leaked nude selfies
          is like the Taliban complaining about sodomy?

      • B says:

        Wait, what was that bit about the lion?

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